"Hundreds of Jews" contact gun-training academy after Pittsburgh attack


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Whaddya mean $300 for your course? Where is a poor yid like me gonna get $200? Charging $100 for this course is highway robbery!

IIRC, that's the place that hands out IDF uniforms for their laughable "training". Seems like it's mostly a scam designed to part their Jew York cousins from their money while they LARP as IDF.


Have to apply for a $500 government grant for oppressed minorities.

I remember that thread, Jews out jewing Jews

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Silly jews, fighting yester years war, the battlefield will be biological that will be inescapably tied to DNA.

Not very likely.

Hold on. I need a moment to breathe after laughing so hard.

but not the goyim of course!

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Jewish hate groups on the rise. A 700% increase in 2017.

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Why so funny? The IDF has developed techniques that are uniquely theirs: for example, the two-fer when you shoot an unarmed, pregnant demonstrator in the stomach. It's a tactic that no serious jew should be without.

Under what conditions is this statement true?

Or you could just fuck off to Israel.

Israeli handgun training is a big crock of shit. Unnecessary movements.

the worse they train them the better. countdown to some yid going postal and the media covering it up like the 200lb bomber 3 weeks ago.

These faggots already have an ethnostate that wants them to move, yet instead they arm themselves so they can kill the goyem in America instead. And that's even knowing they are highly outnumbered if it ever came to a war, also, and would stand no chance of winning. All of that instead of just going back to Israel.

The jewish hate group "Blood Power Union" is extremely violent.

I thought guns, like seatbelts and fire extinquishers, are unnecessary because it's so unlikely that anything bad is going to happen.


I hope the Jews unload and kill tens of thousands of you nigs

none of you Bacharim are alright, just don't
go to IDF gun training class tomorrow

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this shouldn't scare any potential shooters. if anything it will embolden them. shooting up a synagogue is boring. but sneaking into kike gun class to shoot them there, now that's a worthy challenge. best of all, the kikes lose the psycholical victim status of being unarmed. when you mow down Ester and a bunch of 65 year old Holohoax survivors who were armed with Uzis but to slow on the draw to shoot you first, then even fewer shabbos will feel bad for them. if anything, it'll be their own fault for not properly defending themselves. and just wait until 80 year old Schlomo accidentially shoots his own rabbi while he reaches into his pocket to grab his bag of baby foreskins, but his tefelin gets tangled in his holster and pulls the trigger on his glock.



Jewish terrorist detected

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The jews are trying to palestine the white race.

So if we are to assume that Bowers was a genuine person, then it would mean that he just gave the Jews a massive heads up before the inevitable civil war.

What kind of fucktard considers an uzi effective or appropriate for self-defense?

When someone makes that statement, we should be pressing the question, "How many died on 9/11?"

That's assuming they aren't following the playbook:


Report all jews in red flag states for swatting.

Now's the time to expose the jew. Must spread the truth about their talmud, their subversion, their claimed supremacy, and their propoganda.

That's not even a lot.

Summary of the thread? Thanks

I don't understand why we even allow Jews to become citizens. Only dual citizens represented within our government and the ones that live here have mandatory conscription in the IDF. I wonder where their loyalties lie.

It will either get a bad law repealed, or force their hand.

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never heard of them. got any juicy links?

i never allowed jack shit, and most people didn't either. this is being done to us, not us doing it to ourselves.

i hate that fucking argument and it needs to die forever. this doesn't mean we take a victim mentality, only that we are realistically under multi-generational attack

filtered for being a fucking toddler.

That kike is breaking federal law.
He manufactured an unregistered SBR by placing the check rest against his shoulder.

The Israeli style of shooting seems so incredibly awkward, impractical, and unusual. It's almost as if they developed a method of shooting that utilizes a lot of extraneous movements to make muscle-memory formation easier for the world's most unathletic people.

Israel and North Korea were both formed in 1948, and since then the Norks have won 16 gold medals while the Israelis have only won a single gold medal. Considering how much they love precious medals, you would think they would have tried a little harder.

Shooting involves hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking, and physical discipline that they just don't have. I think we all know that the training will be a failure when the class attendees start diving for their shiny gold and silver brass as it tinkles on the ground. It is much more likely that they'll be paying a few well trained goys to stand vigil over their baby penis biting ceremonies from now on.

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He needs that amount of MOA drop adjustability since he's shooting all the way into Palestine from where he's at.

Looks like jews are getting emboldened enough to start attacking the goyim. Remember, plenty of antifa are jews behind masks.

You can and should beat antifa at will anytime you see them.

Well Zig Forums, being a board of peace, surely you wouldn't know of any ways to shoot Israelis?

No guns allowed, Moishe.
Hand in that smg. Haven't you seen the school shootings?

Well, some of them can't help the unnecessary movements…

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oy vey this is gonna make things difficult

we're gonna need space alien false flags now

The Jews are trying to Palestine every race.

Jews are only going to patronize other jewish owned businesses. One of the six million reasons they got where they are today.

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That gif of Feinstein wetting her knickers and hand rubbing to orgasm is perhaps the most telling of every single retarded MAGApede spastic, being that the reason she is in such a state of delight is because the orange kike in chief just declared he is pushing to go after the guns without due process.

The fact every MAGApede knows this is the exact moment and time she does this and yet they still post this meme with Trump carefully edited out of the image shows us that
a) They literally are the most retarded class of spastic inmankinds history being that they mock Feinstein reacting to Trump declaring war on white America, while supporting the very man who will get the ball rolling for Bolshevik revolution 2.0
b) They are actual jews mocking and goading the goy for being so retarded as fighting for their own destruction

I know that pistols suck, but it's better then nothing. Personally I would carry AKS-74u or Zastava M92

Comedy gold. Pic related. Typical situation in Israel. They waddle around EVERYWHERE with flagged guns.

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< 4k

That's fucking hilarious. What the fuck?



Nobody has posted it yet? For shame Zig Forums.
I imagine each wimpy heeb will get a taste of Mr. Kuntzman's "terrifying experience."

my sides

That fucking video. Going to do this shit next time for laughs.

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That's their carry for rifles called Condition Jew instead of 2.

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IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN




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IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN




well at least from this we know it's all for show. Jews don't have the intestinal fortitude for real war anyway. At least not without Big Daddy America flying CAS for them.

Numbers confirm how these tapirs fucking die.

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Well, I guess I got them so I'll bite.
TRUMP FINALLY ACTIVATES A PLAN AND LAUNCHES THE MILITARY'S HOVERSHIPS AND USES THEIR TRACTOR BEAMS TO TARGET ONLY JEWS AND SUCK THEM UP. The beams lead to meat grinders, which can be bypassed by minerals, removing the Jew from jewelry. The minerals could then be used for industrial purposes or make diamond not so goddamn expensive. The Jew meat is then used as fire fuel for hobos.

There is nothing wrong with nam aesthetic. Fuck rails.

Fuck optics. Especially when it's on a 5.56.


Maybe instead of firearms, you all should just stop being subversive little shitheads and maybe the goyim would stop wanting to gas you.

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L. Ron. is that you?

I was always led to believe they were good tailors. Not anymore, user. Not anymore.

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We'll see how this goes

My DACApede wife from Nicaragua is such a waifu.

Seen the same shills on several threads now.


Meanwhile in Europe.

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If they make a trip they can get trained for FREE.

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It helps with the IBS.

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Jews love to talk shit on the 2nd Amendment in the US when goyim have the guns but they the Jews want guns they demand the laws be changed ASAP.

I'd buy a gun and learn to shoot if I was Jewish. Honestly I don't have much respect for those of them that feel threatened, but don't take matters into their own hands to learn how to defend themselves. You can dislike guns, but still keep one locked up somewhere in case it ever comes to that.

Fuck off
Semites will be shot with their own weapons after they've collectively pissed themselves
Gas ALL jews racial purity now

don't forget half jews, quarter jews, 8th jews etc. we have genetic testing now for a reason

ANY% Jew is too much Jew. Gas them all.

jews always hated you because you were honest.

Of fucking course

Will they wear tactical diapers too?


hol up
so u be sayin'
that the goyim
are inferior to the kikes
so they have less rights?

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Its just all signalling. The jews would rather hire shabbos goys for their security forces than get their hands dirty, even for some they'd rather die knowing only a few jew deaths would force the government to severely crack down on Whites.

You need only to see what happened with Rome.

Besides, automated turrets for shabbat cost too much, oy!

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I remember having a disagreement with other military individuals over the jumped up kike IDF (or whatever the fuck they're called–it's irrelevant). I already knew they were con artists and never did anything legitimately, and that is the exact opposite of a proper training mindset. That means it is essentially impossible for them to ever be quality combatants, and that they will always rely on bullshit like recon by fire (which only works on absolutely green morons). Well, my position was simple: I don't believe them and they're full of shit. It's too bad everyone else was fully bought into the groupthink of whatever their senior enlisted told them (which likely also came from the kikes).

I wouldn't worry too much about that. I am far more concerned about Whites being drafted in to kill other Whites than some fucking kikes thinking that their average fuckup will be anything approximating a proper fighter.

Jews are worthless, spineless cowards who cannot fathom such a thing.

You got it Satan

What in the actual kike fuck? Is this a goddam piss poor excuse for a hebraic joke?

These jewish supremacists are running militias inside the United States. If these were white nationists the zogbot FBI would have killed them all by now. The full documentary of the clip is available on jewtube but hard to find. The title and description are all in hebrew and I don't have the links.

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(((they)))) continue to manage coverage of this issue quite well…