(((Arsonist))) sets fires at 7 Brooklyn synagogues and Jewish schools

>(((Arsonist))) sets fires at 7 Brooklyn synagogues and Jewish schools.

Finally, I was waiting for when the yids would step it up from their piss-weak shooting.

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Bump to counter shill swarm and kiked mods.

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Mossad is getting desperate hey?

It's not relevant whether it is a false flag or not. What is important is that the sentiment expressed becomes ingrained in minds and the actions repeated by other actors. Death to israel.

Images not related to OP.

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It's highly unlikely it isn't a false flag, but I won't disagree with you.

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Who the fuck could be so based as to do this? Doing gods work, lads…

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Burning synagogues and violent acts against jews are good. That is the ideal outcome of what we discuss on this board. This is not a board of peace. Death to israel.

Oy vey! Just in time for mid-terms! Don't you goyim hate those ebil nazis? Vote democrat!

You already posted this image in another thread.



Wasn't a jew, it was a gay nigger.

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Could you shills try to be more subtle?

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Anti-semitic arson leading to minor if superficial damages? in 7 synagogues?
fake hate crime as fuck, if that was me, well, lets leave that story for another time. :^)

I saw that same security video screengrab yesterday.

Nah, this nignog really did seem to hate jews. He made a bunch of Facebook posts shitting on both them and whites. I love it when shit like this happens and the shitskins that the kikes are propping up target them.

Of course it was a nigger.

I supported Robert Bowers but this now is just too close to his event and very cohencidential. Kikes are getting desperate and they're cooking up something

he did? anyone save the posts?

Daily Caller ran some of it, I didn't catch it on his actual Facebook.

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So… confirmed for niggers trying and failing to attack their kike overlords?

Not sure if any of the buildings he set fire to actually burned down or not but yeah its confirmed that it was a nigger.


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He's just burning down termite infested buildings. :^)

The schwarzte goyim know! SHUT IT DOWN!


Holy quadruple negative Batman!


He was "unofficially adopted" by kikes and they paid for him to get an SJW degree, ya might say he is a kike.

Considering he's gay, he was most likely sexually abused by them growing up like 99% of gays. But you know, golem do keep turning on the jews in particular the celebrities. My favourite moment was still when Gary Oldman turned on the kikes. That was really big, he's consistently called the greatest actor.

We are reaching levels of "hey rabbi whatcha doin" never before thought possible. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they set off a nuke in Tel Aviv just to blame it on four year old ms paint frog memes or something.

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I think the only boxes left unticked are "tranny" and "immigrant".

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Can you tell me how that's 4 doubles? I'm dumb

Bears absolutely no resemblance to the Rabbinic gravestone toppler around 2016 election time, none at all. Move along citizens

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Fuck that second image on vampires makes way too much sense.

Weird how it's always INSIDE, not outside where there could be GOYIM witnesses.

It's like a dream come true.

This must be one of the new Jews I've heard so much about.

The only thing I agree with niggers on is hatred for the jews.
Too bad they're niggers.

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We need to redpill them harder on (((slave ownership))).

watcha doin, rabbi?

The golem is literally turning on it's master

Who owned the slave ships is an effective fracture point in that department

More info about that? Was it Gibbson style?

Was this the work of the dreaded semen matzo arsonist?

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Obvious false flag.
Hey rabbi, what are they trying to slide now?

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And they say Zig Forums never goes outside.


Youre the Jew, you have absolutely zero evidence it was done by kikes and you know it was done after a race war tier attack on a synagogue. These are real and race war is here. You retarded child brained mongs need to remove yourself from the conversation if you cant handle the idea of physical removal and were just kidding when you laughed along with kebab memes.

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So youre saying you dont want to see Jews attack white people in counter violence causing a tit-for-tat exchange that whites would easily win being the majority. Cuckchan is for you.

Everyone knows were really just a peaceful accordion gang.

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Unless I'm missing something obvious, I didn't see the connection in the image between physically drinking blood and treating the illness. I could see why transfusions would work though–is the idea that blood drinking is a method of pre-needle infusion?

100% agreed, im not sure the way that meme is commonly formatted though visually appeals to niggers. also it might be useful to show a percentage of total ownership (if it's not already 100%– does anyone know the stats?)

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can you read? where do you even see me talking about the attack in my post, let alone claiming it was definitively a false flag or not. also thanks for not answering any of my two questions that last pic is solid though, ill have to look at that in more detail

Shit like this makes me believe Kristallnacht was a false flag.

(((oy vey)))

When support for israel among liberals is at an all-time low, (((they))) gotta do something about it.

i'm for this
they buried all those damn nukes a hundred feet or so below every single city in america and pissrael already
they're just waiting for the go order then its samson for all

Malcolm TerminiX

Amazing how this blatant instance of "hey rabbi watcha doin'?" Brings out shills seeking more of it. The fuck is going on here?

You are glowing

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The NPC's will be out in force to spew programmed responses Antisemitism©®™, HOLOCAUST©®™, anuddah shoa©®™, progrom©®™, muh perpetual persecution throughout history because its everyone else fault©®™ rinse/repeat

Screw your optics.

oh this is nice, too bad (((they))) can't play victim cards against niggers.

implying the nigger wasn't paid by the rabbi to do this

Surprised the cocksucker didn't delete it again.

You have proof these are real yes?

why didn't the rabbi go full on and kike the insurance agency while he was hailing hortler

Bumping for exposure

People these days have such short attention spans.

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Literally haven't seen one major news outlet report this story