US MIDTERMS - "As a white person, I want to defeat white supremacy"

>(((Ilana Glazer))) wants to see America defeat white supremacy and elect representatives who reflect the diversity of our country — make your plan to vote before November 6th

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The vid

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She's pretty hot.

Race traitors hang first.

user, …

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But genetically she is a closer relation to me than a Greek or a Russian. They are near identical to Germans, just a slightly higher proportion of haplogroup k.

Then you're first in line to the oven, nice to know.

How genetically similar are you?

kinda goblin are you, user? You're so inbred you'll pass for just about anything. It's not your fault, but at the same time it being so mixed and mixed doesn't make you a snowflake. it just makes you disease-ridden

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I am 3/8 Irish 3/8 French 1/8 English and 1/8 Welsh. I am mixed but I guess by Zig Forums standards I am of one race.. the white race. Because we are all the same, one people.

Poisoning the well 101. Needs training. You're way too obvious moshe.

I have never even seen a Jew.

nope, they die on them

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muh show was cancelled
muh scapegoat is muh WP, yeah that is it…
muh 15 min over… must stay relevant…

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plz kys

You are on the internet. Do some research.


I'm not selling anything.

Uh…that don't look white to me…

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Anyone with even one eye can see the NOT whiteness emanating from this goblina

I can almost smell the ((( rat ))) stench just from the photos.

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And by the photographs you can judge the usual sincerity and the modesty of the jew.

you mean she's an ugly as fuck 3dpd kikess?
shill detected.
Here everyone, have some eye bleach.

Forgot pic.>>12367189

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Actually false. Even "European" Jews are closer in ancestry to Arabs than they are to Europeans.

I would like to see some proofs.

the yid

When you hear "As a white person" you know that person saying it isn't white.

doesn't she know both parties are bad for white supremacy and we're only supporting republican for momentum

That thing is pretty fucking gross. She was so worthless i had to google her and i still barely got anything.

Only bad puppets tug on their own strings.

that's try but my point is to autistically call it out

Lol what are you even trying to do? First day on the job? Literally not even the newest of newfags is going to fall for that trick.


she's right goys, i mean guys

>absolutely aryan

since when do anons take the bait so readily?

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start putting up 'jews aren't white' posters, what will they say?
is it racist to say jews are white, or is it racist to say they are niggers? personally I think jews should admit their niggerdom.

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She claims she was born in St. James, NY which is over 90% non-hispanic white, but they don’t break down the demographics between white and (((white))). However…phoneposting faggot

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5 synagogues per square mile
>90% (((non-hispanic white)))

The jews thinking they are better than niggers is one of the most cosmically hilarious jokes in the universe.
Even niggers can build huts and raise crops, but jews are so fucking stupid and useless they couldn't even do that. They could barely live in tents!

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Exactly. Looking it up, they didn’t break it down between whites and jews, but their filthy presence is easy to see. It’s a rich neighborhood infested with parasites fat from ill-gotten gains.

you mean nationalism?

Got a source on that user? And thanks for the map.

Ha ha. No.

whats better? a straight republican ticket? or a mix of republican and politicians who will never get elected.

This, defo would breed with

top jej
lmao, the comments are getting blitzkrieged
fuck you, filthy kikes

when a "white" person claims that they're white for X reason you know it's a jew.

"All white men need to kill themselves"-A "white" male professor.

fucking kek.
Imagine being surpassed by niggers even after stealing all that silver.

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all jews are also cucks because of how they pass down jewishness.
think about it, if a jewish woman fucks a nigger and gives birth; the child is jewish. if a jewish man fucks a mutt with a jewish father and non-jewish mother, the child still isnt jewish, but the half nigger is.

Wouldn't stop until I turned her vaj into S.P.Q.R. 2.0

Will the immigrants stand with her when we're building the gas chambers?

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One of the main components of the insidiousness of the kike is that jewishness is matrilineal. It allows their women to act as biological weapons against the goyim by using their khazar milkers and wombs to produce more enemies of the White race. Kikery is matriarchal by default which can be seen clearly in the abundance of mommy issues that your average Ashkenazi male has. Kikes in all aspects are in opposition to the natural order, putting their females at the top of their hierarchy is part of this. It's also part of why they're always pushing feminism upon the goyim as it acts not only to destabilize their target group but also when practiced widely by the goyim makes the kike men feel less inadequate comparatively, which is a huge deal to these parasitical rats with all their neurosis.

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Has anyone ever witnessed a jew give birth? I don't believe they do. Not like humans at least.

This is the kind of gore I can't handle.

their women shave their heads and wear wigs. anything to go against the natural order.

dont be fooled though. "non-jews" born of kike fathers are not goyim. they still behave and act against the rest of humanity. never let the "but his mom isnt jewish" serve as an excuse.

I can understand how Jews who have skin tones and facial features like Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper LARP as being white, but how does someone like this do it and actually believe that they are? She looks like some Semitic-hispanic hybrid to me.



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Nikolas Cruz- not jewish. (Adopted)
Elliot Rodger - not jewish. (Chinese mother.)
James Eagan Holmes- not jewish. (nurse mother.)
Jared Lee Loughner- not jewish. (Private fimaly, no proof he was jewish.)
Adamn Lanza- never existed.
Dylan Klebold- not jewish ( Catholic.)

… the fuck…

notice the image has no sources, disregard

His father is a jew.
His father is a jew.
His parents are jews

Fuck off jews

You too.



Those mass shooters were white.

You've confirmed you sure as hell are one, you filthy sheeny fuck.

Choke on a bowl of herpes foreskins.

I'll disregard your post you matzo ball cunt.

You're absolutely correct. Their kikes in everything but "official" name. Basically they're the equivalent of mulatto mongrels. They aren't fully accepted by either group and therefore are forever outcasts and generally very dangerous and vitriolic because of it.

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93.79% on here. Doesn’t break it out, but only about 3% living there speak Spanish so it’s about 90%. There’s probably other stuff out there that does it better but it gives you an idea when combined with stuff like all those synagogues.

>mix of (((whites))) and mutts
sure thing chaim

Is jewish
"Columbine school shooter Dylan Klebold revealed he was Jewish when he mentioned dreading a family Passover seder — creating a tense moment with his fellow shooter, his mother said.

She recalled seeing a video after the shooting in which Dylan Klebold mentioned the upcoming seder, leading to a tense moment with Harris, who she thinks was previously unaware Klebold had Jewish family.

“What was surprising and shocking about that component of the tapes was that it was obvious to Eric that he didn’t know that Dylan had Jewish family members – that it was a surprise to Eric. And I remember Dylan sort of backpedaling and saying, ‘Well, she’s not really Jewish. She’s really just sort of an eighth Jewish, or maybe a fourth Jewish,’” Sue Klebold said.

“And Eric stared at him in the tapes. And there is a moment in observing those where you really wonder what Eric is going to do, if he is going to extend sort of a condemnation to Dylan or to me. And it’s very quiet for a moment. And you can see that Dylan is visibly shaken by having to reveal this.”

Read more:
The entire motivation behind the Columbine murders was hatred for Christianity, targeting girls holding bibles, stating "where is your God now"

What next claiming zionist terrorists, killing white kids for being against isreal are now /ourguys/?
Oh yeah, you jews are doing that retarded shit also

I'm a white European white man, born and raised a white Christian. Look, it's time for us whites to take responsibility for those white mass-murderers, as I, for one, am ashamed of my white race.

Chinese are white skinned. Most of the others are white-passing.
Results? They were 100% white, own it!

Forward is owned by Jews. Great job giving yourself away Shlomo, right guys?

Sure thing jew, try again

You're a shitty troll and 100% kike. Die slow yid.

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I like LARPING as a jew sometimes, leave me alone lol.
No harm done.
It's all good.

You're only fooling yourself jew.

How do you do my fellow whites? Lets open our borders

Also post a screencap of the tweet you fag.

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vpn no-script xss shit fugged me up.

There is no "White™"
There is only European.
Color labels strip you of your ancestral heritage and cultural identity.
and bc you're a jewish
Beyond that of the host population's.
Since jews are a ethno-religious group that also exist in Afrika, Asia, and Europa without the paternal Arab lineage, such as the converts that belong to the y-dna Haplogroup G (Georgia) or y-dna Haplogroup E (Ethiopia).

Also note that every man is half their maternal dna and half their paternal dna (x+y) while every woman is half their maternal dna and half their father's maternal dna (x+x). Paternal y-dna is passed down unchanged from father to son while maternal x-dna is passed down after recombination of the mother's two x-dna chromosomes. The mother also passes down her mitochondria to all her children.

This means that
1) the paternal y-dna is destroyed after one generation of only daughters, as it is never passed on to a son and
2) the maternal x-dna and mitochondria is destroyed after two generations of only sons, as it is never passed on to a daughter.
Thus, jewry is not passed down maternally but is instead a spiritual state that anybody can obtain.

white exists and the term predates your existence.
white refers to european, but can also refer to certain asian peoples like ethnic russians.

partially true. jews are mutts and their DNA in jewish dna research firms took jew DNA from mutts and called it "jew dna" making it really just mutt dna.
the pure "jewish" part of them is really just turkish mutts and the jews of today are not of the same tribe as the original 12 tribes of israel.

look at (((them))) go

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lets stick with Aryan then
jews are originally a turkish-mongolian mutt tribe that lived in the mountains somewhere in ancient Tartaria.

all aryans are white but not all whites are aryan. white is a broad term, hence why it doesnt carry much cultural weight since there is a diverse amount of cultures within the white race.
its just a quick description.
no reason to demonize it or get rid of it.

yes, i believe actual jews brought talmudism to some turkish king and he adopted talmudism as their official faith, and his people started calling themselves jews, and they became ashkenazi jews.

Nope. American whites are very different from European whites, Australian whites are very different from European whites, Boers are very different from European whites, Canadians are very similar due to intense AIDS cock gobbling, but still different from European whites. etc.

The audacity of this kike. Gassed and filtered.


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Euro isn't a culture.
White people are not a single entity, we are not all the same.

Nice to know who is personally responsible for shitting up Long Island.

i think its hillarious that kikes ruin nations by getting them to act like kikes
like, that is the weapon, they're so shit at everything that to have non-jews emulate them even a little immediatly implodes the host nation

>(((Ilana Glazer)))
on an episode of her show "Broad City" (Season 3, Episode 10: Jews on a Plane) she makes disgusting jokes about "rabbi's sucking on baby dicks" (episode also guest stars (((Adam Levine))) and (((seth green))) )

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Perhaps it would be smart to have it be, "Jews aren't white, stop blaming us for the sins of whites" posters. This would be more likely to result in them admitting they're not more often.

God damn dude, jewish women truly are fucking disgusting.

Bro, thinking with your dick is a terrible idea. Look at that thing again and tell me shes hot.

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