Corporatism it just works

While communism is the government owning all industries corporatism is the government owning key industries, like the banks, petrochemicals, etc…
China is currently a corporatist state, Dubai is corporatist even the so called nordic countries are corporatists.
Which leads me to believe corporatism is the best form of government.

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Corporatism is not Capitalism.
It is serfdom. There are no checks and balances.
We all become slaves to the people who inherit everything in the end.

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It's not.

In theory: Communist Manifesto rejected this.
In practice: Soviet Union had predominantly state-independent agriculture sector (kolkhozs were co-ops).

It is inevitable for state to start acquiring control over industries. Otherwise you'll end up with private corporations forcing on you shit like F-35.

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When the corporations are white, it is.

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Certain things only work in certain situations. Whites seem to make socialism work, when its combined with racial awareness, otherwise it fails.

Chinks are weak on empathy and self awareness and the concept of cause and effect. Thus they fail miserably in all forms of government, especially when driven by the jew, which has turned them into bugmen. I'm sure China at some point, had something good going, back when they were capable of positive emotion and consideration of their own actions. Now you see them march into their own oblivion like mindless insects, many of them cocky of their own indifference when it comes to the destruction they are doing to their own race as well as nature.
The bugmen, so trained by jewish overlords, has no concept of family, no loyalty to the father and mother beyond a mindless obsession to fit in and do as commanded, or the vitriol of hatred for the parent class, for they are old and no longer needed. China is a blight to this world, so long as the jew controls the development and degeneration of its culture and mindset.

Corporatism, it doesn't work, unless run by racially aware whites who have banished the jew. We can't know if others can pull it off, unless they do the same.

It's not a matter of ideology so much as it is a matter of ownership. Communism is kiked because kikes are in charge of the state, corporatism is kiked because kikes own the corporations, capitalism is kiked because kikes have the capital.

Consumerism + Cultural Marxism = current year corporatism

I'll give you some credit: at least you don't conflate corporatism with ancap like most anons do


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Actor Edward Norton feels like he's Jewish - although the screen star doesn't practice any religion. Norton makes his directing debut with Keeping the Faith (2000), about a rabbi and a priest who are friends for life - and the Fight Club (1999) star attended so many Jewish functions during his youth, he feels like one. He explains, "I grew up an honorary Jew. If you go to more than ten barmitzvahs you get an honorary Jew certificate. I went to at least ten in one year. I was drunk on Manischevitz half of 1987!" And the actor also discovered a celebration of Jewish faith while making the movie. He says, "The synagogue where we shot, there was dancing and all these young people and it was so clearly a vibrant part of the community… It was impressive to me because in some sense we see ourselves as a secular society but it's still so much a part of many people's lives."


Relevant cap.

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corporatism is not this, that's state capitalism. Corporatism is giving industries electoral and government power over themselves and allowing them to function similar to guilds. The central government mediates between them with special comissions and can be any form of government. It's far better than state total ownership because morons are at least vetted away from having too much power. Difficulties arrive in mediating, when a corporation votes to or decides to fuck over another corporation


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Corporatism is also state capitalism.

How? Are you assuming industries/corporations are direct democracies?

I.e. always, as interests of corporations intersect.

the board of directors for each corporation should not be centrally managed so that the central government isn't always the primary beneficiary of the industrial policy. Boards of directors, imo, need to come from shareholders just as normal companies rather than appointment. But, for technicalities' sake, you can appoint corporate heads and still be considered corporatism

learn the differences between.

National Socialism is a more sophisticated form of fascism.

He also voices the (((bagel))) that gets fucked in the ass in (((Seth Rogan's))) Sausage Party. Fight Club was good tho.


Here is a better version of that

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new and improved

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