Far-Right Internet Groups Listen for Trump’s Approval, and Often Hear It



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Translation: trumpnigger bot shills operating out of RenTech and Eglin spam image boards to signal boost.

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Totally out to lunch on this:

The Q Research people came up with #JobsNotMobs.

(((Kevin Roose)))


(((Ali Winston)))


t. angry kike

this so much


Fuck, time does fly

Translation: jews suck nigger balls and their aids filled buttholes throb with sharp burning pain when orange man names the jew and xirs army of communist faggot ninjas

A mage in my socks

It's true but don't say it goy.

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These people are fucking ridiculous.

It got forgotten pretty quickly unfortunately. And no one seemed to invest similar effort ever since.

Republicans want the same thing.



< as part of the New York Times' fear-based campaign

The audacity of these Jews to pretend the most Jewish president in US history is somehow an anti-semite. This is literal proof that optics are pointless - you don't even have to open your mouth for them to smear you.

That was obviously LBJ, dipshit.

Idk, Trump's pretty fucking jewish.

article word-count

Nazi: 5
White Nationalist 6
White Supremacist 1
Anti-Semitic/Semitism 3

it's all so tiresome

That's a tough call. Abe Springstein, and Frank Rosenfeld are definitely in the running.

a Reddit user who goes by the online pen name “Bryan Machiavelli” and who declined to be interviewed unless The New York Times paid him $200 an hour for his “memetic warfare consulting” services — wrote on Reddit that attention from the president was its own reward.
“I am so excited that I achieved a goal I set 2 years ago,” he wrote, “to have the president retweet a meme I made.”


Stop posting you imbeded CP fucking CIA SHIT HERE

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Don't worry Trump still has another 6 years left to prove to us just how fucking kiked he is.

Thats a roastie user not a nazi grill. Into the bog.


tis truth
anons make requests, POTUS/Nunes fulfill
(like any proof, this is for the observers not the kvetching shills)

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Where did I imply that?

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At least the jew question is now slowly becoming a mainstream this.


You're pathetic.

Elaborate, you nigger.

they named the jew HAHAHAHAHAHA what the fuck they are so stupid they didn't even have to mention the fact that he's a jew, they could have just said "blah blah soros bogeyman blah blah just a kind philantropist blah blah" but they dropped a redpill right there

Cinder to cinder was good too but it did not catch in the same way.

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FUCKING TRUMP POSTS ON THIS BOARD. This isn't reddit nor cuckchan you trump supporting faggot kikes can go kill yourselves.

Really? When Trump names the jew? ALL he's done is literally and overtly praised jews and Israel you retarded faggot.

Look at the nose on this one.


the gossip level of argumentation
this is how women and jews "argue"
then comes the denial of facts
and the animalization
yup, 100% jewish cuntspeech
nothing a good lolocaust can't fix

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they named "with open gates"
i count that as a win

Far Right lol let me translate

And know we don't listen for massa kikes approval of anything fuck him play acting trying to appease the growing number of red pilled anti-Jew goys

Fucking tasteless Trump niggers comparing their shitty kosher puppet party ad imitation to such a masterpiece of casual video editing

Anyone recommend tools for these sorts of things?

That was 2 years ago. Lots has happened in the meantime. It's going exponentially. How many do you think Robert Bowers alone red-pilled?

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double lol

This guy spends all day kvetching about random troll posts on facebook getting more views and shares than fake news NY Times.

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facejew is not censoring fast enough for him

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Wow - the NYT itself.

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This reads like the writer has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. They make it sound like Zig Forums supporting Trump is something new. I guess it's hard to admit that cuckchan played a pretty major role in the 2016 election. Wonder how long they can continue to keep their heads in the sand and try to convince everyone else to do the same.

After a brief look myself, it seems like for Windows users your best bets are Cyberlink, Magix, or Filmora. For Linux, try OpenShot, Pativi, or Avidemux.

What do you bet that most of these "right wing groups" posting bullshit and misinformation are actually leftist groups trying to make us look crazy? Call me tinfoil but it's pretty inline with the kind of shit they're known to do, especially lately with most Silicon Valley fags being left or far left.

so basically, we are the future. what we do now, the mainstream right will pick up in 2 - 3 years and normalize

they don't do it because they like us, they do it because we are right

Was this the one with the carpenter brut song?

Anyone got the original music filled webm of With Open Gates?
I only have the one without music and while it still conveys the same message visually, it is missing something.

Yeah, I really wish I could find that version with the song though. It has an extremely powerful psychological effect.

Isn't this the same guy that wrote about the NPC meme a few weeks ago?

Full version is like 216mb, too big for here, and i don't know any sites that'll host it. Tell me one and i'll upload

I'm not asking for a webm, a link to a site that has it is fine with me.

I don't know a site either. I'll look, you too.


Fucking rats. Journalists have lost any respect I have ever had for them.
I actually used to respect what they did, thinking they were doing the hard work of bringing information, not opinion to the table so others could for a foundational knowledge for more fact-based thinking.
Faggots, the bunch of them.

Like, I can understand if they are going to play dirty for internet trolls, but here, as opposed to many other Apefricans that are actually being taken in as "refugees", these farmers are actually at the beginning of a mounting genocide.
These fucks don't deserve any respect whatsoever.
See a journalist? Know anyone that works for one of these papers?
Make their life hell without them knowing. It doesn't matter, even if they are just the men tanding to their presses, this crap has to be unmade.
We have to become as politically tribal as leftists are.

They have to know about us over here– do they never mention h8chan because they're afraid the small number of normies who look us up will learn the real )))truth(((??

Different publication - same kind of message

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I'll have a link in a moment, uploading now. It took A LOT of bullshit.

This website is run by alphabet agencies, don't kid yourself. They mentioned 4chan because its userbase is 100x bigger.

typical posting from leftypol niggers

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The NPC meme isn't a left vs right deal. user.

>If anti-Semitism bypasses consideration as a serious problem in New York, it is to some extent because it refuses to conform to an easy narrative with a single ideological enemy. During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far right-wing group, Mark Molinari, commanding officer of the police department's Hate Crimes Task Force, told me.


I feel like I'm on the wrong side, every attack including the recent shooter was a Democrat or black. But of course, we're a matter of slow and steady.

It's almost like you don't have to be a far right white nationalist to have a problem with what the kikes are doing to your country.

Hosting site here


Don't rely on it for much hosting capability, honestly, but please feel free to download and redistribute as needed.

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Like said, the NPC meme is to do with normies not having basic thought processes, it's not "da libruls iz NPCs becuz I disagree", part of it is that due to their lack of a free thought process, they just accept and believe everything that is told to them, but it's not that simple.
r/The_Donald ruined this meme fucking quick, same with how the whole "special snowflake" stuff used to be about how the left constantly strives for individualism with their genders and hair colours and shit for no reason other than so they can circlejerk about being individuals, but since they all do the same "individualist" thing, none of them end up being actual individuals. Now r/TD has gotten hold of it and it's been boiled down to "XD LE TRIGGERED LIBRULS! LE TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKES MELT IN DA MAGA HEAT!". The whole reason we started calling them "special snowflakes" is because snowflakes are unique, it had nothing to do with melting or being triggered.

You redditors have no understanding of higher concept and just dumb everything down to "these people are X because I don't like them", you ruin every meme you touch. The reason loads of leftists and big tech companies got massively butthurt at the NPC meme initially was because it struck a nerve, they realised that they DON'T have actual thought processes and the meme was right, so they tried to shut it down in response, but now it's just "u le NPC librul bro, xd trolled!", so they don't give a shit.

Why are you talking to an NPC now?

having power is not the same as having the best interests of Zig Forums in mind, which mr Q doesn't really have.

do we have a filter on here again?

Someone link please.

Just because Q works with the Trump administration doesn't mean you should trust him.
I like Trump as a a character but as a politician, he's as jewed as they come.
Don't place blind faith in Trump and Q, he's a politician, he only seeks to serve the interests of his backers, the millionaires and billionaires, the Israelis and the Saudis.
The whole ebil satanic deep state nazi Disney pedophiles thing Q has going on is an obvious construct that Q uses to get the boomers feeling like they are doing something worthwhile with their time.

Adolf Hitler has long served as a boogeyman for left-wing conspiracy theorists and self-styled journalists who claim that he targeted Jews during an imagined "Holocaust", their term for an obscure land rights conflict involving property owners in Europe.


The New York Times is trying very very hard, and in the process comes off as very try-hard. If anybody with a brain still reads it they're bound to notice that the level of desperation is now off the charts.

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"With Open Gates"
Is Zig Forums's Birth of a Nation

ShopSign in

Business & Tech
Goings On

Richard Brody
The Worst Thing About “Birth of a Nation” Is How Good It Is

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Many got into it to use their written talents to defend their degeneracy.