We need to brainstorm ideas to make men… well men again

The concept of this thread is simple we talk about ways to strengthen European men back to the past when we were strong and fearless. We need to spread awareness of the dangers of consuming products such as soy and why it has a negative impact on your health even though (((experts))) say otherwise. Of course this isn't just because of soy. Multiple other things such as pornography, dehumanisation, demasculinisation and of course the jews. What we have to do is restore people's pride in the fact that they are European.

So propaganda is obviously a good starting point. If you can point towards an article from a trustworthy site In the eyes of a normalfag anyway then chances are they will take it at face value. The best way to convince normalfags is too shame them. Remember that normalfags are very concerned about how society sees them. This is probably the most efficient method of spreading news about soy because there are some health sites that openly speak out against soy and this could easily convince many normalfags that soy is harmful to them.

There was a thread on here a while ago don't remember how long buthe basically it talked about how the left demoralised European men by calling them males instead of men. You might think this sounds stupid but think to yourself have you ever heard the left call European women females instead of women. Of course not because the goal is to crush the morale of men mainly because women follow the pack. So when talking to others always use man or men never male, dude, guy or whatever other faggy nickname they come up with. Call out others for doing it. Shame them. Attack in groups. Always shame normalfags socially because otherwise the information you give them will be thrown out and forgotten because it doesn't effect them socially.

Obviously pornography is another prevalent issue as it damages the family which the man is supposed to lead traditionally. Though it's more damaging than that. What pornography does to the brain is that it gets unearned pleasure from it and this will make a man lazy. This is mainly due to when you fap you release dopamine and it completely strips you of a large chunk of energy and makes you really tired. Well a man can't do anything if he doesn't have the energy of fighting obviously there is much more wrong with porn than this but their are already multiple threads on this topic so I don't think I need to go any deeper than this.

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One of the best starts is trying to encourage caring about wanting to put more effort into things or caring more about a sense of challenge, it's how you create a more masculine society as a whole.

All the genetic waste will be sorted out during the race war. It will be evolution in action, fight or die.

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People act like they look. If a part of your day you have to do man stuff, you start moving like a man. Pick up heavy shit. Complete a goal. If you move around like a man, you look like one. If you sit on your ass looking at trap porn between vista, you'll look like a beta faggot. Same thing with food. Emulsifiers, soybean oil, veg oil, and processed food turns you into a faggot.

*vidya not vista

Prioritize men over women and take womens rights away, especially women's suffrage. Also ban circumsion and pass laws that make moshie mad.

Dont do that, and you are wasting our time with another "movement"

Read /SIG/
First you need to sufficiently analyze the main problems and then you can brainstorm solutions.

The modern men who are focused and disciplined enough to be physically fit are often doing it for completely superficial, materialist reasons. The modern men who are intelligent enough to educate themselves are often anti-spiritual or physically unfit.

You need to create a goal-orientated system that combines and enhances spirituality, intelligence and physical fitness simultaneously.

The top things I can think of are:

1) Diet
2) Porn
3) Distraction
4) Exercise
5) Motivation
6) Direction
7) Discipline

Combine with the absolute necessity that a man is in touch with nature, be it via hunting, hiking, gardening and so on.

I'm sure some sort of routine guide specifically designed for the barrel scraping modern man already exists, but I don't know of it.

What race war? No one is fighting back.

excuse the redditspacing I've been typing essays

then you have to show them that "if it can bleed, we can kill it".
that with the appropriate amount of effort, maybe very much of it, even big challenges can be met.
personally that's what i try to do. so far, i'm doing horribly. every time i try to get family and friends involved in some project to better the situation of everyone involved, i usually end up alone, after the others have reaped some minor early benefits and scrammed.
personally that's not something i understand. i know that saving money, taking time and effort is not fun but the amount of things that could be done by even just two or three people pooling resources together is quite considerable.

this is a good advice except that

olive oil is literally green gold. greeks and romans were swimming in it when they achieved their greatest achievements. i don't know why anyone would say it's bad or that it makes you a faggot.

This so much. This will solve most problems of pussification. The other solution is consistency.

I do. Point is making a move in the present will give us more options in the future. The more options we have the harder it is for the jews to counter every option we have at our disposal. The more nationalistic our kind are the stronger our defense will be against subversion. They're are quite a number of shills on Zig Forums right now probably because of the new terms. Hopefully it goes back to normal after that.

hit the fucking gym and then hit the fucking library instead of going home and jerking your dick in front of a computer monitor for 6 hours. it's that simple.

Blame Soy, huh?
Like a sumari and the Bushido was prevented by soy. Lame distraction.
You have no idea what killed the white race, and you have jews here telling you more cultural poison into your people.
Zig Forums isn't part of the solution, you degenerates are part of the problem.

Boy have a natural tendency to express masculine traits and behaviors that reinforce these traits. Remove women from education, reestablish masculine traits as normal and healthy and nature should fix itself.

Gotta jew fast

Here come all the fags coming to tell us how men should "look", not how they should "think". Same old fag shit.

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Turn off the fucking TV and delete Facebook and you win half the battle.

Eat meals high in fat and low in carbohydrates (especially simple carbohydrates)
Set yourself goals and achieve them, keep yourself in shape physically and mentally, maintain self discipline to the highest standard possible.
When you wake up in the morning, get out of bed immediately, keep yourself and your home well maintained and neat, stand tall, head level and keep your posture, act like a man it actually increases testosterone because your brain is as much determined by your body as vice versa it's the same with smiling, if you smile you are happier and if you're happier you smile.

Your body and mind are a feedback loop

Fatherhood should be promoted at all cost, along with teaching of strategies for men to firmly care for their wives. When I say firmly, I am not advocating for a dominant-submissive way of looking at a relationship between a man and a woman. Yes, a man has a naturally domineering role, but that must come naturally through strength as opposed to being forced as a way to compensate for insecurity.

There absolutely are standards by which men should hold themselves. That does not necessarily mean that there is a specific way to follow these standards. But if you can't accept that and would rather suck cock as your jpg suggests then go for it.

You could start by not talking like a cocksucking faggot.

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Mostly agreed. But there are tons of chads/alphas/jocks who watch porn and jerk it

That doesn't mean they won't experience the negative physical and mental effects of fapping, they're just less likely to be effected by it due to being high T chads.

Fatherhood is a pillar of society. Take that away and you get this clown society we are currently living in. So yes fixing family bonds should be of highest priority and teaching our children these bonds should also be a priority. We need to fix education though it is completely compromised and it is always going to try and subverting your child.

Vaginal Jew strikes again


You fail to note how does any of this threaten Jewish hegemony. Protip: It doesn't, it just makes people occupied with pointless and superficial things. These threads are an attempt by them and their roastie servants to breed the best dog for a dog show.

This is a battle of the mind, primarily, and morons who think that they will defeat the Jew by weightlifting are no different from SJW's , they are another side of the same shekel, false dichotomy.

Ugh I need men to be the way I want! I love certain types of men! I'm not a faggot I just love studying men!

eat more onions, eat less xenoestrogens
don't masturbate 5 times a day, limit yourself to twice a week at most
get a 20-30 minute timer on your phone and check yourself every time it goes off: am I being productive? what else needs doing?
every day will build discipline, if you can make an excuse for one day you can make an excuse for any day so don't stop. if your arms hurt then go run, if your legs hurt then work your core, etc
this goes along with porn / not masturbating 5 times per day, when you orgasm you load your brain with dopamine which you'd normally get by accomplishing goals - if you can just as easily get the same high by rubbing one out then why bother doing anything else?
make sure you aren't going down the wrong road; are your actions bringing you closer to your goals or further?
humans are good at habitual action, so make good habits and remove the bad ones

its a system to become a more responsible person, not the goal of becoming the perfect man by doing

I have become disillusioned with what I see as misplaced egoism championed by Zig Forums. Obsession with the self is the root of the problem.

You think that's going to happen when they see tyrone grabbing stacys ass in public daily? Lmao good luck

Alcohol makes you lazy! It convinces you you are happy! 99% of alcohol uses are employed but these outliers are proof that all alcohol uses are unemployed!

There is no basis for your claim. I have never met one fucking person who ever complained that doing something that made them feel good made them give up on life. There are zero people who masturbate then sit back like a junkie who just shot up a bag. I masturbate to blow off steam then I go about my day. The only thing that happens when I don't masturbate for a few days is I get pissed off. I jerk off then immediately go back to what I was doing. Whether or not I jerked off that day doesnt have one fucking thing to do with whether or not I look at a woman and am attracted to her. All porn did was raise my standards and now I don't look at people who look like they have nothing to them , whether they are idiots , fat , or just dull. You are saying the same thing as " we need to ban video art instead of targeting media monopolies. " You are talking about the fucking porn industry. Yes , they are degenerates . Let's ban Wal Mart because people are less encouraged to manufacture the stuff that was already manufactured for them!

The whole nofap thing is another psyop to get people to go "No, society isn't diseased , you just need to go gluten free!" Then they hypnotise themselves and maybe get enough will power to not be useless. That's wherr the jewden npceterson clean your room thing comes from. It makes people go oh yeah I can do things! It's the basis for the religion scam. Its like if people are raised to think Nestle and not H20 is what is hydrating them.

"Oh ueah if paying cross fit X dollars a month isn't the only way to get fit then why am I fit?" Um buy a fucking jump rope and do push-ups dumb fuck. There are these things called merchants who sell you poison , it doesnt work, then they sell you more poison to cure their poison, it doesn't work ,then you keep failing, then eventually you figure things out and assume that an overpriced university was the reason you learned how electricity works and not the fucking book you could have bought for 1/1000th of the price.

"If you are homeless and starving , don't eat McDonald's, it will kill you!"

An orgasm is a biological fucking need. That is why lots of people rape mother fuckers. That's why men will dress like fucking faggot ken dolls to get laid. That's why men fuck disgusting whores when they know they probably will give them warts. Denying someone of a biological need will let to them murdering and raping. That's why GASP all these priests become gay pedos, just like prisoners become fags when not around women long enough.

Porn enables somebody to suppress that need and find a better partner instead of settling for some blue haired overweight sheman femdom or some retarded bitch whore who is going to create low IQ kids. This is a Hitler board for fucks sake, improving the gene pool is the main agenda because smart people are less likely to do things like stab someone over ten dollars.

Yeah, veg oil is a complicated question, the types of fats vary depending on the source (olive oil is clearly best, with sunflower vs canola debatable for second place), but processing is also a very significant factor that can introduce nasty byproducts.

If you don't balk at the expense, you can't go wrong with extra virgin olive oil (extra virgin being the oil from the first pressing, with no chemical processes involved).

Knowledge is the real key here. A man should know how to be physical, I don't recommend bodybuilding, or bulking/cutting for that matter. You don't know when you will be able to afford to train like that. However you can always rely on a home gym or calisthenics. Instead of learning a sport, you and the other men in your life should learn the martial arts of your ancestors. Wrestling and fencing in the historical way is becoming popular again anyway, and if you can't find a HEMA club then go to Wiktenauer and find a treatise you like and interpret it yourself.

eat less to lose weight, eat more veggies and good meat, avoid carbs. Being fit means self respect, that's literally it.

You're either a kike or an obese incel r9k MGTOW faggot
Either way, someone with your dispostion would better aid the White race via suicide

Too much, once every two weeks or once a month. Even that is too much, really. There's no need to fap at all, fapping prevents you from accessing the drive to get a gf.

New works of fiction are needed for men of all ages. They need something that encourages them to be masculine when engaging in some form of escapism after work/school.

Dreyer's Ice Cream from that political ice cream thread showed it was 100% pure emulsifiers.

Soy and GMO in general is in literally everything. You can't even use Heinz or basic sauces. Learn to grow your own food to get nutrition back, stop eating all fast food with no exceptions, and immediately turn the box around to ingredients.

Buy obscure organic brands and check the labels of even those. Keep in mind many "organic brands" have gotten snatched up by big corporations and they've been caught actually sneaking more toxins into those than their normal "food" products.

Nah. Lust for women via suppressing orgasm is the biological need. Your biology doesn't NEED to jack off, it NEEDS to go find a mate and rape her if that's what it takes to procreate.

Of course, you'd like the few of us with some brains to die so you can take this charade to a next level.

I forgot to add that only degenerate perverts settle for fat blue haired women because they are low T and their masturbatory habits idle their ego.
But resisting lust increases T dramatically, by several magnitudes, and women are attracted to everything about T, things you can't see or notice unless you are attracted to men.

Succinctly, if you beat off at all, you will end up with a stubby fat retard and end your lineage.

The only way to fix this is to bring back bullying.

Scottish people are the original Israelites and are god's chosen ones. The wave of Ashkenazi niggers are our slaves and are currently doing the bidding of the scottish by creating the context necessary to bring our people to the next level. Mind you, advances is social fabric can only be made contextually, and thus paradoxically. For example, if you want people to smoke weed, you make it illegal.

So what would happen if you shipped innumerable vessels of stupid white people to south africa and told the locals they were dumb, ignorant niggers if they're not OK with the white people stealing their women?
The locals would DEHUMANIZE THEMSELVES AND FACE TO BLOODSHED exactly as planned.

You haven't demonstrated that you actually have "some brains" but I'd like filthy pedokikes like you to die immediately.

lmao shut up you christian identity goober, Celts are not Israelites.

Humiliate cucks/fags at every opportunity, become an Ubermensch yourself, and magnetize as many women as possible. Call out any bs you see. Basically, we need to condition everyone to not be degenerate freaks, while punishing those that ARE degenerate freaks. You're a big guy, use your brain.

Yes, don't want those goyim waking up, right? Keep them in a bubble of "self-improvement" like you'd train a good racing horse. Don't question the control mechanisms, don't threaten their power, lift weights, pay taxes and breed so we can have a fresh supply of slaves.

What you are advocating for only makes sense in a non-kiked society.

This shilling angle is never going to work, kike
Reported for shameless kikery.

We got imkikefy bingo!

Forcing other men into this faggotry has nothing to do with self-improvement, you are trying to exercise social pressure to bring other men to your ape level because you are too dumb to fight kikes on every other front. Or more likely, you are one and just want to keep goyim occupied with superficial things.

And what happened to their civilization, user?

I just call it "niggerfication" what do niggers do, now compare the youths to the niggers. The niggers complain about the gov (upper class whites), the niggers complain about cops (whites in police forces), the niggers cannot hold down steady jobs and perform them well (owned by white business owners), the niggers are drawn to crime, and glorify cheating and making it easy (by doing harm to whites), the niggers glorify drugs, the niggers glorify promiscuity too.

Now compare a nigger to a lower to middle class white youth…most of their behaviors is the same. In order to undo that you need to make them "stoic" as in, non emotionally reactive little bitch. A white man uses logic, math, can face hardship, out-competes, self improves, cooperates etc. Those are the virtues that you seek, and they can take fucking years to manifest themselves after re-moralization of the whites…under heavy reteaching…years man to unmake the niggerfication of the whites.

let me also use myself as a test subject for the anti niggerfication project that I have put myself under, pic related is what I did, and what I spread, but what whites also need is MORE BOOKS, less shit jew media

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The kikes want you to be a fat lazy good goy so you can't do anything but sit back and let them genocide you.

The jews don't care if whatever you do so long as it is self-indulgent.

I'm improving myself through knowledge (and by avoiding poisons), no one is stopping you from doing whatever you perceive as improvement, just don't force your nigger-tier logic on me. We need more thinking people and less grunts. Grunts are easily deceived by kikes, no matter how high their testosterone is. Sure, they have their use, but should not take priority, at least not at this point.

My flogger arrived in the post this morning lads,I'll be using it to whip myself every time I touch my johnson. If this doesnt work I'm having my balls removed.

You're either replying to a kike or an r9k MGTOW incel waste of oxygen. Waste of energy.

You can start by handling your own business before you start trying to handle someone else's, faggot.

"Man has as many masters as he has vices."

work on yourself. cut out all vices from your life, including sexual release (unless after marriage and purely for procreation) and porn. removing all vices will remove the one thing that has come in between us and achieving civilisation - the pacification of men. men of the west (and, more and more so, men of the east) are unable (or refuse to) express moral outrage and get angry at the wrongs inflicted upon their civilisations.

it's highly desirable for enemies of civilisation to keep good men pacified. remove alcohol (or at least in excess), drugs, sugar (at least in excess) and sexualisation (especially this) from our system, and become self-disciplined, strong-willed, and free from impulses and temptations. if masculinity is defined by the achievement of greater responsibilities, then being exceptionally responsible is the ultimate masculine lifestyle.

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The root of all masculinity is fatherhood.

Self discipline must be a cornerstone of any attempts to depozz the modern man. We have become indulgant, tepid children with a penchant for worshipping the false idols presented in countless forms of media. Where as once such things were mocked and derided now they are seen as the regular. The methods for fixing this vary, but most boil down to what you could term as "bullying". Shaming for enjoying such degeneracy, be it furries, cosplayers, whores and so forth. A Darwinian approach is needed, as one poster pointed out natural selection but not in a "fight or die approach" but more of a "do you see what nightmare you have become". A chance for redemption must most certainly be given, a guide on how to operate as what is currently known as the "Chad" male. A real guide, not a Peterson clean your penis bucko guide.

The second avenue would be aggrandisement of traditional European descended activies (note I said descended as I believe this guide should be for both the American and European male for we are essentially brothers). Physical activities should take prevelence as well as other items such as understanding important cultural cornerstones and such. It should be presented in such a way that they aren't exactly the "in" in modern culture but rather the best thing a man could be. Providing exemplars of such men (carefully picked of course) and telling their stories could be a good avenue.

The final avenue I can think of would be breaking the cognitive dissonance of the modern man. Such double think as "we should have more immigration" and the belief that "social care should be available for everyone", two very oft heard subjects in media yet so wildly contradicted. How can one offer more health care when it is being constantly stretched, you can only have one or the other. Ok not the best example but I am sure you follow my logic here.

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Cosmetics and soaps should be a much higher priority to be aware of. Soy and milk goes through your liver, while soap goes directly into your skin and bloodstream unfiltered.

At all costs do not discuss tribalism as an option with goyim. Keep them cleaning their rooms day and night.

cringe and bluepilled

i thought he was simply referring to what you would find at a grocery store labelled "vegetable oil" which you can then look at the ingredients and see that it is 100% soybean oil. i think this is used heavily by negroes

Are you saying that I should stop using soap compelty ? How the hell Am I supposed to wash my feet,my dick, my ass and rectum entry and my armpits ? Just with water ?

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Is watching the first ten seasons of the Simpsons considered being a beta faggot?

Eat healthy
Quit pornography
Limit screen time outside of work
Get at least 15 minutes of sun a day

I don't do all of these things regularly, I'm a father of 3, but when I followed the above advice I was at my best

Estrogen in the drinking water, plastics, everything. It's over unless we return to nature. The pagans were right.

Thanks for posting this user. This is a good starting are for anyone wanting to repair their dietery habits

This is your argument and is an example why no one listens to you.

This is good, user. A man club would also shave off significant retraining time. I hope you are leading young white males near you. The white race needs male archetypes to assist the Unpozzing.

If you're white and male, use that logic you are blessed with. Forget your feelings for a moment. Just ask the question as if you're asking for a complete stranger.

fuck no, polyunsaturated veg oils are all garbage. that shit turns to varnish in a energetic, oxygen-rich environment (i.e. inside your mitochondria)
anyway fuck 'brands', learn to cook and buy local produce

they're called paragraphs and you wrote a fine post user

dub dubs
but that's what we want
i want all the men angry and muderous and rapey, then we can direct that anger towards killing kikes and impregnating white women
that is the plan

If you are really so weak willed that you can't control your urges then what is the point. I mean you clearly lack discipline which can only be obtained through experience. The only reason you are anti fapping is because you have little self control and you are projecting that weakness onto other men.

*anti nofapping

Leave this site forever and you win the other half

muh porn!!! stop whining like a little cuckold you incel Hitler was against pornography

Hows this for think like a man faggot.

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Get them off social media and focusing on a craft should be an easy first priority.
Social media is pretty much brainwashing and time wasting tool at this point. All leftists have social media.

Olives are not a vegetable. The key is to avoid all seeds including sunflower, canola, flax etc. Flaxseeds have twice the xenoestrogens that soy has.

I'm pretty sure they have less than soy but still near the highest

Don't use any. It's completely unnecessary. Wash with hot water, dry off, and then rub some oil into your skin (I like coconut).

Finish your street shitting break so you can go prepare some food pajeet.

Apparently it's almost four times as much


lel. "Men" are dead. They've been replaced by soyboys, nu-males, and tranny faggots. The last alpha died long ago. The alphas you claim to see today are running off the residual fumes of their forebears. They are one feminist argument away from going full soy with their mouths gaping wide as they unwrap their new Nintendo Switch presents.

Men are dead. Make way to the nu-man.

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found this
it was showing lower for flax with Isoflavone which comparing the 2 real quick seems like my reference was jsut for the one xenoestrogen

Yes, jews really like when more white people come into existence. That's why they keep encouraging white people to reproduce through their media, and give everyone such healthy fertility boosting drugs in pill and laced-water forms, right?

It is ours and all of modernity's fate to die in the cataclysmic final battle between the mediocre masses and the superior few. We have each of us internalized the poz to some degree, it always creeps at the edges of our minds. We have no place in the new world. The heroic Aryan man of tomorrow will not even conceive of the degeneracy we endure, there will be no words for it, and he should only know of the glory of our victory as a template for his life and the civilization he will build. This is the meaning of the Ragnarok we approach.

I think I could do it by now, but it has only been recent when I inquired as to the how and why. The whole process is basically playing father, to those who didnt have one…but still man, years. Some children are so faggy that even with semi decent parents they turned out shit since they just wanted to rebel. So its quite hard, at times I myself just have no patience and get mad at it all man. But yea, how to reach them kids man. I dont really know. Self centered egotism and endless fucking desires to boast and lift themselves up, coupled with the desire for hedonism…its quite a challenge.

simple, like punk in the 70s let's make being a fascist the new edgy lifestyle

Sounds like you wan't a fad user, but those always fade.

What a pile of shit this thread is. Where to begin.

The only men watching porn are men who can't get any pussy, women aren't even starting families. You retards just post the same shit every day.

Read SIEGE faggots and stop posting this garbage every day/week



Tinybrain cretins like you make SIEGE look bad. Uninstall oxygen.

lemme know if I missed anything

thats like 90% of my interactions with them, entitled retarded and spoilt brats they are. Glued to all sorts of addictions. I think that because this shitty society existed for some time now (the niggerfication that is in its current form), I also grew up and was like one of them. And from memory it took me FUCKING YEARS of stupid funny pictures, and then eventually these stupid funny pictures teaching me basic lessons…about consequences of the various problems…

Then there is the fact that my IQ is 130 and I know the scientific method well (I dont shy away from scientific research, graphs and data) (so the first line articles around masturbation, dietary things, obesity, testosterone, they all reached me and made sense to me)…I dont even know where to begin in trying to reach someone with an iq of 100, who doesnt even have this mechanism for science inside of his brain. My years…well they seem like decades for most of them, decades of hard work JUST FOR ONE PERSON most likely. So much energy ugh.

Its easier still to find people who are like me, who have elements of non niggerfication, good nature, and good enough upbringing and a skeptical of the modern world mind…to at least not to go insane because of loneliness lol

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