China burdening Africa with debt. Crisis soon

China burdening Africa with debt. Crisis soon.


Africa has already had much of its debt forgiven by Western powers back in 2005

See :

Now China is starting it up again. Of course, China doesn't exactly forgive Africa if they can't pay up. No, they just take over your infrastructure in a form of Neo-colonalism

And the leftycucks won't say shit because 'RASSISM'

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What are they supposed to say? Fuck niggers. I don't care who is doing the fucking at this point.

Good. Watch the monkeys murder each other in an effort to pay off Mr. Chang. Or maybe christmas will come early and a race war will start in Africa.

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Niggers can't run shit. If China wants to take over Africa, good for them. Maybe they'll pull out of Australia completely.

you wish

Its not the leftycucks

its the righty cucks that are catholic chinese that will just sit back and tell repubs:
"you want our vote, dont say shit about our industries"

and really no one cares????? Honestly its probably making africa great again

Bankrupt the niggers and then buy the land for pennies on the dollar as they are forced to liquidate what they have. Evil, but ingenious. The only downside is that chinks in Africa will only cause more pollution that kikes will blame on whites and then pass laws for more carbon taxes to pay to African countries which they will then have to pay as interest payments to chinks who will then make more plastic garbage to sell to whites.

The people who whine about this topic are always conservative nigger lovers.

nigger pussy is very nice you have a fukcing problem mot8y


Let the chinks do the infrastructure work with the savages. After the race war, and we expell the Jews, we will take all of it.

Untapped resources.

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Meanwhile my country(Brazil) forgives the debt of many african nations.
The chinks will end rulling the world

One war can erase all debt.

I really do

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I'd rather start from scratch, thanks

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Zig Forums doesn't go well with imperialism.

They're only talking about a specific few countries in Africa. If the Chocolate continent were wise (I already know user), they would socialize the debt over many countries. They would wise tf up after 40k years and get a grasp on how trade works to offset debt, the would de-kikeify nations, reject usury avoid interests/costs, and realize the wealth beneath their feet for once in their god forsaken existence'. The whole fucking planet would be clamoring for a piece of that action, and many generations could create dynasties

Well anyone would wish niggers would wake up but that's a dream, user.

Now it would be a lot easier for Europe to conquer all of Africa and make those niggers go extinct
Thank you based China

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China "could" do what it did on its mainland provinces and create high-tech cities, use the projects/programs to train nig … er um Blacks to build something besides hyper-flux capacitance, intergalactic worm-hole jumping, space/time continuum jumping Pyramids. They could be learning engineering, building cities, plumbing, sewage, electrical infrastructure, solar projects, streets of Gold, … China knows that the Black minds do not copy well, nor do they have the discipline to become high-level designers, construction engineers. What a fuqqing waste!

Zig Forums isn't one person you nigger.Imperialism is the only way forward once you get the shitskins out of your land. First the reconquista and than we kick them out of existance. After we can enjoy a white world where we can banter each others over who is the whitest and walk the streets safely at night.

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Zig Forums was a NatSoc board that allowed discussion on the evils of jewry, race and IQ. The idea of National Socialism was for every race (except jews) to have a homeland and be proud of who each of them were.

fuck you "nationalism for all peoples" bro, only japs ever acted honorary.

Found the jew slave. If you had a brain you would know that only merchants and bankers profit from imperialism.
I reccomend for you to see the colonial discussion in the German Empire

Cant wait. Fuck these subs.

I feel like any nation/people that has enough intelligence and therefore independence to say "fuck off we're full" and want to keep to themselves is worth keeping around, which would include Nippons, North American tribes, South American tribes (NOT Central American, they've proven to be violent parasitic Aztecs with shit genes), Inuits, and maybe Maori. If there are only a few different independent populations it shouldn't be much of an issue to let them be.

Life has become a 24/7 south park episode

news at 11

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18M (people) into 8.7B (national debt)
That amounts to a paltry $500 per person. Stack that figure against "wealthy" nations who owe their debt to the (((World Bank))).
Jews are just pissed that the chinks are cutting them out.

Save us white man!

Fucking Chinks deserve to be outed.-

When we fuck off from every other country Africa returns to ooga booga bushmen, its up to everyone else if they want a thriving nation. Imperialism does nothing but try to civilize bugmen and niggers.

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Gooks not paying niggers, what the fuck is the black man going to do, make the chink feel guilty?

500 is more than the per capita income of the average Zambian

They're already planning one in Djbouti.

Which has literally been the case ever since the place was decolonized. So what changed?

They already have military outposts in Africa. Those Chinese military "contractors" aren't operating in vacuum you know.

Just castrate those poor things.

Only thing blacks can do not is beg the white man to save them from China

Pretty sure they'll just murder Mr Chang tbh

umm no sweetie

They can go fuck themselves, they never earned anything.

Yeah right. The average white man is too cucked to lift a finger from negro assault because it would be racist.

Mr Chang would shoot at the first hint of an uprising.

China man bad.

Correction; After the race war, and we EXTERMINATE the Jews, we will take all of it.

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Counter Correction: Exterminate is a synonym with expel, derived from latin ex- (out), term (boundary or endpoint) and -ate (verbal conjugation). Exterminate just means to remove from a given area. When you call the exterminators, you don't necessarily want them to kill all the pests in your house, you want them to remove the pests from the bounds of your house.

The word you probably want is annihilate, meaning to reduce to nothing.

….Touché, I stand corrected.
Thanks user, you were not a faggot today.

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That isn't how nigger crimes work, user.
There will be no "first hint"
The niggers will be mad about having to pay. They are used to receiving gibs, not giving.
There will be an instant chimpout, any chinks in the immediate area will be killed and maybe raped. THEN the chinks will open fire on the nigs.




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The bigger joke is that they're treating these regions with warlords in palaces as actual functioning countries.

I'm aware that in some African cities there are multinational corporate skyscrapers but that's just another element of colonization, not native construction.

Reminds me of the use of Decimation. Within the original context, I'm pretty certain it was capital punishment, every 10th man was executed as harsh punishment in the Roman legions.

And that's why they are interbreeding with them, in the hope that their offspring will be more accepted and that they might make a ruling class. They literally have the same puppet masters as all of our nations and that is how they successfully infiltrated our nations.

Debt was never forgiven. Those are usually debt-to-equity swaps.

this is only gonna sink china

I wonder what crazy anecdotes are posted on Chinese forums and the like by the Chinese workers.

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That is a battle they are destined to lose.

again, im not talking about an "armed conflict."
im saying chingchong shows up, says "you owe me money," and immediately the nigger shoots him point blank in the face with a pistol. Thats how niggers are.
Of course niggers will lose in a real battle with rifles.

Niggers belong in a zoo. Someone is going to get those resources, might as well be the white man.

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Even germans disapproved of colonies calling them a total waste of effort. Fuck off. Give me a white home to defend and preserve, not expand onto shitskins who will try to come in after the fact.

Nobodys giving you shit, you have to take it

Pic sums it up.

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He'd have deserved it at that point.

In that sense, I agree with you. The implicit meaning of my suggestion was for the chinks to eradicate the host population.

who knows? Maybe China could figure how to increase the IQ and discipline of nig … okay, never mind

Imperialism will fail no matter in what form it's materialized.

Imperialism will fail no matter in what form it's materialized.
Just like China right? lmao

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China is going to buy the whole of Africa by creating a countries of indentured servitude. If essence, they are going to make the continent of Africa their slaves. This is chinese colonialism in the 21st century. No armies or shots fired, just debt and Africans that can't build their own shit.

Nogs kill each other to pay back debt. I want to live in your world. This is more likely.. Eventually, the nogs will turn on the "new colonizers". The chinks won't apologize and leave, it will be slaughter.

China isn't imperialist, it's an entire civilization controlled by a single state, already straining at the edges and at risk of shattering. It's a fundamentally different form of governance than the western nation state concept, but it isn't imperial. You can make a pretty good case that Tibet and the western desert regions are imperial holdings, and I don't know how the border between China and SEA countries was defined, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some Vietnamese or whoever that are under Chinese imperial rule, but those are minor compared to the ~1 billion Han Chinese who define China. Compare that to Britain ruling a quarter of the world or Rome, which started as a single city. Imperialism is fundamentally destabilizing.

We need to understand our race, that's something I think a lot of people in this thread fall short on. We're the most moral people in the world, and injustice always upsets large portions of our population. Recolonizing Africa would just be setting the stage for all the same problems in 100 years, and frankly LARPing about exterminating the continent is completely disconnected from reality.

Chinks Imperial now? No. Chinks Imperial that built great wall? Yes.
I appreciate the gentlemanly reply, and I actually agree with 100% of your post. The reality I see, is that the African continent holds massive resources that the eyes of the world are on, and in the future those resources might be worth blood. Our morality was not an obstacle when it came to clearing North America of the feather heads in the name of God and civilization.
I'd trade the genocide of American indians over black Wakandans anyday.

After all the problems niggers cause wherever they go, I can only laugh at this. Zero sympathy.

Exact same here.


No they don't get to consume the resources there. After all we've dealt with with niggers, we have dibs.

kikes use America to bail them out until they reach infinity nigger to ship to all White nations. this receives support on both the left and the right. the money they send is proved to build our wall several times over.

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doubtful. their trade relationship is strong

We used to have threads about Boers and possible uprising in ZA, what happened to them and all the spirit connected to resisting the genocide? Do we still have anons that could give an update about the situation?

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dude, not good. niggers are do nothing get nowhere niggers, chinks are locusts. It's not an improvement.

Why do you faggots think it's a good idea to give people that hate you any resources or space that could be given to some whites instead? Your kind of people are the reason we have injuns shitting up the place today because some faggots thought it was a good idea to leave them be in their reserves.

At least Mr. Wong won't pussy out when the darkies get uppity.


Found the crypto-marxist.
Daily reminder that communists love imperialism and liberalism; their system is composed of ladders, and the two said ideologies are two ladders among many others that leads to communism.
Marx was happy to see the bourgeoisie taking power, he praised them heavily in his unreadable books unironicaly made for the illiterate proletariat.

The best part of their colonization is that they lend the money to niggers who are required to spend it on Chinese developments, which are wholly owned by Chinese interests and employ Chinese in all positions that arent basically slave labour. Their silk road project needs to be stopped. Hopefully full tariffs and keep pushing their money below the 7 line by USA destroys the bugment.

Germany isn't self sufficient in a lot of different resources. They can't feed themselves or have enough oil. They definitely needed outside resources if they wanted to be self sufficient

Not true. You can hate niggers and be opposed to Chinese imperialism. China wants control of the territory to fight the West… which is still mostly white. Therefore Chinese control of shitty nigger countries is posturing for future white deaths.

Rather, watch China continue to promote diversity in our countries, and continue to incentivize niggers to abandon Africa for Europe. Also watch as China continues to spread "white privilege" rhetoric around Africa, like they did in South Africa, to foment hatred for whites in place of themselves. Chinks really are slant-eyed kikes. This is, I suppose, what happens when sub-human, emotionally and socially lesser evolved peoples are given the reigns of power in one form or another. It happened with niggers in Detroit, it happens with Chinks, it happens with kikes etc. It's pretty obvious, all non-whites need to be rid from existence. We're the only humans with some semblance of advanced social and emotional evolution.

I really, really hope I live to see these niggers in actual chains being taken off to china to work slaves. The obvious solution to the rapefugee crisis and everything else– tell the niggers "well, it seems you aren't smart enough to rule yourselves, clearly you want to be ruled by Whites, instead of you coming to White lands, we'll send 100 Whites there to govern you." But of course, that's colonialism and that be evil.

based chinks
Rhodesia wasn't so bad now was it niggers?

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First off, take that "?????" shit back to tumblr where it belongs, you philistine.

Second, anthropomorphic ants devolving africa into their industrial hellhole but worse? Have you fucking seen what these chinks have done to their homeland? You want a beautiful natural reserve being turned into one massive smogfest where all its natural beauties and wonders are raped and destroyed?

Mao should've rended China excluding tibet into nothingness.

More like "watch the chimps drench the chinks with gasoline and set fire to them".

Yeah bring in those hispanic female engineers. They'll fix it up real good.

Back in the 70's it was reported in several papers that the chicoms were trying to breed a half ape half human that could work in nuclear reactor cores. They'd be trained to do some brutal task then die soon thereafter with no legal or moral repercussions.

They could have saved themselves the trouble and just brought in sub saharan africans.



Thanks. Downloading the full PDF from right now.

Sounds like a great read.

I've been spewing my racism to the young and 9 times out of 10 they seem fascinated by it. I'm sure this books is replete with great quotes.

According to the Marquis de Sade, and many others claiming to have experienced it, human flesh is very much like tender, lightly spiced pork.

When you put it like that, anheroism really doesn't sound that bad

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Are chinks any better than niggers?

Arguably worse.

So when does Europe followed by the US and Canada decided to pay this debt because muh minorities?