Well, they've started murdering people in their homes while attempting to relieve them of their legally owned property without due process.


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this is next level jewry

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So all it takes is someone who knows you have guns to point you out to the police and they will show up to seize your weapons, murdering you if you refuse.

ZOGbots need to be shot on sight.

I said the first time they tried to pull this shit, they'd be buried in lawsuits. So it appears that they're going after poor rural people who are less likely to sue the state. Hopefully a lawyer steps in to help this family sue the state of Maryland.

These red flag laws are a clear violation of due process. The state doesn't get to take away your rights because some body else "feels" you're a danger.

It's probably going to take a SCOTUS ruling to knock these laws down. Meanwhile, other states are rapidly introducing them. And murdering people in their homes.

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Civil war has started in earnest.

The problem is that we appear to now live in anarcho-tyranny, or perhaps the basic Power value. Whoever has the power, the means and the ability to enforce, will make the rules, the laws, will dictate who has what 'rights' (permissions). These rules can change at any time, with only a few limitations (ie. certain protected classes) as they belong to the Inner Party. This in turn ensures greater loyalty within this Inner Party as they see how enemies and 'traitors' are treated.

Trumpcucks will still defend this shit though

Waiting for the post where you say something about how voting is useless and that committing a violent act against jews on the day before the election is how the problem should be solved.

nope.. i voted for Trump and i think that the leftist soldiers that make up the law enforcement depts need the rope



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This is literally civil war. This is USSR seizing guns by force without due process. Holy shit

Time to see if you fucking faggots are ready to fight, kill, and die for what you believe in. Money, meet mouth.

I hope these jackboot pigfuckers knock on my door

Why? I don't. In that event, I am a dead man, no matter how many I can take to hell with me. I acknowledge this, and I do not hope for it. Stop posturing and begin preparing.


Reminder that ZOGbots are subhuman trash lower than niggers and need to be drowned in a festering sea of urine and diarrhea

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Just say where you live, confirm you're armed and prepared to fire at law enforcement and I'm sure they will oblige you.

Maximum kikery
Oy vey, our ZOGbots said you were showing "red flags" goy, disarm yourself now

What's the point in not going out guns blazing if this is the direction we're heading in? No wonder niggers shooting filthy pigs all the time.

niggers are*

If you aren't ready to die for your rights then you are a coward that doesn't deserve them. This foolish man should have opened fire the moment the government thugs revealed they were there to take his guns.

Being ready to die to protect one's rights is not the same thing as hoping to die. Hoping to die is what ragheads do.



"Guns are protection from tyrany" fags BTFO.

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Fair point. I don't hope to die. I hope to start a nice homestead with my wife. But I'd rather die than surrender my guns because my liberal cat lady aunt bitches to the police about how i might vote red tomorrow.

reminder that dyncorp long ago right after vietnam seeded PD's and sheriff's with leftist soldiers

Under the guise of keeping you safe.

This thread needs to be pinned. This is effectively the same as the Cohen Raids. As long as someone knows you have guns, they can call police to get them seized without due process. We are now living in the USSR, people. Wake up.

all the men in blue in my area have said they'll refuse to take guns so fucking based. i stand with those brave heroes who keep us safe on the thin blue line!

Bump for visibility. Shits going to get ugly.

it sounds like your local police department isn't very diverse and needs a couple of lawsuits to encourage diversity

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I hope they do too. White trash has to be removed in order to save our race.

It's a little late when they're on your doorstep with a list of your registered guns.
finished 80% guns, ammo, 4-6" pvc pipe, shovel

Play it smart.
Have a hidden weapon off property.
Give them the ones in the house.
After they leave secretly acquire stashed weapon.
Keep it hidden.

There will be a day when you will have to turn in your guns or go to prison. Live for that day. Prepare.

This is why women can't have any rights. As soon as we were tricked into giving women any weight in society, it ends up with law-abiding white men being killed by Jews.

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Take a hike, kike

Oh so he was acting like a nigger.

Definitely acting like a nigger.



And nothing of value was lost.

filtered for massive kikery

Typical tricks, shlohmo

Not how it works.

This is Cohen Raids time. You can't spin this. White men are now on notice.

K lol

This is why libertarianism went no where. Lolbergs are a bunch of prancing homos and autistic retards.

I noticed him getting shot like a dumb nigger. Glad the police did their job.

There are never going to put it together so you're just wasting your time.

If the zogbots who perpetrated this tyrannical murder are allowed to continue existence unperturbed, it will serve to embolden the rest of the nations zogbots rather than second guess their motives.


When ZOG's enforcers are at your door, it's a bad time to just 'wing it'. Have a plan or 3

Get to it, tough guy.

Reported for being a bootlicker

Hi, paid shill. No one believes you.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

It's called suicide by civilian.

Meanwhile jews get free ars.


But what if the child consents?


Trump is so based, or is it the leftists and muslims who are enabling these kikes?

Was going to post this.

HUH? that user had a good point, police will feel like they can just waltz in and take whats yours if this "trend" in terms of policy is not countered

(((Mel Bernstein))) owner of Dragon Arms, told Fox News on Sunday that four local rabbis in Colorado Springs took him up on his offer and a fifth accepted the offer of a handgun.

MAGA. So fucking stoked for the next voting cycle so I can vote myself out of this mess.
This is the beginning of the end. The hourglass of time has almost run out. If you don't start the civil war immediately it's lights out America.
You won't notice it. It won't be black vans state by state or anything. This is what you'd expect… which is to say you never understood your greatest enemy.
(((They))) are weak and unfit for war, but they erode and dissolve better than anyone. And it is for that reason whites are doomed. We can't fight erosion, few of us even understand that's what we face.

Go out and grab your neighbors and march on your local city hall or government buildings. Blockade traffic, cause a real disruption and demand this law be overturned. If we all do it it will happen. If all gun owners refuse to move/go back to work you will see our power and spirit rekindled. Those of us who can spare it help others who don't have the monetary means to stay in the protest. IT'S ALL OR NOTHING NOW.
As soon as they buckle remand revocation of the bumpstock ban. Then demand asylum for South African farmers, etc. etc. We can co-ordinate online our next move.
#OccupyGovernment or some shit, spread it. IT'S NOW OR NEVER.

The elite planned Trump the jew to be such a big disappointment that the unconstitutional bullshit would come in a blue disguise. Because you would expect to be fucked by blues, and only slightly less fucked by reds.
He's not going to help you, he doesn't want to help you but (((they))) prefer (read : ok with both situations) if it wasn't as obvious to the NPCs.

This user reads books.

/r/ing the gif of some shabbos ATF breaching a door and getting blown across the room from a propane bomb

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This issue seems to be very localized, some states, counties, and towns will never accept conditions like this. Instead of having a civil war against the fed it would just make more sense for localities to be fighting each other when shit like this happens.



Notice the difference though? Kikes get shot and they don't chimp out. Niggers get shot, chimp out, and more get shot. White niggers chimp out and get shot. What's the common denominator? Acting like a nigger.

Yeah that's not a good way to start.
Good choice. Getting back to sanity.
Making the order look reasonable now.
Now u dun goofed.
Omg how did this happen? I have no idea.

Well hey man, do what you have to do. I'll make some popcorn.

xpost this to Zig Forums right fucking now this is it boys

You can tell this user is fat.

So, we have:

(a) A relative claims, with no evidence and no facts and no hearing and no opportunity for the man to challenge, that this guy is a threat to self or others

(b) cops then show up at his door to seize his guns on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, let alone a warrant or probable cause of any type, and physically attempt to take his guns away.

(c) cops did this even though there was no hearing and no opportunity to challenge the decision, this guy's sister could simply have been making the claim out of maliciousness and spite to fuck with this guy…but we'll never know, because there was no hearing of any type

(d) the man correctly understands that his constitutional rights are being shredded right then and there, and he doesn't actually shoot the zogbots, but he "struggles" to keep what is 100% constitutionally his

(e) cops summarily execute him on the spot

How the fuck is this acceptable in the United States?

It's not though: it's just ZOG taking guns from law-abiding whites as quickly as possible with various means, knowing you're about to turn into minority status (or become cognizant of the reality that actual white Europeans are already minority status in the US).

It's just a standard disarmament, and they know American whites don't give a fuck about each other, so they can get away with it.

0/10 rabbi

it's not. the thing is that people are afraid to use the 2nd to stand up for themselves because … dying is scary i guess

You fucking piece of shit.

niggers > cops, ANY FUCKING DAY

You'll just get drowned by some retarded nigger who pushes two buttons in an automated system that tracks you by GPS.

Whites built their own prison with ingenuity and gullibility.


not an argument Chaim try to derail on another VPN :^)

In the USSR, all this shit was done systematically, one by one, just the way they're doing it here. They're slow boiling just the same. This is exactly what they did in Soviet Russia.

If people do not fight back, it's over.

wtf I love niggers now

hey guys dont forget to vote for republican. could u imagine the horror if this is what happens when we have trump in office? just imagine if we had BERNIE SANDERS shudders wow.

long live trump long live israel

Putting up a struggle when someone tries to take your weapons, especially when he has no legal right to do so, is extremely white, you bootlicker. It's the very principle upon which this country was founded. I don't know where you get this idea that "whiteness" is about being polite and courteous at all times. Maybe from your Sunday school, maybe from your Monday school. Maybe you just didn't have a father. Anyway, you should head on over to MPC or TRS because I think they'd better appreciate your opticscucking.

Remember when trump said "Take the guns first, due process later". Here it is faggots. Youre fucked.

This. If you aren't willing to risk your life to defend your constitutional rights, then you WILL lose them.


You wouldn't be complaining if it was a nigger. Don't want to get treated like a nigger then don't act like one.

10 anti-white posts
make it 11,du Untermensch

That aside, this is a whole new level of jewish tricks, make sure that you guys have an emergency stash somewhere safe and well hidden. Also dont tell your family about A) your guns and B) yourself, if you arent 100% certain they wont stab you in the back if you live in a state that allows this insanity.

It's obvious who you are.

The cry of the lolberg. Bad news buck-o, they did have the legal right to remove the weapon. If you don't like the law then challenge it in court. Why should I care that the white gene pool just had some defective alleles deleted?

he acted like a free man in his own home , the leo's coming in and trying to steal his property were the ones acting like niggers. cops don't get a free pass to steal your shit just because they have badges

You have the right to eat lead.

this is a kike shill, he wants you to think that defending your home against pirates in badges is somehow nigger tier

ZOGbots are the FIRST line of offense the kike has in the US.

Hi, Chaim.

>If you don't like the law then challenge it in (((court))).
or don't comply with their tyrannical bullshit just don't be a simple dbag waving a handgun around. Live to fight another day and make them pay dearly at a time of YOUR choosing

You can eat lead just the same as everybody else, you worm.

You're arguing that resisting unconstitutional gun seizures is "nigger" behavior. The country was founded by men willing to kill and die for those sacred rights.

Actually the suspension of due process is illegal but based on the classification of citizens as "domestic terrorists" these red flag laws operate in a legal grey area. One retarded nigger's opinion such as yourself is quite frankly worthless. Let's wait till the issue reaches SCOTUS.


again, dyncorp has been seeding the leo's with leftist soldiers, you can't rely on the courts if no one will drag you in there to begin with. it's a complete replication of pheonix, total control of the streets all law enforcement agencies

Also you're filtered sweetie.

It's all about how competent you are in resisting.

Fuck off Abraham.