Gentleman, scholar, crypto-Jew, glow in the dark

Gentleman, scholar, crypto-Jew, glow in the dark.

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This Microsoft Word FBI top-secret document says David Duke is a CIA Nigger therefore he is!

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Young David Duke looks like my Dad

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Alright then, who do we follow instead, OP? Shall you lead us through the darkness? What do you propose we do?

Just because you got 3 retweets doesn't mean this is worthy of a thread.

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I have such a grandiose answer for your question and fear it may be too complex… too multilinear… for you to understand. But here goes:


I know.. it's a lot to take in, but give it some time.


no, you're supposed to provide the evidence


Yeah he's has a lot of plastic surgery over the years. His daughter has the old Duke nose. Hard to say either way, but there is some cause for some noggin scratching. I turned my back on him when he defended kike enoch when all that shit went down. The entire 'movement' is cancer.

Plus he just says the same shit over and over ad nauseum. It gets old. A decent source for some beginning info, but nothing more.

My totally awesome maymay shows Duke's nose jobs. Plus, it uses his real employment history to expose him as a glownigger. You can't debunk the claims nor the evidence so you've resorted to damage control. AH HA! In true villainous style I have set chaos free!

Thaose are good suggestions, user. I appreciate it - after all, we need to look for solutions, alternatives, suggestions, teaching.

for sure

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yeah. we dont need leaders, we need a plan.

In my opinion, there are two different actors playing David Duke. The original one, where he ironically looked somewhat less jewy, either died or didn't want to play Duke anymore, so they got the man who played David Bowie* or someone related to him to play the current David Duke.

*And no, I wasn't kidding when I said that David Bowie (or his brother) might be playing David Duke. Think of how similar David Bowie and the current David Duke look. "Thin White Duke" by Bowie a clue?

Fuck off nigger

the plot thickens!

t. shill shilling that everyone isn't a shill. i see you, shill!

What is David Duke's claim to fame anyway?
Did he ever say or write anything of significance?

Will protect my obvious no effort slide thread from being deleted.
Remember to sage and report, people.

That so far out in left field that only dedicated tinfoil-americans and vaccine inflicted autists could possible concieve of such a thing…

*That increases the likelihood of it being the truth tbh

David Bowie looks nothing like David Duke. And I didn't know we're supposed to be pretending that David Duke is relevant again.