National Socialism and German Two-Facedness

I need your help Zig Forums. I realize the correctness of National Socialism in every regard, the social, the economical, the racial, the Jewish question, but I just cannot get over German two-facedness. What do I mean? The Germans claimed they were fighting communism in the East, but in reality there were murdering Slavic civilians. The Germans claimed they were returning rightful land, but fabricated the Gleiwitz incident false-flag to start the war with Poland. In Germany all European races (Nordic, Alpine, Dinaric, Baltic, Mediterranean) were treated as Aryans, but outside only the Nordic race was treated as Aryan. Hitler, and the whole NSDAP elite, despite officially claiming to be Christians were all atheists in private. It seems that Germany always did the exact opposite of what it preached during ww2.
To corroborate the killing of civilians by Germany: 100,000 Poles were murdered by the SS for having committed no crime, apart from being considered an obstacle to German rule. 750.000 unarmed Serbian civilians were murdered under German auspices by the Croat collaborators. 13,500,000 Soviet citizens were killed by willful violence, food confiscations and forced labor. Those are not Holocaust numbers, they are backed up by documentation, statements of German officials, and demographics. The German Generalplan Ost foresaw the depopulation of Western Russia, where 80% of Russians live. The Germans styled themselves as knights, and as engaging in knightly combat, but this is the opposite of it.
I don't want to be like a commie, who claims that his ideology is great but all his practical examples are bad. It must be that Germans are a rotten people if they managed to turn a noble ideology into warcrimes galore, but in the perception of nowadays citizens such an explanation would be hard to reconcile with flying the swastika. Was there a National Socialist state that was clean?
Also, while unquestioning loyality is good spare me your fanatic tinfoilhat "dindu nuthing" replies. It's not about convincing people on chans, it's about convincing the population outside.

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where are the bones, dragoljub?

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No one was killed who didn't deserve it.
Perhaps you should stop letting "hwhite race" nonsense cloud your mind.

not even the kikes claim such numbers, serbshit

Post disregarded and reported for spreading jewish disinformation. Nice try, Shlohmo.


You seem butthurt.

For the soviet victims…Hitler fought the Russians in WWI and he knew they will resist until the very last man is dead. Knowing this and knowing that he needed to enter Moscow by any means necessary, while the eastern front was decimating his men, makes his decision more understandable. They couldn't go back, they couldn't secure them as prisoners, and the soldiers NEEDED a bloody victory to keep marching forward.


I wouldn't deny everything that is presented to me. I'm not talking about being historically accurate, which I want to be, I'm just telling you I don't care about these deaths.

You don't need to pretend to be on our side (if that's what you're doing) in order to criticize the regime or the ideology. We don't care, some will deny everything, some will openly embrace it. If you truly are natsoc you should be ready to either embrace, justify or completely negate all of this. Also remember, the head of the spear that will see us through our next victory will witness many more horrible things that will have to be kept a secret the best way possible. Always try to be as good and just as possible, but be capable and ready for bloodshed.

I'm a firm believer in National Socialism, but I don't care about Germany, and why should anyone who isn't German. I don't care about being on anyone's side, only doing what I think is right.

Nonsense. Russians in WWI often surrendered en masse (whole regiments).

Sure. Make population fight you to the last man by subjecting it to insane atrocities - that's the way to win.

Every attempt to explain away German war crimes is bullshit. If they were so just and right, why are they so unprecedented in all of European history?
Slavs and Germans have lived side by side for thousands of years, yet mass murdering of this scale has never happened before.

I can't wait until the election is over

Yeah because until the Soviets took over Russia there were pogroms every month.

Against the Jews.

Hitler's only crime was deporting 1 million innocent Poles from their lands. He should have put the partisan Poles on trial and left the rest alone. Otherwise he did nothing wrong.


Sure, over the course of years, but Germany fought the Russians back until they had no more soldiers.

Germany had to take Moscow to stop the Russian defense. The entire Russian front was a nightmare for both sides, and the men that made it through it needed blood to keep fighting. In a situation like that you need to see enemies falling to your gun, doesn't matter if it's civilians or not. In the end everyone fighting there (on both sides) were insane and in it to win it or die.

Also don't forget the Germans got their fair share of atrocities too.

jews and the more brainwashed of their golems can't help themselves they always need to resort to slandering Germany & its people at every opportunity.

It was German land poland received from the allies (on purpose to cause a flash point…"British" machinations for future war) after WW1, they did similar thing in France,Czechoslovakia and with Hungary.

where are the bones, gypsy?

By committing crimes you fuel your enemey's resistance. By fighting honorably you put him to shame.

Can't you read?

where are the bones, serbtrash?

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Daily Reminder that this entire post is JIDF trying to make Western Europeans and Slavs become enemies
Don't disrespect your brothers and don't fall for this weak bait

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If you aren't questioning that which you are loyal to, you are not doing a good job of being loyal.

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How are Germans responsible for the Soviets working their citizens to death?

It's not SIDF, it's plain old JIDF using same old d&c tactics.

Also thread reported for spam.

That's rich coming from someone who needed NATO to save his ass in the 90s.
But don't worry, NATO won't be around for too long, and the next time Kurvatia will disappear for good.

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The entire meme about the germans wanting to physically remove the slavs is wikipedia-tier garbage

If Hitler hated slavs how come he was a close friend of Ion Antonescu (A romanian fascist) and how come the All Russian Fascist Party fully supported Hitler's plan of dissolving the Soviet Union and integrating Western Russia to the Third Reich? Russians weren't going to be deported to Siberia like jewipedia claims, Hitler only wanted to gain control of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to prevent the expansion of communism. No genocide intended

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cry more, turčine

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Escalation was initiated by the soviets.

You forget also the soviets tried with their antique air-force to bomb Berlin ie a “civilian target” very early in 1941 (a few weeks after Barbarossa) and managed to drop ~80,000 pounds of bombs in the city secondly the soviet union was also not in the Geneva convention or other human war treaties given the revolution of 1917 which nullified the treaties that Tsarist Russia was a part of. The result of this is that the soviets resorted from the beginning to use warfare techniques and ordinance that was banned in the west obviously the Germans, Finnish and other Axis nations reciprocated (escalation was initiated by the soviets) for example the use of explosive rifle ammunition was only something the soviets started using to tip the balance in their favor. The Germans and their allies responded with their own explosive ordinance however explosive rifle bullets were never used in the west.

The Russian people remember very well, and they hate(ed) the Germans, not because they are indoctrinated, but because they experienced the cruelty first hand. Same with Serbs and Poles.

That's some top tier mental gymnastics. Only because something is on Wikipedia it doesn't make it automatically wrong.
Everyone is friends with his puppets.

Back to >>r/The_Donald

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I am ukrainian and i admit that only retards fought against germans on our side

It doesn't make it automatically right either. Or do you think the holocaust happened?

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How are Germans responsible for the Soviets working their citizens to death? Your claim that Russians hated Germans has nothing to do with the fact that Germans are not responsible for russians killing 13,500,000 of their citizens.

well, you are a retard

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Alright Ivan. So which kikes are financing Azov right now? Please tell me, i am all years. Kolomoyskiy disowned them years ago because they are "nazies"

Don't bump this thread. Sage and report it.

It refers to forced labor in Germany.

Go suck your kike president's cock Anatoly

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Ask me how I know you're a slav

Yes it does especially for political issues more so if its “right wing”, drastically so if its nationalistic and infinitely so if it has anything to do with WWII Germany! They revert & edit anything that does not make WWII Germany look like bad even something benign like WWII aircraft ordinance is revert-ed by gate keepers despite dictionary’s worth of citations and primary source documentation (war manual) of the aircraft in question being cited. Wikipeida is garbage propaganda (admittedly full of JIDF….) for lazy shits who cannot be bothered to find information for themselves even children understand this.

just ignore the serv putin bootlicker

I don't fucking care you moron. If you don't see how dividing Russia serves Jewish interest then you haven't got 2 brain cells.

I don't like Putin either. Doesn't mean that Ukraine isn't part of Russia. We had the same arguments on the independence referendum in Montenegro in 2006, what has it brought us? Only more kikery and degeneracy. People of the same nation belong in the same state, only so you can be strong together against the Jews.



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this orthodox turk is pretty dumb

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Ukraine isn't part of Russia you stupid low budget Genghis Khan, Ukraine and Russia have nothing in common, Ukrainians are actually white unlike you mongols larping as soviets

Ukraine and Russia will never be reconciled because you fucking mongols have spent an entire century trying to enslave Ukraine

No wonder why Ukrainians preferred being annexed to Nazi Germany rather than being part of the Soviet Union

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RIDF at it again

You want me to find another source for Generalplan Ost? Just search it yourself, because there are thousands. If your mode of operation is to deny everything that disagrees with propaganda fairytale you're going to end up insane.

You know very that Russian communism was purely Jewish. Post 1990 Ukraine is a den of degeneracy, Jews literally run your government. There is nothing wrong with Russia annexing Ukraine, and the only reason you are against it is because you're brainwashed.

lurk moar

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This one is getting a workout recently or its boomer counterpart the Rothschilds funded Hitler… if they have to constantly push these easily disprovable falsehoods idk but it would seem they are starting to lose control of the narrative.

All based off a mention of the name from "Hitlers table talk" which is a questionable publication at best.

Eat shit piece of fuck, you will pay for what you did in macedonia traitorous fuck

come on kurvat, piss off, nobody cares about your opinion

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Generalplan Ost doesn't exist even according to kikes. It is allegedly a construction based on random sekrit documents conveniently found in communist occupied land. It sure was nice of those germans to write utterly retarded shit that helped boost the legitimacy of a jewish regime, huh?

Well, the millions of dead civilians in Russia, Serbia and Poland are not.

lurk 2yr maybe bleach ur skin so u dont look like the average orthodox turk

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try harder chaim

Remember the 6 million sevians!

can't make up this retardation, lmao

ok darkie

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>spergs out at everyone thinks hes superior
even if the ustashe larpers did kill serbs they did it for a reason.
subhuman retard
>'kebab remover'

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The guy you posted literally wears civilians clothes, and he doesn't even have a beard you cowardly retard.

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So I take it OP is basically a really butthurt mudskinned serbroach who's decided to align himself with the jews because he's mad that Germany sided with white aryan Croats instead of mudskinned turk rape babies (serbroaches).

There is nothing wrong with killing serbroaches. Every serbroach is a mudskin and must be removed from Europe.

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I had no idea Serbs were such subhuman pieces of shit
They're even worse than Russians

Come the time and we will see. The good thing about kurvats on Zig Forums is that you work against your own interest. Once the Jewish World order i.e. NATO/EU breaks down you are dead.


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im not a kurvat you stupid retarded serv

for good laughs

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the serbroach screams GERMANOFASCIST as he strikes you

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"crime" for taking back land stolen from his people.

When the kikes lose their grip on Europe, every shitskin invader is going to be killed. That includes all serbroaches. You have so much turk blood, you are firmly the enemy. Even if you didn't behave like conniving middle easterners, your tainted genes would mean you have to go.

Fuck off, jew.

We have 0% turk blood, all studies have proven this. I seem to have hit a nerve with your kurvats, but keep posting, and promoting the end of NATO/EU. You are the best.

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if you look like a turk,and your parents and grandparents turks you are one

Serbia may have lost battles, but the Kurvation state didn't even exist. So I'd still be me rather than you.

science is not a meme you moron, lel

Surely you will be able to provide proof of 13,500,000 Russians being killed directly under the control of German military, then.

understatement of the year

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Listen here you retarded piece of shit nugget. The subhuman retarded 100 serb worthless flesh scum they tested does not represent your entire nation you massive autist.

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Majku vam jebem, stoko nepodojena. Svi europski narodi su bijela braća, prestanite jesti govna sa svojim jadnim majmajima. Zajedno protiv komunjara i ćifuta!

Petar Brzica did nothing wrong :^)

Serbia? Why all the kvetching ?
Hitler granted them independence did he not?

This is an interesting subject for me mostly because of the hopeless "dindunuffin" remarks by the fanatics.
Historically ignorant claims like the following actually harm and discredit our real criticism of the holocaust narrative. Anyone who sees people claiming that no one was killed or that everyone who died deserved it will assume that anyone pointing out the lies of the holocaust narrative are equally delusional and insincere.
And by the way, before anyone tries to accuse me of being a jew or pushing a jewish narrative, my views on the "Holocaust" (tm) are essentially identical to Dr. William Pierce's. Listen to "Thoughts on the Holocaust" by Dr. William Pierce. This is my position on the matter.

Also, your numbers are inflated. 750,000 Serbs killed is kind of ridiculous.

Yeah, that's a ridiculous statement. Essentially it's identical to the what Ilya Ehrenberg said.

I agree with
Millions of Russians surrendered in WW2. And frankly that is surprising considering that to the average Russian, the Germans were a hostile invading force hell bent on their extermination. A much better idea would have been to enter Russia as a liberator rather than a conqueror. Then, the Soviets would fear an uprising against them. Stalin's paranoia and the strong resentment against communist repression would do far more to destroy communism than capturing Moscow.
Consider this from a Russian perspective; Say IsraHell invaded your nation. Would YOU surrender to the genocidal kikes who openly talked about replacing you? Even if they captured your capital? No, you'd continue fighting to the death.
It's a shame because if Hitler had made his war less about conquest and more about liberation, the jewish alliance against Germany would have collapsed.

Hello again op.
I do care and so should you because we are all in the same boat. Supporting our German kinsmen against the jews is simply common sense because we will need their support in order to overcome our (((oppressors))) as well. We must defeat the jew everywhere.

This is correct.

Hi again. I need to correct again, sorry.
user is right again. By massacring civilians, you stiffen the resistence. War is about information and morale more than guns. Only fools try to win a war of attrition.

Danzig was German. Much of the rest of the land was undeniably Polish. Massive Polish majority.
Fun fact, Poland also took some land from Czechoslovakia back in 1938.
That information may be useful later on for some people.


The study included several samples.
The point still stands, there's is 0% turkish blood in Serbs, and you still a german slave and horse-cleaner.

"We have 0% turk blood" declared the brown-skinned serbroach.

When jewish power ends, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania will get together and slaughter the mudskin bosniaks, serbroaches, and albanians. Then retake Constantinople.

The mods allow these lies to remain.

> Supporting our German kinsmen against the jews is simply common sense because we will need their support in order to overcome our (((oppressors))) as well. We must defeat the jew everywhere.
The should've supported us in 1941 instead of attacking us, and there would be no Jews today.

Can the alleged Serb actually post some fluent Serbian for us, as well as the alleged Croat with Croatian?

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My country was never a german slave retard im not a croat how many times do i have to tell you, and also 100 serbs not having turk blood is not a significant accomplishment dumbass.

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srbi su cigani, cijeli svijet to znade

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