Should lolicon be banned globally?

As of now, most countries allow sexualized cartoon children. But who are these comics or images for? Who wants to read about sexualized children? Pedos do.

So why allow it? You can of course scream "freedom of speech", but why allow something only pedos consume?

How should the world tackle cartoon child porn? Is everything OK just because they're cartoons, or should we impose morals?

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Whatcha slidin' Rabbi?

Porn reduces urges to have sex since degenerates can easily get off from it instead. So pedos rubbing ones out to cartoons is more likely to decrease the chances of them raping actual kids therefore I'm against any sort of ban.

Do you have any actual proof of that?

this is a slide thread but the answer is yes.

Shut it, kike.

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You don't belong here.

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should we ban guns to prevent mass shootings? should we ban violent video games to prevent psychopath to consume it? dumbfuck

go to >>>loli and stay there

Fuck off. You call to ban our shit, we pipe up.

A lot of countries which have banned guns have a lot less shootings than the US

Violent games still generate too much money to be banned, but who knows what might happen in the future. They might be banned.

And a lot more burglaries, knife attacks and rapes.

No. The US only has more shootings, not less crime.

I'll stuff Zyklon B down your pipe, paedophile kike.

Kike hates loli because it's too pure for them.

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Go on kike, make my day.

Manlets should be banned globally.

i don't call to ban your shit, you only belong in that board, not here.

loli belongs on all the chans, I see you kike.

How about no you filthy kike.

my problem with violent video games isn't that teen boys are wasting the same amount of hours as a full time job on a thousand stupid repetitive formulaic FPS games, and hypnotizing themselves into wasting the prime of their youth on more elaborate 3D cartoon simulators of cowboys and indians.

no, my problem is these violent video games are not realistic enough. i want players to become crippled for life after being hit by one speck of shrapnel. i want teen boys to have to shit into a colostomy bag for the rest of their lives after getting ambushed by NPCs. in my ideal world if you want to immerse yourself in giving more money than the combined music, movie and TV industries to a bunch of kiked up vidya mega corps, then i want you to also face the real world consequences of violent video games and i want you to have the smell and sounds of a VA hospital permanently etched into your brain and i want you to wake up at night screaming from the nightmare flashback of your tour in Iraq when you got splashed by your best friend's brains and guts after that ISIS IED detonated.

maybe if violent video games were not so fake and pathetically unrealistic and little better than a primitive pixelated game from 30 years ago, but instead truly teleported you the player into seeing that War is Hell with your own eyes, maybe then nobody would want to waste their lives mentally masturbating to glorified cartoons and instead would learn a trade, achieve self improvement, start a family while young and generally stop being man-babies into your 30's.

now as for lolicon, a similar logic applies. my problem with it is that it is not realistic enough. if you want to molest and rape simulated cartoon children, then you should suffer the consequences of having to take care of damaged, dysfunctional and broken adults who are catatonic or umable to care for themselves and unable to form healthy relationships and bonds with others.

Fuck off

Fuck off kike, FPS alone are fucking dying.

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Hello kike, we know you.

You whine about DRAWN CARTOONS while suck on baby's dick.

Its irrelevant to the greater scheme of things and only losers on the internet like you care about it.

Japan has very low rates of violent crime, like murder and rape. Children in Japan are much less likely to suffer violent and sexual crime, compared to children in almost any other country.

Draw your own conclusions.

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Where's the anchor for this post?

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On a serious note, I personally would like to know if Lolicon is an inhibitor or a stepping stone.
Do pedo's consume Loli as an alternative to harming children or purchasing material which has harmed children during its production.
Or is this a precursor to harming children?

Don't get me wrong, if it were up to me they'd all be hanging from a lampost, but either the intent to harm or act of harming a child has to take place in order for a conviction, the feds can't ge them all after all, expecially if so many of them are watching boards like these, so if lolicon prevents harm coming to children, is it a necessary evil?

no step on snek

Several problems associated with porn.

Only a certain type of person attracted to children in that way would also look at loli. Someone who was already weak and sympathetic to lame imagery.

There's a reason why its only taken root in the West due to the degeneracy inherent in the West. Who first put it on the television back in the 90s?

I don't trust anyone who is really into it. That goes double for someone claiming to be racially aware. Triple for someone purporting to be a nationalist or National Socialist.

its a drawing.
it`s degenerate.
it`s still a drawing.

I draw the line at fiction, if its fiction it should not be outright illegal. some restrictions could apply, you don`t sell porn DVDs to minors last I checked (not that it matter, internet & all)
otherwise it means i could draw 2 stick figure, write 6 yo under one, and add an extra line on the other that would represent a dick, and BAM intant jail. what if i make it even more minimalistic? or abstract? when is it not illegal no more? intent? what if i draw it 1 milimiter wide? how you you mesure that threshold? what if its a 500yo loli dragon? what if its a loli with DD boobs? what if its an alien race where adults look like that? can you imagine the nightmare on a legislatif level?

rule is simple, no real children involved, ever. it`s the only clear line you can draw


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I would argue that potential child molesters are less degenerate than those who masturbate to East Asian scribble faggotry.

so you are advocating for jailing people over drawings. what if i say that your post look like CP in my mind, it was real. like the letter T is an adult, and little t in a minor


there, this represent loli, now jail me faggot. and yes its an absurd example, now i want YOU to tell me where you would put the line.

People who are attracted to children in any way shape or form get the bullet.

No. I'm advocating death penalty. If it's a kid in school or some weirdo like you alone at home, fine. But if its an industry = DEATH.

I'd say you're playing the subjectivity kike argument and tell you it doesn't work here.

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This is actually the only doujin with loli that i actually like
although tbf thats not a loli, shes actually just flat-chested and fat
She actually gets breasts later in it when koakuma starts "working" her body out for her

But realize that laws are made to be abused. Pic related, what's stopping some kike lawyer from saying "her face looks too young, ergo CP"? Or are you of the belief that (((people))) would never try to find superfluous reasons to jail their enemies?

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don`t dodge the question, in the pragmatic world of laws and rules, where would YOU draw the line of which drawing is illegal, and which isin`t. It`s easy to say "death to an industry" I want specifics.

what if its 1 rorery artist drawing for himself and friends? what if his friends do it too, do they count as an industry? does it become illegal the moment they sell it? what if its only sharing freely?

remember, you are the one advocation for some form of retribution over drawings, and I want you to be extremely specific about what it means, and in what circumstances.

So, you rather have me to fuck a real loli than let me fap to drawn ones, right?

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Anyone turned on by such 'art' should be macerated.

Only a deeply sick and jew pozzed society would allow the sexualisation of children in any form.

I would rather you save everyone the trouble and just off yourself. What kind of depraved existence is either of your options?

Who's a cute basement-radical? Yes you are, yeas you are!

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And what if I don't?

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I know it's a slide post but
Eh who gives a fuck, it's just a drawing. Anime doesn't even look much like real women, and half of adult anime characters look like they're 12 anyway.
Maybe it's just me, but anime or hentai or whatever is so unrealistic that I have a hard time seeing it transferring over into real life.

Also as other have said it's extremely subjective and impossible to enforce.


Ancaps BTFO

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Tactical recreational privatized nuclear lolis when?

Can I have a fuckable loli-bodyguard?

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If you try to take my anime and my video games you better hope you took my guns first

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Btw, this was written by a female author by the name of URAN.

I don't have a basement. :(

Thats an Elin user, those think thighs do not belong on a little girl

same with this ass

All my lolis are nsfw, so I wont post them here

pussy, at least stand up for what you believe

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no, it's just drawings. fuck this "government must ban things because feelings" mindset

wrong, pornography makes people obsessed with sex abd have increasingly perverted sexual desires

guns > lack of shootings
because of niggers

You degenerate virgin pedoweebs should noose yourself.

This. The SS would have gassed them for real.

Ok. Let's see how this'll play out.
It's like you niggers think that less freedom won't hurt imageboards at all.

But less freedom is good. Don't you feel safer already?

I admit I still play vidya every now and then, luckily I play harsh and punishing games on Hardcore modes and no reloading/saving etc. If I fuck up, its game over, done.
It has actually helped my daily life in the sense that it makes me focus more on the task im doing and the goal I am working towards to be more accurate since you know, there is no reloading what you have done.

Polite sage for offtopic

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The world will never be a "safe place" no matter how many things you ban. Why bother and let people see what they want, the pussy faggots who can't handle it should just off themselves.

What if we simply banned non-whites?

I want every single last person who watches television to experience every single physical and permanent effect that is felt by the fictional characters and events on the screen.
I want everyone who watches "wolf of wall street" to have aids and loss 80 trillion.
I want every person who watches a Vietnam war film to spend 2 years in a flooded bamboo cage being tortured.
I want everyone to have a severe allergy to kryptonite and be constantly pursued by lex luthor.
I remember when fuckwits like this would have been laughed off the site and never come back. facebook fucking npc idiot

never occured to you that it's been a very japanese-specific degeneracy for decades?

All pixels must be banned except those which are multiples of six.

Satanist scum

I don't think that's how it works.

Whacha slidin' rabbi?

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No. Instead of retarded bans on internet content (and the changes in internet infrastructure and sites that would be required to enforce it) we should focus on actually fucking saving real children from being raped by muslims. While you're worrying about what some degenerate weeaboos fap to, there's actual pedophile rape gangs in our government and throughout our society, regularly exploiting white children.

As of now, most countries allow interracial pornography. But who are these videos or cuck fantasies for? Who wants to read about white woman being fucked by non-whites? Race traitors do.

So why allow it? You can of course scream "freedom of speech", but why allow something only miscegenators consume?

How should the world tackle interracial porn? Is everything OK just because they're mere media, or should we impose morals?

gee wasting money and resources on pictures and not victims of child molestation sounds like a good idea ninegabber.

I personally don't think any resources should be wasted on policing actual CP on the internet other than going after the creators of said CP and executing them, those who merely save and redistribute it should be treated like those who save and redistribute images of cartel executions, aka we don't consider them the same as the actual cartel guys that did the execution.

If I was going to be in favor of censoring something it would be interracial porn. I'd make it illegal, at least temporarily, for no other reason than to strengthen a taboo against it and to create some outrage amongst cucks which I'd then have a team gathering information about where said outrage is coming from so we can create a map of where the death squads have to go to later when we're about to clean up the country.

This guys onto something. It is far more natural to fuck an underaged girl than a dog or a nigger.

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Guess that's my weekly dose of bait.
OP is a faggot. If you want to cut down on porn, fine. If you want to promote a society where the former is unnessecary, fine. If you want to take steps against people used in porn, no matter the age, fine. If you want to execute child rapists, fine.
But don't come crying that some victimless drawings are bad.
If anything, it should be supported. You're not going to get rid of the porn industry, noone in history managed, but when everything is drawn and the closest thing to porn stars are voice actors, it's an improvment. Then insert pro-children (having them I mean) propaganda.

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If you want to impose morals on fictional media, fine, then you better be ready to surrender all media that depicts intense violence, murder, rape, animal cruelty, etc. If it takes "pedo" to enjoy loli, then by proxy it takes a "sociopath" to enjoy extreme violence, murder, rape, etc.

Either there's nuance in the fact that interests in fiction =/= those in reality, or it's all a blanketed, open and shut case of guilty by association.

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Do you see now why this argument is shit, thus your thread is shit as well?
Try again in a few years.

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I know this is with 99% certainty sexualized fanservice but fuck my ass and call me onii-chan if it ain't cute af.

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Sure it's cute. Lolis are always cute. Exept for toddlers. Toddlercone is shit.

Aren't toddlers in chinese cartoons just comedically exaggerated chibi lolis/shotas?

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Tell me what this is from

Because US unfortunately has niggers, spics, CIA and FBI as well as programs like MK Ultra to create a shooter in order to disarm the population as as long as there are weapons available as per 2nd ammendment, ZOG cannot introduce totalitarian measures like in UK
Media helps by turning shooters into celebs instead of pathetic failures they were all their lives.
Gun free-zones are a perfect target for your randy stairs and nicolas "56% accuracy" Cruz because there's nobody to fight back.

Poland and Japan have around the same sexual child abuse rates per capita.

That's right. Self banishment is just a start.

Kek, if you actually believe the shit you tout, then just post it.
Unless you post actual CP no one will care for loli shit and the mods might ban you, you have to unplug your router for a minute.
I think you are in fact a coward.

Japan also has less niggers.

What are they even doing?
Kek, all I ever did with my brothers when we were little in the bathtub was to shoot each other with water bursts from the plastic syringes that the kinder nurses gave us as a reward when we had to get immunization shots when we were little.
I personall think this video is much cuter, though, it captures childhoos innocnce much better.

just put huge tits on the lolis

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