I hate poor people

I hate poor people

I can't wait until robots take over these fucking scum should be hanged

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Not your blog.

Are you jewish OP?
Because you sound jewish.

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This is what happens when you dont hire any management or dont routinely oversee your business. While you are correct and these people are shitty, you still didnt inspect or manage anything. Most things arent turn key operations, you have to stay on top of them. Hell if this was any other job even high stake jobs you STILL would of had been fucked ove

Off yourself, kike shill

based. manage your own farm you fucking kike

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Because you see workers as cattle you can detach yourself from, when in reality you should be bonding with them. Only bonding creates trust.

this actually made me think …

EXACT same thread 1 month ago

is this a CIA experiment?

Disgusting, get back to work on your land, ungrateful subhuman.

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The best jobs I’ve had was when I worked closely with the owner, as a young white man it was really beneficial to see a whole host of options I didn’t even know existed.

bond with your cattle

You're not rich
You're not even a big guy
Prove it

OP is literally retarded and is lucky he hasn't had absolutely everything stolen from him as just punishment for his complete and total complacency.

kill yourself, turbokike

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Fuck off Jewish capcuck, just like in Germany in the 20s and 30s, the Workers are uniting against you and your degeneracy

Im not poor or rich but I can say you should fear poor people, and you're a faggot.

Jesus Christ, you sound like a jew and are clearly not a good manager of people.

you can't wait for tech yet you could not install some fucking cameras to oversee the picking and packaging ?

You left out the part where your uncle bernie bought the farm at a tax auction for pennies on the dollar with his loan-sharking profits after the oppressive marxist government stole the property from the white people who actually owned it.

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