Bannon Crushes (((Frum))) In 'Explosive' Debate On "The Rise Of Populism

Tonight's edition of the Munk Debates promises to be a provocative, and potentially "explosive" confrontation between two polar opposites - Steve Bannon on one side and David Frum on the other - discussing the future of democracy and the rise of populism.

Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News and former chief strategist to President Trump will be arguing for the resolution that the “future of western politics is populist, not liberal.”

Arguing the opposing side will be Canadian-American David Frum, Senior Editor at The Atlantic, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and author of the recent book Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Public.

It promises to be an exciting debate, especially since as Canadian Press reports, chanting protesters successfully delayed the start of the debate. Police intervened outside the downtown venue with batons and reportedly made several arrests.

Debate organizers explained the delay by saying they anticipated protests and want to ensure everyone is safe.

Critics, who accuse Bannon of being a white supremacist, wanted the debate scrapped. Protesters, some holding signs deploring racism, yelled "Shame on you!" and "Nazi!" as people tried to get in, reducing one woman on her way into the debate to tears.

"We are going to work diligently as a group to make sure this is a safe evening," said Rudyard Griffiths, the chairman and moderator of the debate. "That is going to require us to wait a little bit."

The debate is slated to play out just ahead of the fiercely contested US midterm elections on Nov. 6.

Only watched the intro so far

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(((Frum))) belongs in a gas chamber.

Populism is liberal, by definition. What the fuck is this stupid nigger talking about?


If Bannon has anything to do with it, it's (((populist))) not populist.

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I hate David Frum. He is featured in this documentary about the Jewish War Party.

yep, jews debating jews
jew lackeys debating jews

Unless of course its Jewish Ethno-Nationalism. Then its for winners, not losers.

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(((The Atlantic)))
(((David Frum)))

Fucking hell, not to say Bannon isn't guilty himself of being a filthy philosemitic heretic.

A reminder that the Munk debate forum is a top 'AngloJew' British-Israeli globalist organization. The show is hosted in Toronto, Canada where all the British forces escaped after the American revolution.

The Chinese demographic of Toronto is now 40%

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Munk was born in Budapest, into a prosperous Hungarian-Jewish family, the son of Katharina Adler Munk and Lajos "Louis" Munk (1898–1977)

Jew debate forum
Jew debaters
Jew host
Jew city
Jew Queen
Jew Empire

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Fucking pedantic moron.

I see the leftycucks have co-opt our strategy of blaming the Jews for everything and using it against us.

Listened past both opening statements.
Bannon straight to the point and the commie playing emotions and screaming nazi.


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2 threads

Bannon suspected of buying 8ch through Chicom proxy

Dugin = Bannon


Do you think we're fucking stupid?

Who's (((we)))?

Careful with your use of antisemitic (((parentheses))), Bannon might call you out.


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When will somebody call them out for this? Only they stoop to such lows.


Jews and their npc golems are so bootyblasted we didn't unite around Caucasian, which is a reference to the Noah story and includes Semitic peoples. This is why they hate the idea of a White Race, it excludes them.

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So which part of MAGA helps you jews most? The wall being built to keep out your taco golems? Blocking your mudshit "refugees?" Refusing to start a war in Syria three times after your obvious false flags? The end of marxist regulations on domestic industries? The wholesale destruction of the jewropean and chink economies? Ending CIA/Mossad assets of North Korea and Iran? Completely undoing every single thing that Kang Niggerjew imposed on America for his ZOG masters? kek you shilly fucktards sound more and more pathetically pozzed every day. I can't wait to hear your aids infected buttrage when birthright citizenship goes away. I'll have to build a new cellar to store all your kikesalt

Good debate.
Bannon stayed cool, threw everything back and even managed to name the Protocols.
Frum was a nervous wreck at the end. Completely destroyed.

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At what point does that happen?

It's pretty obvious since he did the whole name.

>Steve (((the goodest goy))) Bannon

Alt-kike narrative. Find a kike kvetching about "nazis" and then another kike (or a top goy like Bannon) trying to sound reasonable while shilling for Zionism.

But doesnt he say that its not about that?
He mentions it along with so many other things that ppl cast off as conspiracy theory that noone will really pay attention to that.
Added that he did say that its not about that.

Life must be interesting as a Trumpnigger.

God that is one ugly Jew.

get a load of this retarded faggot

He's like an even more kosher Jonestein

Protocols of Zion 12:10-11

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The only people who come here to promote celebrities who are in on the scam then pretend to have the solution for it are breitbart interns. Glow some more.

I love how protocols literally broke down exactly how they operate and people still try to claim it's fake. Must some privilege to be able to murder people then just say I didnt murder anyone enough times until people believe you.

It is fake because it would be bad for Jews if it were real, goy. In the end, however, Bannon is a useful idiot. Spurned by jews, but he keeps sucking up to them in the hopes they let him back to thier table. I remember the kikes celebrated when Trump booted him for more proper jews instead of just thier bootlickers.

Low-level leftist jews did, while ultra-kikes like Morton Klein, Alan Dershowitz, and Pam Geller all came to his defense.

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Only leftist kikes. Neocohens love him.

He's in my top 2 of the most punchable yid faces. The other one is Bill Kristol.

Eat glass.


Can’t wait for adnauseum DR3 talking points. Probaly some
new “Democrats are the real antisemites” talking points when addressing the synagogue shooting. I’m sure the debate is going to be electric and something that a seasoned jew-wise Zig Forums reader would love to watch.