Jewish millennials turning on Israel

Why are more and more young Jews anti-Israel? Every youngJew on campus( going to New York community college) hates Israel, talks about muh poor brown Palestinians, and supports BDS. Is this a good thing or bad?

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2 kinds of Jew. Zionist and Marxist. Those are the latter.

I support Israel, all Jews and Evangelical Israel firsts should fuck off there and live tormenting each-other.

Two kinds working towards the same goal.

Are the Marxist jews growing faster the Zionist jews?

They need to keep up appearances and keep trickling these stories out so their parasitical place in the host society isn't threatened. Kill them all.

Other way around. Zio kikes will increase due to the orthodox 5-6 kids per family. The other side is the mixing cryptos who get dumber and more insane with each generation.

This is all about showing the goys that some are actually against kikes subjugating the entire planet.

Their words are meaningless; and this is all-too typical of the kike. They'll find a populist message, particularly one that resonates with their primary constituents [(((Democrats))), though equally applicable to Republikikes], and utilize it to bind closer ties with them, so as to create the facade of "look at me, goy, I'm not one of the bad Jews who supports [counter-position]." Once they secure enough support, they inject their (((politicians))) into Congress, to not only promote their kike agenda to a wider audience, but have a hand in manifesting such. Opportunism is in the kikes' blood.

wtf i love kikes now

I won't provide proof because I have no more than anecdotal evidence. This is why I'm saging.
Jews have been replacing European sperm in sperm banks with jewish sperm, and eggs in eggbanks? for decades. There are rare instances of newborns being swapped about.

This gets by genetic testing because it's incredibly rare for a child to test his or her DNA against his or her parents. So it doesn't really get by genetic testing, it just doesn't happen and the likelihood of it happening isn't going to line up with the former thing happening.

It's a virtue signal that plays into the myth that sand niggers are humans that gullible whites then boost. It is also a cheap way for jews to pretend to give a shit while their racist schemes move full speed ahead

you forgot the third, the elusive Nobel Jew that truly understands the TaNaK and what their religion asked from them originally before it was tainted by the Talmud.
Even Hitler recognised this with his doctor who was Jewish and received protection because of his attitude towards the Zionist and Marxist Jew's.

They don't. Don't fall for jewish lies. They're trying to make the goyim believe in the "good jew" lie

True, but it would be wise to use this momentum against Israel and Zionist. Communist Jews can be jailed once we free our Nations from Israeli subversives.

Zionisms about them regaining the territory of their ancient kingdom. Marxism is about them dominating the planet

Right on. dude. Like the "good" kikes don't want global domination or to wipe out Western nations like the "bad" kikes do

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There are no good jews.

this remember that all this horseshit has started because of jews trying to retain their identity. they will destroy everyone else for it

Due to a sequence of nucleotides on a jumping gene deep in their genome, jews are obligate members of a eusocial community, somewhat like termites, ants or bees. Two of those taxa, bumble bees (non-queens sometimes revolt and begin laying eggs of their own) and termites (non-soldier females remain biologically ready to lay eggs all of their life) are very close to breeding pair communities, eusocial superorganisms, obligate hive minds. That's what jews are.

The eusocial gene sequence finds its way into mammals in some species of Aftrican Mole Rats… and jews are mammals.

So jewish millennials can't turn against the hive mind. They have to, they simply must, serve Israeli interests - no free choice.They carry the eusocial transposon in their genome. Millennial kikes like all kikes are controlled by a link to the hive that's bone deep or deeper. Their behavior is obligatory, It's in the genes, in the code, in the DNA.

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I never said either good. Zionists want to exterminate all goyim with genetic bioweapons and marxists want to rule over a sickly beige hoard of slaves

Its called psyops/infiltration/adl spying and sabotage of resistance movements Mossad funds these enemy agents trying to toxify us with marxoid bullshit

ignore jewish full spectrum dominance and synthesis goyim we will lead into the fema cam-….I mean re-educa-…I mean Agenda 202-…I mean high quality low income housing

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That divide only exists at the lowest levels, the jews who count are united.

What if the Jews are not organized as we thought? Like what if they just got lucky most of history because no one challenges them? Younger generation now falling for jewish tricks.

To what end? You sound schizophrenic when you propose theories like these with no evidence, no reason, no goal, and no logical basis.

That's completely ridiculous. Hymenoptera, which contains bees and wasps and ants, have a ton of eusocial species because they have an interesting genetic quirk that makes the sisters of a brood more genetically similar to one another than even to their own mother or children, and hence producing more sisters means promoting their genetic potential even better than reproducing themselves.

Naked mole rats are the only known example of all mammals, possibly even all vertebrates, to have a eusocial state of existence when they are in dire resource conditions. Because they feed on a special kind of tuber and have no way to find it underground save to dig random tunnels, they become eusocial with a king and queen that suppress the breeding abilities of their offspring around them so they can maintain a stable population and find tubers for the colony.

Jews have a parasitic lifestyle when it comes to societal existence, but that doesn't mean they are genetically fucking termites. That's the kind of retarded pseudo-science garbage that discredits the notion that Jewish genetics may have a role to play in the JQ.

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I've been posting on 8ch since 2015, why havent I seen an user put things so clearly until now?
It all makes so much sense, thanks user (srs)

Marxists dont reproduce sexually, they convert the weak, like pedophiles do.
Pedos convert vulnerable kids into future pedos by raping them.
Marxist professors convert their naiive students into marxists by brainwashing them.

Collateral damage. The jews can't wage a culture war against a country and not expect some of their own to get jew'd in the process.

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Poz. In secular and reform Diaspora, the cognitive dissonance of having a terrorist founded state with the biggest walled ghetto in history (for Palestinians) isn't lost on them. The ones that acutely feel the danger will insist on Jerusalem being glassed and irradiated so that no religions can fight over the Holy Land. As E Michael Jones puts it, some can appreciate that the pilpul shouting-down and censorship is bringing about the acceleration of exactly what they fear: their hosts turning on them, for lack of ability to speak or act in criticism of Jews' manifestly antisocial behavior, subversion of host nation's morals, and the Zionist state of Israel.

It's ambiguously good that their young bites the hand that feeds by their own subversive methods– encouraging the Chomsky strain of anti-Zionism is an efficient decoupling device from Neo-Liberalism (Zizek/Badiou et. al.'s critique of the Boomerist New Left from the post-structural hard Left) and accelerationist NWO railroading it entails.

Millienial jews aren't going to put an end to any of this:
- jewish nepotism
- control of TV news in USA, Europe, others
- control of the movie industry
- control of finance industry, banking
- influence in adult and children's literature
- influence of societal norms, fashion, porn, degeneracy
- power over education / history
- power in politics
- control of government
- IMF, CFR, Davos, Bilderbergs, etc

They're just trying not to be hated right now until they can make their next move.
Can't read all that history and fall for it again. How many chances have they had?
With money, they can turn us against each other. This is why many influential non-jews end up going pro-jew.

I see a ton of jews around me converting to Christianity. When I asked some why the main reasons they cited included disgust with Judaism's belief regarding gentiles, anger knowing that a Rabbi sucked on their baby dick after mutilating them, and fear of Jesus. Oh and wanting to eat shrimp, bacon, and cheeseburgers. I guess some will be saved after all, as God helps those who help themselves.

i know what full spectrum dominance is, but can you explain the synthesis? what are they synthesizing? do you mean like the way they appropriate and twist our culture?

Great job retards, reap what you've sown.

Well, its not a new phenomena, Gay jews are a bigger thing than gay non jews.

more disinformation from the synagogoue of satan continue ops boys

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I'm noticing a lot of "Good jew, bad jew" posts across platforms. Do not be fooled, jews are still outsiders and will always put their interests first. there are no good jews. if they want to split into groups and fight amongst themselves we should all support that. HOWEVER, even getting involved with them is a major mistake. so just egg them on anonymously from the outside. this should go without saying, but there has been a lot of redditards here lately so…

jews are united in their fear of being eradicated and their hatred of nonjews
whatever political oppinion they pretend to hold does not matter
it is litterally just signalling, its doesnt matter what they say or do, kill them all

Thanks for your proofs, you LARPing faggot. Great input. You are truly a valuable poster.

The fuck is wrong with Zig Forums? All jews are shit and want Christians gone

Well according to they're going to be your brothers in Christ lmao

Something only a jew would say to try and weasel their way in

A jew like Jesus?

I'm not christian or jewish, and it's not my fault your religion has a huge gaping hole for others to exploit

Because their own poison affects their rootless minds even more easily than ours. Once again, proof of the jew's lack of strategic planning.

Well there is the fact that. Jews have been caught doing that before. One of the Jews caught news attention when he let a verified retarded black mutt donate "Sperm" and it was given to multiple White Women that got pregnant. Then several other news stories of jewish "fertility" doctors using their own.

Klein: A german name but, jews adopted it.

Wiesner: Confirmed Jew again.

So there is some truth to jews using sperm clinics to mass produce crypto jew kids.

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ouch, looks like one group is coming out on top

Jews are simply pawns. The true evil comes from women.
Don't you find it strange that every nation on this world has had a group that invited them in and that this happened without exceptions?
Don't you find it strange that (((90% of pol))) is extremely protective over women and attacks eveything masculine constantly?
Don't you find it strange that their whole culture revolves around emotion and shitting on men?
Don't you find it strange that they've pushed for complete power of women in every way possible everywhere they went?
Don't you find it srange that the symbol of (((today's west))) is a woman?

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Jews aren't a fucking hivemind.
Different jews want different things, like how there are Nationalist whites and Globalist whites, and Zionist whites and Marxist whites too, and that they all want different things.

It is important user to understand the not as a whole, but all of its components. There are more or less three types of Jew.

1) Zionists: The scum we're familiar with and most often refer to when we talk about the Jews. They're supremacists in it for their own enrichment with zero qualms about screwing over or depopulating their fellow Jews. The Marxists hail from this category.

2) Conservative Jews: They don't follow the Talmud and are ultra religious. They have numerous children forming large families and would fit in nicely here if not for their continued adherence to tribalism. Conservatives hate the Zionists as they view them as degenerates and evil. These are the Jews that stood with Hitler.

3) Useful Idiots. These people wouldn't even call themselves Jews except for the benefits it grants them. These are the masses the Zionist lies to in order to maintain their control. These are the Jews you are seeing on campus along with some conservatives.

The Zionists today user are degenerate fucks. They're not masterminds, they're just born into money and have people who know how to utilize it for them. They're weak and with each generation that passes on they grow weaker. Rothschilds kids are fucking morons who whine on twitter while it tries to cut deals with Trump to avoid having his family final solutioned. Soro's brat is a daddies boy, his nephews are jew political tools for him. Without Soros his empire will crumble.

Best thing you can do user is teach the regular jews what the Zionists like soros have done to them, and what the Zionists did to the white man. Galvanize them against the Zionist by creating a separation between them and the evil. Without Zionism Jewish Tribalism will greatly diminish, but don't tell them that part.

snakes in the grass

Good thing Orthodox jews are completely inbred and retarded.
Now those guys are a hivemind, and their rabbi is their leader.
Take out their rabbi and these guys are clueless.

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Why are there people pretending that only marxists want to rule over all the world when every Western government is ruled over by zionists?

Marxists openly declare their contempt for white people zionists want them around just long enough to help use our armies and blood to secure the territorial real estate of the Earth for them.

Both intend to wipe out the white race, only one is keener to do it before they secure the entire world's governments for themselves, the zionists are simply of the opinion

Another Havaara agreement is needed. Expel the jew. Shun the jew. Boycott, Divest and Sanction the jew.

So they can further justify their destruction of the West.

Yes but they all agree that destroying us is a good first step.


Remember that they have nothing to lose in doing this, but everything to gain. If Israel goes they will be seen as the good jews and the whole nightmare continues, and if the US turns against them they can always go back to Israel. This is just another dishonest insurance, while playing both sides, a tactic they used since the beginning of human civilization.

And just like that the eternal kike reveals himself. All kikes are the fucking same you faggots

Can't talk for others but I think Zionist fucking suck. No offence, but I still need a white nation if I'm to be lazy and leech off it.

Jews always play both sides of every conflict.

That way, no matter what side wins, the Jew can always come out and say, "We were on your side, goy, see , we're the good guys!"

Stop falling for this shit.

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This. In fact i am much more wary of Kikes that pretend to be my friend than of those who openly oppose me.

There are no good kikes

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