"The Waco siege was the siege of a compound belonging to the Branch Davidians...

"The Waco siege was the siege of a compound belonging to the Branch Davidians, carried out by American federal and Texas state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. The Branch Davidians were led by David Koresh and were headquartered at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Axtell, Texas, 13 miles (21 kilometers) east-northeast of Waco. Suspecting the group of stockpiling illegal weapons, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) obtained a search warrant for the compound and arrest warrants for Koresh and a select few of the group's members.

The incident began when the ATF attempted to raid the ranch. An intense gun battle erupted, resulting in the deaths of four government agents and six Branch Davidians. Upon the ATF's failure to raid the compound, a siege lasting 51 days was initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Eventually, the FBI launched an assault and initiated a tear gas attack in an attempt to force the Branch Davidians out of the ranch. During the attack, a fire caused by Federal agents engulfed Mount Carmel Center. In total, 86 people, 82 of which were innocent died, including David Koresh. "

Daily reminder that you're living in a nightmarish police state.

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You got nothing to fear from the Johnnies if you're white, gimme a fuckin' break. Imagine what would've happened if David Koresh was a black man with his niglets, ready to leave them off without any child support. "Nightmarish police state." Bullshit.

He got off easy, just like Charles Manson or Jim Jones.

If the Branch Davidians were all nignogs the government wouldn't have murdered them. It's not Kosher to murder non-whites you know that right? Of course you do Rabbi.

McVeigh made damn sure we aren't.

Don't be part of a retarded cult, don't get shot. It's not hard.

You got me dude, I submit.

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Afroamerican culture makes it almost impossible for afroamericans to live in a siege.
They could have delayed more but the result would be same.

I thought about wearing a Branch Davidians shirt, seeing if anyone would notice

I was in middle school when the Waco seige took place. I remember all the adults on tv making jokes about "Waco, more like Whacko, amirite?" but I didn't really understand or care what was happening. Now that I'm an adult, it pisses me off that so many Americans at the time supported what the government was doing.


Delta Force and Branch Davidians: CAG/Delta Force exempt from Posse Comitatus.

Death to boomer scum 1994 dont give no fucks life is a cunt hair knuckle pooch

Koresh was a lunatic pedo and his batshit insane flock was a bunch of crazed (and well armed) communists. They deserved the fire (that they started themselves btw). If they had access to cyanide they would have jonestowned themselves because extremist cults are fucking crazy.

I hope they all suffered.

Fucking this
Koresh is a jew pedo.

Nothing else to do moshe?



You are a fucking moron and you should not just kill yourself but your entire family so that your retard genes do not pollute the rest of the world.

spotted the kikes

The usual actors were involved with the WACO incident, given what we know about them now, I'd say WACO was more of a ritual holocaust than a run in with alphabet and a pseudo-Christian cult.

Chuck Schumer for example, was one of the guys in charge of covering it up, and if you look back at it now, you can almost see the glee in that rat kikes eyes at the successful propaganda campaign they pulled off.

Clintons and their Jew handlers had their hands all over the WACO incident, they wanted people to die, they wanted children to die and then they wanted to gloat about it.

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The black Waco.
1985 Move compound Philadelphia.
11 killed, including 5 kids, 65 houses destroyed when cops dropped a bomb from a helicopter.

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Yup. Fire deaths for moloch. S'part of why we wont be giving the kikes fire deaths like they keep trying to meme. Just quick, efficient firing squads, hangings, etc.

Because Koresh had traveled to Israel where he displayed what they call "Jerusalem syndrome" a "mental disease". He knew who they were, he knew where they were, and he knew what they were doing. He was very much on their radar and a small thorn in Israels side (there are literally 100s of people with Jerusalem syndrome preaching to jews about their sins and inevitable fiery eternity) but a perfect tool. They investigated their beliefs, pumped them up, bugged and probably sent subliminals using tech. Fucked them right up and sent a message to every American thinking about holing up and trying to shut the gov out.

Now tell us how you really feel.

Let me guess… don't vote?

Good summary.

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White Pill
Janet Reno, the frankendyke that ran this op, is currently burning in hell. she knowingly ordered firebombs shot into a building with White children in it. she also wanted to disarm Americans.


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oh yeah they were cheering it on. fucking NPC boomer scum. bush hogs.

kike lies. one of these days you parasites will burn too.

recent interview with Waco survivor:

abcnews.go.com/US/fbi-arrests-mexico-compound-residents-set-free-earlier/story?id=57544551 (archive wouldnt' load for me)

Here's an example of what 'would've happened' if koresh was a nigger you motherfucking kike. This country is being invaded and the government is more worried about rural white christians than literal foreign niggers murdering children and training for school shootings. I hope in the race war i'm the one that gets to neck you.

Eye opening and blackpilled.

I find it so odd that in a hugely white-majority, massively-gun owning, militia-having nation of the free, there can be a siege of such an extent for such a long time without any seeming intervention. The internet already existed, didn't it?

The real blackpill is in knowing many people are aware of the dire circumstances of our nation but will not lift a finger to fix it.

Not here, not on halfchan, not in a militia group, not anywhere. The propaganda is too thick. Controlling the source of propaganda itself is the ONLY way. ONLY if you can propagandize the masses can you control them, and in doing so fight against the opposition.

We are completely powerless, and demoralized.

Don't watch this if you don't want to get angrier and angrier at the government.

Don't forget, the same zog fbi sniper that shot the Weavers at Ruby Ridge was at waco blasting other civilians. Oh, sorry goy, the rifle he used had been rebarreled right after the incidents so no ballistics could be confirmed about how many americans he killed.
(archive wont load for me)
They let some fucking gook murder americans exercising their rights. Fuck this gay earth.

Not only that, but Waco is literally the deadliest shooting in the history of the US. Las Vegas doesn't have shit on it.

Funny how it doesn't count tho because there's some unverifiable source on wikipedia saying David Koresh is maybe probably a pedophile possibly.

Why do anything when all that matters are likes, shares and retweets?

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they dropped incendiaries on those kids, admittely those youngsters had shot a couple of agents, but still, murdering children was not a good pr move on the governments part.


Awesome documentary.



Clintons and their cabal are pure evil

Clintons and their cabal are pure evil part 2

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The Hyperloop was an esoteric metaphor for the subway.

This is accurate. I've met someone who was there and they mentioned Delta being there. Never heard anyone else tell this part before.

Did you execute him for treason shortly after?

McVeigh was a sheep dipped CIA operative.

They fucking burned the parishioners alive, over a completely false charge of arms trafficking. The feds shot first, the Branch Davidians took cover, and the feds holocausted them. It was, by definition, a religious genocide.

What stronger fucking prejudice could you possibly suggest, you statist Jew?

Shills out in full force in this thread.

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i am convinced these Happenings like Waco also serve another purpose. the Deep State wants to rando pick some defenseless group to slaughter in the most elaborate and public manner possible. because the Deep State uses this as propaganda to discourage the rest of you who might be getting ideas about rebellion and to coerce you into submission and servitude.

after you see the faggots at ATF and FBI surround Waco and then crush it with tanks and then burn everyone alive trapped inside while using Delta Force and snipers to shoot little kids who try to escape–what will you do when that is you too someday?

you Goy won't do jack shit to stop us. because you're a faggot and a pussy. you're our slave. now that we have shown you what we can do to you if we want to, and now that you have seen just how heartless and barbaric we are and know that you know we have zero hesitation to flatten you, your house, your compound, your city block, shit man, even your entire city can be turned into bouncing rubble if we want it to be, and you little cucks can't do shit about it. you won't even get a single Judge in this country to listen to your complain for 1 minute, and none of our media assets will tell the story from your side because we already blackmailed them into obediance. and if you even try to fight back and get revenge against us, then we will just escalate even further against you by invoking counter-terrorism secret law, so then we can openly use the full might of the US military and intelligence to subdue you, to capture you and to kidnap you and to disappear you to one of our many secret prisons where you will never face a trial and where you will be our MKULTRA lab rat for us to play with for the rest of your days.

we own this town.

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Big Iron.

I lol'd.

You jews are all fucking schizo eh? Never fails.

Also, Waco didn't happen.


Yep, the post investigation was gatekept specifically by schumer.

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You shouldnt use terms like "deep state" because its an establishment red herring. There isnt a deep state, there's literally been a parallel government/private subversion apparatus constructed since the WW2 to circumvent the balance of powers designed into the constitution. Deep State are just unnamed peons in executive independent agencies who get caught doing what theyre told.

But its a phrase the average person will understand.

What do I need to do to kill the boomer eating corn nuts at 140db in our shared office?

Remember that they will laugh as they compare the tank that chews up your family's limbs to a rental car.
Remember that whatever gruesome way they kill you will be labeled suicide.
Remember that independent studies will, across the board, prove that everything said was complete bullshit and mass murder of women and children was carried out.
Remember that even though that happens, no justice will be found.
Remember the NPCs will rally against you, your children and loved ones as long as a talking head calls you a "whacko".
Remember that when they pin your children down in a tank created oven with rapid gun fire at the only door NPCs will still, years later, say "Why didn't they just walk out? They must have wanted to die."
Most of all, remember all of this for approximately 4 hours and then forget until you watch a video about it again in a year or two.

You go back to cuckchan.

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Also the British SAS were there also

Waco was a cover up in relation to child trafficking/sex rings, but not in the way you immediately think. The Waco Compound & the "cult" that was in it was part of a "underground railroad" type network that was saving children from Elite child sex rings in the US and getting them to safety.

With that being said, that explains the significant response(to the point of sending in tanks & burning the place down & shooting everyone one inside to death) against the "cult"/Compound & the following coverup.

Many, many more children died in that compound then what was officially reported.(Shot,burned,crushed) It was a clean up operation.

Waco was televised so much in order to send a message to similar child saving networks.

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(1) Makes me think you don't have much to say. But I'll hear you out if you can provide any evidence at all. It does seem a bit suspect how many children were present, as well as the extreme prejudice used, as well as Hillary Clinton's personal involvement.

I haven't seen a Army surplus store since the early 90's '''They were everywhere in Muh Youth Did WACO have something to do with that I'm sure they are around Maybe can't compete with (((big box stores))) aka BassPro High dollar cunts ,i think our military surplus is left over seas now more cost effective???? Any one know ..

Seriously though Waco was fuckie
good summary indeed
have a taco emoji 🌮 for your efforts

you're right. i shouldn't use the term DEEP STATE, because speaking the truth hurts the fees-fees of you (((traitors))) who hate it when us Goy (((name))) the kikes (YOU).

instead, i should have been more specific in my descriptive term. "Deep State" is an abstraction–the concept that the career class of millions of DC Swamp Thing Bureaucrats and Lobbyists and (((Interests))) have hijacked the power of the Govt from the Govt and from We The People, by pilling on red tape and process and more regulations than can be physically enumerated, so they these Petty Mandarins, these Fief Lords can wield the power over this country, and so that the actual elected officials are made into powerless marionettes who shuck and jive at the drop of the hat to do or say whatever Zion wants them to say.

i apologize for saying "Deep State." that was very racist, sexist, misogynist, bigoted and Islamophobic of me.

what i actually meant to say instead of "Deep State" was 7th Floor Group Shadow Government, who are the specific small group of 30 or so principles in the State Dept who are the masterminds and ringleaders of the conspiracy to create and manage the millions of "useless eaters" parasites who are employed in our Deep State.

happy now, kike?

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holy shit


what? doesn't even make sense


this is so fucked up, thanks for the redpill

l o l

meh, checked



Shit Op, shit. This is your speech to rally shit or what? You point out relevant shit with minimal shit given. You're either a shit shill or a shit larp, kys.

Ruby Ridge, in particular, was the result of poor communication and basically opposite conflict resolution strategies employed by the ATF, USMS and the FBI. There was probably a minor coverup in the official reports to hide the fact that one of the agents in particular really fucked up under pressure so he could keep his job.

Waco was less black and white but Occam's razor would point to bureaucratic fuckups between the ATF and the FBI. Reorganization has occurred since to make repeats less likely.

That being said, I would heavily suggest looking into actual evidence and firsthand accounts as opposed to just believing hearsay from survivalist types or the feds. If you're uncritical of literally anything about these cases you're probably retarded.

ATF false flagged it all to justify not getting their entire budget wiped. Read a pdf got from here, dont remember where.

psst, listen up goy, the DEEP STATE doesn't exist. now go back to sleep. here's Bob with the weather.

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Think it was a /k improve home defense pdf anecdote, apologies for drunken double post. Sage.

jesus fucking christ.
That "set the bulding on fire and shoot whoever runs out from it" tactic reminded me, I wonder if we'll ever know what was the -real- deal with Chris Dorner.

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Good shit, user. I'm going to keep it in the same folder as this one.

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You, and others like you, enabled them to use the word "pedophile" as a political weapon. This is the bed you made.

This is dumb emotional bullshit.
If someone representing the goddamn government is on your friend's property, shooting before asking questions is a stupid course of action. If Degan wasn't fucking killed, there wouldn't have been any reason to escalate. Harris basically pulled a Trayvon deluxe but gets sympathy from anti-government types because of confirmation bias.

You mean, if someone is on your friend's property, shooting your fucking dog, who is supposed to be your first line of defense alerting you to trespassers?

Gee, why would they shoot that dog if they did not have ill-intent?

Anyone got the screencap explaining waco?

First of all, it wasn't his dog, it was the Weaver's. Secondly, I don't know, but maybe immediately jumping to lethal force as a response to someone who's representing the fucking state shooting a dog for reasons you don't understand on private property that belongs to neither of you isn't exactly a brilliant play, especially since he's probably not alone, because he's wearing a fucking USMS uniform.

Did they say they were? Did they attempt to approach in the open, justly, with nothing to fear, as any servant of the people should do? No, they did not. They approached like an invading scout force and they shot the fucking dog who was giving away their position. They acted like an invasion, were treated as such, and used that as casus belli to besiege the Weavers.

Just as keikaku.

They expected resistance if announced because of reports they had received from the ATF, which is why they planned to go in as covertly as possible, surprise them and arrest without having to use force. The dog compromised this and was killed. Degan probably hadn't even seen Harris before he was shot, Harris made no attempt to de-escalate, because he either chimped out over a friend's dog or was legitimately too retarded to even comprehend the situation and ended up making the situation much worse. I find it a bit disingenuous that anti-statists give Harris and the Weaver's a huge benefit of the doubt while assuming everyone on every agency involved was conspiring against them. This is the kind of conspiracy theory shit that leads to self-fulfilling prophecies.

He was not obligated to make any attempt to de-escalate. These were men on private land with weapons, unnanounced, who had at that moment demonstrated that they were willing to kill.
They were.

It wasn't even his property, it's not like he was defending it. He acted like a retard, and won a retarded prize. What would you think if you were expecting to arrest people who you were told had been storing arms and were hostile to law enforcement, and then found out they already killed one of your co-workers? Compare that to the same initial situation, but instead of being killed, he was held at gunpoint, brought to the targets for a short time to explain the legal situation and then released. Kind of gives a different impression.
Good goy, stay in the woods because the everyone in the big bad state is out to get you. No one will every worry about your sanity or the safety of anyone around you.

Semantics it was a wooden church>>12371256
that's illegal as fuck
Suspecting the group stockpiling illegal weapons
I wonder why the local sheriff knew it was bullshit that's why they weren't there. My opinion is the federal government wanted us to know they will drive a tank into your kitchen and burn your wife and kids to death, for no reason. Bill of rights my ass.

that's what the ATF did at Waco with much the same result.

Why are you attempting to make me feel sympathy for statist enforcers who were on somebody else's property unlawfully and unannounced? If they had any intention of holding anyone at gunpoint for explanation, they would not have shot the fucking dog. They would have heard the barking and said "US Marshals, we're here to serve a warrant" as they should have fucking done. Harris did the only justifiable thing he should have done in that scenario, unless you're trying to tell me that I should assume anybody wearing fatigues is an emissary of the government. In which case, let me go put my old fatigues on and search your house with no explanation as to why. I'll be wearing fatigues, that means I'm with the government and I'm here to help.