47% of Americans 'feel like a stranger in their own country,' cultural alienation survey finds

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Michigan is ground zero for muslim population jihad.

I went to New Jersey and thought I was in Frankfurt, Germany with all the mixed ethnicity going on there. It was not as I remembered it. Unreal.
I remembered it growing up as predominately Irish and Italian.
WTF Happened?
Answer - JEWS

This seems a good thread to post this quote in.

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What about the half of the country that isn't affiliated in a political party? What kind of survey about alienation in America doesn't include the unaffiliated?

They probably just emphasized those stats by party because it's the Washington Times, which mainly focuses on the red v. blue zog theater.

But the survey itself I'm sure included unaffiliated voters

nice bread
OP was not a faggot today

I left Colorado 10 years ago for work and was in rural North Dakota… it doesn't even feel like the same state anymore…

Might as well call it "New Somalia"

CO or ND?

Besides Dearborn, Flint and Detroit, Michigan is mostly white

Sorry, I didn't make it clear, CO. Like the jokes on the early seasons of South Park are on the money, when I was a kid, where everyone was White and the token minority was seen as an oddity… now I walk into stores and see niggers and hijabs and little brown kids running around. Disgusting.

Thanks. Just trying to counter all the shitty spam/slide threads with decent content.

is there another?

You understand how this scales right?

Diversity is (((our))) strength

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Of course they feel like that, we're being sent down the same multicultural diversity shit spiral as europe.
That's the end goal, a globalist shithole of low IQ browned consumer drones that have no attachment to any identity heritage or national affinity.
A few ultra left scum hives are essentially the crystal ball to what we will suffer as an entire country if apathy continues to conquer us.
Fight the spread of the subversion.
We kicked those faggots out establishing this nation and now they're sneaking back in the form of legislation that undermines our principles.

Interestingly enough, South Park in recent seasons has decided to become PC because thats just the way the world is now

That’s how Trump got elected. More and more rational whites are realizing the only chance we have is if we band together. As the left pushes harder and doubles down on their destruction of Whites and America the right becomes more reactionary, more racially conscious. There comes a time when you can’t ‘white flight’ your way out anymore because now you’re priced out of the nice areas too with your 50k year job so you’re left to fend for yourself among the ruins with the brown hordes and the poz’d degenerates. We will only take so much for so long.

By swindling the alienated back into the fold, we know.

Fuck off faggot.


You shills do the same shit over and over again.

And it was undoubtedly a biased survey as well. It's probably a higher percentage among both camps I'm willing to bet.


Solid trips. People are also afraid to answer any questions about race honestly.

I think this article really does in a weird way fully comprise our point. THE point of why we're all here on full pol. Many of us are not actually basement dwelling NEET's, some of us have families and businesses - some us are wealthy yet even though we're so seemingly endowed in our perfectly atomized modern world we all feel we lack something. There's some intangible feeling of loss - a cultural phantom limb syndrome and this article is just further validation of what we all already knew. There's more to life than this.

That's because the USA is not their country. It's a jewish country, create by and run by jews, for the benefit of international jewry.

And yet we're forced to shitpost about this loss and awful transformation under the radar as if we live in the USSR or something. It's all bizarre, all of it.

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no shit we were born into occupation on a yiddish plantation. serf #1138 here how about you?

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Fuck off kike

Just a fact

Uhhh, it's the opposite dude. USA has been a multiracial jewish shit hole for hundreds of years. Only after America gained global dominance following WWII (and even more once the cold war had ended) did amerikikes force their faggot nigger-loving values on Europe.

Of course they do. All creatures have a strong in-group preference.

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Bloom is definitely a kike but the amazing thing about him is that he exposed his own kind, although he does preach the multicult in his book in a few sentences. The Closing of the American Mind is a must read for Zig Forumsacks because it outlines how traditional views were subverted by university professors.

I'm voting straight red on the 6th.

America did not send nigger loving shit over Europe.

That's jews.

Nice try with the blame game, kike.

We are onto you.

Enjoy your eternal afterlife in hell then sweetie. Giving consent to the francomason jewry to fuck you sideways and take your soul is something a strong aryan WOULDN'T do.


Michigan fag the west coast, up, and central (aside from lansing is chill). It's the East that is pure cancer.

>"I cast my ballot for _____(dual citizenship republikike)"

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Every day every human wakes up and feeds themselves. They cloth and wash themselves. They always deal with their matters first. All "kind acts" are done out of fear or for insurance in case they need help later. Friends and family are a lie. Everything is just a temporary alliance. Go experiment. Put your "allies" to the test . They will have limits. If they knew it would happen in secret , anyone would trade their mentally challenged kid for a billion dollars. If you are married and become paralyzed, if your wife isn't being blackmailed with fear bullshit like shaming or (((karma))) she will leave.

I know this and don't like innocents suffering. This is because like I said if I fall I don't want thrown in the trash. Goodness is just a safety net at the very bottom preventing people from being sucked into the abyss. Everything after that is every man for himself. If you want to dedicate yourself toward "good" then work to improve the chances that the poorest/sickest/dumbest/most corrupt get fixed. Also stop supporting con artists pushing the "good" myth . We live in a fucking prison pyramid scheme. I'll prove it in one sentence. A good investment is real estate, real estate isn't an investment anymore if there aren't poor people to pay you.

Tldr, this LONELINESS is the natural state of every human and this study indicates that the laws of reality are coming back into play. Depression isn't a disease its a state of discontent everyone should be in if they havent finished evolving, and evolution never stops. Get used to it pussies.

I agree generally with what you wrote, but I don't think you're criticizing the study accurately. The study is more about lamenting the loss of a community (which might be a sense of the signaling of that "goodness" safety net you speak of). You sound very cynical and angry, but in part that's because you're a product of this garbage society. You probably don't even recognize that your mentality is caused by this shit society we've created.

So this is the newest (((tactic)))? Pathetic.

It's almost like that study by Professor Putnam was right or something. Huh.

Link it if you're going to mention it.

I know this feel.
To be honest, I feel like the world ended and I'm living in some kind of post-apocalyptic, Orwellian, cyberpunk nightmare. The new civil rights battle is for "trans people," which is the most futuristic-sounding shit I've ever heard in my life. They're people who chemically and surgically transform their bodies. We have Telescreens and mics in our pockets, and we carry them around because they have video games on them. We're literally always connected to the internet. People actually do listen to WUB WUB WUB BEEP BOOP music. We have those camera drones from They live and nobody cares. 2018 is the year of cyberpunk bisexual purple lighting, too, so now we even have the aesthetic down.
Everything just got worse. Every piece of media is a computer-animated, heavily-manufactured corporate rehashed brainwashing attempt, and they've gotten worse and worse at being fun. Everybody grows up in a broken home. Now it's not just the nerds who spend forever on the internet and looking at screens. It's everyone. Normies got the internet, the internet got worse, and the normies got worse because of the internet. Hippies got worse. Comedy got worse. They ruined tomboys, lesbians, pixie cuts on girls, sports, music, fashion, marriage, entertainment, video games, cartoons, school, the job market, and fashion. Movies got worse. TV got worse. Thanks to Netflix and Youtube, and good portion of these kids are gonna be raised by shitty foreign-made flash animations and direct-to-video animated garbage nobody bought in 2003. We got worse. Everyone did. This insufferable aura of cringe just crept through everything and ruined all of it. It sucks now.
It's not even cool to be an edgy black-clad rebel anymore. All those guys turned out to be jackoffs. Fuck this whole scene.

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It took 40 years until Europeans start waking up. America will wake in 10 years.

A bunch of people in a false hope for a (((new world))) are put into a (((melting pot))) for half a century to become rootless mongrels devoid of culture turns out to be a bad idea? Color me surprised.
USA and masonry is a jewish experiment just like marxism. They claimed and ruined a fucking continent and exported this philosophy to Europe. A country used as the militaristic state of jews to fight against countries unwilling to participate in this maffia. The United States was a mistake.

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Australian with no friends, no community, and no family or roots here. Country is a nascent Taiwan. At least I have h&m, rap music, and McDonald's. All hail the global fucking Jew. I can't wait till I'm buried and they build a kebab franchise on my grave.

Diversity is our strength.

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Australian with no friends, no community, and no family or roots here. Country is a nascent Taiwan. At least I have h&m, rap music, and McDonald's. All hail the global fucking Jew. I can't wait till I'm buried and they build a kebab franchise on my grave.

Diversity is our strength.

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Orwell was the Soviets. You're talking about Huxley. Tried to have a thread on it buy Imkikey deleted it.

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Did you really type that? Really? No, really, did you type that. Seriously?
Absolutely clueless, this is the least self-aware comment I've seen in a long time.
You actually have 56% or less European blooded people, and that is already a horrible mix of rootless freaks and outcasts that have no history or culture.
"america the melting pot" has been talked about since at least the 50s.10 million jews in the US, 40 million negros, 30+ million native spanish speakers and that is likely a low estimate.
Those 47% in the OP are likely all foreigners.
Europe is 95% European, which is already a terrifyingly low number, even 1% is already utterly disgusting and a serious threat. But 50-56% is what you've let your giant freakshow of La creaturas become.
You've more jews than Israel, more negros than most african african countries second only to brasil, but only just.
You are being compared with brasil and israel. That is what your country is.
People like you are why your country is a ridiculous spectacle, clueless imbeciles living in the middle of nowhere and shooting your neighbour over a boundary fence on a patch of wasteland, meanwhile your entire country is run by juden and has been since inception.
You are constantly easily distracted by your tv set and shouting about which identical jew-owned politican will keep you entertained for a few years that you never do anything about your rancid experiment of a country.
Such a mess that it has founded the spread of feminism, "equal rights" for negroids, sjws, israel worship, trannies and faggotry.
All of that spawned in your glorious country, and has infected the rest of the world by your juden-media. Absolutely unrestrained.


It's hard to make friends now. Especially if you don't follow the latest lemming fashion; don't watch niggerball, chase dopamine hits on social media and talk about the currently most popular TV shows and movies. Most men lose their childhood friends sooner or later. We're uprooted people now. Much more mobile. It's a grim necessity to find good, stable, employment. I had to move to the nearest city simply because there wasn't any job openings in my town where I grew up. A lot of my friends moved abroad. We're an atomized people. A bunch of individuals.

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This is worse than that, because at least in ficitional cyberpunk nightmare settings, at least those look cool aesthetically, reality is just a slow collapse and mongrelization of the world with a few $1500 iphones thrown in.

At least you didn't lose your sense of humour. You managed to stay human.


I don't agree with all the things you said, specifically, but that was a mighty good tirade.

Modern work is hell. Work used to be about survival and getting ahead. A part of life. Now it's what life fundamentally is but it's still about survival.

People think central banking is the biggest scam of all time. No. The biggest scam of all time is the modern western idea that it's normal to spend your entire life working for something our ancient ancestors would have acquired by the time they became men in their tribes. An entire life spent working for something so fundamental and basic as a house while we can't find decent women for marriage?

We've been made absolute slaves and no one fucking cares.

Keep blaming the US for all your problems, I'm sure you'll feel so superior when we're gone slightly before you are. If you're feeding into this D&C shit, you don't deserve to win.

I propose the horse shoe theory of emotions; I've gone past abject depression. And there's nothing more to lose except my mind.

Check out of modern Life. Take the varg pill. Save up for a year and buy a piece of land, or take out a (((loan))) and farm it to pay it off. Farmers make very decent money, and you can work for yourself on your own time. Join your local rural farming community, and help to strengthen it.

You live in AU so you may have to move to find fertile land, but like you said you don't have much keeping you there. You'd receive a warm welcome here in the Midwest.

I know this sounds like empty preaching you hear all the time, but you sound desperate enough. I really think you should do this.

My community is still 99% white and probably has been preserved from the enrichment that creeps from London yet I feel this way as I fear what is to come. I never remembered food banks in my town as a child but now people working full time are having to use them, town after town neighbouring here is dropping demographically and Africans just appeared out of nowhere in summer this year. I spend a lot time dreading the day when demographic warfare is used against my home.

Already ahead of you. Currently working towards a property in rural somewhere. Probably the east. Land in Russia is cheap as chips. I'm absolutely done with the West and once I leave I'm never coming back. Probably.

Well good luck, friend. I would go towards Argentina or somewhere in South America. Sure it's not as White, but it's also not as cold, corrupt, and probably easier to relate to.

Even if you believe that voting doesn't change anything you should still do it. I'm not happy with Trump, but if he continues to fail his promises, more people will see that voting didn't change anything and vote more radical next time.
Nothing changes the mind as much as seeing the futility of your own doing.

Was actually in Frankfurt last weekend. The majority of everyone I saw there is white. Little Dietzenbach, though . . . Holy shit. Maybe only 30% are actually German. Every street is like a Bagdad bazaar. Like the US, the ones in control don't dump their pets into their own homes.

This is also why Obama started the block-by-block census in 2010. To find and break white majority communities. Libs feel charitable with open borders, and their little gay cafes aren't overrun with hostile foreigners.

The solution is Pastor Anderson.

Thanks. I'll check out SA house prices. As long as I can get land next to a pool of women with German heritage.

Well put, unfortunately.

Doesn't make Trump any less of a kike lover.

Los Angeles Chinatown is mainly reduced to one original set of buildings that Hollywood constantly uses in movies/TV, rest is a flea market. While Olvera Street and Santee Alley grow out of control, pushing Asians to Pasadena?. Anaheim's (home of Disney Land) Little Arabia is growing.
Let us not forget Signs in Foreign Languages.

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San Francisco, eh?
Fuck that place. An otherwise beautiful landscape and climate ruined by diversity, homosexuality, and homelessness.

You're the bigger faggot


Sounds like the rest of Whites are getting a taste of what I grew up with on the Texas messihole border.

No longer a polish town.

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I'm surprised it's not more.
White people are an embattled soon-to-be minority under non-stop assault from a hostile, race baiting media.
Yet blacks also feel no love for a country that they believe is working against them. Blacks view the police as an occupation army. And mestizos have no loyalty at all for America.
So frankly, I'd be surprised if less than 70% of US citizens felt like aliens here.

That's not even possible in the US, if you don't pay property taxes the government will either kill you or lock you up for decades for tax fraud. You don't even own land in the US, just a certificate for renting it from the government.

Poor poles who've only been here for a few decades

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actually BNW has a particularity.
the government is actually benevolent, in a very creepy kind of way.
they just sacrified having a purpose and moral growth for "happiness" and stability, and those who don't like it get to live in exile with people like them who understand, there are not even families or people who would give a fuck our to give a fuck about, so…easy choice.
in our case the destruction of purpose and moral growth is intentional and meant to to bring us unhappyness and instability.
if you don't like it you are not given a way out, but you might be shown you way into jail,
i'd take bnw over this shit anyday, if i hadn't the feeling that (((they))) are gonna lose some day.
i might not be there to see it, and that would suck though.

Nestlé is putting out (((commercials))) promoting the shitting up of America.
They haven't uploaded the worst one (to date) with the cunt in a hijab, but it follows the same format as the kike shit embedded below.

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I go through every day feeling like I have no purpose. The job market where I am isn't very willing to give me a chance, so every day is an existential struggle.


Well earned dubs, OP.

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I don't give a shit how long they've been here; they assimilated easily. These muslims do not intend to do so. (I've got some polish blood.)

It turns out the cyberpunk dystopia isn't quite as gritty as everyone thought, but things are slated to be just as shit. BTW the prediction in Shadowrun that food would become more artificial and loaded with stuff like soy is spot on, the emphasis on multinational corporations, and atomized individuals and hedonism too (Better Than Life addicts for one). They got diversity nailed down too, but it was something readers overlooked because it was a magical setting.

I think I've started to understand cremation recently. It makes for something simple for your family to deal with, and leaves nothing for anyone who sees you as an enemy or a roadblock to real estate development to desecrate after interrment.

I actually liked pixie cuts

It's not just anaheim. They've claimed whole swaths of irvine. For some reason, no one has really noticed all the mosques popping up over the last few years. Which is weird, because there has been a huge increase in towel heads.

America is a Jewish nation.

Its one of the only few states north of mason dixon line below 75 percent white

Notice how the kikes moderating this board never bumplock slide threads?

You're thinking of Minnesomalia

The only thing that actually unites Americans is eating shitty, corporate lab-designed, poisonous "food."