Why so much "accept post-apocalyptic wasteland as your future" movies?

Have you noticed how few movies show a peaceful, White society in far-off space, or even on Earth or the moon?

It's all wastelands and Stereotypical Post-Apocalyptic Costume Number 387. Lots of leather, though all the animals are supposedly dead, lots of goggles, as if that is the only style of eyewear looted from the vast stores of warehouses left behind after plague/nukes/aliens/apes raze the Earth.

I would like to see movies made by Whites that show a far more likely scenario: White people in space, because meritocracy doesn't shoehorn tokens into places, (I mean, in post-Obama America) with advances in technology as yet unheard of.

Anyone else tired of the movies being, well, all, er globalist-upped?

Pic related.

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predictive programming

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The same reason they had a black president in movies and TV prior to king nigger.
It helps lubricate the public orifice.

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You idiots deserve it.

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One word: Fear.

They use fear to control, similar to how you spook a cow to get it to move somewhere. They see us like animals, so they use fear for everything media related.

Read between the lines in each separate post-apocalyptic movie and you'll see what they're trying to say, such as "(((Global Warming))) will cause this goy!!". They're really fucking bad about hiding their heavy-handed messages.

because dystopias make a better story than utopias ??

what are you sliding.

…because you glow in the dark nigger.

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Because a post-apocalyptic wasteland is exactly what this diverse multikulti clown world will become in a few decades without a wholesale revolution to right the course.

But they did.

Because it's a mathematical probability that humanity will inevitably destroy itself, or there will be a natural cataclysm large enough to destroy modern civilization. It could come in a plethora of ways, massive solar storm, global pandemic, nuclear war, ecological collapse, asteroid impact or maybe a combination of two or more of these things.

Nothing lasts forever.

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They filmed an alternate for Terminator 2 that was a white utopia, the jewish film executives made them cut it

ignore the blackpill shills and jews,OP. I'm glad you see it too. That's why we invented Futurefash before the alt-kike turned it into fasc-aesthetics (tm.).

(((give concent to Revelations goy)))

Fight back through art, craft, aka: real "magic"…….

Here is an example of the (((Alt-Right))) killing long-term art. A band named Xurios came and made great music. Then it was (((shut down))). Now it's fully supporting the (((Alt-Right))) and a total shill group band page on youtube. Total shit. Total Alexander Dugin. Sad really. BUT ALWAYS BE A SHADOW. Hit once, make something great. Fuck this fucking gay earth and the Jewish chans/social media. And then evolve. They own evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverything

Here is a picture you low IQ faggots that are still here will respond to. That's how bad things really are. Good posts ignored. No real anons left that aren't christcuck missionaries. Nothing left. Just a few in the dark.

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Jewish moderation
Ignoring VPN
Ignoring fucked up midterm captchas EVERYWHERE

There's that term again.

maybe because they know what's really gnawing at people. at least deep down.
it's not because they push it. it's what they push.
personally i'm almost sure that zombies got so big in the recent years because they are the perfect stand in for hordes of niggers.

You're not too bright. Too bad you arrived for nu/pol/. old Zig Forums would of educated you on meme magic and long term herding of humans

predictive programming.

Because all the filmmakers are jews pushing jew messages to goyim. This was in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which should be required reading before posting here.

I hope it burns in nuclear fire


I'm still saging.
If you were paying attention - it is mental conditioning.
Watch all the Purge movies back to back.

Because man without vision parishes, they dont know what to do, what to work for, organize for, no goals.

Leave it to beaver families, inside of andy Griffith communities should be the image of society we aim for, and making it high tech at the same time, which means modern tech for the retro 50's image.

Example, mayberry with andy griffith leaning on a tesla police car, leave it to beaver coming home from school and then trolling communists online, or having a shooting range in school and taking apart guns fast, like in Russian schools.

We must create a unifying and radical image of a peaceful society free of marxism in all its forms, while promoting healthy nuclear families that have 4 and 5 kids each. All through memes.

A vision and goal we can attain, just by censoring hollywood, tv and removing all forms of marxism from grade school through college. Including the sociology and psychology professions. (This includes community rebuilding labor camps for those commies that were teachers, those fuckers get to rebuild physically what they destroyed mentally)

i didn't say i hold the absolute truth.
if you notice my post starts with a maybe.
but i happen to believe that despite all the social engineering, people deep down understands if something is rotten or bad for them or not relevant to them.
zombies got big.
interracial bullshit is still struggling but not for lack of trying. "The BBC's £16 million bonkbuster Troy: Fall of a City has lost out to ITV's The Voice in the Saturday night ratings war, despite attempting to thrill viewers with an inter-racial threesome" remember?
and it's kind of narrow sighted excluding a priori that sometimes people just stumbles on things, which happen to be good, or just the thing you need and run with it. it happens. more often than most people think.
and why would you suggest getting an education if you think i'm not "too bright"?

People are interested in post-apocalyptic settings because they have lost interest in society and technological progress. That's the reason why the designs for computers are minimalistic, and clear-case (where you could see the circuits inside) are no longer a trend like it was 20 years ago. I'm not too familiar with western popular media, but my assumption is that optimistic science-fiction seems to have reached a peak in the 60's, and had got more leaning towards dystopia in the 80's. In Japan, stuff about robots peaked from the 70's to 80's, and is no longer mainstream: instead, entertainment about hunter-gatherers (monster hunter) is very popular. Even if you look at western video games, it was all about post-apocalypse 5 to 10 years ago, and then the trend became hunter-gatherers.

I don't think there are jewish ulterior motives to it. They are only pushing racemixing, sexual degeneracy, and immorality in general. Plenty of jews love science, but they nearly all hate ethnic-homogeneity and moral decency.

That's kind of off-message though, right? It would make more sense for them to depict multi-cultural peaceful situations. The post-apocalyptic diversity movies associate diversity with collapse, at least in some viewers' minds. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to show the continuation of "good times", just with diversity?

Jews seem to do that unconsciously with their movies. Even if they outwardly preach diversity, they still can't seem to make a complete lie of it. The truth seeps in. I only wish I knew a name to call it.

I doubt we'll live in a Mad Max world, it's more likely that if we fail that we'll just live in a worldwide Brazilesque corrupt shithole.

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post-apocalyptic kino peaked in the 70s

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OP is crying about nothing. There are as many movies about white people in space, or more, than there are post-apocalyptic movies. Of course you're welcome to WORK and make a movie yourself if you think it's missing.

are you paid by hour or by post?

Pretty much this.
Hail Godin. Praise KEK.

Things won't just "work out."
Christians think that everything will go to shit, then Jesus will come back and save them.
Pure poison.
Things could be MADE to work out (as in, secure a good future for White children in positive, hopeful, prosperous societies) if White Volkists (who put their Volk FIRST) actually controlled White countries and set our course for the stars.
Instead, we are heading toward brown favela shithole world ruled by a "new aristocracy" of megarich "(((elites)))."
Things should be so much better than this.

It is a common term around here referring to DEMORALIZATION TACTICS/ FUD and has been for years.
You are confronted with a Bear:
Bluepill: Bears are your friends. Forest refugees welcome!!!
Redpill: Bears are not your friends. They are dangerous and should not be in your communities. Sooner or later the bear will kill some of your people. Bears being in your community is a direct threat to your people. Stop bear invasion!!!!
Blackpill: Bears are unstoppable. You can never win against a bear. Cower and play dead and it may let you live. The bears have already won. Just give up!!!

I have often thought something along those lines.
Just look at the "migrant caravans."
Zombie hordes on the move.

I suspect that a large portion (perhaps a majority) of at least reasonably smart people know that something is horribly wrong with the world/ society. Even if they refuse to admit it.
This is why so many false avenues of philosophy exist (for example, jordan peterson, civic nationalism, duginism, marxism, "christian nationalism," and so forth). To keep the masses confused, atomized, and funneled into controlled opposition. To keep them from embracing true Nationalism.

Look at it the other way around.
"Even after everything goes to shit, there will still be browns and blacks everywhere, goyim!!!" "Even if you lose everything, Whites will never be free of the shitholers!!!!!"
It is promoting "diversity always and forever," even though racemixing would likely lead to brown sameness after a few centuries. Funny how they never show that bit. That would give away the planned and ongoing White genocide, though, wouldn't it?


What "western" movie in the last 50 years is about "White people in space?"
There are plenty about "diversity shitholes in space," though.

Post apocalyptic movies and mass media had a boom in the late 70's and early 80's. The reason was pretty obvious, cold war and the possibility of a nuclear holocaust which would obviously turn the whole earth uninhabitable, once the paranoia was over so was the post-apocalyptic movies and books with just one or two being released instead of having multiple Blade Runners, Brazil, Terminator, etc.

Mainly the kikes trying to meme, but the wasteland is a pretty common European theme from the 800-1300 period.

Movies need conflict and spectacle. People love watching that stuff. That's what makes money.

Predictive programming is a myth. Human psychology works the opposite way from what you suppose. Exposing them to scenarios causes them to begin preparing solutions ahead of time, even subconsciously.

I was watching my son solving puzzles on hi tablet, his autistic focus intent… And said to my wife that if we hadn't been wasting our money feeding monkeys, his particular evolutional advancement would be perfect for piloting ships through local space.

Yes, a blog, but I get a little annoyed that our species shot itself through the head just as it was about to leave the planet. Instead of being a vital part of a new age, my son is destined to compete for shit jobs with positively discriminated monkeys and other kike tools, whilst being bombarded with media telling him he is at fault for the world's ills.

ice age. now

You, my friend, have a wonderful way with words.

Nice cattle analogy there, but you're absolutely right. Make the public afraid and sell them a sense of false security, people will gladly wave away their rights in the process.

I would imagine slasher flicks being pushed by (((them))). All these movies where white women are being hunted and get mutilated in the most gruesome ways.

Interesting thought, though this would basically mean that the public has any control over these things. When it's obvious this is not the case. They quite recently burned down the most successful movie franchise in history by not catering to the public. Many such cases.
Your zombie/nigger analogy made me think of the recent Planet of the Apes prequel trilogy. I'm confident this was made with niggers in mind: ape not kill ape and whatnot.

All these moving pictures sure leave quite the imprint on the feeble minded.
anyone having trouble with captcha?

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Because they want you to accept a post-apocalyptic wasteland as your future.

"I have nothing to talk about until the television gives me more thoughts so let's discuss some things I watched on TV hehe I mean gawker is down where else can I discuss celebrity gossip?"
- Braindead Faggot

ZOG brainwashing media is a relevant topic on Zig Forums. It's metadata showing where the kikes are pushing the population.

just like with voting, women are the majority of moviegoers, apocalyptic bs movies appeal to women. it checks all the boxes. trons of female empowerment, while at the same time constant threat of rape, lots of shirtless men vying for dominance and control of the wasteland (the dead corpse of modern society/the patriarchy)

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What's weird is how those movies never address how a genetic lack of upper body strength and muscular endurance is overcome to make elite warrior princesses killing men.

the jetsons is the optimistic version of the future, mad max is the pessimistic version. some people are future oriented, some history oriented.

it could also be that people feel a survival lifestyle has more meaning than a consumer lifestyle. also, our race has been in "survival mode" for almost the entirety of our existence. we are hardwired to survive first and foremost. since that thinking doesn't manifest often in consumer culture, fantasies like this keep it alive.

plus we all obviously want to run around killing the enemy duh.

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Oprah heavily promoted the Cormac McCarthy book "The Road" which is a good book, but it definitely is a bleak future for a White father and his son. It might very well be our future that we are pushed out into the wildlands where the muds cant survive.

lefty's/coddled, entitled, narcissistic and lazy millennials also think the aftermath of an apocalypse will give the world a "fresh start" and then (((they))) can bring about a golden age with everyone and everything they don't like dead and forgotten. it's a ridiculous fantasy. survival post collapse (if any) would not be glamorous and fun.endless morons actually believe that watching all this hollywood nonsense has "prepared" them for all these possibilities. yet the vast majority don't even have a boy scout's level of survival skill.

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its dress up/pretend for them they have no idea about what the struggle for survival entails and are not prepared for such a thing, in fact their entire lives they have been conditioned for the opposite of self-sufficiency.

almost every piece of media does that. heck, even the (((news))) and (((reality tv))) do that.

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Maybe they're just trash movies and not suggestive premonitions of where society should go?

There's really not much separating this setting from any other generic science fiction setting besides for it being a purely White society. The setting alone wouldn't make any of these post-apocalyptic stories any more or less interesting than they already are. You should be talking about the absolute lack of substantial talent among artists and writers here in the West. Even Hollywood has been digging through its necropolis of beloved brand names and franchises and propping them up like puppets in sequels and remakes that no one asked for. Everything just feels really safe, narrative wise. It's hard to get invested in any story if you know that, no matter what happens, the stakes will reset to 0. Most stories are just reflections of what the creator wants to see happen under a certain setting, not always exploring everything that could happen. That can get boring because, again, the stakes usually reset to 0.

What I'd do for the occasional bad ending, or at least a pyrrhic good ending where the hero prevails but loses something so dear to him that even the audience felt as if they lost something.

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Second clip.
She steals his black silenced glock, when she lifts it up it is an unsilenced beretta.
Woman power!

I wouldn't have to use cattle or "sheeple" if they weren't so deeply rooted in Jewish beliefs. They see as subhuman, they treat us as subhuman.

To degrade European societies, as is the case with all Hollywood.

Also known as predictive programming. Congratulations.

I think its also due to the fact that people have gotten so wrapped up in nostalgia that they've lost the ability to come up with potential futures that aren't reminiscent of something that's already in the collective consciousness. What was the last sci-fi that showed a society, positive or negative, that was truly unique and inspired? All we have are sequels (Blade Runner 2049, Nu-Wars, Mad Max). Everything must pander to nostalgia because nothing new can exist.

There's a lot of East Asian films that have mixed endings like you describe, even lighthearted comedies like "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons" can have pyrrhic good endings. The movie isn't that great but its a good example of this concept since its a colorful action-comedy that you wouldn't expect this kind of thing from.

Speculative fiction tends to reflect the zeitgeist present during its creation and our current zeitgeist has been increasingly worried, unsettled and insecure since 9/11.

Simple answer: that is the future if we lose.

That's not the opposite. That's not even mutually exclusive to how people who promote the idea of predictive programming describes it.

Because it's our past.

The Empire fell. Civilization collapsed. And that meant a dark age, but it also meant freedom. The crowned heads of Europa are the descendants of whatever Mad Max bandits could seize and hold land when the government ceased to exist.

Post-apocalyptic remnant culture isn't propaganda to keep us down. It's history, and it's hope.

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Predictive Programming
1.) Georgia Guidestone de-population schemes
2.) Actual unavoidable planetary shenanigans based on either the sun, and/or conditions of the aether being passed through, including whatever internal actions of the earth interior

Grim Dark retrofuturism on the lines of Warhammer 40k, Alien/Predator, Blade Runner – and more feelsgoodman material (Back to the Future) should be making a sustained comeback. There wasn't any reason for the most recent Mad Max to have done as well as it did in the late GenXs through Zs. More cryptic depictions of the causes and ends of the current paradigm might serve the purpose better (as tragedy, or in showing the path out opposing it.)

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It's a forced appropriation of the red pill as blackpill, that's how it's used. There is no blackpill.

Now there's a keyword. Check out Cixin Liu's novels. They're science fiction and they're…different. Dark and gloomy, but the canvas they are painted on is always a future civilization fighting to remain a technological civilization against all odds (usually hostile aliens), not a post-nuclear waste land.

Also, this. The fact that Cixin Liu is Chinese and that there's currently nothing comparable in the West should scare us indeed. For the ant people are the ones looking forward and outward. We aren't.

Taken a look at Detroit lately?

Even disregarding the fact that you're gonna need survival skills, a fast, massive collapse like what is depicted in post-apocalypse works would also mark a return to the natural order, where the strong dominate the weak.

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I thought that was a joke till I saw Linda Hamilton. Also, there's niggers in that ending.

Wow, her costume's so good she even put sores all over her tongue!

Wouldn't know OP as I don't waste my time with jewish videos. Why do you?

She pulls her own gun, retard.

It could also make events seem unrealistic or fantastical.

Because they have demand

STFH/zombie scenarios is subconscious manifestation of the people against everyday life. They want to just take guns and shoot everyone and everything that anoy they so much during ordinary routine.

This BTW has its own term.
The Day when people throw way chains of restrain and go full YOLO. Only Greeks did it IRL in organized way for pressure release. Modern civilization does it in movies and games. And sometimes in non organized mass shooting.

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This order never went way.

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Yeah it kind of did, guns are more democratic than votes.

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. 90% of enthusiast PC cases have transparent windows.

Underrated comment.

Modern firearms and explosives equalized the playing field. Vietnam is still Vietnam and Afghanistan is still Afghanistan. The only thing you need to do is actually fight but that's so difficult for whitey, in his form right now he'd be fighting more of his own than any of his enemies, if he even wanted to stop the invasion of his lands.

If the US really wanted Vietnam or Afghanistan they should have sent settlers.

We are ruled by the weak and mediocre.

You sound like some bitter third-worlder or something.

Because utopia is a big fat jewish lie.

The struggle is eternal and the struggle is good.

It would also mark our inevitable extinction.
We'd be trapped in the bronze age.
All easily accessible fuel sources have been exploited. We're now at a stage where energy acquisition requires an industrialised society.
So we'd never be able to regain our current tech level, let alone go beyond it.
Even working iron would be beyond us after a while.

Thus would our species be doomed to extinction. Unable to ever advance sufficiently to escape this planet we would die with it.

In difference to most other clothing leather can last a lifetime…

Works best for sandstorms (most shown scenarios involve desert wasteland)

never saw that before, and ive seen that flick 50 fookin times. nice post. you're right. they specifically banned it because she mentioned "fighting for the future in a different way" while he pushes his lily White daughter upon a swingset. then it mentions how Connor is in politics and that represents controlling your own nations.

kikes couldnt have that.

on a side note, skynet, when it happens, wont be aryan, it will be kosher. we should be making efforts to sabotage alphabet now.

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Jesus fucking Christ deliver us from this plebbit spacing

Hello leddit.

falling for the "never use paragraph breaks" meme.

grammar is implicitly White mongoloid weeaboo

Order from chaos. They dress it up as fantasy and escapism, a far cry from what we truly want. Humanity reduced to its most barbaric and cruel in order to survive.

Do you even know what paragraphs are, you nigger?

Same reason why we have myths that talk about the end of the world, It's a desire to see us survive the fall and rise again.

Don't post again.

Pretty much. I wish I had the posts screencapped, but I remember leftists on twitter saying that they're preparing for the collapse because they watched Mad Max or are obsessed with the Zombie Apocalypse.
Things is, most of these people don't have survival skills, at most all they can think of is raiding other people and stealing their food and water, and that all they need is canned food to survive when even canned food loses it's nutritional value over time.

Nicely put

So we /LISA/ soon?

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checked and /thread

The big push in zombie media over the past ten years is intended to desensitize people to hordes of starving and desperate masses.

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This fight scene is pretty good. The female actor is an MMA fighter iirc.

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i don't have a particularly strong opinion one way or the other but i'd guess they are trying to prepare goys mental state to accept a terrible standard of living when the greatest collapse in human history so far can not be delayed any longer when the bluff is finally called.

Because it's coming. The final form of this anarcho-tyranny is a global failed-state loosely ruled through force by an earthbound Elysium.

Your picture post is full of shit

Hi kike