Brit/pol/ #2921: Late Night Comfy Edition

UK weather: Met Office issues yellow thunderstorm warning as temperatures soar above 30C
Scattered patches of storms are predicted to push up from southwest England and move north from Tuesday evening, according to the Met Office

UK weather: 'Hottest recorded night' tonight as heatwave scorches Britain
The current night-time record of 23.9C, set in Brighton in 1990, could be surpassed and day-time records may also fall this week

UK terror threat level: Risk from right-wing extremists to inform system
Previously the system only assessed the threat from "international terrorism", Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the assessment will now cover all forms of terrorism "irrespective of the ideology that inspires them" - including right-wing, Northern Ireland, and Islamist

Iran rejects UK's proposal for European-led maritime force
Critics point to irony of UK calling on EU support while heading for Brexit

Donald Trump outed Jeffrey Epstein to cops after stealing $125M mansion out from under him
How Jeffrey Epstein's threat to expose President Trump 'as a financial fraud' after he 'stole' his $125M mansion led to Donald outing the pedophile to cops and launch of 2005 criminal probe

US diplomats' brains were shrunk by sonic attacks at Cuban embassy, scientific study says
State-of-the-art brain imaging of staff members who suffered headaches, nausea and memory loss after hearing mysterious noises reveals “significant” structural changes, scientists have revealed

Trans Activist Organizes Topless Swimming Session For Girls As Young As 12, Parents Not Allowed
A trans activist who gained notoriety for attempting to force beauticians to wax their balls and penis is now arranging a swimming session for girls as young as 12 where parents will not be allowed to be present

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The thunder has just arrived here.

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We're gonna make it through the heat wave lads.

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we have to go back


really loud thunder tbh

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Good lad good thread

lmao gavin ruined his life becoming an ewhore

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comfy hours


Laaaad remember praying for trumps victory during election night. Stayed up to watch the results and missed school

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fukn hell sounds like a bomb went off

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quiet night. need to be up for toil in 6 hours. might as well go to sleep

I want to go back

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He can't be faithful to his missus how can we expect him to be faithful to the country

iktf lad
>me and 22st in pic

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tbh i genuinely think he was sincere when he started out.

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I missed school aswell lmao but I barely went to school around that time, full neet mode



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Na he just forgot who owned his debts for a while after getting high on his own campaign trail farts.

2016 was such a comfy year…

Turkey coup
Orlando shooting

Wish we could go back lads.

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Thunder woke me up its all over the place, started mellow then seemed to go and now its come back the rain is heavier too

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where the fuck do you cunts live that shit like this happens



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I like to think dogs still go to heaven.

made me laugh

Strange feel tbh

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Time to go now

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hi steiner funny looking dog did it survive

He deserves to sleep on the bed smh

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Morning lads just got back from walking the dog, who’s ready to die in the coming heatwave?

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new machine tbh lads

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Reminder that he forces his mistresses to get abortions
Also reminder that he's an American immigrant.

Provide me a citation of the verses where it says that dogs have souls and that Jesus died so that dogs can go to Heaven

Daddy issues.

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Morning lad.
The sun needs to fuck off tbh.

What's the point of going to Heaven if they don't have dogs there?

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love our new PM lads

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aberdeen angus… grass fed… this is what britain used to be about

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They don't make em like they used to smh

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Watching Japan 2011 earthquake videos tbh

Mornin lads

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Morning lad.

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Morning lads. Carpe Diem.

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That fish just wanted to be friends…

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smh spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) dogs leading innocent fish down dead-end roads smdh

There will be dogs in heaven. I don't know whether there will be the same dogs we have on earth.

Animal spirits are tied to the earth. Solomon says that the spirit of an animal goes back to the earth when he dies, and Paul says that all of creation is waiting for the salvation of humanity.

When God makes the new heaven and earth, the animal creation will be fixed and made new. That's what Isaiah means when he talks about the wolf lying down with the lamb.

Mean doggo smdh

these old trump tweets make me kek

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I saw it on Twitter yesterday. Scary shit, because I have two teenage daughters.

Poor lad

It's a very hard work.

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DM calls it "the most diverse",

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The tradthot memi has gone too far.

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If they chose differently, people like her could be saints.

He was just bein a gud boi catching fish for his master. He dindu nothin wrong.

yasher koach Boris indeed

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mmm imagine being starving in the wilderness and then your dog comes back with a huge carp for you to roast over the fire

This is the real oath of allegiance for the modern West.

makes me laugh I just don't get it

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You can laugh, but it's actually serious business. It symbolises saying that you are sad that the temple is in ruins. That implies you want to build the third one. The third one is the seat of the antichrist and his one world government.

That temple is what the Freemasons want to build, that's why they're called Masons, and that's why they are obsessed with the temple.

They won't build the third one because they can get more money kvetching about the destruction of the second.

Catholics btfo

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Jesus and Paulos said they'd build the third one.