Conversations With The Left

What are some of the batshit insane things you've heard in conversations with the Left?

For me, it would be:

- Voting for women across the ballot because they're women and they don't lie (I cannot begin to describe the insanity in this statement).

- Since they're older, they know politics are better (which is pretty much them saying, "Don't argue with me on this, just accept that I'm right."). Pretty sure there's a latin phrase for this…

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Technically that's correct. In that it's not (((socialism))).

I was arguing with a Marxist chick a few months back and the topic of judging came up. She made the claim that only men judge (rate attractiveness) of men but that women absolutely never judge men, ever. I called her out as a liar and even her friends subtly agreed.

I Socratically question a friend about his beliefs a few days ago. He brought up the belief that men not having to worry about getting raped when they go out is a privilege. I asked him if he knew that men are statistically very much more likely to be physically attacked than women are to raped. I asked him how many men he knew who had been attacked and how many women he knew who had been raped. He just blurbled off into a monologue about how women are not treated fairly.

If one thing is for sure, it's that leftists are liars. Their entire worldview requires lies to not collapse in on itself due to contradictions.

I don't have conversations with my enemies, and neither should you. There's nothing to speak about this late in the game. Spend your energy preparing for the coming war.


political violence is good, but only when used against the "right"

This is something my cousin's drunk, dyke friend said the second time I met her

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What's funny is that Mussolini himself said that political violence was a core tenet of fascism. Willing to punch non-believers instead of just punching ballots seems to get you better results. It's one of the few, if only, virtues antifa has in my opinion.

Swipped with a chick on Tinder after not tindering for 3 years.

She said that lifted trucks with American flags are racist and reminded her of the KKK.

Instantly blocked, deleted tinder and carried on witj volunteering for the elections.

You only find leftists on "dating" apps. Most have personality disorders. They're the last place you should be looking for anything except horrible people.

ive met multiple girls who weren't leftists on dating apps and websites. two just became good friends that i'm not in any sort of relationship with.

yeah, nah

What, you've never heard the saying, "An armed society is a polite society"?
Manners largely exist because they are a way of preventing unnecessary bloodshed.
If there's no risk of bloodshed, there's no need for manners.
This core concept can be applied to most of what's wrong with the world today, including but not limited to: marriage, diseases, children, insurance, etc.

In this case, women have made self defense illegal, while at the same time increasing the punishments for beating someone who's disrespectful, then place those tasks on public servants.

I seriously hate these faggots

Know thy enemy.

I have, but it implies that the people do the moderating and don't tattle on others to use the state to punish men because some cunt was offended. She was mad about men sitting with their legs apart aka manspreading and wanted to legislate away the right for people to be assholes without having to do any of the dirty work herself. imagine a short, spherical lesbian complaining about men taking too much room on public transport


t. d&c yid

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I actually agree with this (barring its general strategic uselessness in our current political situation) it just pisses me off that leftists commit acts of violence under the banner of anti-violence. Kinda like what said about leftism inherently collapsing on itself due to its myriad contradictions.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

After the lies about Kavanaugh, I will never vote for women. Such beings do not belong in political office.

I don't interact often with leftists, but when I do I like to ask them to explain how open borders works with a socialist welfare state.

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They should have never gained the right to vote in the first place, much less holding office.

One does not talk to Commies, OP. You beat them.

Women are smart and capable, just not so much any more. Most modern women are dumb whores. Not many are qualified to be mothers. Imagine tranny granny.

user, that's technically true. The NSDAP tacked on the socialist part to their party name because other parties did the same. It was to draw support from the younger generation at the time. So no, the NSDAP WEREN'T socialists by any means.

polite sage for being a bit offtopic.

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Due to feminism and the (((forces))) that ignited it. What do you think the first major step of feminism was?

Though I suppose they are "smart and capable" enough to elect paid officials to "represent" them.

Then what would you call the German economic system? It certainly wasn't fully capitalist.
Some user help me out here; post the Hitler quote about socialism in national socialism.

Just look what Owen Benjamin has said on his live stream about his brush with hollywood. He’s banned from twitter for calling out the trans community. These people are children of the lie. Satan is their daddy and they want to duck you and your kids up.

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Hi Jesse Lee Peterstein

He's pretty spot on with most shit,
but he doesn't believe in the JQ.
He said he's made fun of jews and nothing happened, so they must not be running the world.
He's good on 90% of everything else, and 110% on lynching pedos

Okay, Hitler. But only because of those dubs.

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I wouldn't doubt that more leftists use "dating" apps as the philosophies that get followed seem to run contrary to tenets on the right. So free love is probably assumed, which gives leeway to promiscuity… Hence Tinder and the like being filled with people looking for hook ups and ultimately unfulfilling relationships without having a solid foundation to build off of. This self destructive impulse could be a sign of disorder or simple immaturity.

But at the same time the left is right because it has more young voters….

The most unbelievable aspect of these people is that they can hold two directly opposite ideas at the same time.

In my experience women who bitch about "manspreading" the most are nine times out of ten massive hambeasts who take up more space than what 2 "manspreading" average men would take up combined.

You'd be right in her case

I know it was sold to China, but I couldnt find anything about the selling it cheaper/basically giving it to them when I saw the original thread about this. I did basic search, but it only comes up as being sold, why it was right for globalism and other nonsense, but cant find the prices claimed. Do you have any links to confirm it? Also, while he sold hte last of it, it's been a constant sell off since his father sold our national bank to the kikes. Previous PMs sold much more gold (i have no records of to whom or how much was paid, similar to these Chinese sell off by Justin). Any idea where to find these transactions and standard sale prices?

For topic,

While not exact words, Ive heard these stated pretty much verbatim.

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That's retarded. Knowing how your enemy thinks and acts through observation and discussion is vital information that you can use to plan. You need to know how your enemy will react when you engage them to know the proper time to strike.
From the subterfuge angle, it's important to know what they are thinking and doing to properly impede them or find weaknesses.
Why do you think that they say knowledge is power? Why do you think spying, Intel, and subterfuge are such a large part of modern government and warfare?
Because it works. Just look at how scared people are at the thought of banding together or cooperating?
Ignore your enemy's words at your own peril.

We've had a lot insane batshit hypocrisies in the recent election in Brasil, even personally with some delusional lefty friends.

Among some I can remember:
> or on the other hand where they see the move to support Israel as good goys when the other side would be literally supporting mudslims and islamic dictatorships

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(that would be Zig Forums's job)

There's a difference between gathering intel on your enemies and engaging in open discourse with them, nigger. The former is prudent, the latter is folly.

Luckily I was in UK with others and we are not UK citizens so what we did then didn't matter because we were leaving in some days.

Because he's half-jew and he's married to a spic and has half-goblina kids.

Find the Joe Rogan podcast he's on (I think it's the last one he appeared on) where Joe references his half-jewness.

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Does Swastika = good boy points?

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lol wut

I have no idea how people actually believe the myth that they have high IQs.

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Faceberg hypocrisy from a while back (I don't do that shit anymore…)

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There are a lot of stories to choose from, but I think I'll go with my brother who works at a university as a tech and deals with students every day who are entitled communist shits. Rather than getting redpilled by observing them, he drank the blue koolaid and is almost impossible to reach on the issues of degeneracy. Goalposts are regularly moved, and he's constructed enough strawmen to be able to take over Oz by force. He shouts me down if he doesn't like what I'm saying
Eventually realized he'll have to learn the hard way.
I'm 45, he's 41. He and his wife can't have kids, and I assume that's why he's never had to consider the redpills. You tend to grow up and see through the bullshit when you're concerned for your child's future

That it’s ok to punch Nazis, the left thinks that assault is the answer to people hurting their feelings

I love pointing out that violently assaulting people with different political opinions was a tactic perfected by the sturmabteilung.

What's the difference between a retarded NPC that votes Democrat jew and one that votes Republican jew?
One waves a blue flag the other a red one.

Both will consign America to the pages of history as their jew masters intend.

Don't look for girls on dating sites. Look for girls in places doing things that you want them to do. Do you want a gf who likes to read? Go to the library. Think about something for a second.

The majority of women do not have to expend effort to get a mate. Men come to them to initiate a relationship. Rarely is this not the case.

So knowing this, why do women use dating sites? It's simple. It's not to date or find a guy, it's purely for attention, whether they want to admit it or not.


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yeah, specially if you're into Zen swastika, then its over nine thousand good goy points

Thanks for the valuable info

Quarterkike on his dad's side.

They actually hold no beliefs, they only take a position as it benefits them. It is purely a means by which they get resources, be them physical or social. They are no better than a sociopath, they only say things that they believe can convince you to give support to the cause that benefits them.

A few years back my dad did the whole diversity is great. I asked him why and he had the same type of reaction the NPC comics do. Luckily, my dad is capable of rational thought, logic and facts. He's more a civnat type now so I've still got work to do, but he is anti-immigration full stop, voted for Brexit and makes plenty of non-PC jokes.

Don't assume they are good people and all your troubles and conflicted emotions go away. They only want to 'do good' because it makes them feel good. Which is why they always want to enact policies of giving money instead of addressing the core of any problem. Giving 20 bucks to a homeless man instead of throwing him in a cell till he goes through all his withdrawal symptoms and then give him a job when he's clean. The latter is mean to them and giving the guy some cash on hand gives them the shot of dopamine they need in the here and now. The kike ringleaders just want power and they ruse the prior idiots to give it to them under the guise of letting them get the feel goods.

Check out "Three Arrows" an obscure leftist/ social democrat who tries to debunk alt-right, far-right misinformation and holocaust denial from neo-nazi groups.
He is somewhat appealing with his Black Pigeon style discourse, and claims rightwingers are the actual ones propagating misinformation to justify their violent means.

Paternal grandmother makes his dad a full-jew by talmudic law, and he fucked a shiksa to get them better genes can't blame him here, jewesses are awful, so he does have the evil in him. He can't address the JQ, because he knows that he has no place in America, despite his outwardly-gentile, blue-eyed appearance.


Checked! Absolutely epic.

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Yea thats a load of horseshit they clearly run the world and censor Google

Politics is an affair sharpened from experience. It's why so many young people enter political discussions thinking they are revolutionary, and ten years later shake their heads at their former selves.

Obviously the end game goal of the transgender stuff was to strong arm society into giving children sexual agency. (Hormone treatment or surgery is letting a child's feelings decide their entire life's future sexual decisions.) So the snowball as it slips further down the slope would inevitably be used to justify pedophelia as society will have already at that point have become inundated with images of little boys in drag. It's one of the kikes end game goals. Obviously it was never really about votes, since trannies real or imagined only make up less than a percent of the entire population - so there was clearly an ulterior motive at play.

Lurk moar.