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Eh, don't be so serious user.
It looks like half a dozen 4/r9k/ being gay as usual, nothing to be afraid of.
If anything, it breaks the monotony.
As much as I enjoy lefty salt, sometimes right-wing salt is tasty too, just don't take it too seriously, sit back and enjoy the shitposting. We don't get a lot of this anyway.

Fuck off kikes

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U.A. Midterms are tomorrow… No shit we're being raided! Kikes are going full-steam so nothing can be discussed. Or someone is assblasted for being banned.

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Hey pal, here's a tip:
Those guys? They're doing this thing called "trolling". Yeah, they're not very good at it, but they're trying their best.
Here's another tip:
That thing you're doing? Yeah, you're being trolled.
Since I'm feeling nice today, I'll give you a third free tip:
You only get trolled if you take it too seriously.
Like the assberg spamming "Remember to globally report".
It's all shitposting. A diferent flavour of shitposting, but shitposting nevertheless.

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But remember, don't vote!!! :^)

Look pal, read their posts.
It's a confused SJW that thinks he found Gamergate nazi headquarter and is shitting up the place.
The mods for once are doing their job, shit's getting deleted as soon as it pops up and it's a problem at all.
If anything, it's hilarious and reeks of desperation. Tomorrow is looking up to be a fine day indeed.

Your formatting is great at disrupting threads, I'll give you that, but it's fucking cancer on the eyes. Do you want me to link some copypasta that fills up large vertical posts with empty characters and doesn't rape my corneas so badly?

Allright. I wish you luck in your autistic crusade and hope your autism is stronger than theirs.
But so far, their videos got you beat on the comedy department (even with the faggy soyvoices).

what do you mean raided???

this is the best content Ive seen since kikey got kicked.

Yes this is planet America and we basically just let other countries exist so we have someone to trade with
Ching Chong ping pong chinas dead

Now let's not get too excited.
So far, it's more shock value (degeneracy on Zig Forums *gasp* the horror) and a couple webm's mocking the "globally report" autist.
They scored a few points, but the night is just starting and either side can up their ante.

Yep, and in my opinion, if you want to beat them, you do it aswell. Otherwise you start looking like the Pajeet spammer
Is this your first "internet" war? Ctr+V spam only fucks one thing up: the place you're spamming. In this case, the board. Even if you're saging, you're turning the place into a landfill and calling it a victory.
I'm not gonna say I'm some Internet War Veteran, but take it from me: spam doesn't beat spam: it amplifies it.

What you do is take the oportunity from them breaking way from spamming to make OC to beat them back with your own.

God I hate it so much when people use that interjection in their posts fuck you

But… they just deleted 10 different threads of that shit.
What the fuck are you trying to pull here?
This is the weirdest D&C scheme I've seen in a while.

Assholes and elbows in thirty

Mate, global mods are called for potential illegal shit that might get the site taken down.
I know Zig Forums is in a sort of special situation these days, but we still got "local" mods and they're doing their mojo.
I'm genuinely not getting the point you're trying to make there.

What are you trying to say?

Mate, the board is a global board because of how regularly it comes under attack and due to limited moderators on the board, thus allowing the global mods to be active on Zig Forums where they are not permitted to be active on other boards - most board ARE NOT 'global' boards. Zig Forums is… now. That's the ENTIRE POINT of Zig Forums having become a 'global' board.
So, go fuck yourself.
They aren't, that's the problem - between 730 pm and 9:30 pm EST, the night before the US midterms, the Zig Forums board mods were totally MIA.
If they can't or won't moderate the board themselves, it falls to the populace to do their job.
That's because you're a dirty raidnigger who loves poop.

Cracks me up though - these cuckfaggot moderators will ban me for doing their job for 2 hours, but when we repeatedly get niggers coming in here like our 'esoteric/spics are White Nazis' spammer, they never ever ban that guy. Ever.
Its amazing.

Not that it matters - bans are clearly worthless.