Republicans will win big in the midterms

Remember 2016? Remember how literally every polling organization had a (((sudden shift))) towards Trump in the final weeks of the campaign? It's happening again. Even the Washington Shitpost and Nate (((Silver))) are dialing expectations back to a tossup in the House and Republicans keeping the Senate. Early voting is absolutely crushing it for the Republicans, and the Democrats just got caught trying to hack into Georgia's election systems so they can't even rig it as effectively.

So go vote. We're all gonna make it if you do.

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(((JEWS))) Will Win Big In The MidTerms
(((JEWS))) Will Win Big In The MidTerms
(((JEWS))) Will Win Big In The MidTerms
(((JEWS))) Will Win Big In The MidTerms
(((JEWS))) Will Win Big In The MidTerms

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I voted to for republikikes so they can finally oust themselves as the kikes they are when they have no excuses

Are you niggers serious right now?

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Orange man bad.

no one is buying what you're selling

But I do it for free.

so are you just not voting or

I don't care. Still not buying.

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If even one kike suicides we won something.


open boarders
Jewish vaginas
pro-War with Russ-u
anti hate speech
anti nationalist
pro Neocon
anti Tucker
pro Rachel
false flagging
constant nagging
niggers dragging
spics bragging
media tagging
doxing proxy
constant shilling
over billing
never willing
brown pilling
college willing
occult deep state
never hesitate
to put forth mandates
that condemn speech hate
Bernie burning
Trump obsessing
pussy hat twerking
always smerking
plastic glasses
Beyonce asses
soy boy flacids
cuckchan masses
pizza backstage passes


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If you do not go out and vote for your Republican house and Senate candidates

Yes, the Republicans are not the ideal party; they still hold many pozzed views due to semitic influence, but they are still far more agreeable than a democrat controlled House and Senate.

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If you vote, the Jews win… apparently.
Not exactly sure what their argument is.

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BASTE! Accelerationism ftw, right fellow goys?

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We need more men like Trump leading the 9/11 truth movement from the INSIDE!

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Reminder that america is a muttified country and the #1 breeding grounds for jewry

There can be no death to Isreal and democracy without the death of the mutts that support democracy and the American government

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As bad as Republicans are, remember Democrats are 10 times worse. If the Democrats win it'll be a pressure relief valve for the left… Vote straight red for now, but don't stop stocking up on guns and ammo.

this is what a shill thread looks like

You're gunna regret that you sub 70 ID sandnigger.

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retard conservatards will shoot any sort nationalist movement into the ground the war wont be us versus the government but the zogbot army of white people

I spit on both your countries and your democracy muttkike

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They're afraid. Getting a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and keeping the House means they lose their last check on Trump's power.

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Yeah, and what other choices do we have right now?

you're a shill too

These shills of today are Trumpkike's zogbots of tommorrow

Its in the mutt's blood to be a servant of the kikes

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you're a shill too

we vote and try best to wake others to our side but somehow i think organizing in some fashion would certainly help but im not sure how to do that. right now that organization is somewhat facilitated by websites like this but moving it beyond would be good

I'm the only fucking goy here.
Everyone else are kikes trying to jew each other.

Turn into a schizo who larps about violent revolution is what many have resorted to.
Join them, goy.

shoo shoo shill, be gone

I wish I could buy a plane ticket to tel aviv and suicide bomb that internet cafe ur in

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You mean that thing that gave birth to America?

pay me more boss and i will be away

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Cursed be the day the eternal anglo spawned such a muttified abomination of a country

if only they knew… or did they

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America freed itself from the British Kikes… this is how you unironically view the American Revolution.

Vote like your vote is THE VOTE that will change the tide.
Every Republican needs to get out there and vote. Each and every last one.
Every Democrat needs to go the fuck to Mexico. We really don't want you here. You used to be tolerable, and had pride in your country. Now, you want to riot and kill anyone who has a opinion that differs from you.

Lmao. Kike hand sweating like bullets.

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Go go fucking vote you mongrels

You are the shill.

Looking forward to my new lampshade.

Go kill some jews or shut up, kike.

Nice argument.

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Your Zionist master wouldn't appreciate those comments.

Who said I want to argue with a fucking shill?

He can't appreciate anything since I made him into bubblebath.

It's really telling, isn't it? If they had a prayer of winning they'd be deploying blackpills and shitposting about the Blue Wave coming to swamp the drumpfpublikkkans or something.

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You leave him out of this you jew piece of shit.

Military cant engage on US soil. There for support only. Its a show of force that the muds know wont fire back.

We all float down here.

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The American revolution was an organized revolt by men with conviction and had a concrete plan, many of which were military men and intellectuals. Not fat LARPers that masturbate to gorn like Siege while they wear skull facemasks in their mother's basement, waiting for the day "the mass mental text message is sent out", they can grab their rifles, run up a flight of stairs and pass out.

Remember, anons: Trump shilling is sanctioned by Zig Forums/Kushner. Any anti-Trump posts will be deleted promptly and b&s issued forthwith.

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If the elections are "fake", why not vote Republican anyways? Takes 5 minutes.

If the elections are fake, why vote and not take to the streets (peacefully) demanding investigations?

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Single anons should be going to more Republican events to wife hunt. Find a nice conservative cutie and secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Vote and still train with your rifles, unpeacefully.

Republicans are worse than democrats because they are a release valve.
I'm voting democrat for accelerationist reasons, and so should you all.


Bad strategy. Jews promote two things:

non-resistance or violent resistance. By not acting Jews win. By acting violently Jews win. Therefore, we should resist non-violently. Boycott the vote and go protest. Educate the sleeping masses on how Israel has hi-jacked our electoral process. Of course you would never go for this because you're a kike.

Can't wait to vote straight ticket republican on Tuesday.

It literally can't hurt.

You can still vote and then protest the vote.

You guys are so soooo desperate to convince us not to vote, what a cohenincidence!

if the vote is rigged what good is it to vote?

Just give up then and shut up too. There is no point in you ever saying or doing anything ever. Just save up for that nose job.


get fucked kike

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I hate that image

and everything that Trump doesn't do overwhelms whatever good he does so fuck him

It's literally 5 fucking minutes, I've spent more of my time today responding to you.

This is the most Jewish post I've seen all day. Please name specific policy things you think he could have done and has not.

this. same shill responses every thread. Friendly reminder the (((DailyStormer))) is behind all the

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Yes, thats how much the average voter thinks about who to vote

Reminder that amerimutts are the biggest supporters of democracy


You have committed a thought crime. Give up your guns or go to jail.

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It doesn't matter paradigm low info cuck the jews win regardless there is only way way forward revolt of the goyim

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I voted early and all republican. So did everyone in my circle. I’m really loving all these shills trying to sell black pills. It tells me they are scared. They should be.

PSYOP. This is an attempt to sway public opinion.

what the People don't realize, however, is that these evil dems are Zionists just like the based republicans. Jews play both sides.

Sorry to have shit on your propaganda, Rabbi.

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If you haven't realized by now that voting is a rigged system you need to off yourself.

Reminder that this cuck wants niggers and whores determining who represents you in the government

Go kill a jew tonight or shut the fuck up.

What to expect from a low iq racemixed mutt

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They are so transparent, it's kind of funny that they think their reddit-tier tactics are working or worth the shekels.

The fake economy bloated on debt? The only way to fix the economy is to decouple it from the global financial system and reissue greenbacks. Trumps economy is a kike economy
lmao have fun with that
You mean the wave of Israel loving populists that Israel is going to use to legitimize its expansion. Cool.
Illegal immigrants and refugees make up a paltry number of the non-whites replacing us. That's why kikes have made it a Trump issue to score him points with the right. The real issue is economic, legal migrants.

Kys kike. Its obvious to non-retards that Trump is a kike puppet.

Fuck it. We dont need anyway.

guns anyway.* Little ahead of myself tonight.
Anyway BIG BEAUTIFUL BLUE WAVE come to shit all over your drumphtards in less than 48 hrs.

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Where have we seen this before?

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like i said… sorry for shitting on your propaganda.

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Everything you listed is a inconsequential social issue. You faggot magapedes get so upset about "le SJWs xD" but you don't care about the fundamental flaws to our society that both parties uphold.


Was he a shill too, magakikes?

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