The only good thing in germany were shitskins. No joke. Those people need immigration like salt and water. Fuck that country.

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lmao go plunge some toilets, le fetal alcohol face pierogi nigger

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For what purpose?

Being in German was huge redpill for me. I was beliving in white race and such crap but now i belive that everyone who is not slav or has no slav blood is literal subhuman. It was total freakshow.

Daily reminder that Poland is a illegitimate country and 99% of their land historically belongs to Germany

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Reported for d&c shilling.

Remember to sage and report, people.
They'll die out in a week after funding is gone.

Not shilling. If you have ever been to German you would know. Or perhaps you are one of those arrogant goblins.

This is how you look like

Poverty and alcoholism can be changed being literal goblin cant be. Now i know why westerners call Slavs subhumans. You are literally compensating. When i was in Germany i wasnt expecting tall aryans or ultramarines but fuck me it felt like i was walking into mordor. Insane.

I've been to Germany over a dozen time you envious turd. I have family there. Do you really expect anyone to take your ghetto anecdote seriously? Hey, look, I can make up stories too.
Do I get a Pulitzer now?

Hey man, it's up to you to fix your people.
well maybe they can go back and try to improve their countries and their people too?

The further we went into Germany more and more people started to look croaked. Like distortion in mirror but more scary. Perhaps the Germans dont even know how croaked their faces and bodies are because of propaganda being best. Things got scary at night because their eyes glowed.

At this point shitskins are doing German people favor of mixing their genes with literal goblins.

The further I went into Poland, more swarthy Slavs wanted to shove kielbasa up my ass. They looked at me with their dirty, wide faces, evidence of their revent toilet cleaning duties. I feared for the integrity of my anus in the presence of such spiced sausage of questionable hygiene.

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That's funny but more funny is to find normal looking German. If i mean normal looking not the mutant from sewers which apparently all of the German people come from.

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this guy's cool

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No more stories? Tell me a story, Polish clown.

cmon man that's not right. you are the product of a 1000 white ancestors, you should be happy while you're at it.



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>Visiting the US with my family in 2001
>(((9/11))) happens
>Every American is either fat or thinks it wasn't a false flag, usually both
>Most of them get triggered when you question the events
>EVERY single of them fall in love with my innocent facw, so I use this to redpill them
>All of them are nice, and as time goes by I become an otaku
>Ironically, I get a crush on a burgerina but many years later I hurt her online using 8ch
>Three years later, I read a manga she recommmended (goodnight punpun… Too broken to cry.
>make sure to make conversation insipid so it's a real goodbye…
>A year later she contacts me after watching the UC Gundams and OVAs… She wants to talk about (I how she feels because I've felt like talking to someone after Char's Counterattack)
>Make sure to act insipid, also just seeing her name makes me sick and my heart to race.
>she stppoed contacting me but I felt even worse for a few weeks
Planning to go to Sweden, anyways, I doubt my DACA will get renewed after I got a visit from Secret Service

nice bait kikey

Try again with another VPN spicboi.

Try what? I need advice from my fellow Zig Forumsacks on how to go to Sweden 🇸🇪

no land in Europe belongs to Germany

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Germany is part Latin American because the real German people went to Latin America. ://3

I used to live in Germany, and while they are cucked to fuck, nothing else that you descried is true. It's actually fucking odd how blonde they are, and that's coming from someone who lives in Northern Europe.

Forget to change IP’s? A bumps a bump I guess!

They are coloring their hair no joke.

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I don't get it.

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I just looked into Nathan Choi… We need to meme him. His opponent is a deep state spic traitor

I will never understand why euros do this.

oh look its the thread subhuman

I'm in Vancouver and I saw some swedes on the bus. Since white people (and natural blondes especially) are rare I immediately knew that they were foreigners. I asked them where they were from and they said Sweden. I told them that they are the master race and then rubbed the one girl's hair in the way that you would pet a dog in the street. The guy didn't do anything about it because swedes are fags I guess. I didn't wash my hands for three days afterwards.

You are even more of an aho than the character you are avatarfagging as.

watcha slidin' shlomo?

Do you have identity issues, OP?

Oh god I can tell how NOT WHITE you are by your usage of weebshit

It's awful


Nice try chaim

Germany survived what killed Rhodesia in a single stroke, more than twice and is still not defeated.
Every day yids and golems have to larp as if we are defeated.
Every day I laugh.
Every day more and more people realize that Germany was the good guy all along.
Every day the collective mental noose tightens further around the jews neck.
Every day I laugh.

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Just wait until the Hapsburgs return to make the most glorious hot mess of an empire in post Roman European history again…

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No lets not have that degenerate inbred clan return please.

Go get raped by a nigger
I suggest holding a "welcome refugees" sign on the border of Sudan

The drinking in the morning, coupled with the loud gibbering sounds very much like the stereotypical portrayal of Slavs. This is an interesting advancement by shills because they are using negative stereotypes of one white groups (Slavs) and superimposing it on another (Germans); encouraging within any German (or simply a person who has some knowledge of Slavic stereotypes) the desire turn the insult back towards the Slav.

It is actually a pretty effective form of shilling, trying to manipulate us into hating on one-another by giving us an easier angle of attack that nonetheless makes us feel 'smart'. Well, we're smarter still; for we aren't going to fall for your tricks. Be gone from here you child of the devil.


Take your cringy maymay back to brit/cuck/