We have to fight back

If we don't become organised, we can't fight back.

If we become organised, they destroy us by doxxing.

How do we get organised without being infiltrated?

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We can't. If you advertise the group on Zig Forums at all, you'll be infiltrated. You would have to start networking IRL.

Converge around ideas, not groups. It's better to appear normal (not in a uniform) if you are doing something publicly and hope to win locals over to your side anyway. Take acceptable talking points public and appear like who you are hoping to win over.

As far as defense, militias need to be local, and NEVER be even spoken of on a phone or the internet.

here's what you should do user.

you kill them.

they can dox you, they can infiltrate you, they can hijack your attempts to organize and use their e-celebs to discredit and detour your groups, they can use Radian6 and Sensus to scrape your memes,, they can use an army of college interns to observe your internal dialogue, they can abuse US intel agency partnerships to use our own SIGINT against us to surveil us, they can use Sharia Blue and Soros war rooms to get you fired, get you divorced, get your kids taken away, get you evicted.

but the one thing they can't do is stop you from going Falling Down on their asses and pulling that trigger on them until your clips are empty. go for glory user. courage is contagious. they can stop some of us some of the time, but not all of us all of the time.

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You have to have layers.
If someone proves to be trustworthy you let them up higher in the chain and so on.
Until they're allowed into the upper echelons were the real master plan is.

what this guy said
What we really need to do is debate on some sort of code or guideline addressing the various concerns in forming groups from fed infiltration and co-opting to spotting the jew and jew enablers and convincing others to ask the JQ.

For instance, to start we would need a list followed by an if then system of determining what is useful.

First the goal, let's say "white interest group"

example list for guidelines and concerns:

and then run the list through some simple if then checks to make sure they are on point

so we go at it like this
yes it is a part of our long term goals
yes it is a part of our goal of forming a white interest group
yes it is a part of our long term goals
yes it is a part of our goal of forming a white interest group
yes it is a part of our long term goals
yes it is a part of our goal of forming a white interest group
yes it is a part of our long term goals
yes it is a part of our goal of forming a white interest group
this is not really a part of our long term goals
this is not key to our goal of forming a white interest group

and then we go along from there and if more changes need to be made then we can do that

An idea I had was something like "by the books rebellion". Find all of the rules and guidelines and laws for establishing a political body and follow them, while clearly and openly stating your end goal. Main reason for this was seeing a federal law that said any organization with the explicit purpose of overthrowing the United states government had to register with the attorney general.

I want to do that. Following all the paperwork, sending the minutes to meetings, pretty much reporting on everything we do. Just to get to the point where they go "oh, it's just another docket from these whack jobs, throw it in the pile."

There's parts of the law that say you have to report all of the weapons that the organizations members own, but I think a other law strikes that down, because it counts as a registry for citizens weapons, which is not allowed. I'd want to get a lawyer for that. Regardless of it was set up specifically to be white nationalists or not, I think the idea of a clearly established domestic terrorists group, specifically wanting to overthrow the government, but following all of the rules, filing tax stamps and filling out all of the correct paperwork, using the government to make sure they never run afoul of the government, until they over throw it, would be good fun for everyone, feds and all.


The main problem is what would be the main purpose of your conspiracy?
Would it be to gather dirt on jews misdeeds?
Would it be to kill influential jews?
You need a mission statement.
Then the rest will fall into place.

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Special interest group for white people. Just like every other race has.

That would be the beginning anyway.

So are you suggesting that Jewish group members should face higher scrutiny?

We can't. In the current year, everyone uses social media to mobilize. Social media is controlled by the left. It's the reason why I am confident the left will take almost everything this coming Tuesday. They control academia, tech, social media, and MSM. We need to take over these mediums to have a chance. I don't see that happening any time soon with the way things are going.

I think user on ideals earlier was more in line with what we need

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I guess the options are:
1. Domestic terrorism
2. Long game. Slowly take back academia, the media etc
3. Something in between?

By organizing offline

How about infiltrate the jews?

I'm saying there should be no jews in a white group.

I thought that went without saying

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Demographically we do not have time for any long games. Our choices for the future are war or slow burn suicide. Pick one.

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Don't be a fucking idiot.

Fed Bait
viable if we can organize and keep our noses clean, but difficult
you should commit no violence on behalf of anyone but yourself

Individuals of the movement join or create clubs open for others of the public. In such origination’s members influence common option, network and recruit others within and into movement, and gain fellowship all within the club. As well as these the goal of clubs is to train; an auto club for teaching of maintenance, a hiking club for survival and leadership skills, a running club for fitness and know the local area, a broad game club for strategic thinking, history club for knowledge and propaganda, etc. The possibilities are truly endless for what for the focuses of clubs. What this makes is a successful bottom up movement is that capitalizes full of the power it has locally creating infrastructure in the local area to its greatest extent. In other words, influence is directly expressed in practical infrastructure in an area. Such clubs when brought to their fullest extent will be essentially a state within a state.

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so many different ways to be "organized":

-start with yourself first, be very particular with what you do and who you hang with. Do not listen to rap music or talk to black people just because it/they seem cool. There is no "off days" when rebuilding our society.

-that should lead to like minded individuals, if not then keep doing what you are doing. You have to be at least the best version of yourself to help out the race. When you find one of the opposite sex, make babies

-raise babies well

-rinse repeat.

there is not 1 final solution to this mess and if you are trying to ask that question you really wouldnt be in this thread. You have to walk before you can run.

I'm just trying to work out how this could be done. They have Antifa as their 'foot soldiers'. We don't have that (don't bring up those larpers wearing the US flag they dont support us).

It seems we should diversify our efforts on the street, the media, academia and in politics. If we did this in Europe, Australia and North America together we can still win.

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What you both said really speaks to me. This seems like a viable way forward.

Every single man should be fit enough to defend himself against 2 antifa in a stand up fight, 10 in a real fight against antifa.

just search for an answer is the most important part. You have just begun this life long and generation long journey for a heaven on earth. One key note.

Never quit. Youll be bombarded with the most vile tricks and your emotions and very understanding of good will be used against you. Withstand these attacks. You might eventually feel that it is hopeless and the situation is too big to defeat but keep going. Eventually youll enjoy the fight. Youll savior every second that you are not a demon. At that moment youll not be scared for your children but happy that you are able to give them the gift of knowing what good and evil is.

The ride never ends, god speed.

I read about those in a magazine.


High IQ post. Would be very unpopular here, but I've greatly considered "converting" to Judaism. It's not an easy ordeal at all, it takes years of supervision under a rabbi and they are certainly good at sniffing out outsiders. Even then, you'll never be a real Jew, just part of the community. I could marry a jewess, but that's not gonna happen.

This isn't a really effective technique, because if a decent number of people attempted it Kikes would quickly catch on.

Small cells of IRL White men and their families. Mutual aid societies. Attack the kikes, their golems and institutions from all sides and work toward inner strength. Anons developing seperately and independently, but converging inevitably over time. Zig Forumsis for sharing knowledge, encouragment and Memetic Warefare strategies. NOT for organizing IRL. We will find each other if we are building and not looking for it.

This user gets it. The right club themes are also a natural filtering mechanism. Hiking clubs most likely wont have BLMniggers, blue hairs or even BASTE MAGA niggers. Yet they are innocent and not easily targetable - they provide cover, actual skill development and the options for potential deeper networking opportunities.

Ill say one thing about this, more people have to be willing to actually engage the fight. Dont be too stupid but even losing some battles can be an overall win in separating the sides and bringing this ordeal out into the open. Right now they are doing guerrilla warfare and we are sacred to hit innocents in the city.

Fuck that lay the entire group to waste. Eventually the innocents will know not to stand next to the masked psycho gang. But again dont be too stupid.

Sorry I should not be so dismissive.
Antifa are not a racial group, at least not on paper, they believe themselves to be an ideological group. Our ideologies are easy to pigeonhole as Nazi because white+nationalist.

Secondarily antifa are useful idiots and the only useful idiots aligned with our singular ethnic goal are white people that go by nazi unironicly, I don't think stormniggers are that violent even.

Number 2 is our best option. Realistically none of us would be willing to throw our lives away for terrorism.
We can run for local office today. Be more open about hiring White people with similar beliefs so we can support ourselves without fear of losing a job.

We need every member to be able to fight them 2 on 1 because they act like predatory pack hunters. They never attack one on 1, they always go for the easiest target and we almost never group up properly.

Get fit.
Stay Together.

wait for it

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oh yeah, and when I say easiest target I don't just mean weak, I mean unguarded. Non stop sucker punches and jumping people from behind.

Where exactly do you think you are?

Do you fucking read?

Yes, you call unironic National Socialists useful idiots, and insinuate "our" ideology is not National Socialism but white nationalist.


Hey man there are no shills in this thread, we can cut down on the hostility.

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Yeah alright fair enough.

No I called Unironic "Nazi"s useful idiots.
Pay attention.

good get

(checking these nationalist quints)

Oh god damnit I wasted fucking satan quints on a fucking correction.

You got the get!

Alright then, I see too many non-National Socialists here, and too many denigrating the path of truth too fucking often here. If that isn't what you intended then no worries I just misread you then.

even with the 123 in front to prepare you for whats coming …. I guess thats the official sign for the race war.

good luck boyz

What about a second accessible version of this board, like a more productive 4chan pass. Good posters get in the board, (and it might grow to be a good safe place for discussion)

Nice id dubs, that idea reminds me of what the left has, something like riseup or someshit like that. I personally think IRL is the only way to go, just isn't as easy.

Honestly there's too much division around here, if a person identifies as a white nationalist but not a national socialist they can still consider me their brother. Not everyone has to understand the intricacies of national socialism to be a part of the cause for the White people. Obviously this board is first and foremost a national socialist board, though.

nothing worth having is easy … this shit is not going to be some fucking video game where you find the secret pass code.

get fucking gud (at life)

how about the fact I just dont like socialism … why not white, christian capitalism like the founding fathers … with a little fascism to make sure the scum of the society and journalists know their place

As long as they understand race above all they can be our brothers. But National Socialism is adherence to the truth and Natural Order, anything else is a distraction from that and nothing more than a lie.

Believe me I know, I think organizing online is stupid, forming close knit cells of people IRL you know personally is the best option. Anything else is open for easy infiltration. I don't want easy I want secure, especially when today your life can be ruined/you can be killed for things worth doing.

Good idea, but I'm not sure I would trust this site to do that. A site can promise freedom and discussion all it wants, but the weakest link is always the highest person in control. A site where a singular person has total control, and a person whom we can trust to not fuck us over.

In this day and age it's hard not to be friend

I'm not interested in them. They do more harm then good and are probably a cia/(((them))) psyop to discredit us

However the more I read the more it seems that's not a good strategy, not yet anyway. Small special interest clubs growing organically seem a good place to start.

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That's fine, I get it, it's more about the ideals and values of national socialist thinkers than anything else. The actual governing structure isn't as much of a concern for me. The distinction is so insignificant, because it's not like we're establishing a new government any time soon.

Maybe if we created an i2p board that needs a self signed SSL cert to access that can only be shared IRL. Too many points of failure though. Something like that could work if we ironed out those issues, even if the address and cert had to be updated weekly.

No worries but what matters most is real white people buddy, Natsoc is just the best model we know of, followed by the republic as far as I know

Decentralized local power is the absolute best model for sure. It's part of the revolution in the states in both reason and strength.

It would be great to get a working model of that, hand off a USB pen drive to your local group and then feed them some sort of i2p RSS equivilant on goings on and such.

Better still, a custom built image of Tails or Heads on a USB stick that you just plug into your computer and boot to get access to stuff. Only down side is you gotta have a guy savvy enough to build it.

this guy gets it

we are lucky to live in an age where organization is not required to kill kikes

well unfortunately this thread is about organizing so shelve that idea for now

Isn't that kinda working backwards, though? If you already have irl connections there is little need for internet communication. I think the ultimate goal should be a site that roots out shills and spooks and allows us to form irl groups, and do stuff like help our local communities, give eachother jobs, help eachother run for local political positions.

I've been researching groups while following this thread. One thing i'd recommend is to start your own or at least NOT join a club with national affiliations, as these are generally pozzed with typical antiracism bullshit. Example:

Well since you asked I put half a thought into it and I think the idea is secure non verbal non face to face communication to keep in touch. so I don't have to walk up to a member of my group every time I want to communicate something.

One line in and I've already lost my will to read any more.

and I misread that as wetness

Learn astral projection and then communicate securely in a closed off dimension where not even demonic jew energies can enter, not even top trained cia black ops niggers will be able to infiltrate your channels of communication.

I don't think any of us have the first clue on how to start an organization. If you're in a university it's easy, but beyond that it's a mystery. Perhaps we need a thread on how to find local groups or start your own.

And what kind of group would it be? Ideally an outdoorsman/ light military training/ volunteering in your community/ political group, but it has to be niche enough that it's something you can't just go out and do with your buddies on a weekend.


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There's already some skinheads in my area, I would probably try to hook up with them to start but I know that's a terrible idea.

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Probably a hiking group like another user mentioned. It's typically a white interest and you wouldn't even need to hike often, it's essentially a 'front' operation.

If you also did neighbourhood clean ups and other good wholesome activities less people would be able to call you 'nahzees' and if they did, people may come out and talk about the good work the club is doing. This would take time of course, but could be worth it.

It would be for people you already know irl, not really for people you dont know. Or, once different clubs have formed alliances it would allow a larger network to form.

What was the punishment for a male knowingly marrying a jew and producing offspring in the third reich? I researched this topic myself but most of the sources came from places that are known to be compromised like wikipedia and I have been unable to find much from trustworthy sources.

According to the rassenchandre page some time in a concentration camp or imprisonment was a minimum and could even be a death sentence in some cases. How accurate is this?

I remember some jews got a pass inquisition style if they recanted being jews or something, so when you say jew what do you mean exactly?

Mass organization will only occur after the instability caused by system collapse makes intelligence operations infeasible.

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Decentralized and localized white interest groups would also serve to make intelligence ops infeasible.

No, thats not true, Jews are Jews by blood, no one "got a pass" for "recanting". Some WW1 veteran mixed race Jewish veterans were given special treatment, in that they would be allowed to leave the country on a special pass, or to re-enlist and serve again, up to a lower leadership role.
Some mixed race people were allowed to marry other mixed race people. Thats not the same thing.

Yea its called the M-Plan and the counter is the M-Plan in reverse, see South Africa, its been done before.

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(also thats inherently communistic and alien to our ideology Id point out, commies set up local councils, we set up a head)

I'm referring to a genetic jew trying to obtain the seed of an aryan man in order to produce a more superior offspring presumably to counteract the thousands of years of inbreeding and enable the offspring to be more successful jewing.

Asking because I've noticed there's alot of mischling jews in position of power and I think it's part of the whole white genocide agenda, they want to steal our genetics to become the most superior race while doing away with us.

It was revealed to me someone I know was actually in this exact scenario.

I cant find the pdf for this book which is really fucking annoying because I know I have it, but it outlines the different types of structure one being centralized and another decentralized. If someone finds me the fucking thing Ill dig it out. Its on pdfs somewhere and I should have it saved. I have the physical copy but that does no good.

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Developing this further:
I think Right Wing Hiking Squads works perfect actually. Its easy to hop around hiking groups that already exist, make a friend or two and form a breakaway group. You can dip your toes with minimal intial investment (social, time, monetary) compared to say, an auto club or military tactics club. Wait for others to bring up social or political issues and identify potential allies to befriend and break off with. It may take weeks or months of hopping around to even find one worthy ally but you get /fit/ and are out in nature anyway, so what's the real downside?
With even 1-2 potential allies you can segway into more advanced skill building and knowledge exchange groups and eventually form a mutual aid society. This is the meat and potatoes here as it forms the substrate for what mentions - a state within a state.

there is the meadhall board
but everyone outside of western europe is too distant from on another, ie your infrasructure is too shite for you guys to meet up

It seems simple, but seeing it written out like this really helped a lot. It makes a lot of sense to make some friends then splinter off into a more political or radical Hiking Squad. Thanks, I'm going to try this out myself.

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These are the highlights from the first part of the book which sums up the general logic and strategy, condensed into one easily spread image.

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Keep spreading the truth to your friends and family a little at a time. Create conversation, advance the dialogue. Focus on rational arguments.

Exercise what little political power you have to the fullest extent you possibly can.

Train yourself mentally and physically for an upcoming conflict. Become /fit/, become Zig Forums. Don’t blackpill or be blackpilled. When the lights fall, you’ll know what to do.

As am i. Ive been thinking of ways to network all day and just drew that up thanks to some anons thoughts ITT. As I stated in my first post ITT Zig Forums is for idea exchange and encouragement of bretheren.
When doing this it is very important, I think, to act neutral and let others do the talking at first w.r.t. politics and social issues. Obviously no one intelligent is going to reveal their powerlevel, but a few markers of a potential ally:
- negative attitude toward illegal immigration, even if tempered with "legal immigration is ok" as that is usually just a defensive qualifier to not come off as rayciss to the group
- Support for trump while not yapping at all about Israel (forget trump the man and philosemite - use it more as a social filtering mechanism) if they yap about israel our greatest ally, this disqualies them entirely of course
- interest in european or american history especially the civil war without yapping about muh slavery
- interest in conservation and ecology without muh climate change and the Progressive Stack

Alright I'll take your word for it since I don't remember that well.
Got a link I could look at?
Bud I am not going to buy into centralized power, that shit always get's co-oped by the jews. Government heads, Popes, business leaders and more, centralized power is a non strategy.

Wew user, you're gonna have to share that story.