There's almost no chance the GOP will lose the house based on the gerrymandering...

There's almost no chance the GOP will lose the house based on the gerrymandering. These false flag attacks or real attacks will get them nowhere. It's basically set up where the GOP will get a guaranteed 220 seats. Even if the Democrats win every single possibly contested race, it will be 220-215.

After the 2010 race when the GOP dominated across every level of government, it was 242-193. Then the districts were re-appointed because of the census and parties in both states did more to guarantee their victory.

Look at the year 2012 for example. Obama got re-elected as president, the Democrats kept control of the Senate by winning nearly every contested race, and they couldn't take the house because of the gerrymandering. Using Ohio as an example, the Democrat won the senate, Obama got the votes as well, yet the GOP won 12 of the 16 congressional districts. It's similar in most Republican leaning states, and in the Democrat states it's reversed but they already control the seats in those states so they can't pick any up.

The Democrats did modify the house districts in Pennsylvania which costs the Republicans 2 seats.

In 2012, overall it was it was 234-201 (Would be 232-203)
In 2014, it was 247-188 (Would be 245-190)
In 2016, it was 241-194 (Would be 239-196)

The projections that say the Democrats will take the house count on them winning every possibly contested race, as well as some seats that the GOP has won by 10+ points every year under the current congressional districts.

There will be no blue wave. There was never going to be a blue wave. They're just trying to whip up the leftist crazies so they flip the table and revolt after the midterms.

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Who, the media? The pollsters?

I would say the media is more to blame here. Pollsters have a tough time getting accurate numbers because in a lot of cases there are people who won't say they back Trump even though they do. For what reason is anybody's guess, but mine would be because of all the negative media coverage of Trump, people are cautious about telling random people on the phone who they support, or perhaps Trump supporters refuse to take part in surveys.

great post, I really dig the sycophancy, fantastic

Gee, you're right, I should have said plans for the next 6 years because of his second term.


Even if it goes 220-215 for the Dems, I have a feeling some of them are Cuckservative infiltrators that will vote along with Trump.

You do realize that would be shot down in the Supreme Court with ease, right? That'd almost be a gift to be honest.

That fact alone makes that statement ridiculous.


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Possible, the big threat with Democrats getting control of the House is all of the committees they would run and just start one investigation after another over stupid shit.

Which honestly may end up being just a road block if Republicans take the House back in 2020 on Trump's coat tails.

Yeah not to mention that making opposition to semitism illegal would be racist against black people because of Farrakhan, nation of islam etc.

Did the record number of military and CIA candidates tip you off? Yeah, they are secretly against Trump's zionist schemes. Hope nobody fell for that.

It's hard to tell, the house is going to be really close. Everyone of you whiny niggers need to just fucking go vote straight R.

Louis Farrakhan in a MAGA hat is quite possibly one of the funniest things I can think of.

The Democrats need to win desperately because they know that cunt Ruth Bader Ginsburg is holding on to life by a thread. If they win, they will do everything possible to block a conservative judge, it'll be hell.

They would need to win the Senate to do that, and the likelihood of that happening during this election is basically zero. The Senate races, which Democrats have dumped metric tons of money into, are all flops except for maybe a couple of incumbencies, but the rest are likely to go Republican.

If the right gets too cocky… they could always lose.

Well, we need to get out and vote straight Republican for sure. If nobody goes out and votes, then obviously the Democrats would win everything, but I feel like people are pretty motivated right now.

A lot of normies and even boomer conservatives are starting to "get it" and understand that demographics are destiny.

shilling this hard

yeah, it's a fucking marketing slogan started back in early 2017 by people who were trying to pretend everything was going to be a-ok if they just held on a little longer. i personally cannot fucking wait to see how much money was spent trying to get that forced meme off the ground

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Nobody but shills and cucks actually care.
Its all circus for the plebs. The vote probably isnt even real at this point, that is, the numbers are just made up.
If you're REALLY excited for the Trotskyist Zionist party to defeat the Culturally Marxist party, then you're basically just another NPC.

Daily Reminder that Hitler was not democratically elected.

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I cant wait to see the racial demographics.
I can't wait to rub it in the faces of these HOP cucks.
It going to be hilarious.

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Hello Mordecai.

You mad that niggers and spics are awakening?

A wild trumpnigger appears!

Hello Moishe. Are you mad that Trump is winning?

We'll nip this in the bud with a quick filter.

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Attached: 2016 Election - Racial Demographics - Jews.jpg (1976x4788 1.05 MB, 3.69M)

Nice shop, kike.

And care to explain the connection of Ayn Rand with Trotsky.

I double dare you faggot.

Probably the best course of action at this point.

No sense in arguing with a kosher stooge/zionist shill. They're just trying to bantz their way through the midterms so they can get down to starting war with Iran.

If it's not a theory, then please explain your theory.

And the spics and the niggers are awakening, meanwhile, the jews are scared that everyone is joining the good guy.

Yeah, kike, I'm still waiting for that war.

Funny how these kikes are busy worrying about Iran than their own state.

But…. but…. if I say that these facts arent facts…. then they don't be facts…. and I can go back to fantasy land and not look like a fucking retard right? If I just deny the truth, nobody will know that I didn't know the truth or purposely tried to hide the truth from people… and my scam can continue… right????

The entire basis for the human experience is manufacturing consent so that certain groups get all the processing power of the universe and can create at will. Every human being has the capability to use their body to create, yet instead we sit back in cages waiting for tokens from masta so we can get 1/10000000000th of what he has.

The true state of life is one where you control your own universe and every interaction with others is voluntary. Murders and pointless chaos happen because billions of completely different people are stuck in one area together and people are bound to snap. Mental illness isn't a chemical imbalance it's a natural response to a shitty situation. None of these researchers would ever go there , because they have a stake in this . These people experiment on animals because they want to get a name for themselves and enhance Kim Kardashians ass shine by .001%. What do you think their higher form does? Religion is a lie to hide the fact that these greater beings exist and keep people going down dead ends, but the opposing evil force that stands in the way of freedom is a real thing. Whether it is conscious or not doesn't matter, it must be destroyed at all costs. Dogs have been loyal to humans for thousands of years. We are repaying them by experimenting on them to develop new hearts for people named Dick Cheney who don't need to go on waiting lists. They are claiming they do this because "humanity depends on it!" , Oh okay, then let's start with your animals , or better yet we can run these experiments on cia employees! Its so important so why don't you prove it? Where'd you go glow nigger? Somebody commented on the article about experimenting on dogs stating they were paralyzed but didn't want a cure under the condition that animals had to be tortured and killed. So it should drop there, the people who supposedly need saved or we cant continue said nah were fine, nope, these people have enormous egos and don't want their cozy jobs to go away. This is how every faggot on this planet is, they don't want any solutions unless they get their money. Kill all money worshipping faggots .


Trotskyist Zionists booted out of the USSR came to the US and took over the right-wing of American politics.
If you need it explained to you beyond that, you're begging for spoonfeeding and haha no fuck you nigger.
Look into the New York Intellectuals, and Irving Kristol. That should start you off, as much spoonfeeding as I'm inclined to do for a faggot like you.

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After they win, it's time to launch operation ETJ. (Expose the Jew). It's the perfect time to do so with unrelenting effort and energy.

He doesn't need it explained to him. They come here and deliberately play dumb in an attempt to generate (you)s and derail.

Yeah, good luck with that. Try to avoid getting vanned by the Goodest Goy in Chief.

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Yeah, its really awful, and I shouldn't even engage - even if some newfag in the lurkerpool sees that shit, they should be curious enough (if they're here) to investigate further for themselves.

How many and how much took leadership positions of the republican party?
Oh nigger, that's YOUR responsibility to provide burden of PROOF, not mine.
Yeah, which has nothing to do with actual leadership of republican party, which isn't strong in New York.
I'm waiting, kike. Also for that war with North Korea.

Shills are on fucking suicide watch now that the majority of the processing power now sees that elections are a scam . Be prepared for constant tantrums that never appear when anyone makes kosher posts. These yids are so stupid they try to hide their scams by going everywhere screaming that they didn't do it and how investigations are illegal sometimes. Reminds me of this murderer dude, his criminal friend who helped him hide the body told me a story of how he killed a black dude randomly and then had this other degenerate help him hide the body. Since degenerate was a piece of shit too he didn't say anything, and the only reason this dude got caught was because he started parking outside the police station and watching them, eventually got so paranoid he went in and was like I DIDNT KILL HIM then they caught him.

Keep being retarded dumb ass Israeli terrorists.

Yep, let's just play dumb, and refuse to state the facts, and let people what you say is true.


This is how they construct the Holocaust.


So, if I get this right, plebs are trash and shekelworship is societal cancer?
Inclined to agree.

Figure it out for yourself nigger, I gave you the clues. Go start a thread about it if you're that curious, I'm sure many will be happy to explain to what a 'Bircher' is, since you obviously don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.
Irving Kristol. New York Intellectuals. Look into it.
I thought you were waiting for a military parade and nork denuclearization?

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Check em zionigger.

No, I ask you a question, nigger, it's your burden of proof for you to answer it.

Don't ask me to your job, lazy kike.
Otherwise, FAKE NEWS.
Naw, kike, I'm waiting for that North Korea war, and the Iran war, and Assad being dead.

I'm still waiting.

Check em zionigger.

I'm waiting on the wall and DACA rescission, cuck.

The wall is being constructed, kike.

Meanwhile, now we have a literal human wall at the border.


Max Schachtman.

you mean the fence upgrades have been scheduled for design in certain areas that aren't even on the border

Yes, I meant the wall, it is too tall to be called a fence.

Your brand of low-energy shilling should warrant a permanent ban.

Carl Gershman.

Dubs confirms

Sure, jew, I'm not sure who is LOW energy here.

Your shilling is very low-energy, yes.

Bayard Rustin, the original "BASED nigger".

Nah, I'm not sure of that kike.

Wonder how you will feel that me and that BASED NIGGER will remove you.

You spread the BASED NIGGER because you fear black & white union against jewry.

Your shilling remains very low energy.

Nathan Glazer.

Come on zionigger, keep up.

Albert Wohlstetter.

Jesus, you come to and all you get these days are people who make it seem like no matter what, the Kikes have planned ahead for every possible idea, strategy, and outcome possible and we've already lost.

Then these same people call you a shill when you point out something positive. If Trump were to actually make counting illegals in the census a felony, I bet somebody would say that's what a kike would do.

Sidney Hook.

Why did Trump then cry about the wall not getting funded on television?

Because Trump wants more dought for the wall.

Hell, I bet when Trump said he was gonna end birthright citizenship, there were people being cynical about that too. It'd be the best thing to happen in literally 40 years.

The perfect should never be the enemy of the good, but the sufficient must always be the enemy of the insufficient.

Words are only good if they lead to action.

Checked for Joshua Muravchik.

Well in that case I'd say that Trump has so far been good. He hasn't been perfect, but so far he's been sufficient in so far at least in discrediting the (((media))) which will at least take control of the narrative away from the kikes.

We've still got 6 years to get shit done man, what did people expect, that we'd have an all white nation by his first term midterms?

Lot of Israelis were posting today on cuckchan saying how they're allied with the Zioniggers against the ebil American diaspora jews, they're not even trying to hide it any longer.

Let's be real here. Kikes are easily the most dangerous enemies the white man has ever faced. If they weren't, then we wouldn't be in the position we're in now. They've had nearly 50 years of unchecked frog boiling going on, and we're just now starting to notice because they started turning up the heat a little too quickly after panicking that they'd lose all their progress.

Well in that case I'd say that Trump has so far been insufficient. He's been good, but so far he's been insufficient in so far at least in espousing his executive power to combat the demographic displacement transpiring in the US today, which continues unabated regardless of any media narratives to the contrary.

We've still got 6 years to get anything of value done, and the notion that it should take 2+ years to execute the arrest of sanctuary city managers - who are all unquestionably guilty of treason as defined under US law, a crime with punishment up to and including death under said legal system - is laughable, as is the notion that anyone pointing this out expected Trump to magically become Adolf Hitler over night on the basis of their expectation of him carrying out his duty under US law.

Pic related, your arguments remain entirely invalid.

Attached: Hitler - Two Sides of the Same Shekel.jpg (1272x2864 53.27 KB, 1.04M)

To think, they might have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for us meddling kids.

See pic here:

and pic related.

Zionists are no less inclined toward promotion of uncontrolled immigration into the US than leftist jews.
ZioTrots vs GloboMarxists.

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anyone speculate why based Bibi has been chimping out over Soros lately? The US and Brazil are no longer being controlled by it's domestic jews, it's now being taken over by the Mossad and it seems they're having their own adaptation of 'night of the long kikes'

Attached: c97e61a59b5e7b584d8309c6b7e9dfa70e53c094359a7981ac1fa3c6ae795331.jpg (1024x768, 213.48K)

Kikes doing Kike things. Trust no Kikes. They're only useful as long as you can trick them into doing things that benefit us, and after that they're only useful as lampshades.

Who cares?

Jews fight jews.

Care not what the jews do, care about what we do.

Define "capitalism".

Because American Republicans have identified George Soros as an enemy.
To solidify their support of him as an agent of the 'good jews', he attacks a 'bad jew', and the plebians and slaves - who believe 'good jews' exist - are elated.

Soros is a sacrificial lamb at this point to the rest of them. It'll only matter when he is arrested, his assets seized, and his son is penniless and destitute.


It's also important to understand the context in which Soros is harangued – almost exclusively as a "nazi".

I don't think so lad. There's no need to sacrifice him, they just need to social signal against him and that alone will suffice for the most part.
If they go full sacrifice, that means things have gotten quite bad for them.

Indeed, which fits my narrative as laid out above perfectly.
The cuckservative right-wing views Soros as more of a 'nazi' than a jew - that he is jewish, in their mind, means nothing. How could it, after all, when you've got BASED Bibi Netanyahu speaking out against him?
It amazing how well this kind of thing works on simple folk.

Hell yeah! More dual-citizenship republikikes to do fuckall while millions of spics come streaming in from south of the border and hundreds of thousands of somalian refugees settle in middle America

Perhaps the Mossad is 'clearing the field' because they view the American jews as being too incompetent in carrying out their agenda? I mean Jerry Kushner is likely working directly as an Israeli intel asset.

Attached: d01be899fdad7f4646c3b937926a048aa41da5fece572a5d8c034c3f3e6e5959.png (636x1002, 441.61K)

There's really no clearing out that I can see lad - just posturing and social signaling.
But, again, in our present context, that will suffice in many cases.

They don't have to move against their fellow jews - they just have to speak against them. That alone will convince most normalfags that the jews are not monolithic in the context of acting against once another, that alone will suffice to let them retain the false notion that 'good jews', jews on their 'side', jews who opposed everything that jewish culture and ideology represents (something the normalfags in question know nothing about), exist.

But, who knows. Maybe the two wings of jewish marxism in control of the modern US political scene actually DO have hostility toward one another. I find that a dubious concept, however.

I have to go now, but remember….



Wrong, idiot.


so what?

should i vote a straight ticket of republican, or a ticket mixed republican and libertarian.

i dont have any other choices.

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Not really. The enthusiasm gap is too wide for the Democrats to catch up at this point and early voting is pretty much already over.

Fuckoff backed to r/the_donald you fucking scumfuck redditor

100% Republican.

I think the point he was trying to make is that we should always position ourselves mentally in a way that always assumes that we will lose unless we get out every last vote to the polls.

I agree with that.

explain your reasoning
i live in ny and want the safe act gone and the republicans dont seem to care.

I just want the elections to be over with so all the blackpill shills can leave and we get back to our regular level of shilling.

that ppm is going to be immediately cut down to 1/3 of what it is now. this place will be a ghost town.
and i miss that so much

Except fuck George P. Bush. Go libertarian on that asshole.

that person isnt on my ballot

for governor i have marcus molinaro, an italian rino career politician, or larry sharpe, a libertarian nigger marine.

for lt governor i have marcus' female pet vs larry the nigger libertarian's libertarian white guy running mate.

for attorney general, i have keith wofford, a republican afro nigger, or christopher garvey, a libertarian white guy.

for comptroller i have either trichter, who looks like a jew and is an investment banker from jp morgan and running as a republican. or gallaudet who looks white, is a real estate developer and running as a libertarian.

does anyone know how to find out what propositions are being voted on so i can do some research? i cant find that info anywhere.