Captchas breaking for Midterms

The new strategy to stop Zig Forums across the internets is to make it almost impossible to post. Will this be the new trend?

Also Raidon 6.0 was the Jews bot program (Al Jazeer doc on AIPAC) for image boards they said. But they just paid for a new system. What will it look like?

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By this I should of said fucking annoying and slows you down to the point of not wanting to fuck with it.

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It's more than here. It's every fucking place that allows comments.



How many have had to sign in again every 30 minutes here?

Imagine thousands of pajeets packed like sardines in a warehouse, each with a terminal receiving a captcha to fulfill.
Any who perform well enough get promoted to the I need a girlfriend division; perks include an increase in personal working space of 2.3 cubic feet and an additional 5 whopping squares to their daily allotment of toilet street-shitting paper.

I don't think it's so much a hard limit of X amount of time, per se, but, more like if you don't post for X amount of time that you have to solve another captcha.
At least it seems that way to me, now that I think back on it.

Polite sage for shit OP

polite bump for being a demanding woman

This site doesn't even use Google's ReCaptcha.


No the new strategy to stop Zig Forums is to keep pushing this "don't vote" narrative

It uses its own captcha system, created by Fredrick Brennan himself!

Can I get a source on that "Raidon" bot?

I miss the little dude.

Don't vote, don't support anyone doing anything and everyone is a fed or jew. Just total garbage flak being thrown out as a hail Mary.

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Captcha being fucked on this website is nothing new. I doubt there's much behind other than the site software being rape child of various image board software. If the captcha doesn't load, open it in a new tab and it will work.

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I had that problem. I blame the Atlantic Council and their lackeys.

>As professional curators and gatekeepers dwindle and are replaced by self-appointed and unaccountable ones, individuals are forced to assess information in ways for which they are not trained.

Author's twitter


Facebook deletes accounts that upset the governments of the US and Israel.

Facebook “Counter-Propaganda” Efforts

Facebook leads “Counter-Propaganda” Roundtable

Facebook let’s NED censor content contrary to US and proxy interests.

Paypal deplatforms anti-Israeli journalists. FDD is filing the reports.

Twitter bans Iraqi official on instruction from the State Department.

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I've never seen a captcha for Zig Forums, then again I only use Tor and visit via oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion

Posting in a natural & organic slide thread

Lauren Southern

Sounds like you’re cucking

what board has captcha?

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