Begun, The E-Celeb Wars Have

Sinead the Shill just took aim at Frog Twitter, who's ready for the war, boys?

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I have no idea who this guy is

This guy.

its some fat guy screaming in NY about german idealism or some shit.

So who are these dudes and why should I care?

Sinead is a lunatic Hitler lover and Kantbot is basically us.

Looks like a imbecile

Fuck that cunt and her cuck manlet Kyle Hunt (Khunt). They believe commie filth deserve to live and that they "can be converted or saved". Absolutely no spine, no balls. They also think literally everyone that doesn't agree with their narrow minded tin foil hat conspiracies are feds or kikes.

Their biggest mistake was taking aim at Kantbot, they wont come back from this.

Where is the lie? These ironyfags can fuck off and gargle cocks

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Fucking larpers.

Ecelebs should be thrown in ovens, and so should you

Get the fuck off our board you lowlife vermin.

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Forgot to sage. Fs.

Well that part is true

The LARPing losers are the chemo that is killing Zig Forums

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Something tells me you're not a medical professional

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So a fat subversive jew who shills for trump using overly-intellectualized word salad?
That makes that video less amusing.

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I am a licensed ornithologist

the worst thing about Kantbot is that he doesn't even talk about Kant. i bet he hasn't even read Kant's critiques (i have). how the fuck can you claim to be the vangard of German Idealism when your core philosophy isn't even Kantian, but rather the wishy washy usurpers who followed after Kant? ffs Kantbot doesn't even focus on Schopenhauer, who is the true successor to Kant.

Kantbot's video about Global Cooling and Thule rising from the ocean was funny, but it's obvious he just another D&C kike who doesn't believe in anything he purports to believe.

Sholomohauer was the inventor of Nihilism you stupid fucking cuck