Wiki leaks is a controlled opposition

So Zig Forums what do we know about this organization, their behavior in recent times seems erratic. Now they seem to be working with the democRATS.

That ALJazeera documentary and now this tweet right at the time of elections proves they are Soros' dogs and are controlled opposition isn't it?

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assange got banned

All it proved is that Jews won

If anything that tweet proves they ARENT controlled oposition.

Reported for spam.

Nothing in that tweet is wrong or somehow aligned with Dems you patriotard.

This is the only 100% retarded and undefendable side of Trump's politics.
I welcome the shitlibs attacking him from this side for strategic reasons, but it won't happen, it would be as suicidal for them as naming the kike.

The left is unusually salty about that shitlib WaPo journalist getting made into kebab. It's not like he was the first. Some goofball made a thread here a couple weeks ago calling himself a glownigger with a call to action to show up at a gay protest for regime change in KSA.

I don't know why the left suddenly cares about KSA, but maybe it's due to divisions in the Saud family. I think some prince is trying to push MBS out.

Yeah I guess allowing unprecedented levels of legal immigration and being a cashcow for Israel is just fucking fine.

Assange and Wikileaks have been fucked for some time now. Ever since about the time of the release of those three security files which did not match the pre-release hashes. Wikileaks was clearly compromised, and no one in the organization would address these issues. How many high level people in Wikileaks have died in the last few years? It's been quite a few.

Something is rotten with Wikileaks. I think the Emails and Pizzagate caused the bad guys to clandestinely take Wikileaks offline. As this information had the potential to thwart their plans for world domination.

Imagine being so retarded that you think this tweet proves they're controlled op

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next level boomerism

They're anarchists, not trumpcucked neocons.

Julian assange is dead or has been tortured for 2 years now.
Wikileaks and their twitter have been controlled by three letter agencies to defame them and use them as political leverage.
It is only getting worse

I'm beginning to think that this dead man's key is non existent.

let me know when these wikileak CIAnigger faggots do anything other than pretend that kikes arent trying to genocide whites and spreading a bunch of tit for tat democracynigger distraction trash

When niggers kill each other, humans always win

You mean hymies always win and we get more of these as refugees.

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That doesn't mean shit. It merely doesn't' go far enough. The house of Saud is a jewish house.
OP should lurk 2 more years as that's common knowledge for any relevant poster on Zig Forums.

Holy shit. Just leave and get banned please. No one wants your plebbit tier T_D shilling.

They're were Trumpniggers calling Bowers a democrat because he didn't love the ZOG Emperor.

No, humans win. Kikes are parasites and can never win. All they can do is attach themselves to winners, which isn't ever niggers, including the gross sand variety.

I'm sorry are we supposed to give a shit about journalists and brown people killing eachother?

Go back to reddit and suck jew cock there.

Assange got into this thinking he'd be dealing with graft or garden variety corruption. Then someone started sending him shit about Skippy thinking pizza prostitutes are hot shit, the Queen of England liking the taste of Cree children from BC, and Hillary and Huma eating kids on camera.

Maybe you should have stuck to hacking banks, Mendax.

< let's get hillary elected, so we can have communism, which is unlimited funding for kikes!

daily reminder literally everyone and everything but the people that post on 8/pol/ and do nothing else are controlled opposition don't do anything goy

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There's literally nothing wrong about this tweet, any fucking president that ever takes office will take the place of Trump in that political "artpeice".

Sage for autism.

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Fuck off, moshe.

>oy vey they isn't in bed wit da (((sawdiz))) i swea'!

you can at least argue and find (((1488D chess))) reasons for these

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the dead man key (to the insurance fie) has 4 parts. 3 part were released and the 4th was incomplete and corrupted. Maybe they got to the 4th key before it was successfully transmitted and 'cut the wire' before it got out. Assange may be dead and since 2016 we may have only been seeing CGI of Assange.