America is screwed. Admit it

America is screwed. Admit it.

America is probably 50% white at this point, and Trump isn't doing much to prevent that number from becoming smaller, and what happes after 4 or 8 years? Let's be real here, he doesn't care, he thinks blacks can be based and is a civic nationalist.

It's over for America. Europe is becoming a caliphate, South Africa is already below 10% white and the remaining ones are gonna get slaughtered. Australia is getting invaded by chinks.

How will the white race be remembered?

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Not everything is up to a "Trump" or his successor(s). On a scale of 'Ready' or 'Not'; we're not quite where we need to be in terms of grouping up for another Red Summer, but it will be like flipping a switch when it finally goes kinetic

Get ready Shlomo, the temp is good.

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Kikes are shilling again, 1 day left.

It's simple, scholomo. The white race will be remembered for getting cornered by kikes and fucking tearing them and their golems a new one.


imagine being this delusional

Says increasingly nervous man for the 7th time today.

Not everyone here is american you know. And to all the american anons here, if you truly are someone who wants to see white people seize the future and hopes they deserve, you should prefer a a white european victory over the shitskins and kikes than just an american white victory.

imagine being turned into a bar of soap

Chinks, Muzzies, Niggers, even spics tbh

I'm American and I will not rest until Europeans EVERYWHERE are liberated from thralldom.
Our people are our most precious possession. We must defend ourselves. Anything done to thwart this genocide is justified.

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Zig Forums are officially retarded

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Boy, I sure do miss when anons were smart enough to ignore bait.

it's real to someone. don't forget the 12 year olds lurking this siteā€¦

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If you notice what Trump is actually doing, he is redirecting the empire's dwindling resources to exclusively jewish core matters.

Why you typing like that, chaim? You really think that works here? Your not on reddit you stupid faggot.

I'll admit that I'm going to enjoy witnessing you fucking kikes get pogromed this upcoming time around.

It won't unless we fight. All of these pacifist faggots need to be purged from our ranks. This is all out war and nobody is resisting.

I can't wait for election season to be over


November 9th this board will have only 20 posters on it if we win the mid terms. 2 from /fringe/. 5 from Zig Forums. The rest real anons.

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We survived the black plague we can survive this especially since we're going to space nigger. Well just get our own planet.

What's going to happen? For a variety of practical and psychological reasons, it's much easier to fight on other peoples' land. So if White Americans start believing the Country is lost (IE no longer theirs) things will start getting interesting.

For reference:

Pyramid with a G
Two Balls
Retard chamber

Kill yourself reddit.

Sounds wonderbar

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>Implying there won't be at least 100 (((anons))) here to tell us "Orange Man Bad!"

Because of the LIES regarding 9/11. If only PART of the truth would come out.

If you count Hispanics and other Aryans, it shoots to 88%. You blackpill shills are disgusting.

If you want more white kids, you need to take women's voting rights away. The UN and ALL feminists groups agree that voting rights and a career to meet another is what kills birthrates.

Depends if women vote.

Why is it that burgers are the ONLY people on this planet who don't know what that word means?
t. European parents

Well, who DOESN'T allow their women to wear the pants around the house?

Well, who DOESN'T allow woman's vote to matter?

Well, who DOESN'T allow their women to whore around before marriage?

Fuck off kike

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Still moving goalposts Mordecai?

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Threads like these are made daily. If you've come to this conclusion you must adapt and act accordingly. The rest is derisory to your people, but if you were white you would know this. You are a subversive subhuman from the inferior races, or worse, a traitor.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

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I want to believe. What have you done to help? Posting here doesn't count as doing anything btw, and if you aren't already helping you get the oven too

I get it OP. You're worried about that silent red wave. Don't be. Worry about the ovens.

Define screwed

Boy, that would be quite the turnaround for a republican that's never seen a kike war it didn't like and is currently led by a guy with an almost entirely jewish immediate family.


I can't speak for anywhere other than Europe, but what I can say as an American is that America is certainly doomed to become a large-scale version of Venezeula- a Hispanic mulatto socialist shithole. We are ~50% white, probably less, and considering the rates of immigration (which will not be reduced) we will actually be less white than Brazil in the near future, with the only silver lining being that the White Americans have lower rates of admixture than the White Brazilians. If you think that there is hope for America, then you do not understand how bad the demographics are. There is also no indication that there would ever be any political change, through elections or otherwise. It is already over. Call me "blackpill kike" or whatever ad hominem bullshit you want, this is the truth.

I hope things will change in Western Europe, it is the indigenous land of mankind and thus is all that really matters. Most Americans deserve their fate for letting pedo kikes mutilate their sons' penises, anyway. America is a degenerate, decadent and disgusting country that the entire world hates for good reason.

I am coming to an opinion those are just paid Kushner shills spreading disinfo.
No one seriously believes that Trump and republicans are anti-jewish in any way

While OP is indeed jidf, republicuck wave and ovens are mutually exclusive



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And just like that, bumplocked.

lol every anti-Trump thread is anchored. Nothing has changed since the Turkroach.

All you need to raise the birthrate is to raise wages high enough that a family of 4 can be supported by a single wage earner. It won't be hard to convince women that raising children is a noble pursuit and make it trendy. 99% of women would rather stay home with their kids, but due to wages they can't afford it and jew brainwashing has convinced them they never wanted it anyway.

Your lazy memes aren't going to hold back the real brown wave of orcs. Vote sure, but South Africa is inevitable as long we import our generational destructors.

the light erases the darkness,
so Jesus said, when the sun
rises it will triumph over Icarus,
till then we are in the maze,
luckily Theseus has a golden
ball of twine made from threads
of the sun,