(((NY Times Mag))): Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism

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WN is not a threat, the most "dangerous" one of you was a crazed incel that ran over a girl in Charlottesville.



















Posted the whole article because it's behind the paywall.

U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See
the Threat of White Nationalism.
Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It.

For two decades, domestic counterterrorism strategy has ignored
the rising danger of far-right extremism. In the atmosphere of willful
indifference, a virulent movement has grown and metastasized.


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I agree Chaim. Let's expand the FBI domestic terrorism department and focus on wellness checks of ALL white men regardless of their criminal past or red flag behaviors. Let's also look past the fact that the last "right wing terrorist" Bowers had no priors and an impeccable social credit score. Truly the only method to stop these fascist, white devils is to send them to the gulags or forcibly castrate them.

Tell that to (((Janet Reitman)))

Here is an easy to read pdf of the entire article

Perfect, thanks

That fat bitch died of cardiac arrest because she was fucking FAT

Kikes are trying their damnedest to associate terrorism and terrorist groups with white nationalists. Remember to deflect the accusation to avg Joe whitey, misdirect funding from the FBI domestic terrorism squad by sending them down dead end roads to waste their operational budget, agree that the average white man is dangerous and amplify the kike's message so that the average white American sees his freedoms restricted sooner rather than later thus waking him up to the eternal juden. Accelerationism is the only way forward and yes, there will be arduous times ahead for our people, but it's the only way to defeat them.

Before people claim accelerationism is irrational or doing the left's job for them you must realize that these kikes are conducting a war of attrition. They have the majority of the world's capital at their disposal and can easily wait it out while slowly disenfranchising you, whereas we're pressed on time as every generation sees fewer and fewer whites born. They will slowly erode our rights as they have for the past 60+ years until the American white demographic becomes a useless minority. At that point we'll be genocided by them.

That is one ugly trap.

So are kikes scared of whitey or is this all just business as usual for them?

get your shit together OP
do you see ?
that's how your OP should have looked.
then you can greentext under that.
you stink of newfaggotry

This is accurate.

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You actually believe that, don't you?

oops, she died by accident, which means you are even less dangerous on top of making things worse for the country since now voting R is synonymous with supporting WN trash like you

will try harder next time fren

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I am the founding stock of this nation!

Upset whites will take back our lands without being savage? Dont worry, we're saving the savagery for (((your people)))

lol nice larp, you are no jefferson you are just a mixed race mutt with a confederate flag in your basement

upset whites wont do shit lol, the estrogen in your water has turned you into soft video-game addicted drones

Lol she died from being a fat fuck who never did physical activity and her heart gave out from the surprise. Can we talk about the mob of violent leftist faggots like you who showed up to “protest” with weapons and made the dude panic and accelerate his vehicle? Face it, you don’t belong in the West. YOU are an alien invader, conversely we built the West, we ARE the West. You are either a traitor or an invader.

Your optics will always be fucked, stop giving a damn about that.

Yet you still fear us and think about us daily.


They’re really trying to get us rounded up, aren’t they? Maybe it’ll backfire.

She died because the driver was chased by Antifa

>(((Janet Reitman)))
Oh boy here we go…

Current Search String:

Yes. Essentially at all times there is some form of legislation labeling whites as terrorists proposed or sitting in some committee in Congress. If you really want to know what the kikes are doing, pay attention to the congressional legislation tracker. It's terrifying. Some piece of legislation is always pending like that.

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I fucking wish.

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That last one… Fucking WOW dude.
I bet shes never heard of Rotherham either.

Jesus Christ how is this even a real person…

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As I recall the only flamethrower there was held by niggers who had been fucking the landwhale which was eventually bumped by an autist's care and had a heart attack after said autist's back window was beaten by niggers with baseball bats.

Somehow I picture this woman having nightly sex dreams about Trump in an SS uniform.

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Okay, I had to tone it back a bit by removing the keyword 'Trump' because this bitch is basically 200% #TRIGGERED 24/7 over this guy….

…. Jesus Christ, and its STILL mostly about Trump!

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What's the 'theory'? That Soros is a powerful Jew who acts according to long-standing Jewish ideals about 'welcoming the stranger' in pushing for an 'open society'?
Where's the lie?

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Even assuming their bullshit definitions "terrorism" were pertinent and descriptive note that they admit whites commit 60% of ebil terrorism which is just about equivalent to their representation within the greater population while mudslimes commit 26% but constitute less than 1% of the population.

So they still 26 times as likely to commit "terrorism" even using their bullshit criteria to define what that means. Even when the Jew York Slimes tries to defend shitskins they still end up looking like shit if you can engage in basic mathematics.

This is a very deliberate strategy. Rest assured the jews writing these articles know very well that Trump is a Rothschild debtor with a hollowed out asshole who falls all over himself to favor niggers. They want to make sure that radical dissident segments of the population are suckered into his camp and led safely to nowhere.

Posner… Posner… I know her…. Oh, wait, no, that was Sarah Posner.

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no one ran her over, if any of the story is even true she died of a heart attack from being too fat

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Christ, what a wretched creature.

Any confirmation on kosher status?

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Per the article:

I like how they don't mention that McViegh was angry at the Clinton administration for starving the poor little shitskin babies in Iraq due to sanctions and blowing up their baby food factory. And he was in direct contact with the mudslimes who perpetrated the 1993 basement bombing at the World Trade Center.

Of course.
The Duke Lacrosse case x inane hatred of White Nationalist x profiling of Mugabe were strong indicators.
I think I'll make a graphic on this one.

This was last times product.

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rolling stone seems to just be a more precursor/edgier Buzzfeed. They couch their propadanga with this legitimate-seeming rolling narrative style, but there's no proof it isn't all biased bullshit either.

McVeigh was an extremist civic nationalist anti-war populist. All those things combined somehow.

Yeah, pretty much. Rolling Stone is just the world through the lens of the pop-culture obsessed brainless NPCuck.

Very informative but you're supposing that white nationalists are the "group" that is the threat when clearly in all cases you're referring to is a lone wolf. You're painting a false picture with actual facts and dates so it sounds justified to an idiot when in reality if white nationalists were actually a threat an it would be an army working together to overtake power when it's not even a group made up of more than 1 person. Ms-13 is more of a threat. The bloods and crypts are more of a threat.
If you take the number of killings from any of those groups it's going to add up to more than 11 over the course of a year. 11 is a lot for 1 day and 1 person but the actual number of deaths say an actual threat of a gang the numbers do not match up.
And as for threats in this country you're forgetting the one group that causes more deaths than any white nationalist can cause ever which is GMOs in our food killing people slowly by giving them straight cancer and diseases.
I mean at the end of the day yes it's scary to get shot but it's also scary to die a slow death just because you got a fucked up disease because mcdonalds puts chemicals in their meat. More than 11 people die a day because of shit that (((the people at the top of the pyramid))) decide to change the additive ingredients of whatever they want to call the fake meat that they make billions on selling to us.
Basically dude, you hate white men most likely because you're a greedy asshole or completely brainwashed or both.

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i'm curious, where do you draw the line between American nationalisim and civic nationalism ?

And isn't it also funny that right now Zig Forums is angry at WSJ for cancelling a livestream charity for children, which happen to be of all races? So what does that say, that Zig Forums cares for all races of children?

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money wasted: $1,232,00

God damn what a fucking tragedy.

you know in the future they're not even going to credit authors on some stories. Like with news.com.au they often don't even give you a name to associate with the story

I know, and its because we do shit like this whenever they put out a piece.
I really need to get working on that graphic.

It's pure propaganda kike bullshit.

lol, if Patrick started polling in the double digits for the 2020 presidency, I wonder what moves they'd make.
I assume they would be in full panic mode.

I'm voting Little in 2020 and anyone else that's openly anti-jew that I can. I don't care if they win I want to make them sweat from rising votes.

i would imagine it would be hard to write for liberal rags if one is dead

Lol. White Nationalists destroyed the Republican Party. Cruz would have smashed Hillary and the end result would be the same- more money for Israel.

I wish it was destroyed, its every bit as kiked as the democrats but its far from destroyed. If it were destroyed perhaps the more cowardly racially aware whites would stop attempting to seek refuge in a party that will not save them.

And its a bunch of jewish lies

indeed the talmudic false flaggers have lost control over the minds of the goyim with their lies

everyone knows

How can they? New York city is about 30% white or maybe even less.

id fuck her

Damm White Nationalists tho. Now, they're dressing up like da Blakk minz tryna blame the cherubim of da Blakk communiteh

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based nogs

Shit niggers, you expect me to read all of that semetic horesehit? Can a brother get a tl;dr or an explanation of why this is a thread

It's just another example of a kike journalist in a kike publication calling for laws to put all whites on lists and in camps.

I don't know about the other guys but I'm related to George Washington, who they wanted to appoint king of America, I'd be more than just founding stock if he had accepted.


Why even post shit like this here? Who the fuck reads this shit? It's not journalism, it's a glorified blog post.

1790 Naturalization Act ensured that no non-whites could become citizens and none where for seventy years. And even after they idiotically gave niggers status for some reason the others weren't until 1925.

America was explicitly created as a white nationalist empire of semi-autonomous states and only the actions of traitors have ensured this system was not maintained. American nationalism is racialist at its core. Civic nationalism is just cucks pretending that a system made not only for whites but a specific sort of white who was willing to emigrate to our cruel and brutal land can somehow apply to others. Only whites can be American, even today there are no Americans who are not white. Anyone can claim to be anything but claiming your are Napoleon doesn't make you Emperor of France.

Jews: Jews stand with refugees.

Non-Jew: Jews stand with refugees.
Jew: OmFG racist anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

When are leftist Jews going to be called self-hating Jews by the Zionists?

Never because White genocide is jew agenda.