Christian of Zig Forums, we have to organize to counter difamation

You might have seen, that there have been a LOT of anti-christian posts here and on halfchan, a lot of them I suspect being from shills and JIDF to brainwash people to become proxy-warriors. The fact that the Jews hate Jesus, Christianity and white men for more than 2000 years and that they have been leading pretty much every anti-christian movements in Occident should give you a hint that Christianity is the truth.
So we have to do something to bring light to our fellow anons and stop the kike shilling, because nothing is done to counter act this obvious massive shilling against Christianity.

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Mods, please remove this d&c slide bullshit

It is fortunate for the world that your Jewish religion is dying. Islam and Judaism are the two other Abrahamisms that must also die.

Maybe if you keep screeching on Zig Forums about how us ebil racists on Zig Forums are 'muh race worshippers', you'll see a resurgence of Christian faith! Any day now… better suck some godly nigger toes to pass the time.

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Jesus Christ' second coming is nigh as he brings the message of God

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Dead kike on a stick?
Sounds legit.
"Pete.HEY PETE!!! Be a mensch and itch my nose for me?"

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If jews hated Christianity anywhere near as much as they hated white men, then displaying a cross would have the same sort of repercussions as displaying a swastika.

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"Hey Pete! I can see your house from up here!"

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Why do you spend your time here trying to fight with us? Because you're Jews trying to get us to worship you.

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from the "christian op" asking for discussion we see 0 actual discussion, just memes that get posted here every day. 0 intellectual capacity.

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I’ll bite. How do we know the Christians themselves aren’t the shills, trying to get us to embrace and emasculated and morally obtuse foreign religion that talks about Jews constantly and normalizes them meanwhile abandoning our own native gods or the rational big brain stance of none at all which whites have sometimes held since the time of Plato? Tell me.

You better don't trust stupid shill to shape your vision of the bible and Christianity. Jesus isn't a tolerant faggot like the "happy Jesus" fake churches love to display him.


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Jesus, the flesh of God made flesh, discarded the jews tribe from their evil supremacist stance and instead decided that jews weren't God's chosen people. Kikes then conspired to kill him, thus symbolically killing God itself. The New Testament is one of the most anti-jew book you could get and you would know it if you read it.

Aryans of Zig Forums, we have to organize to counter semitism.

You man have seen, that there have been a LOT of christian posts here, a lot of them I suspect being from christian rats to brainwash people to become slaves to their semite god. The fact that the christians hate European culture, history, and people for around 2000 years and that they have been leading pretty much every pro-semite movement should give you a hint that christianity is a semitic cult worthy of genocide. So we have to do something to bring truth to our fellow anons and stop the semitic shilling, because nothing is done to counteract this obvious massive shilling for spiritual semitism.

> Believing the same (((scientists))) liars who said that the first native of England looked like pic related
You literally are retards

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weak bait

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keep trying, christmutt

nah get your circumcised, desert-bringing jew bullshit out of here. it's clear to us now that cuck's insanity was devised as subversion

Holy shit those dubs on a discordian post.
Hail Eris.

This is how stupid the average christcuck is.

He wasn't Aryan. He looked something like pic related.

Male Mutilation is stricly prohibited in the New Testament and it's written it the bible. Only Amerimutt retards mutilate their children, since the USA is pretty much the Great Satan and Israel's whore. In Europe, we look at you with disgust of how """Christians""" can even consider normal to mutilate their boy's penis. That's is literally Muslim and Judaism barbarism and you really are fucking sick obscene perverts.

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post retarded things christkikes say

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Fucking christian rats twisting truth to fit their head canon to justify submitting and being a slave to a jewish religion.

"To the fairest of them all"
"I am Eris.And I say that you are free."

Jews are the Synagogue of Satan, the children of Satan. And seeing all they did for more than 2000 years, especially in the last 200 years, Jesus was right.

u posted the wrong pic there christjew

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Is it you Amerimutt ?

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This is maybe the third time I've actually seen another user that knows of discordianism, Kek worship kinda shoved Eris out of the way on the boards.

of satan
eat a bullet christmutt


christcucks are forever linked with jews. you're a jew, spiritually. your thread is anchored faggot

naaah, its ur lord and semite saviour

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Jesus was born from Mary (Jew) and Yahweh (God of the jews)

The difference between Cheddar Man and Jesus is that we know Cheddar Man is propaganda because modern britons don't look like him, Jesus was said to be king of the jews and looks like a jew. Where's the scam?

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Jesus is the son of God and he outright rejected Jewish customs and groups and called them out. He's not jew. He was born jew to try to bring Jews toward light and correct their evil nature but they rejected him and killed him, thus rejecting god, thus Worshiping Satan.

The Old Testament is there to show us the evolution and the origin, and especially what the New Testament changes and how the jews betrayed their own god.
However, all this garbage of (((Judeo-Christian))) comes straight of POZZED (((Evangilical Christian))) Jewish and Zionist Cocksuckers from the USA. A lot of USA's Christians are fucking perversions and kike cock suckers and cock mutilators and deserve to be heavily beaten some common sense into their mislead skull. Hopefully, not all USA christians are crypto-jews.


and you still don't realize how jewish your religion is. it's centered around judaism. it is/was and always will be the religion of a dying, mongrelized nation.
also… post proof Jesus existed

"By Zig Forums's own standards of truth, are the claims of Christianity true?"
"Are the claims of Paganism true by these standards?"
"What about the claims made by those who deny the supernatural?"
"So why the inconsistency here?"
"What about the Christians and Pagans that are also heavily leftist? and what about the major Christian organizations who support left-wing causes? Like the Christian Democratic party of Germany headed by Angela Merkel?"
>"Most of them are not white, and the ones who are white have the wrong personality type

I am god. No I am. No I am. No I am. No I am. Beep BLOOP beep! Let me fucking control you goyim! I need I mean god needs to control you!

You lost. Get over it. I am god, you arent.

did """""""""virgin"""""""" mary have blonde hair and blue eyes too?

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Hell any one of us is more of a god than whatever the kikes and spiritual semites submit to. They're nothing more than slaves walking willingly into the slaughter, I'm glad they will embrace it.

Arguments for existence of magic man in sky - 0

Arguments against existence of magic man in sky - 84838483^748383838383838

You have a massive ego and refer to yourself in the third person to look humble while you enslave people. Nobody buys your faggot shit anymore. I did plenty of research on this, years of research, I hate this kike prison world and hate innocent people suffering , if there was anything to this comic book I would let people know. People treat problems with solutions that work in reality. There are zero people with any integrity who suggest prayer instead of stretching when you have an injury.

Have fun spending a long ass time feeling like a duped moron. Dont worry, its gonna suck. You may never recover, which is good because you wasted so many people's time.

He is the words of God's made Flesh. He is the son of God himself. It transcend all concept of the Jewish tribe and customs. Ever since he got active, Jesus always faced and opposed Jews on their shitty behaviors and morals up to the point he got killed for it. Christianity is the opposite of Judaism, stick that yourself in your skull. The Torah is the mind of the jews. Christianity isn't for the jews, Christianity has persecuted kikes on and off fore 2000 years, since they are a wicked and sick people. Kikes hate Christianity, Jesus and white people for more than 2000 years and constantly have conspired to destroy Christianity. What else do you need? They always attack Christianity constantly. Paganism? They don't fucking care one bit.
Jesus existed and it's undeniable. Even atheists historians state that fact.
Random link

what are OT, the apostoles ergo also the NT, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Moses, etc. etc.?

are they aryans too?

Cool some kike existed in the past, who would've ever have thought that were possible. Your rat cult isn't of Europe, it isn't of the Aryan mind it is pure spiritual semitism and you are nothing more than a willing slave. The day your cult dies out along with the other religions that walk hand in hand with your own, judaism and islam, will be a day of celebration for all of the Aryan people.

The only person who can bring justice to their reality is that person. The only person who can create in the universe are the people in the universe. Nobody is saying there is no meaning to life, nobody is saying that there isn't more to this, what is being said is we are not consenting to being ruled by a schizophrenic jew faggot for eternity. The only Christianity stuff that made any sense was the Gnostic shit, not that I read it, but the demiurge stuff is spot on and helped me undertand what possesses these people. All these religious texts are fiction though, people making theories. You can get an awakening from a book or movie. For fucks sake EVEN THE FUCKING JEWS ADMIT THAT THEIR STORIES ARE JUST FICTION TO TEACH LESSONS.

We arent talking about innocent retard stuff like astrology which just encourages people to look for signs and connections. We are talking about something that had held humanity back for thousands of years. We all agree that Egyptian and Greek gods are fake, then five seconds later Oh but Jesus is real! No. Fuck off you pedo slave master fucks. The true spiritual journey begins the moment you leave these fucking cults.

Preaching to the choir, I have more of a spiritual bent in terms of Aryan thought, but this semitic filth needs to be stamped out hard it is the root cause of the decline of our people.

this, abrahamics are a plague

Imagine being this full of self importance for your kike religion that you say Christianity is the opposite/antithesis of the jew, or that because it is attacked makes it automatically worth our attention.

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Why do you obsess so much with Aryans? Do you think that only blond hair and blue eyes are whites?

Mislead fool. Until Christianity was fully in charge in Europe and North America, Europe was 99% White. When Christianity got subverted hard thanks to all the (((Sexual liberations)))-(((Civil Rights))) and (((Human Rights))), we got more or less 70 years of unrestricted atheist leadership and a faithless atheists white population and in those short 70 years, we went from 99% white to almost 50% white and inviting all the niggers, sandniggers and our worst enemy, the Muslim by the millions.
If all this sickness was from christian values, they wouldn't have do it. Christianity is for keeping every races in their own fucking continent, to keep every people in their own fucking nations and not to seek mix-racing. Tower of Babel? Remember how God didn't authorize it ? Well, The (((EU))) is trying to do just that in Europe, by turning Europe into a sick satanic Tower of Babel just like the United States of America.
So please, don't blame Christians when they were the only one fighting against the Jewish parasite from the inside.

god is aryan i agree

Noice digits!

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The fuck, do you not understand that before your rat cult infested our Volk's mind Europe was 100% white? Your disgusting semitism opened the gates to the middle east and let the vermin in, it made our people subservient to that hellhole and abandon our own people to become slaves to your disgusting kike. I've said it before and I will again abrahamics deserve nothing but complete and total genocide.

nice deflection christkike

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If it weren't for the Catholic Church, you would still be talking like a peasant. If it weren't for the Catholic Church preserving a tremendous amount of knowledge and book and to open universities to promote knowledge, we would have lost a lot of knowledge and never we would be as strong as a race.

There is no Jewish god, stop having this view, it's inherently false. God is God, "Jewishness" is concept from a tribe of men. Jesus is the literal son of God and also God Himself. Jews rejected Jesus and Killed him. The rejected God himself and now worship Satan.
It's not that hard, stop playing dumb on purpose.
"Gradually, I began to hate them"

You play retard on purpose and willingly not acknowledge that the shitshow that it's happening only happen ever since that Christianity Influence's was it's lowest (almost non existent) and that atheism and the Jewish Influence was at it's highest?
Can you stop LARPing please ?

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also forgot

A physically weak jewish tribe is able to peacefully immigrate into Christian lands, again and again, whereas no non-abrahamic faith is left alone by these groups.

Source please on actual ecclesiastically sanctioned Deus Vult Knights killing large amounts of jews? For all I find is the anti-semitic peasantry figuring out its the jews and atacking them and then the King and his knights attack the people. Of course this is part of the jew's plan since he wants to turn one against one another to found liberalism and democracy and thus start a market of which the jew can control behind the scenes. Sometimes a Christian of high statue would figure it out but he'd always get denounced even in his own lifetime, the Christian requires the jew in his society and there has never been any Christian society which hasn't had jews in it for about a couple of decades.

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I haven't read all through this thread at the moment, but those against Christianity might be softer towards this website

the christscum saw nothing wrong with converted jews and freely intermarried with them, most famously in Spain

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How about you eat some feces, Moshe?

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Yeah, the institution of Vatican and popecy has been (((infiltrated))). That's obvious that he is a fucking kike cock sucker to mislead Christians toward (((their))) agenda. He's a traitor. But you have to recall that the Vatican used to financed Hitler's National Socialism back in the day too. So it's not day and night. Usually, the most Christian countries were the most hostile to the jews back in the 20th century (German's Natsoc, Mussolini's Fascism and Salazar's Fascism and Franco's Fascism). As for Switzerland and Sweden before/during WW2 (both undeniably christians), they both made a deal with NatSoc Germany to put a Stamp on Jewish Germans so that they can both refuse them at the border (instead of refusing all Germans), because they wanted to avoid the "enjuivement (the "Jewing") of their countries. Same for non-jews refugees, they tried to keep both their border tight to avoid the "foreignisation" of their countries. Sweden was very investigated in eugenism at the time too. Both countries were Christians and didn't want any jews and any strangers and that was the christian way to act. Don't let (((them))) lead you to believe that Christianity is for a tolerant and apathic world with no respect for racial,cultural,linguistic and demographic borders. This is EXTREMELY false.

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I heard you loud and clear but it seems to me you ignore the tens of thousands of years before our people were subject to the yoke of your cult. It's only once our people's minds were sufficiently rotted by semitism that the gates opened and the kikes were given free reign. There were no kikes in Europe before your cult appeared.

So jews aren't actual jews now? Get fucking real

Then, explain me how Pagan were pretty much raped by Christianity, that you seem to see as a Jewish Religion ?
Moreover, Christianity is the only reason of why jews almost have been exterminated twice from the phase of the earth. Could you say the same of muslims, or PaganLARPERS ? Of course not,


The christian rats had no issue genociding their own and acting in jewish ways, which is no surprise given their cult's origin. The kikes were not an issue until the christian filth appeared on the scene, they were too busy being raped by the Romans until the Romans got cucked hard.

When did Christians do that?

took you long enough

Oh boy I just realized they said that, I bet they think Hitler and the Reich were part of their rat christian cult.

The Romans did a pretty good job in the first century.

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wow what a shocker
please name these times and why it was christianity that contributed to this

Only has recently that the jews have been giving free reign. And Christianity (true one, not perverted one) is 1000000000% against all that is happening in today's world and Jesus could have been even more brutal and less forgiving than Hitler if he saw what Jews have been doing to the world. But that's it's speculation, however, Jesus clearly wasn't tolerating evil Jewishness and Christianity has to follow Jesus. 2000 Years are long years, and when you have evil people like jews who make money on money with usury money, they manage to subvert even the strongest people with their filth money. Jewish Supremacy pretty much comes from Usury Money, which Jesus actively went against (He caused a scene in the Temple with all the Jews making money).
The problem with kikes is that they look too much like us, so that they can LARP as white men and then go back to JEWS back and forth. And when they destroy a city, they fly as another, like the bunch of rootless clicke they are.

reminder that these people consider brainwashed aryans dying thousands of km away from their homes as completely justifiable

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aka old testament, eat shit kike

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I do know that there are white christian men that are truly good and have the interests of our Volk in their mind, but my distaste of any semitic cult is absolute. Yes jesus didn't like some of the jews, but he too was a jew, it isn't like the kikes are a hivemind they infight all the damn time. The jews were allowed into Europe purely because of the christian monarchs wanted them to come into the continent to do financial shit. There were no kikes in Europe before christianity period, as I said before they only became a problem for us after our people were subject to their brother religion, before that they kept getting the shit kicked out of them by fellow jews and Romans/Greeks/Persians what have you.

interesting how this happens

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Did you read the first article in your image?

i did mr pedoshill
literal jewish mental gymnastics