Zig Forums humor thread?

Zig Forums humor thread?

Posting OC.

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Sauce for bottom pic

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In other news:

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Can you guys even imagine how horrific it must be to be groomed by Cenk Ogre?

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but they are though

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Forgive the phoneposting. I never renamed them.

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I always really liked those Middle-Earth reports.

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Please don’t stop the music

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So my friend and I were hanging out at a bar and I said,

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this will never get old

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That second pic, it's funny because it's true. If Jesus were around today they'd be kvetching so hard.

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is this some cuckchan drama or something?

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Is that real?

I fed them popcorn when I was a kid. Was that okay?

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Last thumbnail in the 1st pic is fake.

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The folly of the vietnam war was using slaves.
Slave soldiers never work well. Also criticising criminals and misfits in the military? The French Foreign Legion disagrees and laughs at you.
If a military force is comprised of slaves then it will not have any interest in your war or desire to win.
So you'll wind up with the Vietnam situation where the most effective enemy propaganda engine will be your own troops and your volunteers will have to be on constant guard for "accidents" caused by the slaves.

Sure is cuckchan around here.

I have absolutely no idea what the oc in op is about. Should be spoilered tbh

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Always knew Maine is best state.

Indeed, this is relevant to my interests.

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Oh god, femtrump should not have been made. Disturbingly attractive.

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Can anyone webm this video please?
I tried and the file is too large, it appears.

They may as well just hand out science awards to flat earth baiters at this point

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This will always be my favorite.

I don't know about "6 million dead jews" but that is one angry semite.

Ominous shit I hadn't seen before, and I never quite knew how to take it. I seriously hope she's over 18, she shouldn't be there otherwise.

Trump as a woman reminds me of Jennifer Saunders.

Bannon, with a touch of lippy, some bog and fillers looks less grizzled, a bit like an amateur English milf. Onanastically, I could potentially cast pearls to be sniffed by devils if I stumbled across that She-Bannon photo while searching for saucy pics of school marmish tarts but I couldn't continue once my brain realised she looks very similar to Steve Bannon.

with any luck this thread will be killed and no bastard will see this.

with any luck this thread will be killed and no bastard will see this.
Kek sees all, and the internet never forgets.

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gonna start dumping some OC + classics I found over the past several years. tired of all the meta threads and personal blogs flooding this board.

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if anyone is wondering why the happy Hitler file names say tumbr, this was when we were fucking with IDF after an article was posted about sourcing memes written by some kike. Dumping more uncle Adolfs.

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Except private ownership of rocket launchers is what the Constitution says, and what the Founders intended. American privateers owned battleships, and it was PRIVATELY OWNED BATTLESHIPS that ended the War of 1812. British merchants BEGGED PARLIAMENT TO SURRENDER to the US because Americans were trolling THE WATERS OF THE BRITISH ISLES THEMSELVES and blocking all trade and fishing. They were the 1812 equivalent of Zig Forums.

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I'm for whites owning anything provided it doesn't need professional maintenance to not kill your neighbor, IE bio warfare

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