Gillum NPC intern arrested in Florida for throwing chocolate milk at College Republicans

>(((Shelby Shoup))) was arrested and charged with battery after going on a profanity-laced tirade, throwing chocolate milk on Florida State University College Republicans, and kicking over the sign of Republican Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis. She is listed as an intern for Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum, on LinkedIn.

An intern for Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has been arrested and charged with battery after she threw chocolate milk on a group of College Republicans tabling on campus.

The far-left student activist who had the profanity-laced meltdown, Shelby Shoup, is listed as an intern for the Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor Campaign on LinkedIn and a member of FSU Students for Justice in Palestine. Gillum's campaign did not return a Fox News request for comment.

A portion of the profane exchange with the College Republicans on campus was caught on camera.

Shoup threw her drink on SFU College Republicans Vice-Membership Chair, Daisy Judge, and when another student passing by tried to de-escalate the situation, she threw the remainder of her drink on him, according to a statement released by the College Republicans at FSU.

“You are supporting Nazis,” Shoup said in the video posted online. “Do you understand that?”

Another student snapped back at the girl wearing a communist pin: “And you are supporting communism?”

She replied: “Yeah, I f***ing am.”
“Don’t pour your coffee on me,” he said.
But Shoup replied, "F*** you. I will," before she opened her chocolate milk and threw it on him.

She then went on a profanity-laced tirade about fascism and accused the Republican students of “normalizing Nazis” and blaming them for the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre and other incidents.

As Shoup stormed away, she kicked a DeSantis sign out of the ground.

The FSU College Republicans called it an “alarming display of the extremely charged political environment that has arisen in recent months and years.

“No person, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, should be targeted and assaulted because of their political beliefs. We are glad that no serious physical harm came to our Vice-Membership Chair and will always stand up for the basic rights and respect that every one of our members is endowed.”
FSU said the student was identified, arrested, and charged with battery in a statement Friday morning.
“FSU is diverse community that values and respects each person,” the school wrote. “FSU expects each members of the community to embrace the values of civility and ethical conduct and obey the law.”

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Make her work 1000 hours at the local soup kitchen.

That's too much work for a commie kike

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Literally my favorite part of the video

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She says "my people" a lot.


she'd probably spit in the soup of white customers, even if they're homeless

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fucking kikes

"College Republicans" are ok with being humiliated like this

no user, she yells about 11 of her people getting killed over the weekend at the synagogue; she's a kike

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It's blue zog vs. red zog and I'm laughing at both.


It may not change anything or be useful, but it's certainly entertaining. My favorite part is the perfect angry parallelogram eyebrows. It's like she inked a pink pearl eraser and pressed it on her skull.

Careful user, you might be on to something.

I wonder how much he got paid

yes, report violent leftists to the police and don't fight them if you're not masked

Typical cowardly magapede.

She'll get a pussy pass. She'll likely have this expunged from her record.

the most blaring thing here is the jewish entitlement to insult and assault Whites. she should be crucified for that. literally.

no, it's a smart attitude, look what happened to the ram guys

oh jew

She looks better than most of the fashy baste MAGApede tradthots and e-celebs like (((Lauren Simonsen))), (((Faith Goldberg))), etc. Vote for the Dems down the ballot if you really want to see actual change brought forth, Zig Forums. Republicans don’t give a fuck about any of us. Neither do the Dems obviously, but this system will not be fixed without it being torn down completely and the latter are doing a great job at that. Let’s hope for Trump’s impeachment next.

You named like a faggot simonsen and goldberg but this one is actually a literal kike DAMN SOn

Fuck off Torpedo. The majority of Zig Forums has realized that there’s no “subverting the GOP” like your favorite baste and redpliled alt-kike e-celebs would have you believe. You want to do something about the likes of (((Shoup)))? There’s two options: either make sure the Dems take over entirely and root out the Republikikes for good, thus ensuring the inevitable collapse of America, or screw your optics and go in. Choose wisely.

I'd be tempted to smack her, but you'd probably get booted from the university and barred from any other university if you smacked a commie jew

The NPC meme is getting tiring
Milk? What kind of weapon is that? Throwing chocolate milk at somebody sounds like something an autistic kid would do when his parents tell him he can't buy another Lego set.

NPCs are real.

i ll go in inside her jewish pussy

Absolute state of this thread.

This is a mossad spook working on multiple ops same name differen faked snn MOSSAD IS REAL

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Why would (((they))) ever get rid of controlled opposition?

Because in a post-racial America, having one party being the all-unifier for POC will matter when the other side of the dialectic dies off along with its constituency.

The dems are tottering and much closer to collapse than the repubs right now but you can keep dreaming about impeachments and waves if it makes you happy.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Republikikes lose some of their wealthy Jew donors a few weeks ago?

I bet she's done porn

Would be great if we found it for purely reasons of the scientific and nothing else.

One jew who's only been donating for a year lost big, but he's talking about replacing his advisers and still donating. He's not a long-term donor that it would hurt to lose, and since he's a jew he's probably trying to harm the repubs rather than help them.

None of that matters anyway, though, because after 2016 the repubs had money left over and the dems were in debt, in spite of berniebros sending in their rent, college loan money, and change they scrounged out of their couches. In February of 2018, the DNC had $400,000 left and the RNC had 40 million. They're a bunch of broke-ass niggers, their next fundraising banquet menu is going to be catered from McDonald's dollar menu.

Definitely seen her in porn. Almost sure.

Have to admit the kick towards the end was pretty cool from a purely physical perspective.

I highly doubt it.

Please find the videos.

Further evidence jews are an ethnic hybrid mix between Chinese + Turks.

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Those eyebrows can't be real? Can they?

Why are these so disgusting to me?

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you can probably peel them off

Should she be called Shelby Shooped? Apologies for the Carlos-like comment.

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Plenty of other articles that show the same figures are available.

there was some site where you could post a pic and it would find a similar looking porn star

>(((Shelby Shoup)))
how typical

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She is pretending its not her on her other linkedin, it clearly is I have facial recognition software it lines up, plus the background check is suspect. 26 years old.

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Except that the US isn't going to collapse. (((They))) won't allow it, I think you would agree on that. Think of all the profits they would lose if it did. The US will slowly become mongrelized just like Brazil. Are you really willing to throw it all away for a gamble that you likely won't win? At least voting for republicans is more likely to slow down the demographics shift and allow us to maintain our weapons to fight back. And yes there are anti immigrant candidates, I'm voting for one this week.

typical jewess


What are your sources for the porn pics? She should get the same treatment as the dirty hippy who got punched.


why the fuck is a 26 year old still at a university

anyone noticed hat jewesses always have unhealthy hair, even Hollywood actresses that spend thousands on hair treatment have inferior hair

She claims its not her she was immediately bailed out covering up her true profile and double spy life..the bitch is spooky and look at her instagram the blood gore satanic "modeling" and a shrine to the crypto jew marxist and Gottlieb MKULTRA protege who was tied in at the hip with (((Dwer, Mark Lane, and yes HARVEY GAY JEW MILK)))

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Don't know about the porn stuff but the bitch has one scrubbed linked in and then her real persona the background checks and "other" stuff I've done confirms high levels of faked identity aka same name two ssn's same family and some intelligence background duplication think this Tracy Beanz did not admit she was Tracy Diaz until she was called out enmasse then admitted it and pretended it wasn't larping and narrative control by (((them)))

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I already know KDN is run by and ABC jew named Newman

Same pronunciation different spelling Jewish satanic tikkum olam pedophile Jim Jones shit "schwifty" and "schzfty" this is The Finders level of fake names aliases and spin off avatars for the same person much like some "pornstars" who change their name every so often

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You goys better have all of this archived!


I'm 28 and still working on my undergrad, I have no qualms with your rhetorical question.

Leftypol is so proud.

How did a 26 year old graduate HS in 2016-17 and supposedly also 17 years of age also please pay attention for that slip up I must burn you with this

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Weird shit going on with this girl just like the parkland Jew kid.

Bet she felt the bern in 2016 too.

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Yep "Emma Gonzalez" his cousin the 20 year old actress with some profiles scrubbed and other teens admitted on social media FBI was larping at the sschool Hogg and his 930 am fake segment non livestream being at the school that morning(official story 220pm start of shooting) then his he wasn't there all day rode HIS BIKE to school arrived at end and after it happened not hunkered down in the school.

Jews and their central banking scheme created the 1% and guess who the (((1%))) are talmudic goyim cna own no private property syndicate communist aka talmudic jews…otherwise known as all jews

So she's reacting to an agenda. What a reactionary hypocrite.

The same way magapedes feel in the current year.

Trump 2020. 🖕

Does the porn queen realize communist nations banned pornography? 🤔

"Reactionary" never made much sense to me. Aren't literally all Marxists reactionary because they are reacting to a perceived increase in racism, anti-Semitism (same thing as racism), and homophobia? They've been the most reactionary people in the country since Trump became president.

Apparently getting jewed once wasn't good enough for you.

Just ignore him.
He'll find another thread to smear his shit on.

Nah, 1,000 hours sucking dick sounds better. The far-right needs comfort women, especially the autistic neet element. Just take off her dumb jacket and give her a cute dress or something. She could spend her days sucking the dick cheese of the unwashed MAGApede masses. Like pic related.

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Did you abandon the midterm thread because it got bumplocked or something?

You mean the obvious shill thread?

Keep winning those hearts and minds.
I'm sure there's someone out there you might be able to convince with those stellar persuasive arguments you keep spamming in any and every thread.
At least it keeps you off the streets.

Nose rings were originally for controlling cattle, if you attach a rope to a ring around their nose you can drag them around with you. A nose ring on a women tells me that she is into degradation on some level. The type of chick who likes to be spit on, choked, whipped on the ass.

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Those were some bizarre video game physics there. Literal NPC.

Your concern for the opinions others is ironically directly tied to your inability to win them over.

Not a metaphorical NPC?

Has there ever been a less self-aware post made in the history of the internet?

NPC in mind, body, and soul - if they have a soul.

The less you reflect on it the better.

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It's only deep if you're used to the kiddy pool.

Well that tears it. I am officially staying home on Tuesday and note voting.
Good job user.

10 shekels have been added to your shill account. Thank you for signalling that you're voting (Republican!) for the upcoming midterms.

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at least I hope so

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So did we find a porn name for this Mossad thot?

on tumblr, they made this look like she was kicked out of the school for attacking ACTUAL Nazi's, going after people like *US*. It was a really confusing set of twitters going "OMG THIS POOR JEW JAILED FOR ATT/ I MEAN DEFENDING HERSELF, FROM EVIL NAZIS, America is litterally holocaust 2!"

Glad she got arrested but calling that "battery" is some bullshit.