Brit/pol/ #2922: BIG HOGS Edition

Boris Johnson overhauls cabinet on first day as PM

UK heatwave: Extraordinary temperatures 'could break records'

Heathrow passengers forced to take summer holidays without their luggage

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xth for Autism

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good lad

good lad

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aesthetic tbh

Good lad, me too

what if its ginnie?

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seems correct. who the hell is running the country?

please say lizard people not kikes

nth for the end

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someone shop borris as a hooker, whorish johnson


they're the same lad

epic and facebookpilled

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5 minutes on nofap niggas be like

wish last night's storm was still here

was comfy tbh

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Thanks lods

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busy returning life to the sahara

Is this the hyphenated-Scot who shoves things up his arse to stick it to the man?

anyhoo muh peeps, join epic bread

You can join my filter

yeah he came close to being listed as a terrorist leader for having a gang of mixed race magapedes

nice lads

It's the spam from yesterday.

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Don't mind me just passing through. You don't need The 2A to deal with hogs.

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Good lad


Korea is just a zone for sociological experimentation.


Just 15 Things Boris Johnson's New Key Aide Dominic Cummings Has Said About Tory MPs
In one of his first major Downing Street appointments, Boris Johnson has handed a key adviser role to controversial Vote Leave campaign chief Dominic Cummings

watching it again lads

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reminder that ahrimanic death cults control most of the governments of the world lads

I get they are ants but they seem genuinely alien tbh

good lad

also I thought both of them were blokes tbh

Aren't they run by a group of actual cultists?

yeah as is the USA tbf, they are run by some witch cult, east asians didn't have monotheism to help reduce all the evil cult shite. unironically need torquemada to come back ASAP


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I get that feeling with all foreigners tbh. Even are pan-European huwhite brethren have their own unique psychologies.

Blocked nose and im too fucking hot for dinner

Unironically want to punch my computer screen tbh

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I miss him lads

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My Cuban cigars came so I am not too angry tbf

Epic. Epic for the win.


Me too tbh

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did you ever get that TCB ring lad?

Base and epic and for the win I might even say?

Didnt end up buying it, I think they are back in stock on amazon atm tbh

Shan't be me m'lady

Is that you lad?

End of

alegs shootin guns

weyew lads

>inb4 crossposting

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Wow and I thought our birthrates were low.
NK is horribly repressive (although I only know this because the same people who lied about WMDs and jew skin lampshades told me so), but at least they won't become extinct within 2 generations.
The Koreans have an isolated ethnostate to act as a genetic reserve which will likely prove to be a great survival strategy.

Nah, I just remembered that lad existed. He even ended that post with an "end of" before it was a memi.

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keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek macafee is a based redneck cowboy

He wasn't rusing, then?

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Which McDonalds does coo/k/ work in?

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sorry lad but our Zig Forums is probably jacking Q off instead of posting this stuff

good fucking lad, now save up and get the tigerman jacket for the racewar lad

ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em

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Should I tbh?

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it's a pretty obscure item that ain't exactly going to be bought often and you also left the seller in the picture, any persistent spy could find you lad

He was posting that the glowniggers tried to apprehend him and his missus off their boat a couple days ago as well. There was a thread in 8pol.

Bit pointless tbh

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And then find out that I shitpost about elvis, codiene and farting? idc tbh


This is the turning point for codeinelad, lads.

yeah lad save up that tigerman jacket is sweet I might get one one day

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yeah it's been funny to watch, if it really was him spying on epstein's isle then good on him

until they turn you into this

As opposed to what?

Of all the bad Boris takes these last couple days, this is definitely one of the worst.

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Ultra brainlet take




What should we call our post apocalyptic gang tbh?

Tbf there was nothing in the screenshot

Just pointing it out lad

Not comprehending any of this tbh lads. Not even the bit about 2017.

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Oh come on now lad.

He only bought five bullets so either he was going to kill a couple people that had hurt him or to kill himself. They span it into "mass shooting" to keep up with spooky gun craze stories.

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I don't think there's many orders for it and especially not that particular seller, as I said someone persistent enough could've pestered the seller or a spy could've done something.

Fair enough lad.

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>And my front

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Looking out for the lads.
you've not been the only one tbh, although yours had no personal info. had people message me before asking to delet posts as it had personal stuff in it

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Based good lad

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