Art Jones Gasses Lügenpresse in Final Address Before Election

Time is Almost Up. Get the Fuck in Here.

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Art Jones, the only legitimate, Zig Forums-tier candidate on the ballot this Tuesday, has worked his boomer ass off for months promoting a pro-White, America First agenda throughout Illinois' 3rd congressional district. In the process, he has been slandered by ovenworthy journalists and politicians the world over. This video, and the rest on his channel, are his and my response to the lying press and our attempt to set the record straight and get his message out to the voters of the 3rd district.

(((538))) is forecasting that Jones, the official Republican Nominee, will receive just under a third of the votes. If he receives anywhere near that amount, or is able to surpass expectations, then the worldwide kvetching will be unreal.

Watch the videos, share them, and, if you're near Chicago, consider printing the pamplet and posting them in the district (all IOTBW-tier opsec precautions implied).
Some other posters and images in the main thread are also worthy of similar distribution, IRL and otherwise: >>12324757 >>12359519

To those who are somehow completely out of the loop, watch the notorious CNN interview (>>11614140) and the fan-made campaign ad (>>12349745).

For those who have finished watching the embedded video, "Art Jones Strikes Back at Lying Media":
If you're turned off by his civnat-ness of calling on people of all races and religions to vote for him, do note that this is not the first take of the video and in the first take he referred to the Jews as "an alien race" within the first sixty seconds and I had to tell him to tone it down a bit so normies will actually watch the whole video.

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How many Muslims are in the 3rd district, and how have efforts been in terms of polling? It's an interesting angle to print the Arabic ads to call out Israel, I like it

Based republicans and pro-white GOP supports Art Jones right?

A third of the vote is pretty outstanding.

Stfu, if we had more guys like him with balls running in the GOP, the Republican party would be much better. Reminder that there are districts in California and Connecticut in which there wasn't a single GOP candidate. Anybody could've taken that spot. Hell if I lived in those states, I probably could've won.

Stop waiting for the world to just fall in your lap user, that's the disgusting effects of the blackpill.

/thread That's the reason for the failure of the right until very recently and the reason this country has completely gone down the tube.

Sheldon Adelson is never going to hand over the reigns of the Gay Old Pedophiles to White people.

I'll vote for him but I wish all /ourboomers/ running just lay low until they're in and fumigate congress of the traitorous dual-citizenship vermin.

Art Jones is CIA.

Yes, of course, everybody who calls out the kikes is an op. Eat shit

We can at least try. Whites have this funny knack of succeeding even when the deck is totally stacked against them.

Anyone who’s a guest on Cantwell’s show is immediately suspect, and given that Jones was part of an ebil Neon-Nazi organization some decades ago, I find it hard to believe he never turned at some point or wasn’t a spook from the beginning.

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Let me simplify this for you. I said
Which means that anyone who’s been a guest on his show is immediately suspect, and depending on the person, that can mean one of many things. Good old Metokur was on his show a few years ago and the fact that he was only recently doxed means he has some skeletons he’s trying to hide. “Johnny Benitez” was also on Cantwell’s show, and he’s a “former leftist” spic who harps onto an obscure and failed ideology like Legionarism. In the case of Art Jones, he either became a spook a long time ago or always was on. Cantwell definitely has his shit kicked in by the Feds after UTR, so it’s convenient seeing them talking to each other while listeners think they’re both genuine people and not deradicalization shills.

You fucking idiot, I was criticizing the GOP and the republican party, not Jones.

What you fail to see is that if we all fucking tried to take over the two parties we could, but no the majority of people here would rather post frog memes on an obscure corner of the internet.

Read my posts and fuck off, nigger. Fuck the GOP and to hell with the right-wing.

Big assumption, being on somebody's show means being affiliated or agreeing with everything they've done one hundred percent? I guess if you've been on JF's show you must be a libertarian anarchist. I guess if you've ever been arrested for wrongthink you must now be an MK-ULTRA mind slave.

Prove Cantwell is CIA or a fed and you'll change my mind. This is the problem that you and your ilk can never reconcile. You'll admittedly revise the Holocaust based on a lack of evidence, but because it's "most likely" you'll just peg people as feds. There have been feds before, there ARE feds, but you don't have the authority to label people without evidence.

I'm not defending the Alt Right or any of its stooges, but it's quite the connection to make. Plenty of idiots are just idiots, believe it or not. Aryan Brotherhood is not a CIA organization and nor are all skinheads disinfo shills. Show evidence or shut the fuck up.

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538 says he'll get about 30% of the vote like prior Republicans in that district. Do you think that's too high or too low?

Of course not, most of them are retards. AB is the prison affiliate of the Aryan Nations, and I used to associate with many of their members in southern Colorado where they had their own settlements in the 90s before moving out. You Zig Forums fags never go outside or talk to anyone outside of this echo chamber, so you never know who you’re actually dealing with. What made me realize that National Socialism and ONLY National Socialism is the true way forward was when I noticed the difference between some actual NatSocs I’ve talked to and the skinhead “Neo-Nazi” types. The alt-kike is a money racketing scheme anyway, and people who deviate even a little bit from National Socialism continue on down in their slippery slope. Word of advice: don’t associate with people if they’re not fully committed to the one true, fascist worldview.

We agree. However, fedposters have been shilling that GLR is a fed and that Jones is a fed and Little is a fed for months now. It's getting ridiculous.

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Like how, define "National Socialism".
I thought national socialism =/= fascism?

GLR was likely the last true white American we’ll ever see, and a more devout National Socialist than anyone on this board can imagine. Jones ain’t worth shit, and Little is schizophrenic. I like Mason though, won’t talk of my dealings with him. But you know a devout white man when you see one, and when you look at anyone in the alt-kike, it’s just depressing.

You must be Art Jones himself. Fuck off.

Oh no dude, that's retarded.

Actual CIAnigger detected.

Go suck a jew's dick, gay CIAnigger.


Parties are made of people.

What do you say when people take over other people?

Stop quoting GLR.

GLR advocates election and voting and he supports other right wing party.


The never-do-nothings have an infinite number of reasons to not even bother, when hard pressed they'll say there's a nebulous "plan" that of course he can never give any in information about. The ultimate mental coward.

They are not genuine people, they are feds, shills and jews.

I will expose them, for their "plan" is actually nefarious, their "plan" is to make everyone lazy and complacent WHILE saying voting makes you people lazy and complacent.

Fuck off Schlomo.

GLR didn’t advocate voting for the Republikikes or Demokikes, you absolute retard. Read his books and you’ll understand the mechanics of his approach and why he was against conventional politics.


That's for sure. What is an easy question for most. How is much harder. I give Art Jones credit for trying. I hope others living in uncontested Democratic districts follow his example. It keeps issues in the public. Use your screen time to plug solid ideas and thinkers because that might be all you get.

I ask you QUESTIONS, kike. Answer them, you haven't provided JACKSHIT.

And I read GLR book.

GLR would actually WORK with Republicans such as Art Jones, and he would be HAPPY about it.




That's how your post appears.


If you want your soul to belong to Satan or Jahbulon then sure, go ahead and vote.





This is why and how you will lose argument.

GLR hater Republikikes almost as much as he hated kikes lmao. They’re synonymous, in fact.

Actually, that’s me mocking you and the rest of you votefags for ever thinking that you’re going to save the west through fucking ballots. Go fucking off yourself Schlomo. I hope another Bowers type visits your synagogue while you’re in it, faggot.

My soul belongs to my ancestors, save your kike gods to yourself, kike.

How does voting hurt our cause, at all? It's 5 minutes every 2 years. That's it.

That was before Ross Perot ran in '92. They changed the rules, third parties can't win anymore.

No, GLR would not hate to work with redpilled republicans, and he would not hesistate to do tactical voting. AND YOU KIKES WOULD CALL HIM A CIA INFORMANT.

And MOCK ME? Mock me as I will, for your insults are nothing but me exposing of your plan? That's EVERYTHING.



That's why a revolution within the form, also known as subversion, works so well. You keep the trappings of the old while embracing the new. That's what the left did to the constitution. They didn't revoke it, they redefined it.

We don't need to destroy anything if we control it. Control requires a cultural hegemony far beyond winning elections though. I think that's doable, but developing a culture independent of the mass media and entertainment industrial complexes is of critical importance to winning the battle for the mind of our people.

Voting is a contractual obligation with your subconscious aka spirit and jahbulon the god of the kikes and francomasons. You're giving them consent to rape your spirit and rule over you in this life and the next.

To DEVELOP this fantasy of independent "civilization", you need money, you need infrastructure, you need police and military support.

You do not off go off the grid and say heeeeh, this is my new kingdom.

agnostic btw

Holy fuck you really are delusional. Fuck off back to cuckchan.

Hey, kike, go with your kike gods. Nobody's afraid of them here.

Hey, kike, Art Jones is REPUBLICAN.


You don’t even sound like English is your first language. What time is it in Tel-Aviv, Ari?

I don't know, you tell me? You are there.

Okay (((Evan Clay))) of 1900 County Lane Carthage, Missouri, you absolute fucking retard.

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Who, what, kike?

How do you blue-pilled faggots even end up here if not because you're a straightup shill or from reddit?

Sorry but I don't know the latest news about jew shills, kike.

After all, nobody knows more about them than you.


That's all there already. Just take it over. Hezbollah grew inside of the shell of the Lebanese state and social structure. Why couldn't that work here?

Because the Lebanon state is pro-Hezbollah.
You don't know this?

You mean taking it over how? By being elected politically and making policy, or literally shoot shit and taking them over?




You have to vote but also carry your torches and pitchforks. They won't allow a candidate against them without a fight.

I have a better motto.



It's funny because dont-vote jews say Trump voters are lazy and complacent, meanwhile the dont-vote jews DON'T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT SHILLING AGAINST ACTION.

It wasn't always that way. That's the point. Systems are fungible. The Lebanese state started out at war with Hezbollah, then began to tolerate them, and now views them as integral to Lebanese security and society. This took time and a lot of work, but it got done.

Any Illinois anons here?
How do we get young anons to follow suit as the next Art Jones'?

We need to apply pressure on Trump for being too much of a zionist

Join an alphabet agency.

Shoot fucking what?

I can't tell if this is bait or you're being serious.

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I agree, start with yourself.

a bit of both, honestly the best course of action is to make our narrative replace theirs, IE we need Trump to be shown as the ally to globalism and jewry he is, we always work best as the outsider against the establishment and with Trump we've been piled into the establishment box which is why we've suffered tonnes of losses since Nov 16





sup boomer kike

Sup kike, how are you feeling today?

You're just a low-IQ shill like

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Hello, kike, so bad at arguing that you resort to IQ now?

Show me your IQ kike!

We need to keep tabs on every uncontested Republican or Democrat primary and just find someone in that area with the balls to run. Who knows, might even fucking win… at very least we can get our ideas out there.

this is your daily reminder to filter strawmen.

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here's a photo of this thread

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Good job ignoring the content of the actual post

Here we go with the games that get jews kicked out of nations historically.

But user, the GOP does not support art jones.

This guy fucks…he was too aggressive in his CNN interview though…he should have started listing off more facts about Jews. The guy is rough around the edges, but he'd have my vote. He's a real person I could actually trust. He really doesn't seem hateful, just all about the truth.

Country would probably be far better off with people like Jones in congress, but good luck with that in this failed country. Shit should have been taken care of 100 years ago. Only thing both libfags and republicucks care about is sucking kike dick and importing more niggers and other shitskins for votes

OP Here,
humbly requesting more video watching and spreading the word, and less arguing.
Get some last minute shit done here, and afterwards you can argue.

is right

There's a lot of them, especially in bridgeview, which is now known as little palestine. They've got their own little section on the Bridgeview kikepedia now actually. They're also radicalized and taking over township councils. One of those sagas is documented in the video at and irl conflict between Jones and them has been documented, starting at . It's infuriating.

et al.
The GOP obviously hate him, and some of the videos cover this:
Don't Be Snookered by Fibbing Write-In Candidates
Pedophile-Enabling Republicans Fail to Stop Former Nazi

et al, Re: GLR
Art was for eight years a key member of the National Socialist White People's Party that GLR founded. If you had spent time watching the videos, you would have known that:
Who is Art Jones? (starting at 16:50 is the most relevant part, but watch the whole thing.)

That's definitely a good strategy to try with other people. but Art has been fighting this war for over forty years. It's not in his blood to "lay low" nor would his profile have allowed such a thing.

et al

et al

And actually listen to the shows:

I'm not sure, I asked the same question here:

By giving our best showing this time and then worrying about that after Tuesday.
I do personally think that the laying-low strategy works better, unless you have someone with impeccable opsec etc willing to be a martyr. Infiltrating both/all parties is a must, too.

Make Art Proud, You Faggots
Then, Come Wednesday, Fight for 2020

Thank you OP. There's not much I can do as a non-American, which hurts me because I enjoy his videos very much.

I appreciate the thanks.
Just spread the word, post the videos and posters in places online. I've done a lot of posting on voat and it's worked out rather well.

It doesn't matter how Tuesday turns out. We're fucked out loud without a few Little's and Jones' out there to force the Overtone window hard-right. And maybe that is the kikeplan, but it is down to fighting back to win or walking away. Stick a fork in the US. It is fully kike'd

Don't worry about that. Trump will always be around with his saturating media presence to drag it back left.

You don't deserve those Hitler dubs, the shills will screech but there are glimmers of hope now. Trump, if he's legit or not, doesn't matter too much… he's pushing the Overton window and for once since at least WW2 we have legitimate /ourguys/ running for government. If Art gets 30% of the vote, that's incredible, the American Nazi Party never got over 2% of the vote in any election. 5 years ago everything seemed bleak and hopeless, things are changing and (((they're))) terrified.

Think what you will about an user shitposter on the chanz; but we are no longer in "Trump will fix it all"-territory. Translation: It is past time for Joe&Jane Goyim to act. A repeat of the pre/during/post 2016 elections is overdue. It's time for the numbers, where average people that understand our trajectory to get into the streets; peacefully/with no violence. Then, it is time to step up the game by going after all those things with the energy and momentum to wipe out indigenous US citizens; from Marxist/Maoist/Leninist institutions LARP'ing as 'Education Systems' to the US military, to Government and everything in-between

Just kill yourself. Do you really expect anyone to believe your shit? We know you’re lying. Nothing has fucking changed, socially, economically or governmentally.

No one in the US got a vote when:
We haven't even seen the beginning of a real revlution

Q - Zionist
Alex Jones - Zionist
Jerome Corsi - Zionist
Roger Stone - Zionist
PJW - Zionist
Posobiec - Zionist
Bannon - Zionist
Ben Shapiro - Zionist
Jordan Peterson - Zionist
Geert Wilders - Zionist
Sam Harris - Zionist
Spencer - Zionist
Mich Enoch - Zionist
Tucker Carlson - Zionist
Lauren Southern - Zionist
Faith Goldy - Zionist
Sellner/Pettibone - Zionist
Tommy Robinson - Zionist
Ann Coulter - Zionist
Molyneux - Zionist
Cernovich - Zionist
George Webb - Zionist
Jason Goodman - Zionist
William L. Pierce - Zionist
Matt Couch - Zionist
Milo - Zionist
JF - Zionist
Arthur Jones - Zionist
Matt Heimbah - Zionist
Kevin MacDonald - Zionist
Andrew Anglin - Zionist
Weev - Zionst
Donald Trump - Zionist
Sargoy of Mossad - Zionist
Ron Paul - Zionist
Kyle Chapman - Zionist
Oswald Mosley - Zionist
Stephen Crowder - Zionist
Laura Loomer - Zionist
David Duke - Zionist shill
Patrick Little - Zionist
George Lincoln Rockwell - Zionist
Gavin mccines - Zionist
Jared Taylor - Zionist
Your Mom - Zionist
Robert spencer - Zionist
Pamela geller - Zionist
Charlie kirk - Zionist
Candice owens - Zionist
Thomas paine - Zionist
Douglas murray - Zionist
Joe Rogan - Zionist shill
Kate Hopkins - Zionist
Elon Musk - Zionist
The Mailman - Zionist
Kanye West - Zionist
Ben Franklin - Zionist
Mods - Zionists

Always be alert of infiltrators

The idea of seeing Mexicans as invaders, the idea of ending birthright citizenship and ending pointless wars in the middle east is for the first time since at least WW2 actually mainstream. I know you're a shill, but all the lurkers can see this as plain as day.

And say what you want, but Little and Art Jones are actually saying the right things, and regular American people are voting for them. I know we can't vote our way into power but we can vote our way into civil war.

Choose one and only one.