If we lose the midterms, i am just gonna drink myself to death until my liver fails and my eyes turn yellow...

if we lose the midterms, i am just gonna drink myself to death until my liver fails and my eyes turn yellow. i am honestly just glad that it's about to be over regardless who wins.

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Losing the House isn't the worst thing in the world. The Senate should be solidly GOP, which allows Trump to make appointments and make treaties. Losing the House will make any federal budgets unlikely to be anything but status quo, which sucks, but there is upside. The Dems will refuse to pass any legislation other than meme progressive freebies that will get rejected by the Senate. Otherwise, they will just ignore anything that the Senate sends them and just spend their time trying to impeach Trump. The Left is too stupid to play politics because they think that they have such a higher moral ground, that Americans have no choice but them. This is obviously not true so all of this Democrat obstruction will be one of the big talking points in 2020, which should boost GOP Presidency chances, along with down-ballot chances. This is ignoring that, historically speaking, the GOP shouldn't even be doing anything but damage control and SHOULD be losing both houses. Retaining the Senate is a HUGE victory in this regard. I think everyone should remain optimistic about the future, unless Dems somehow pull off Senate victory.

No one here is voting.

If you think the GOP is "we," you're a kike or a shill.

Accelerationism to collapse - before whites are any more of a minority - is ideal.

can you point me to an infodump or argument or something for why accelerationism would be better than fighting? It's a tough fucking pill to swallow and I haven't seen any good arguments but I'd like to hear the message.

The new GOP, the GOP of Donald Trump, are the good guys. No longer is it the party of John McCains.

What would you call "fighting"?

All neocons, Trump included are trash. Get the fuck out.

Boomers don't care as long as they get gridlock
If they get gridlock they can keep harvesting the US for all its worth

Trump isn't a neocon. He has sacrificed more for the country than most. He is everything that the neocons feared. Leave us alone JIDF "muh revolution" shills. We don't want to destroy the country like you do.

Just like Brazil right? They were in the same situation as us a few decades ago, when was their revolution?

Having children, raising them well and living outside the jew plans. I'm not the only one locally who's aware and doing everything possible to better ourselves and our families. Just doing anything possible to push them back. If faggy voting for a lesser evil is necessary, so be it.


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I voted all red you fucking faggot.

My biggest concern is that it's a huge gamble with no proof it will even succeed. Like I stated in another comment, Brazil has just degenerated further into a non white black hole. Most south American countries were mostly white at one point. Not only that, but accelerationists often say that the situation is already dire enough that a revolution should have started ages ago.

We've already got Kikes calling for open White genocide and defaming our people, does anyone really think that any white that hasn't woken up by now will if it gets any worse?

That's not fighting, that's just breeding. You're a tool and I hope you don't ever have kids because you're fucking stupid.

Go ahead. Vote blue, vote red. Jews own both parties and you can't even deny this.

That's my thinking. It's been drip fed to our friends and families for a reason. Watched pot and all that.

no question but I'd rather the kikes not trying to legalize state controlled healthcare are voted in so we don't start seeing forced "treatment" of healthy people.

Wow fascinating. You've really grasped my interest. I'll be sure to vote for Republikikes because they're so based and really know what I care about.

waaahhh give up goys

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this isn't 404'd why?

Maybe you''ll stop being a movementarian bitchboy

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This is why I asked the question initially. You have an opportunity no matter how small to influence the situation. Will you vote when guns are on the block to be banned? Where's the line?

The accelerationism you're pedaling looks to me like a guy saying "fuck all this I'm going home" then taking his marbles and playing with them while the world burns around them thinking the people he supported will win or that he's got a future of any sort without having forged a community, built a family or planted the seeds for whatever rises from the ashes. At what point do you do anything or is accelerationism just a way to say "lazy fuck"?

Using this term just exposes the fact that you aren't from here. If you want to blend in then give up trying to replace the original red pill.

You shills always post during these hours, the synchronicity is laughably obvious.

The TelAvivision paints nice pictures with caravans that look like an invading force, and boat loads of nig … peanut butter vendors, doctors, lawyers, quantum physicists, and Pyramid engineers in un-sea worthy crafts arriving on European shores

You have no idea how big the opportunities to come will be for some of us, you on the other hand will shit your pants and hide inside.
I genuinely hope, as most actual conservatives do, that they fucking try. If anything I'd rather they do then endorse republikikes who have the audacity to pretend to be like us, as you're doing in the present moment.
I don't pedal in the -isms. I merely operate accordingly, I cast the die, you feel it's implications. Understand (((user)))?

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You're selling a fucking lie you kike. Are we gonna wait until we're like South Africa before we declare it the right time to strike? White SA's are being genocided right now and they still don't band together, hell you still have some who support the nigs.

This ignore all blackpill shills. They are Jewish tools. Don't beleive anything they say. Vote red. Fight for your country and people.

There's that term again.


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Can they revoke obamacare without the house?
what you need the house for?

I don't. But I do care that your sole purpose here is to shill politicians because midterms are here.
I wonder if these tactics worked on Hitler's National Socialist party? Probably not.
Keep trying to force this term on the board, I'm sure it will catch on any year now. lol

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You're real hardcore, wow.

Just curious the, what do you think should happen to end all the degeneracy and other retardation?
Just implying here but…
Let the democrats win until they fuck with white people enough that a race war will happen?

Oh good.

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black pill is in the normie lexicon. use the term nihilist, apathetic, whatever you want. Quit jacking off to anime and video games and actually contribute to the world instead of furthering Jewry.

Don't get too distracted lol

Both parties are the same. You might as well be talking about Republicans.

You fucked up again. Also not a thing here.


I don't come up with this shit (((user)))

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In the past with Bush and others sure, Trump tries to reduce immigration and lower socialist policies so I think he actually does some good things. I'm not going to defend republicans if we get a McCain or another neocon though.

You're only talking about the illegal type.

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FPBP. Let me add to this.
If the Democrats win the house, it is unlikely to be a blowout because we're seeing the same patterns we saw in 2016, and the seats wonare in Republican run places. These people are running on saying they will agree with Trump's agenda. The next things on the docket after immigration are another tax cut, fixing infrastructure, and inner city revitalization. It would be political suicide to block these rght after winning without trying to go a bipartisan approach because that means they won the trust of Republican voters only to block progress for 2 years. They plan on trying to make a motion for impeachment and start investigations on his children and wife even though they are irrelevant in anything, only to get at him. This will find nothing and only bolster the claim that there is a witch hunt, and will cost tax payers millions only for the effect of CNN saying "this is the beginning of the end" for the next 2 years straight. By that time, anyone who was 13 and above at the start of Trump's campaign will be off voting age, and the cool counter culture will be to support the Right against the crazy mean SJW Left, similar to how the crazy mean Christian Right was seen in the 90s. All this will nail a Trump victory in 2020 and also start forcing him to executive order everything, becoming the dictator the Democrats claim to be afraid of. Whatever happens on Tuesday will be a win for Trump because we all know the Democrats can't hold their virtue signaling shit in.

This, Trump is doing more to fight demographic shift than any president has ever done.

based and big brained user

I wish I could just lie through my teeth like that.

Fighting in the war to save the existence of your people, everyone is after us, even most of our own wish us dead. To die for ones people is the greatest of deaths.

I'm actually exhilarated! To see the failing of another Republic and the triumphant Germania.

You'd have to take the cock out first.

You know this thread is anchored right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

This is why I look for these threads.

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On balance, politics should only be a 24/7/365 job for politicians

Can't do that with the House. That's done with the Senate.

Siegefags aren't NatSoc.
They're depressed cunts.
NatSoc is a light to the world, not darkness.
Fight like your life depends on it, because it does, but don't lose sight of why you are fighting.

do not kill yourself. politics is a circus that the people's interests never win. do not kill yourself. keep hope!

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And look at how well that worked out. Demonized and despised by everyone except for a handful of weirdos on an Indonesian pottery P2P network. Embrace your hatred.

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