Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Placing a Target on My Back’ — ‘He’s Promoting Violence’

Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Placing a Target on My Back’ — ‘He’s Promoting Violence’

She continued, “What has happened with the targeting of individuals who have basically been opposed to this president should tell the president about what is going on.

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Honestly she is just retarded and has an overinflated sense of self worth.

i know that it would be real bad optics and a tragedy if someone overinflated her brain with lead…

oh shut up i never said do anything

Don't you worry, Maxine. Your mama DID have an abortion; but unfortunately, it lived and grew up to be a Congressturd."

Leave shill.

I enjoy violence, anything to throw a little more gas on the fire, doubly so when it's directed against the self-righteous idiots on the left.

But of course there's always a cacophony of idiots shrieking about FBI bait over the most innocuous shit because 'shhh they'll hear you and punish us!', this is the language and thought process of losers and slaves.

Animals don't have a sense of worth user
That thing is more closely related to baboon or great ape than an actual human person

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Maxine forgot her meds again

I’d love to see her response about the targeting of people who support the president.

at what point did i call for violence.. i made a statement not a call to arms nigger

walk around in her home district as a single white man with a MAGA hat on and see what happens

Didn’t this nigger call for violence against Trump supporters not that long ago?


Actually, pic related comes to mind.
Just change a bit the context and you got a perfect match.

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>>>Zig Forums

I actually go out that way quite frequently. I might just do that.

checked thx user

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She's well on the train to dementia central

Ah yes, the home district she doesn't actually live in

To the first user that snatches her wig off her head.
not that i have 50 bitcoin

nobody wants to live there

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Pathetic nigger.

Maxine Waters has an extremely low IQ

She's right in that Trump does inspire thoughts that are Bad Optics. No one is acting upon them though

I just love it when Trump starts trolling Maxine.
It is so savage




Now user, we have actual prove that monkeys are capable of learning and intelligence, niggers are no where near their level.

I really hope this deluded bitch runs in 2020.

she really looks like a tranny