tRump fortifying the southern border with 1000 feet of razor fence! What a deal!


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Not if you have the right tools and no one is shooting at you

I want the ZOG to shoot the spics first then their masters then each other

Graciously provided by (((someone))) no doubt.

So, probably need a pair of wire cutters, some good gloves, or maybe a big piece of leather or similar to toss over? Or some combo of those things depending on the setup? How hard can it be to get through?

Fuck off and lurk two years

Yeah kid ,( ( (masters) ) ) of ZOG don't exist
Fuck right off

Based and redpilled. This is just 4d chess.

maybe the real wall was the friends we made along the way


or the wall was inside us all along

You're a big guy.

Putting up razor barriers where nothing existed before? WTF? Bring back King Nigger!
shills have the IQ of a female ape

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it was a metaphorical wall all along

I'm going to kill your whole family chaim.

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He's wrong but you don't have be an asshole about it.

That's one beautiful razor fence. What's the cost for 1000 feet of this state of the art razor fence? Six million?

4 u

1000 feet? Pointless. The whole border… that's something else.

But Hungary's "wall" that keeps out 99.5% of invaders is just barbed wire and fencing. Trump should work to get even a makeshift fence across the whole border immediately. I doubt that what cost more than a few million bucks and would at least reduce the number of invaders substantially.

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It's a government fence. At least $50M. I hope nobody destroys this expensive trinket with a $10 wire cutter.

How do we not have a fuckin truck that just spools that shit out the back of it? I can see it in my mind and it would be so easy to make

Apples & Oranges. Rapefugees don't want to stay in Hungary. They use Hungary as a stepping stone to travel to Sweden, Germany & France. All they have to do to get there is to walk around Hungary.

That's actually a good possibly profitable idea user.
Similar to that 'Scorpion' traffic cone truck.

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If it reduces invasions by 25% it will be totally worth it.

If I made a prototype would they buy it from an user?

Calling it that a video of wire cutters being passed out to the mongrels is released by CNN hailing it as a symbol of """perseverance and defiance"""

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I honestly hope so. I am kinda concerned that the wire will keep the shitskins out of shooting range.

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25% isn't enough, the beaners that get in to our country stay around the border towns and spawn and then vote to just keep the border open

Bump because you are a paid jewish shill. We do not support the ZOG here.

Kill yourself. Immediately.

The barbed wire coming out the back would still be curled do to the way the wire would be wrapped around the spool.

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Every other presidential candidate would have put up a welcome banner. wasn't that the shill line last week anyways? That gronald gruuuummmpppfff would just let them in?

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Build it. The government will unironically pay you ten times what it's worth for it.

OP implies that this fence is permanent instead of a quick fix against the migrant caravan that is actively engaged and in Mexico.

do you know what else keeps out invaders? bullets. kill every man, woman and child approaching the border and they'll soon stop coming.

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More like Trump refuses to exercise his legal authority, o warrior of Zion.

If the president can't even protect the border from invading beaners then why even have a president?


How is this not an actual thing yet?

Of course nigger, incrementalism, bitch.

Save money
Spool further

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What would you idea wall include, Zig Forums? Electric fence, barbs, acid spikes, or maybe a lava pit?

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Just a wall of white men with automatic weapons and a conviction that their mission was to protect white women and white children. Then we could do anything.

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An actual fucking wall for starters

All of the above
Miniguns some land mines , some sort of noxious gassed sprayed generally south , patriotic marching music from speakers , view screens showing how nice it is on the white side of the wall
Trebuchets flinging barrels of shit generally southward etc

Historically a show of non-lethal force has never stopped a determined invasion force.
Should shooting start there's millions that would require internment.

What do you want to bet that if the caravan arrives we will start seeing (((media))) of mud volunteers purposefully lacerating themselves upon razorwire?

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A bunch of patrols. These patrols should be the guys otherwise sent on missions to do Kingdom Kike's dirty work.

Then the fighting age men pull a Palestinian move, hide behind pregnant Juanita and her scant 8 - 12 young Juan's & Juanita's. Next is a Level 5 chimpout by the lunatic Left that the US is Israel; as if this were not already apparent

Just a regular fucking wall and and a proper militarized border (make it official military policy that "undocumented migrants" should be treated as an unlawful combatant). I'd say we totally scrap BP as a civilian force and make them hybrid military/law enforcement like the Coast Guard… that would keep out invaders. Not to mention an internal immigration policy that totally dissuades any type of invasionary immigration.

Stunning and brave resistors will attempt to cut the wire from the american side, but hurt themselves in the process.

This is the template for this administration. Whenever something substantial comes up, he just pretends he is stonewalled and roadblocked at every corner no matter what his actual executive powers are. He shifts the blame, presents a besieged image, and then proxies assert it will only change with future votes. Meanwhile, he has little standing in his way when it comes to massive arms deals to Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, hiking the federal gas tax while slashing efficiency standards and upping ethanol blend percentages, missile systems in Poland, sanctions on Iran/Russia, threatening sanctions on Germany/France/Denmark over Nordstream II, cutting every other countries foreign aid while giving israel the largest package ever.

Trump is the exact opposite of make America great again. He is a desperate gambit to redirect all of the fading imperial US power onto its core priorities: murdering White people in the lower 48 and the primacy of israel.

something more than just empty promises and posturing

Overturning Bush Jr.'s rule about being nice to people from countries without a border to the US (aka, if you're not mexican you can stay for your 'case')

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Ey gringos, just put up a minefield already.

-El mucho Loco


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Or just get a fucking carpet, roll it over the wire and just walk right through. There, done. You'd need like a proper zone of barbed wire, ten meters thick if you wanted to prevent someone from crossing that wire in any reasonable time without explosives, or carpet-warehouse.

There would need to be a coup first, but that would end up in a civil war, and then the minefields would be all over the place. So, no, they are not going to put up FUN-fields or build a wall. Their owners don't want it.

It's just theater for midterms anyway. The spics will be let in just the same as every other caravan over the past year (most of them the media didn't bother covering).

The absolute hypocrisy. His jewfro jewbro's are welcoming in those who will undercut the competition, and rob the AA's of the 1st unemployment lows in decades. these things have to be eliminated. they cannot learn lessons. they've played by the same handbook for millennia

This is seriously a sad attempt at shilling.


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herp + derp = herpaderp

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Too bad I'm not gonna vote again, Cadre.

I wouldn't expect you could over there in tel aviv.

Obvious shill thread is obvious.

You know spics are lazy and cowardly, right?

fuck that - throw a blanket or some cardboard over it and you are in like Flynn.

Blanket or cardboard? I can see a rug, maybe, if it's thick enough

There is not and will not be a southern border wall. The only people that actually genuinely want such a thing are the citizenry of this country and their/our feelings have not mattered in well over a century if not more. The political, moneyed, corporate, and media classes do not want such a thing so it will not be made.

You know very well as that Zognald is using the wall as part of his blackmail strategy to get re-elected. He wants an unfinished wall, a fence to motivate the larpers and chesscucks to go to the polls. "This time he'll build it for real! He said so!"

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I'm going to point out that those standards were an open conspiracy by the Obongo administration to give beaurocrats a means to continuely increase the standards without any legal recourse until internal combustion engines would become non-viable despite the fuel cell and electric alternatives being less efficient in terms of btus consumed since they have to get power, charge their internal capacity, then release that energy with each step incurring and inherent loss of energy.

As for ethanol components, its nonsensical because oil is currently so cheap due to a glut in the market that ethanol isn't even viable to add in much greater quantities especially since the Bush subsidies are expiring.

rug is great
how about a big huge welcome mat?

Upward trending fuel efficiency standards didn't start with king nigger. Its purpose is to use less oil.
It's not nonsensical. It is what the administration did, you dumb fuck. The did it because China scaled back agricultural purchases from the US.

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Best vote I ever cast.

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>hee-hee Drumpf betrayed you, make sure you don't vote this week :^)

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We literally have a truck that does that, the only difference in end result is it's not immediately pinned down and it's three loops of wire in a venn diagram about half as tall.

Make sure it's bilingual. Bienvenidos from Donald Trump. Por favor, (enjoy?) las casas y medicina gratis or something like that

Low IQ B.O.O.M.E.R.; dacapede; or cadre shill? The world may never know.

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Drump is a shady character, but murdering white people? Citation needed.

But the US border is fucking massive. It's effectively infinite in size compared to Hungary's. Maybe if you had a full sensor system setup and a complex enough system of barbed wire where the average penetration time is less than the average CBP response time, for example, but the total cost of implementing that all-in with sensors and personnel would probably be far greater long-term than simply building the goddamn wall. Building the wall will be expensive short-term but massively save money long-term.

wow we aren't getting the full wall built in one week wtf i hate trump now im voting hillary 2020

Trump was sworn in in January of 2017.

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Stop lying. It has been different since he was elected. As long as leftist salt flows globally I would endorse him rather than "muh accelerationism" which wiould royally fuck everything.

Some people in here seem to think that walking around a 1000ft wire fence is literally impossible.
You call it a wire, i call it a paper fortress.

How would accelerationism royally fuck everything? Once Trump is out, there is zero chance, as in none, any president will be elected again who isn't explicitly anti-white. But as time goes on, our numbers get worse and worse. For whites, it's better to have shit melt down sooner rather than later just because we will be totally numerically inferior very soon.

Why are the dumb Trumpniggers so dumb?

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everything is royally fucked regardless of the next few moves taken

Unfortunately, Trump will probably win in 2020. So we might as well use this time to get organized and to prepare.

I would have done the same tbh

3 concertina wires can stop a tank and slow any large group. A wall or a wire fence has a very similar purpose and about same effectiveness if monitored. Neither are infallible.

Do you shilling faggots complain about wire fences at prisons too?
It's because you can't screech drumpf will neva.

Really makes you think.

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So much this!! Only double-digit IQ shitskins (who cannot think abstractedly) thought of the wall as anything else other than an esoteric metaphor. There have been story after story of anons here who got married to a qt DACAryan because she feared getting deported. Not only did these Zig Forumsacks get a wife, but they also made valuable friends along the way (mainly the bride's family).

While willing waifu-tier DACAryans are becoming more scarce, there is a wave of them coming over and in detentions centers. Those of us who haven't gotten married yet CAN sponsor a loli waifu and then move to another state.

Remember, you cannot get "us" without you and me.

we might be needing more DACApedes for this one

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The same as;
Maybe a wire cutter exists.

Because true border security is only afforded by the jews, to the jews themselves.

Here is a wall that puts palestinians in a maximum security prison. We can't even stop caravans without building a federal sanctuary tent city.

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>(((9))) of 93
Go and take some more jew Ritalin you faggot