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We'll never get anything done if we remain so spread out. You'll have better romantic opportunities, business opportunities, live around other race-aware whites and not be so blackpilled. What's your excuse?



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There needs to be more info on how to move to cascadia. It's not easy for people to pack up their shit and just move there, what about the price of land, rent, or a house?
What are the jobs like, who's hiring?
The purpose of building a new independent state should be networking, OP your OP sucks ass. try more info next time instead of shilling a shitty chat.

I'm all for the NWF, but the New Awakening from what I've read direct from their website go against what Covington wanted. What I see is men playing dress up as men from mars ritually trying to be like the NSDAP. Covington wanted an American IRA to fight a heavy guerrilla war in the NWF to kick ZOG out of there. If TNA was less about playing dress up and more about organizing and preparing for the coming war then I'd be all for them.

I am a Northwest Volunteer. I have one purpose in life, to serve the 14 Words of David Lane through the establishment of the Northwest American Republic as a Homeland for all White people.

I am a Northwest Volunteer. Every day, every waking hour of my life is devoted to the goal of freeing my people and bringing my country into existence. I renounce all the money, the material goods, the personal pleasures, the gratifications of body and mind, and the social approval with which America rewards conformity. I voluntarily choose to become an outcast and an outlaw, so that my race and the civilization my race has created may not perish from the face of the earth.

I renounce fear. I understand and accept that my life no longer belongs to me, but to my people and my country, and is an asset to be husbanded wisely and used without stint when the time is right. I understand and accept that I have neither the right to throw my life away without point or gain, nor the right to preserve it at the expense of future generations.

To the Party I pledge my swift and wholehearted obedience, without cavil or hesitation. I am a political soldier, and thus I function in society.

I live a clean and manly life of honor. I do not defile that honor with perversions of the body. I do not defile my blood through congress with anyone not of my own blood.

To my fellow White men and women, who will hate and persecute me because they have been so cruelly deceived, I pledge my patience and my love.

To the world enemy in all his loathsome manifestations, I pledge unending hatred, resistance and destruction. The word “surrender” will never pass my lips nor the thought enter my mind.

I am a Northwest Volunteer.

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It's a lot easier to help people with that when you're dealing with them directly.

It's a lot to ask someone to drop everything they have and move across the country to a place they've never been, to live around people they've never met or spoken to before. That's why it's important to get to know race-aware whites who are already up there.

The Northwest imperative is our only option!

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White race needs to die. Too arrogant and stupid. Western civilization is holding on last straws. I hope every ultra nigger and chinkus insectus suck your pififul soul and drag your whore women into the depths of hell.

I'm with you guys, But you gotta update the website and refine the ideology to be universal. We need to setup a comprehensive guide for every racial group to free themselves from these (((diabolic groups))).

Hey there Rabbi, Whatcha doin?

This is a big point of contention not just with TNA but far-right groups in general: swastika or no.

We've had an endless number of examples of people trying to appeal to a broad audience by adopting more general and innocuous imagery and none of them have worked for the simple fact that they apply limited manpower and finances to a very broad audience, most of which aren't even interested in the message.

With the swastika, there is one group you target very specifically: poor and disenfranchised whites. These are the people most likely to take the personal risk of migrating across the country so these are the people we focus on currently. All revolutions work like this: you target the economic lower class, which is always the most disillusioned with the system, and you work from that base.

>wanting to live with people from (((benelux)))
fuck off with trying to imply these people are human

You misunderstand me, I have no issue with the Swastika, it is a holy symbol of the Aryan Volk and represents our strength and the cycle of rebirth.

I have issue with what I've seen of the group, men playing dress up in 1930's NSDAP uniforms, to the modern man it looks childish and absurd despite it meaning to us discipline and order. The modern guerrilla must blend in, and not stick out like a sore thumb, we can have our symbols like the swastika and such, but trying to ritually enact the 1930's and avoid modernization is absurdity. Hitler himself said something to the effect of how we must be absolute in our ideals but flexible in our tactics, Hitler would be disgusted to see people merely acting like some cargo cult out of the congo instead of adapting to the times.

Covington had made it clear, at least from what I've read that the way to achieving the Imperative is unrelenting guerrilla action, starve ZOG out of the NWT and it is ours. I would gladly support TNA as the primary group for the NWF if they followed more closely to what Covington wanted. A war council should be formed immediately and efforts should be focused on recruitment to achieve 100 men in the Pacific Northwest region, look to the IRA and how effective they were, it is Covington's primary influence. An organization such as TNA with a singular leader is destined to fail, while of course we all know a single leader is great in an established nation leading the Volk without any bureaucratic mess, we do not have an established nation. The only choice is multiple leaders in a council and a cellular structure, it avoids collapse and infiltration and is ideal for our people's struggle.

You haven't won yet, Hel. There is still strength in the blood, Lodur put it there.

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I do have to concede your argument on the uniforms and NSDAP imagery. It's something we've already changed. I'm also interested in hearing specific critiques about our site, adapting and improving our message to the people we're trying to recruit is very important and from what you've been saying, I think I can consider you in that category.

I have to disagree with your point on leadership, though. A council as a public face is too large to be easily comprehensible. People, especially the modern man, requires at least a figurehead who they trust. I'll agree about the utility of forming cells, the IRA was incredibly effective with those, but if you try doing that before being established with that nucleus of 100 men, you'll just fizzle out and die.

I am glad that the uniform idea has changed, save that for after victory. I would have to think a bit on things to change on your website, I don't have any serious issues with it in general. The most important thing to me is that there needs to be a clear group to drop into for someone wanting to migrate to the NWF, but Covington himself explained it isn't going to be easy for the initial 100 men, getting to that point will be the hardest. But once there is an established organization in the NWF then recruitment could pick up even more as it would give an easy route for the many men and women across the country disillusioned by the system.

I do not mean the war council as a public face, I mean it in the sense of the IRA war council, a very private/secretive head of organization that provides guidance to cells under them and allows for continuity and compartmentalization in the event of a leader being eliminated or being not what they seem. A singular person just as a figurehead is perfectly fine, it someone to rally behind and for others to look to as Covington was. But for guerrilla warfare you definitely do not want a singular leader, that will lead to death real quick.

And I agree with your last point as well, I mentioned the 100 base men as it is what was envisioned by Covington and would provide 30 some cells to start out with and expand from. That is why I said the focus should be purely on organizing and recruitment efforts to get to that 100 men mark then let things go from there.

Sounds like we're on the same page then. When it comes to the initial 100 men, that's why we're focusing on the specific demographic of poor, disenfranchised whites, who will be the most likely to migrate. We're actually making decent headway with that. Having a hands-on approach has really helped us and I think that's one flaw in the NWF's approach.

You're absolutely correct about this but it's a bit early to be discussing these things, especially on vietnamese basket weaving forums. I think we should focus on recruitment and migration first and foremost, most of our efforts currently revolve around that.

Are you part of the NWF? It would be great to have someone like you helping us out as well, it sounds like you've given a lot of thought to these matters and I understand how uncommon that is.

I moved to the PNW for exactly this reason. We need more folks out here who are race aware. The Willamette Valley Oregon is paradise, save for the filth

KISS; keep it simple stupid
The problem with using the swastika is that it has bad marketing value. Whats going to happen if you show a swastika? People with you will be with you anyway, you're just alienating Middle / Opponents.
I would suggest using some simple "Unicorn" symbol, why? Because it Represents Israel, and it'll piss off our enemies. And it represents rebirth with nature.

Here is a summary of what I think the NWF should do; I've typed this before, I haven't made my trip yet but this info is important

1. We are fighting an "Ideological War". Zionism / Judaism represents Global Corporate Slavery, centered around Israel, we should take the opposite position, namely; "Freedom, Local Growth = Local Control, Racial Homogenous Communities".

2. By sharing these ideas with other Racial / Geographic groups, we essentially create "multiple fronts" in this Ideological War.

3. Universalizing these principles and organizing them into a "step by step guide" on "Community Building 101"

Notice a common idea among these tactics;

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I've lived in Portland my entire life, where does the NWF exist?

We have some people out there. If you're interested in networking more you should definitely get into contact with us. We need more people like you for this to work. Even if you don't want to join, networking is important. Link to our chat is in the OP.

I'm sure you've heard it before but your initial statement reminds me of what Robert Matthews discussed in his Call to Aryan Warriors speech, he knew there was support for him and eventually the Order among the yeomanry and truck drivers of the northwest and likely all of America.

Of course it is too early to discuss such things, but I figure it needs to be addressed because it is a matter of survival. Recruitment is ideal for now, but organization is also essential.

If I were I wouldn't be one to say as much but I am not. The Imperative has become the only concept that gives me hope at this point though, we need to recreate the pioneer spirit of creating a nation our forefathers had. A new nation gives hope and something to fight for. We are rapidly approaching demographic hell in this country and I don't think we have much more time. The concept of the NWF makes sense to me, the pacific northwest has resources, beautiful land, and exceptional terrain for guerrilla warfare. Focusing our efforts on a smaller territory instead of trying to affect an entire country the size of all of Europe and then some makes more sense. Soon enough I'll find my way to the homeland but moving takes time.

You're lost.

I think you misunderstand, the NWF isn't the alt-right, optics and trying to play nice with the system isn't the goal here. Making allies of non-whites is not part of the picture here.

It makes me really happy to see another person so passionate about this. If you haven't already, you should get into contact with us

We're happy to help you migrate, even if I have to drive down there in my truck personally to pick you and your stuff up and I'm serious about that.

The NWF is all over. The New Awakening is more hands-on, if you want close coordination and networking, which I'm all about. I'm hesitant to post too many details about where people live here though, you should get into contact with us here for that riot.im/app/#/room/#NAGateway:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.com

I appreciate it, I'll see about getting in touch at some point, although I personally dislike online chats and things like it as I have seen firsthand the potential pitfalls of them. No doubt its useful to make initial connection with people but to me IRL is the only way to go, but of course if you aren't in the PNW yet it's a bit hard to do that.

a thread like this one is proof that the far left is still raping the discourse. wait no, it's the far right acting retarded knowing that the far left will be blamed. wait no, it's the far left acting retarded knowing that the far right will be blamed for blaming the far left.

Or maybe OP is just dumb. Like everyone who is incorrect in politics must be. huh. Who benefits when only the establishment answer is ever allowed to look correct, and all dissident discourse is slammed with untrustworthy stupidity?

We are in the PNW, we use our chats to help coordinate meetups and whatnot. There are some caveats to that but it's not something to be discussed on Zig Forums. There is very much a real life counterpart to our online presence.

Oh I know I just mean for potential recruits that aren't in the PNW yet it is useful for them as they can't make that IRL connection. Of course no need to overexplain here, I'm just constantly concerned about OPSEC and I've seen it fail before and people get fucked because of it. I'm glad there is IRL connection though that can be a tough first step if there isn't trust.

What part of what I wrote was "playing nice"?? Everything about it CIRCUMVENTS the system, locally. Local Food, Local Industry, Local Banking.
You didn't read my post at all, its about making more fronts against our enemies. Our enemy is Centralized Banking / Industry. If we DONT help other races / communities, who do you think is going to be influencing them??

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Racism is being memed up as a trap to "prove" people considered undesirable are sociopaths barely held in check by in-group loyalty, thus justifying their exclusion from society. None of you should submit to such monsters as oppose sociopaths, so you should all be as loudly racist as you can. Unless I'm pulling a subversion of some sort, in which case..?

Go on. Be racist. Be proud. Tell people how proud you are of your race. See what happens. Now, you can defy the world, if you like. Don't submit an inch. That's defiance, right? Slamming your head into a wall because you can't stop hating people?

But obviously, I'm just a Jew lying to you about ethnicity, so don't listen to a word I say. There's a lie in every sentence.

Oh, I completely understand your concerns with OPSEC. I know what you mean. Discord groups are notorious for that. The fact that we use Riot instead of a private server should show you how much we care about security.

That's why having an online presence is so important. It's a lot to ask someone to migrate if they don't know the people they're going to be living near.

I might agree in the very large global picture that having more fronts is good but the NWF is Aryan territory, there is to be no concessions to that. To me until the Imperative is achieved, the outside world concerns us little barring how the system around us is acting.

Dropping out is of course a valid route of attacking the system, but I meant playing nice with the system in conceding Aryan symbols just because it might make some people feel bad. The system wouldn't want us flying proud the Swastika, it is a symbol of our people and it spits in the face of the system because of that.

sage for doublepost
I don't know enough about Riot to comment on it, but for sure Discord is a horrible idea. Wire is another solution I know of, encrypted and allows automatic deletion of messages if you want after a certain amount of time.

Riot is a lot more scaleable than Wire. It's also encrypted but has a much better system for moderation and chat management. More comparable in feature set to Discord but not compromised. It's a federated network so there's no concerns about being deplatformed, can host your own server so no issues with being monitored, and encrypted so even server confiscation isn't an issue. It meets all our feature requirements.

Hal-Bump. Good to see you cheeky cunts making progress with your beautiful project.

I shared this allready on another thread, but I am quite proud of it and i think you guys might fund use of it.

Individuals of the movement join or create clubs open for others of the public. In such origination’s members influence common option, network and recruit others within and into movement, and gain fellowship all within the club. As well as these the goal of clubs is to train; an auto club for teaching of maintenance, a hiking club for survival and leadership skills, a running club for fitness and know the local area, a broad game club for strategic thinking, history club for knowledge and propaganda, etc. The possibilities are truly endless for what for the focuses of clubs. What this makes is a successful bottom up movement is that capitalizes full of the power it has locally creating infrastructure in the local area to its greatest extent. In otherer words, influence is directly expressed in practical infrastructure in an area. Such clubs when brought to their fullest extent will be essentially a state within a state.

There is context to this.
interest with traditional world view) and sprite (literacy of philosophy and religion).

versed in the methodology of propaganda campaigns


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The people you really shouldn't submit to are the stalking psuedoprogressives holding back society with their judge-and-filter campaigns, working towards achieving a new secular Eden, heedless of the consequences of relying so heavily on secret-keeping loyalties on their own side. Hint: their idea of how to oppose sociopaths completely fails to eject sociopaths.

Even though they aren't racist and hate racists, racism is still a stupid way to oppose them. Hit them where they're really weak by being better people than they are. Reach out to the downtrodden and pull apart the networks that hold them down. Help people slip the bonds of ignorance that make them vulnerable. That's how effective resistance is formed. Ditching racism is a way to slip the noose of a group of "never" sociopaths, and it'd protect civilization if they went down. Down their path lies a world of multiple personalities.

Just look at China for a more overt example of how this stuff goes wrong. The Chinese government is watching people en masse and indoctrinating them in "vocational camps". Is that going to change who people are deep down inside, or is that going to teach them to paint on perfect masks? Think about the depths of faith. Think about the martyrs of every religion. Faith doesn't turn that easily.

Evil people are always two-faced. That they teach good people to be two-faced in their campaigns is both a curse and a blessing.

Full disclosure: I hate racism. It's not a real connection. Anyone who is only good to you because of your race isn't worth anything at all.
Racism really is a sociopath signal. It's just not the only kind of alliance terrible people make.

You shouldn't take straightforwardly anything you read on this site. It's not a place where truth is obligatory.

That is good to hear then, in hindsight it is absurd how many people used Discord, yeah it can be convenient but it is thoroughly compromised. Either way knowing a little more about riot I might hop on at some point.

Is this legit or a honeypot. I’d definitely be down to being a part of the movement. Do we live in communes and do IRL stuff or is it just larping over the internet?

If you give up racism, you don't have to live at the bottom of a pit of permanent distrust anymore.

Why use China as an example. Your description fits every country.

I wouldn't try to discuss with them, they don't seem genuine I was going to but I realized their intent isn't on being productive but distracting from the point of the thread. Best to just filter them.

I agree with you, I never said that we shouldn't have our own state, I'm just saying it'd help us more to give other racial communities a local goal. Not only does it disenfranchise our enemy, but it also gets them off our backs while we establish our own. All the while developing the tools and methods for our own success. ie; Local Community Banks, local food, local industry, etc.

Eh, that's debatable. I think the Yule is a symbol more exclusive for white europeans. It has a more ancient meaning, and if you consider the Oera Linda book at all I know people doubt it's authenticity, but based on the lack of peer-review of it, I'm willing to bet its genuine Then that makes the Yule better for us. While the swastika was used by everybody in the ancient world!

I'm just being practical in my criticism. I'm with you whether you use the swastika or not, but what about others that are still on the fence? Our enemies will attack us whether we use it or not, I'm just saying it doesn't give us an advantage, unless you're appealing to some metaphysical property…

Is the "New Awakening" an offshoot of NWF? Or a reinvention? I have alot of engineering knowledge that could be of major use.

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We are inspired by the NWF, but separate. Unlike NWF, our intention is to be an explicitly National Socialist vanguard that makes the ethnostate a reality.

There is very much a real life counterpart to our online presence but the details of that should only be discussed privately. We have chats for that.

I'd suggest to read Covington's works if you want to understand his vision for the NWF. I talked about it a little earlier, ideally with proper organization even if someone isn't genuine in the structure it wouldn't matter. The hour is later than many of us realize, I know I don't want my future children to bear this burden at even worse odds than we have now. I personally don't know what the group does atm, barring recruitment, but those kind of details really shouldn't be talked about here I think.

Like in my previous post I don't doubt the legitimacy of that idea but for me at least I think those focused on the NWF shouldn't worry as much about the entire globe, the whole purpose of focusing on the northwest is to tighten our focus on manageable territory. Once victory is achieved then our focus would be on wider horizons, it shouldn't be misunderstood international jewry is the enemy, but they aren't the only one. So if other peoples on the planet want to say fuck you to the kikes then by all means they should go ahead, I don't think we have the manpower or time to split up our focus on other places for now.

Don't get me wrong I don't mean to imply the Swastika is the only choice. I just see it as having a power to it that affects people, my opinions on the Swastika are inspired by GLR, who used it extensively and described the effect it had on kikes that protested him.

I don't have an opinion one way or another on the Oera Linda book. Himmler had a big interest in it though so obviously I think it should be given some thought. Keep in mind the Protocols are considered a (((hoax))) so that word doesn't necessarily need to be true.

Believe me I've heard the arguments against using our native symbols to avoid alienating some. I'm not sure on the validity of the argument though, those that would be swayed to our side wouldn't be as hostile to the symbol in the first place. Do you remember the time before you found the truth? I do and I remember never actually hating the Germans that much, and a big reason why I have become what I am now is because I asked why? So with this example I think those that will join us are those that are already inclined to join us in the first place. Especially in the case of the New Awakening as they are explicitly National Socialist, so not using a Swastika isn't going to fool anyone intelligent enough to want to join in the first place.

I'm not sure where I stand on the metaphysical nature of the Swastika but I know it has power, similar to the Runes of my/our people, I think it would be silly to ignore and hide such a symbol simply because the kikes have branded it as evil.

We're a lot more hands-on than the NWF. Same idea, different application. We coordinate much more closely with each other. Your engineering knowledge for example would be incredibly useful to us, allowing us to use others with knowledge in that field to start a business or work on other projects that you'd likely be interested in.

This is the kind of thinking we need. We already have plans for what you're outlining but clearly you've thought about this a lot. An idea is good, but the person that comes up with them is much more valuable. If you're interested in really working with us to do these things, you should drop in our chat.

more catchy

Christian hating Pagans make up 0.4% of the population, and half of them are (((Satanists)))
All you guys can fit in 10 acres. Just pony up a share, gather up your PCs and comic books and move.

I think I'm going to go live to Bolivia, the real estate is cheaper and the laws more lax.

Satanists can not be 'pagan'/heathen by definition. Satanism is an Abrahamic offshoot of Judaism/Christianity, and worships the Jewish/Christian God, Satan.


I'm on the verge of moving to the NW, already did a scouting trip, found where I want to live and buy land, nearly moved last month, but two major problems I have, one practical, one more nebulous:

1: jobs. There are no jobs anywhere outside the liberal/city hives. I mean jobs that pay "middle-class-or-above" levels, so they can allow you to afford some land, quickly pay it off, and drop the fuck out of society and start homesteading, etc. Without jobs, no one will rent you a place, (hurr durr, must have a certain income level to rent here,or you live with section 8 niggers, etc.)

2: This one is more hard to pin down, but I really didn't get a good vibe off the culture up there. I'm in Texas, at the forefront of demographic replacement and I'm nearly critically-blackpilled, but at least everyone here is aware of the situation, whether they like it or not. People up there HAVE ZERO FUCKING IDEA of the shitskin hordes and liberals that are coming, and if I move there, I'll be the only one who has a clue, but I'll be "racist" to bring it up. Basically, everyone was VERY insulated SWPL, and I only want to hang out with "likeminded" people.

I'll check out the chat, maybe that'll help.

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I may be doing a scouting trip myself soon, so I'm in a similar boat as you. Hopefully the group has connection that could lead you to getting a job somewhere to get you started.

One thing I wanted to say regarding your picture which is what has blackpilled me further is that the statistics in it are almost a decade old now. I think when the next census comes out in 2ish years we will see that the situation is even more dire than we have previously thought. In 2010 white people were 45% of Texas sure, but it's been 8 years of constant illegal and legal immigration and muds breeding like rabbits, Texas could be as bad as California or New Mexico with whites being ~30% of the population at this point. The idea that any state in this country has less than a third of it's population being white is horrific. Those states are effectively foreign countries now.

what happend

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That's all life is: connections. It's real fucking tough to apply for jobs half a country away, when they're gonna go with a local, or, more likely, someone they know, or the kid of someone they know. It's a Catch-22, gotta be up there to get a job, but you gotta have a job to get up there, unless you already have Fuck You Money, which is what I notice most of the people moving to the PNW already have, which does not bode well

Texas is about 30-35%. There is no way it was 45% even in 2010, because the census was using that completely ridiculous 11 million illegals nationwide number, which meant they must have counted just a few million illegals in TX. There are easily 20 million illegals in Texas alone at this point. Texas was probably about 40% white in 2010 and probably has dropped at least 5% since. They keep the true illegal numbers so vague and impossible to obtain that there is literally no way ever to know the real number.

TL;DR In a very short time, Texas turned into a complete third-world non-white shithole. It's completely, totally fucked, to say the least.

The real problem with Texas is that the only way you can live there, like AZ, NM, or CA, is have a shit ton of money and live way out in the country. Effectively, all the southwest is at this point is rich cucked boomer whites and vast swarms of shit. It's hell on earth.

How I see the PNW. I'm still coming, don't misunderstand, but goddamn, that was a kick in the fucking nuts. It's no different than where I'm leaving, financially at least.

I'd believe it, our situation is much worse than many know I think demographics-wise.

It's a real shame I have respect for Texas' history, of course it's gone down the shitter though being right next to a third world shithole.

Dumb. You can't lead your nation if you're following it.

Realistically speaking, the northwest imperative is the only shot whites have at a future. When boomers die, whites will be about 30% nationally, and that's in about 10 years. (I'd say the other realistic option is New England, but it's too close to the blue stronghold of the mid-Atlantic, and a lot of the state governments are run by complete leftist white genocidal faggots.) Since NW is really the only way, and the survival of the race is on the line, all stops should be pulled out to get there. Obviously, this is much easier said than done.

So what's it like up there?

I personally would've loved New England as an idea, but it's proximity to the capital is also a negative. The Northwest is the furthest continental area away from the seat of jewish control.

That's pretty jewy of you

Helping members find jobs up there is something we do, so is helping them find housing. To facilitate getting more race-aware whites up there, we help people migrate and reduce the cost of doing so, even if that means personally driving 1000+ miles out to where they are and picking them and their stuff up myself, and I'm not the only one who feels this way.

As for your second point, there's a concept you may be familiar with called a manufactured consensus, where a group of people are able to artificially enforce an idea via social pressure merely by being in the majority, or appearing to be in the majority. An important element of this is another concept known as Dunbar's number: the idea that a person cannot comprehend the largeness of the community in which they live and instead generalizing the population based upon their limited experiences. Whites today are very atomized and isolated, so even a relatively small group of 10 men can easily manufacture a consensus if they're all present in a person's life. There's a formula to it, really. If (our number) > (their number) == convert to ideology. This concept is something Jews has been using on our people since the 1930's at least. A hard counter to it is a real-life implementation, having a far greater impact on people's beliefs than the media by comparison.

the (((low countries))) were big into (((usury))) and (((finance))) during the 16th and 17th centuries and thats not even mentioning the (((swiss)))

Connections are one of the bigger benefits of focusing on a smaller region: we have the luxury of knowing the people and businesses who live in that region. We'll help you find a job and find housing, something we're always trying to make easier. We'll be starting our own businesses so we can offer guys jobs before they even come up here, we'll be buying property and land for members to live on while they get on their feet, or even just if they want to save up more money. With the number of people we have already, raising the funds to obtain these things won't take very long, and the more people we get up there, the faster things will move.


God speed brother.
Do you mind sharing how you started on this path? I wish to follow.


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>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaand he also believes that if some Dutch owned a bank then ALL Dutch are bankers and thus jews.