Christopher Cantwell

Christopher Cantwell

This is what an FBI Intel asset and agent provocateur looks like and acts.

He today's version of Hal Turner, the white nationalist shock jock who was an FBI asset.

In this HBO Vice video, Christopher Cantwell says the following things:

The FBI has Intel assets implanted in several white supremacy sects, as well as the radical ANTIFA group, according to federal law enforcement sources

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They ignore jewish supremacy groups, because they're kike'd to the core. We know what happens to traitors

Listen to the entire 4 hour interview he actually did with Vice. A great deal of context is missing.
It's called going to the gym and stopping being a fat fuck.
Self defense is always valid.
Meaning people will die because multicult results in clashes and crime. At a minimum hundreds of people have died since that interview because the USA was not immediately balkanized into ethnically homogeneous zones. That is what he was talking about, it's in the full interview on his website, and that line has been addressed at least a dozen times since then.
Go the fuck back to Karen Straughn's channel, this is the same shit commies said in the comments section after her interview with him before he even wrongfully went to jail.

He's such a cringy caricature that literally looks like some Hollywood made character.

Not to mention he cried on national TV. Someone with an IQ in the double digits have enough brains to know that is not a good idea.

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If you truly think Cantwell is some kind of an asset you're more of a clueless retard than most. Cantwell is not valuable as an asset because Cantwell doesn't know shit and nobody is following him as an example of how to act.

You're either a butthurt tranny/commie that he made fun of or you're an asset yourself. Either way, kill yourself niggerfaggot.

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Going to the gym and learning to shoot is making yourself more capable of violence
if I kill in self defense, am I as bad or worse than leftist killers?
How many gun owning americans aren't proud and gladly show off their gun coelctions?
Well, isn't it a plus?
Aren't they? Dont you want to gas kikes and race war now?
where is the lie?

requesting the pic of cantwell spreading his asscheeks
all of his fans are free to post themselves doing the same thing

He's no White Nationalist. There is no such thing as a "White Nationalist". It's just one of many kike boogeymen personified by a title slapped onto groups that don't exist. Many people being pushed to the right from ordinarily being centrists are pushed there by the open rhetoric against Whites on social media.

The only thing I am curious about is why this is popping up now, and what it says about OP. The only but thing recently is that the feds are after Azzmador and he is still on the run, and the Daily Stormer guys claimed that Cantwell sold them out when he said he only gave info on antifa. The information they got on Azzmador was all on video and they are trying to Cantwell him now and he is running, but despite it being the government and the shitty location chosen that fucked him I could see Azzmador and the Daily Stormer lashing out at Cantwell just because it is what they would do in exactly this situation. It fits the standard profile

Cantwell's entertaining, his recently abandoned scheme of gathering enough guys to do impromptu fash mobs armed with rifles was pretty suspect though.

cantwell is a kike
you dont actually spend your precious free time listening to kikes, do you?

This shill tactic never actually convinced anyone Hasbara, just letting you know.

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All of the FBI informants like Cantwell and Anglin have been telling their dumb audience to vote down ticket neocon, too

90% of these so called white nationalists would have been locked up in concentration camps for being anti social.

Must have missed the whole decade prior to 1933 where the Brownshirts were 'anti-social' and spent most of them time smashing up communist bars, getting in gunfights and holding giant swastika parades

That's a good idea. Vote down ticket republican on the 6th.

Christopher Cantwell was advocating killing cops a decade ago, when he was hanging out with lolbergs. He's always been a cointelpro asset.

Nah I've listened to Cantwell for years, long before he was the crying Nazi. I believe him. Op get your head out of your ass and realize that if we want our own country we are going to have to be violent. Shlomo isn't just going to give it to us.

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fuck off nigger. a white state will require killing milliions of people and if you don't look forward to that prospect then you're a gigantic faggot. we should thank our wimpy predecessors for importing so many swarthy targets

Yeah this is a good plan. Aren't you accelerationist? We want to left to go absolutely nuts.

Because no American could get angry about the state of affairs?

Good luck not having issues with your eyes after being peppersprayed twice in two days, while being hit with the realization of how fucked everything is, the disillusionment and injustices faced by any that seek to do what our forefathers did since the beginning of time: standing up for their, and their peoples, interest.

Even if Hitler were to return, he wouldn't be nearly enough for you.

Hello fbi-kun


LMAOing @ you
fuck off TRSodomite, nobody gives a shit about you, your opinions, your arch nemesis honeypot Gabbai, or Cantwell.

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keep trying to vote the white genocide away, faggot

Fuck off alt kike shill

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His worst sin is giving kikes yet another platform through his 'baste jew' caller(s) who claim to share common interests. Second worse offense is talking to the judenpresse.

I don't mind that he advocates violence. Violence is a concept that we have to make space in our minds for. It's something to hash out in advance because when it's required you don't want to find yourself still on the fence.


Grab a tissue you little baby

fuck off anglin.

He spent years as a lolberg railing against the police/gov't tyranny. I'm not sure why he was so shocked to experience it in person, especially in a place like fucking Cville.

Remind me again what happened to the leaders of the SA.

Daily reminder that Cantwell is an autistic Frankenstein who was initiated into White Nationalism and the Aut-Kike by Kike Eunuch and Apedre.

I love how Zig Forumscucks will absolutely turn on white people in a heartbeat at a moments notice but will also bend over and suck nigger and jew dick at every opportunity. lol

What the fuck I love the fbi now

Anyone who doubts that hasn't seen his appearance on Colbert. Holy fuck.

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< he's still asshurt that /baph/ doxed their gay e-celebs and they turned out to be sodomites and kike fuckers

Pretty much. Zig Forums was successfully astroturfed with the e-celeb meme to contain jew hate here and not support any people being vocal about it in a more public fashion. Some niggers here actually think every single person who is openly anti-jew is a fed. It's mind-boggling. Your metric for the truth is always: Is what this person saying good or bad for the jew? And you judge accordingly from there.


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this meme needs the word "wignat" crammed in there.

To be fair, Peinovich couldn't do much better than her. He was a NYC bugman working in IT, a city where it's 1/3 Jews.

So, the man finds out about Jews, he opened his eyes, he learned more. Now they're separated and he's openly exposing Jews. You have to be an actual retard if you listen to Strike & Mike and think "this is good for Jews"

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someones behind the paywall.

Yeh. This.

I actually don't care for the TRS guys that much. Sven is a fag, McNabb is an even bigger fag with those nigger ear gauges.

Pienovich is alright at times, but the only show I care for is Strike & Mike, because the only value is Eric Striker. Him and Roosh are the only two I can stand.

Yeah, I know "Roosh rape muslim," go on Jews, pretend that guy doesn't throw out constant valid criticism of the social atmosphere of the modern Western world and how screwed up modern women are.

Hello and welcome to the Federal Agenda

She came on the podcast multiple times, no pilpulling will change that. You'd have to be an actual retard to think a podcast that hosted a dragqueen-obsessed B'nai B'rith Youth chapter president was really anti-kike.

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Even Hitler documented his progression to anti-semitism in Mein Kampf.

You do realize most people are not anti-semitic, because they've been groomed by society to not see the Jews insidiousness?

So, let me ask you then: do you say the same thing to every dumb oblivious goy today who is married to a Jewess, who then becomes anti-semitic? Or even the goys who have Jew friends, and then learn about Jews and become anti-semitic. What do you say to them?

If you want to pretend that there is some permanent guilt-by-association for every white who has mingled with Jews (which is inevitable in America unless you're some clairvoyant intuitive genius who just was born with innate Jewdar that looks at them like cancer for no reason), then you're just being unreasonable.

Coalburners are another story though: women who've fucked niggers need the rope.

Do you agree with Striker that weev being a kike is something "made up by newsweek"?

Nigger, she was on his supposedly jew-wise and pro-White podcast as recently as 2015, and photographed with him at HWNDU.

Eunuch knows is followers like you are retarded. He brought his wife onto the air to say things she didn't believe and pretend she was something she wasn't, why do you think he's being sincere? You're as gullible as the people who would say Hal Turner was "legit now" over the years.

Often zionism in the US is really nothing more than misplaced and distorted nationalism. White people often NEED something to be nationalistic towards, be it the left and their brown coalitions or the "right" and their Jews. So long as it isn't just working-class white people, it's okay according to the establishment.

It's sad.

I don't know what the deal is with Weev. I know he's helped Anglin stay online, and I know Anglin was doing a lot of good writing about Jews, and the Jews were going hard after taking down DailyStormer.

You can't deny that TDS was really pissing Jews off, and Weev helped with that. You also have to acknowledge that there were one or two decent Jews in history: Hitler regarded the writer of Sex & Character – Otto Weininger – as a good Jew (he was, like Weev, antisemitic).

Whether or not Weev is a Jew, I don't know, but his actions have been antisemitic, that I do know, and that's what counts. If there were a race war today, and a nigger was slaughtering other niggers, would you say "get the fuck out nigger" to him?

A lot of the basement-dwelling fucktards here probably would. Or… Jews? Yes, more likely the lot of Jews that now post here.

Either way, Striker isn't without fault: he wasted time with that brainlet moron Heelturn (Joachim). Striker is too much of a tech boomer to get his own shit going.

His face is an insult by itself. It’s as though the glows are implying that people who are conscious of their own ethnic interests are so genetically inferior as to be afflicted, one and all, with alopecia and a low test jawbone. Absolute parody.

You got me there. Nothing scares the kikes more than Apedre's strategy of voting straight republican. The modern day elder of zion, Sheldon Adelson, just spent $55 million to achieve just that…


how fucking autistic can you be? Next you will be saying that breathing air is a kike symbol because (((they))) do it too. (((breathing air)))

It’s like he’s cracked the board’s underlying algorithm. Reminds me why some people literally disdain politics themselves as philosophy for dummies, which itself may as well be theology for hedonists.


t. asshurt TRSodomies

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No, I believe Hunter Wallace's lists of proof.

The same is true of bugmen who go to other countries to immerse themselves in the culture and learn the language. The way they talk about it, they know that up until then what they had experienced is empty and plastic.

Did any one archive the 2 episodes Cantwell put up after the libtard bitch he was fucking had an abortion? He put up 2 episodes having a mental break down then shoahed them.

OP is 100% faggot. Please go kill yourself.

Cantwell had been making racial podcasts for at least 2 years before charlottesville. All his shows are on youtube, go listen for yourself.

When David Icke talks about reptilians, is he using a metaphor for Jews?

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You don't need to be an expert to own a firearm.

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Damn, how stupid do you have to be? Get a fucking stick if you want to go spear fishing.

Never been to TRS. Have always assumed it was a honeypot or at least watched closely enough by the feds that it might as well be. 8/pol might be monitored, but not likely as closely as TRS.

You are still an autist for suggesting that flames are owned by jews. Hey guys, jews use a star as their logo, all stars = jews. Yeah, 6-1=5. Five pointed (((star))) means you are a jew.

Checked. No, he's being literal. Best I can say, is that he didn't come up with the theory. A lot of people talked about it (mostly supposed abuse victims) for a good twenty years. He met some, talked to them and found them credible. He also claims to have had a first hand experience (in the toilet haha) with former UK PM Heath.

Cantwell did nothing wrong.

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I dunno who you're kidding, we've been on their radar probably since the first exodus. Time Magazine knows who we are, you're delusional if you think the alphabets don't.

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This never happened. Link and timecode to the exact thing you are referencing. His episodes are all public. Go ahead.

Your mom is a kike.

What else is there to do logically?

I don't think you know what that means but okay. He's always advocated defensive use of force, regardless of who the initiator is.

Same. Idiots come on here to smear him and forget that lots of us have been here since before episode 1 of the pogrom.

I am a half-roach half-german hapa and I look more white than this Untermensch.

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No you don't and he's Italian and fuck off back where you belong.

Nigger you what? I have been listening to all of his shows for months now. He definitely bounced around the idea of "gathering an army of a hundred armed Nazis for a peaceful demonstration" on his show for a long while. He even mentioned it in his full uncensored interview with vice he uploaded on his site. Around the time he got kicked off of his credit card processor, which was probably about a month ago at this point, he nixed it. It's all there. I can't link you to a specific episode but if you actually been listening it was definitely an idea he was entertaining.


You gay for him?

he said after C-ville that no one should be doing anything like that for a while, no rallies, nothing, let alone an armed march


why do you guys get invested into any of this shit ? The amount of phoniness is ridiculous. It's way easier to call out the corruption around this as a macro level that stay zoomed into this rubbish.

This was a literal SHILL event, there were SHILLS there all over the place.

You're so close.

C-ville is almost ancient history at this point. Around the time he got back to new Hampshire he definitely started floating the idea of armed marches. Be honest, do you listen to the show? I do. And he was definitely floating the idea for a while.

nothing is going to stop any of this except exposure of the forces behind the scenes, something that Trump should have been well advanced in doing if he was actually putting America first.

He hasn't even taken steps to reinstall the 4th estate and protections on government manipulation in any way, as far as we know he hasn't even given orders for the propaganda and psychological operations to stop. This is very disappointing.

These are people who think WWII actually represented "good vs. evil"
They're not exactly prudent around here.

you're both kikes

You could not vote for neocons.

It did represent good vs evil.

So everyone on Zig Forums?

Calling yourself a "white nationalist" implies that you are just one ethnicity in "a hodge podge" of USA. Just call yourself loyal American and racialist or something like that. Only European blood is USA/America

Story time! Before Cantwell was larping as a white nationalist he was larping as a libertarian. Before he was larping as a libertarian her was larping as a member of the manosphere. He's been from more organizations than most people have ever joined in their entire lifetime and it's insanely well documented, going back years before anyone even knew who he was (like this blog from 2015, talking about events that happened years before, he has always advocated for some kind of violence even over the silliest shit.

He was publicly tossed out of the New Hampshire libertarian movement for telling people to kill police officers and mailmen in 2013, but somehow ended up on the Colbert Report harassing meter maids, following them around with a camera and calling them tax-thieves and racists by the end of 2014.

By 2017 he was on vice, now as a spokesman for the alt-kike. He just floats from movement to movement as an agent provocateur, and nearly every group he has ever been a member of has tossed him on his ass, and for good reason. But he's never failed to garnish plenty of media attention to discredit whatever group he's currently in. You don't have to believe me. look up sources on him from his years as a manosphere homo or a lollbertarian.

pic not related.

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I have listened. He wasn't racially aware. He hated niggers but did not accept the reality of race or the JQ whatsoever. The reading he did while locked up is what opened his eyes to the truth. Trying to paint Cantwell as some long con government asset is utterly retarded. The dude is an ex-degenerate lolberg who has had some rough wake up calls in the past couple years and has decided to accept the truth and move forward the best he can while improving himself and his situation. That describes a good many pro-White individuals in this fucked up clown world. Most were not born 1488 and very few have escaped the disgusting nature of the current kiked out planet unscathed. Anyone shitting on him for that is exactly the type of cunt who will swing alongside the kikes and other agent provocateurs when the time comes.

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You liars are always so transparent and hilarious

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all white people are born 1488, because that is natural
1488 is programmed out of them by (((modern culture)))

Has there ever been a recorded case of someone being a full-on 14/88 from birth, who never sinned or made a mistake?

The greatest irony is that this idea is just like how the Jews look at their Messiah, they expected a great warlord to defeat the entire Roman Empire. They got Jesus Christ instead and got so angered they threw away everything he had to offer.

Is there anyone out there who you /pol faggots don’t think is a shill/Jew/fed?

As a listener of Cantwell's podcast for numerous years, this is true. He read many books while locked up. That and experiencing facing a life in prison for protesting communists who white to destroy white identity shocked him out of his slumber. He's really a changed guy now.

It's a purity spiraller shill. Just ignore. No one was born a Jew-pilled natsoc. His standards are purely absurd prima facie.

And yet Cantwell is the least worse aspect of the alt-kike. Blatant shills and cucks such as Anglin, Weev, Enoch, Spencer, etc. are far more annoying.

That was painfully obvious from the Vice doc. He was hamming it up so much he was clearly playing a role, one that was meant to make us look like lunatics.

You're not white, shit skin.

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Robert Bowers, PBUH.

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