Write a Letter to Robert Bowers?

How can we write letters to Robert Bowers ?

Are we able to write letters of support to Robert Bowers before he goes to trial or do we have to wait until after sentencing is completed?
Are there any legal ramifications that would be detrimental to him if we wrote him anonymous letters of support?
Can we address letters to his lawyer for Robert Bowers to read?
Nice letters.
Letters of support.

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I didn't want to put this in QTDDTOT because it would have gotten buried.

I assume he's being held in County? Just look up his booking info, I doubt they would let him have any letters until he gets (((sentenced))) to a federal prison. But he pleaded not guilty so digits in the other thread said he's going to walk. Mistrial.

It is better NOT to write letters.

However, if you use proper opsec, you should donate to Bowers's canteen fund, which is not illegal in any way.


I'm sure Bowers needs some money right now, because everything gets confiscated in jail. Nigger/spic staff would certainly "lose" (steal) whatever he has on him.

Anything you write is read by staff, and whatever you say will probably come off as supporting him, and somehow that could be turned into charges against you. But simply sending money with no message of any type is not illegal.

He's in Butler County Prison. He was moved from Alleghany County for some reason. Per the Butler County Prison website, he can receive letters and money, but it is advisable not to send any letters or any type of message. Sending money (without a message) is best.

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Look it up nigger.

I already did. It's on this website:


Send a contribution to his canteen fund there. Do NOT write him.

You all are so helpful…

…except for (You)


Also, if you send a contribution, obviously your return address/wherever you mail from can be tracked. Your IP can be tracked online. However, donating is NOT illegal. But if you write anything, whatever you write could easily be twisted into some bullshit charge. Do not write anything, but feel free to contribute money (just be aware that will put on a watchlist).

>James Bond
Write an anonymous letter?
Will he get that?

Just don't write any letter, as anything you write could serve as the basis for charges against you.

Donating is not illegal in and of itself. It will put you on a list, obviously, but simply sending money to an inmate with no explanation or message isn't something that can be used to charge you with a crime.

So we gonna do the old /b/tard thing where we write him a letter one word per post or what?

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Dear Bob,

I have a feeling that this thread is part of the effort to falsely label Zig Forums as a domestic terrorist site by getting users to write letters or make statements in support of Bowers.

For all you non-glow anons, be advised that donating is, in and of itself, NOT illegal.

Don't write anything supporting anything Bowers does and don't send him any letters.

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I didn't mean it like that
I was being sincere.

people wrote Timothy McVeigh letters

Maybe he will write back.

well I've archived this thread
before (((YOU))) Delete it

Archiving is exactly what a douchebag trying to entrap Zig Forums posters and label the site as a hate site/domestic terrorism would do. Zig Forums is none of those things, and threads like this need to be nuked.

For non-glows, please feel free to donate, but not write, to Bowers.

Dubs checked
well, I think I am going to write him - at least waiting until after sentencing - and maybe he will write back.

Christ you kikes are so transparent. Not even fun anymore at this point.

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If you're not a glow, then you're stupid. There is zero upside to writing.

DONATE because anybody who is incarcerated needs the money. Donating is not illegal. I know I'm responding to a glow, but for anybody reading this, donating is perfectly fine and cannot be twisted into some charge against you.

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I reported your OP as a honeypot/entrapment scheme that it is.

you are retarded, Zig Forums has been labeled all of ths and worse since there where hebe and jb boards

Fuck off fednigger.

But this is directly soliciting anons to say "nice" things, aka trick anons into saying things supporting domestic terrorism. Zig Forums is not a domestic terrorist site and does not support domestic terrorism, and threads like this need to be nuked.

But again, DONATING is perfectly legal. Anybody who doesn't mind going on a watchlist should donate but NOT have any communication with Bowers. In and of itself, donating is not the basis for charges.

intentionally misinterpret everything





I recognize bullshit when I see it. Zig Forums is not a domestic terror site and does not support or condone domestic terror. By attacking this site, however, you're attacking fundamental First Amendment protected freedom of association and freedom of speech, and you are well beyond your constitutional authority to do so. NDAA 2013 doesn't authorize this, and the Church Committee/post-COINTELPRO court decisions made it abundantly clear that you cannot target political speech and association simply on the basis of politics alone, which is exactly what you're doing.

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after we come in

Letter so far:

Dear Bob,
You were the…..

Tell him that even people notorious for IRL conflict with Jews still denounce his recklessness.
see @6:05

NDAA 2013 doesn't authorize what you're doing, and as you very well know, a set of post-COINTELPRO court decisions have made it clear that COINTELPRO-style targeting of political speech and association on the basis of politics alone is unconstitutional.

you know what?
guys like this:
are too afraid IRL to call out Jews
are too afraid IRL to call someone a nigger
they just let the unabated illogical anger fester in them like an infected boil which spews out pus once in a while.
guys like ,
are truly misanthropic basement dwelling 30-somethings at their divorced mom's house.
They talk a lot of shit, but when push comes to shove they cringe and run like little pussies.

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You're mad because I'm stating the law, and you know it. You are violating the law. Stop violating the law, and then we can have a civil discussion about kikes.

Everybody else, do not write anything in support of Bowers. Do not mail Bowers anything. Donating to Bowers with no communication attached is perfectly legal.


Surprise, surprise. A (1) suddenly chimes claiming people posting on Zig Forums are violent, which proves this thread is an op. No, you fucking faggot, Zig Forums is not violent and does not support or condone any violence for any reason. You need to leave if you do, because your violent attitude is not welcome here.

Also, you're misstating what I'm writing. Donating is legal. That's a fact. But there's no upside to having any communication with Bowers, as OP is recommending, or even stating "support" for Bowers here in any way.

To both of you shills, NDAA 2013 doesn't authorize what you're doing, and a set of post-COINTELPRO court decisions made it clear that COINTELPRO-style targeting of political speech and association on the basis of politics alone is unconstitutional. Stop breaking the law.

NDAA 2013 doesn't authorize what you're doing, and a set of post-COINTELPRO court decisions have made it clear that COINTELPRO-style targeting of political speech and association on the basis of politics alone is unconstitutional. You aren't on firm footing here. Stop violating the law.

Oh look now i'm a (2) in a thread with 44 posts look guys i'm a fed. Sorry for violating community guidelines.

Right--the NDAA that did NOT authorize targeting of First Amendment-protected political speech and association. That NDAA 2013.

YOU are violating the law here and need to leave.

Oh, okay. I won't violate the law anymore.

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Hey look! The television talked about something! I control you now! I can use these names to make you feel a certain way and say certain things! This Psyop will distract you from your slavery!

People die every fucking day. Innocent people are fucked every fucking day. None of these people get air time because they aren't part of the agenda.

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No, you're just encouraging violence. Nobody agrees with your encouragement of violence. You need to leave.

Seriously lurk more FEDanon you're embarrassing your agency and yourself. At least the Mossad kikes can banter.


the CIA

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Send it to the FBI.


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Shut up, faggot. Violence is the only solution and always has been the only solution. Go suck off ricky vaughn on twitter some more.

I found the address to write to, here you go user:

To Robert Bowers
c/o The CIA
United States of America





How the fuck writing letter with support to him can be turned into criminal charges? I dont give a fuck anyway, lets see USA trying to extradite me because I wrote letter to Robert "Kike Salyer" Bowers.


Type and send anonymous letters to this hero you fucking retards. Anyone telling you not to is a kike, straight up. This innocent man needs our support. Robert Bowers did nothing wrong.

screw your optics, arse-licking Shabbos.

Wait a minute! You're saying that this was not a FF? The very people that built the concept of the FF into their motto/overall objective

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Amen brother. No return address there’s no way in hell they could find the sender if your prints aren’t in the database. And even if they could, why would they expend so many resources on tracing down random people sending letters of support?

Take it to /x/ faggot, lots of us knew him on Gab. This is clearly part of a racewar and youre some delusional child who thinks violence never happens and never solves anything. Were being genocided, you realize this is 8/pol/ and not cuckchan right? Were not here for memes, were here to save our race. Again, get out.

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TRS is for you.

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WE need to encourage MORE violence not less. Pacifist brainlets go back to cuckchan.

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Stop acting like a faggit, ya little bitch! There are those who do not believe much of what they 'hear' from kikemedia for good reason, and they are force of their own that can be mobilized to get people to give up the TelAvivision
Truth/fact is not x-tier information, faggit!
When we see the undeniable, we will be proficiently addressing the kikeproblem

There's a case to be made that what he did was a politically motivated crime, not a hate crime.
Just saying

Also can he receive btc whilst in the pokey?

You need to leave.

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You’re glow is showing.

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Is spelling proficiency not a pre req for CIA? Asking for a friend friend

no one died

What about writing DyRo? I’ve considered it many times, but never gone through with it.

What could I write that could get me charged with a crime?

Sending him detailed escape ideas might do it. Mail him overhead pics of his prison and dox the jail staff. Send him egress routes away from the facilities. Maybe send him instructions that previous successful escapees have used

Write him lockpicking instructions and some guerilla warfare tactics. Write him on the easiest way to start a riot and be held blameless for it. New identity papers for him and a commonly used ssn and name
Hello , Dan Smith , very pleased to meet you

Lone wolf violence is worthless, anyone who promotes it or people who commit it are controlled opposition or fools. If you're going to advocate for violence, you should be convincing people to form groups. I do not advocate violence.

I advocate you control your fucking spacebar you god damned triple nigger

Except as the last several decades have shown, forming groups is consistently disrupted by glowniggers and there is absolutely no way to stop yourself from being infiltrated and dismantled.

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>how can we help push the (((Narrative))) that this fednigger plant is /ourgoy/
Kill yourself fed.

acting like quite the fed yourself there friend. False flag or not his "reason" and actions are in-line with what we want, no?


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100% of his incoming mail will be read. While that is stated as a could happen to all inmates, mail is only read if suspiciously packaged or written to specific inmates.
He is a high level inmate. Highly unlikely his mail rights will be taken away. Highly unlikely every single mail sent to him won't be opened and read where any voicing support, giving ideas or anything positive will be thrown out.
tldr; send mail to him. It will 100% be read with a very high chance of being thrown out.

Also nothing you say - unless clearly illegal - can be used against you in a letter sent to him. However it can and will be used against him.

won't be thrown out*
highly unlikely anything positive to him won't be thrown out*


Kill yourself kike.

Bowers' Gab account only existed since January, 2018… coincidentally the same point in time that the US Feds held an "Active Shooter Drill" near the synagogue that Bowers supposedly shot up.
There were only two such Active Shooter Drills ever held by these agencies.

And all of the jews who were supposedly killed were very, very old - octagenarians and such. They could blend right into any retirement community in Israel.

I think it was a manufactured event.

The synagogue event was a dick cutting ceremony for an infant, so breeding age couples were more likely to be there than super-senior citizens. Yet we are expected to believe that only the extra-elderly happened to be shot… eleven elderly out of eleven victims.

That's why youtube shoahed Alex Jones a few weeks in advance. Granted, most of what Jones says is wild fantasy, but ZOG didn't want to deal with the suspicion Jones would raise nevertheless.

Yes, goy! Write a letter to this murderer and be placed on a watch list! Based and redpilled!


I love Faith Goldy she is based and redpilled

You don't know what the hell you're talking about

Read SIEGE newfag