ELECTION THREAD, get in here

Post screenshots of MSM/paid actors shilling and any/all salt you find.

I can see a repeat of the 2016 happening, inncessant wailing when Trump won despite the vote rigging, dead voters etc.

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Kicking things off with current Nate Fucksticks 538 predictions.

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This guy's right. I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of voting against the overt white genocide party. Thank you, kind merchant, for opening my eyes to the folly of not waiting for Hitler.

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inb4 thread anchored.

Don't get your hopes up, kike mods are anti-Trump.

non-US person here, at what time does this start? When does it end? How long usually until official results?

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Well that's not happening.
Might as well head on down to Temple and tell Rabbi you're interested in converting.
This is honest to God our only option at this point.

Voting starts in most districts in about six hours but we won't get results until about 17 hours from now or so.

Holy shit, follow your own advice and go convert into a jew, kike.

Because you are glowing like one.


So we're almost a day early for the salt productions?

I am here and ready to hack an American election again!!!

Trump gave me $50000 to organize the best slav hackers to destroy ballots. Every one of us knows how to electronically outmaneuver the most sophisticated government data safe zones and FBI firewalls.

When confusion and chaos are in American streets I will have a smile on my face eating babushkas blini.

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Every single thread for the past week. Every. Single. Thread.
You have to go back, yid.


same D&C shill that's been pounding the don't vote goy meme

There's only one reason to vote for Republican that matters, and that's destroying every last ounce of hope leftists have.

Vote Republican tomorrow if you haven't already voted, not for sense of patriotism to fucked a country or hope for the future, vote for the sole purpose of getting leftists to commit suicide tomorrow while you make salt angels and drink their delicious tears.

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to a fucked up*

t. same cuck posting based niggers and voting for based kikes

here's my hope for tomorrow rabbi

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Kinda disappointed these elections are still happening…

Imagine what they would do if the hordes regained control of the US Government.
How would this diabolical and bestial hatred rage against the American people?
What would they do to you and your family?

The rabid dog must be put down. The longer you wait, the greater it's thirst for revenge, and more likely it will be able to satisfy that thirst.

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Damnit, we need more time!
We need to speed up the process of making sure all ballots are tampered!

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Have fun voting for the kike who said he's going to seek out your own destruction.


Nyet Sergei.
Is difficult way you do hack.
If arrive on plane today. Go Democrat party.
Say want vote. They take you vote many time. Easy is hack. Simples, da?

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Am sorry use real name instead of codename DFSB1. I hope Alexsandra & the little ones are well. Love to Grandmother Roksana


Zig Forums shills for kikes way too much these days, I don't even know what this place has become, it's like reddit

Has been filled with scared jews who don't want Trump to rule america, but crying is the only thing they can do at this point wink wink

What is with this fucking line you cucks spew every 2 seconds?

Shills seem concerned.


At the very least, it'll buy us more time.

They're flooding in from /r/t_d.

What is with this fucking line you cucks spew every 2 seconds?

Thank fuck some of pol has some sense. KILL KIKES BOMB THE WHITE HOUSE!

It's called not being a sellout you faggots, jesus, is everyone who still has values and principles a shill to you homo kikes?

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CPUSA is full of niggers.

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Thanks for admitting that we have values and principles unlike jews and leftists.

Anyone has the DACApede one?

You've become the jews and the leftists

"Anyone who would seek out (((their))) destruction, we will seek their destruction"
t. the based Donald

You're glowing, Schlomo.

Shouldn’t there be based furry?

Yeah fuck believing in shit, "VOTE REPUBLICAN! VOTE REPUBLICAN!" why? "Because salty libcucks yo! Also fucking LE BASED NIGGERS and kikes are our greatest ally goy!"

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Voting is actually an esoteric metaphor for the friends we make along the way.

Get out of here you're no longer welcome MAGAPEDE!

Boring and sad, filtered.

I'm not gonna be friends with a bunch of nigger and kike lovers who give 0 shits about white Americans and saving this country, you libcucks can fuck right off back to reddit and cuckchan

Wrong. We must fight with everything we've got, and our vote is one thing we can fight with. Or do you mean to tell me nothing changed in Italy after they voted for Salvini?

faggot, I hate Trump and I've been fucking calling that kike out every day but honestly momentum is a thing and its something we've lost, this is another chance to gain back muhmentum

You can try going to other white countries, like Mexico 🇲🇽

lol, when you can't even criticize someone's shit decisions without faggots just stuffing their fingers in their ears and going "LA LA LA Can't hear you!" then you know something is wrong with this shit

More like ra ra ra

comfy thread

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rural NY user here, there are never good options here it seems like. I pray that cuomo will never win and/or eat a lead pill but we can only hope for such miracle.

trump is a kike, you shill.

Will dead people be voting for DemonRATs again?

You need to come to TX

I already voted Republican.

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Staying home for a comfy day of sleep. Fuck voting when the choices are either niggers or kikes.


What else would a NEET do?


Staying in for No Nut November and watching the results and salt from both sides.

Go tp Dans

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I wish user, someday I will be free from the death grips of Jew York. Pennsylvannia is where my heart is, and its woodland calls me to return.

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You souldn't vote when you think all politicians suck. I would stay at home if I was a democrat for sure in this election.

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Objective truth = cringe

Must be hard for you to be here. Hope it pays well.

Me to already voted. The lib blackpillers in the thread need to grab a hard drink for today

They don't have Dans in the us.
And dont you dare encourage others to TP Dans.
Where would i get my spicy nectar?

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Says it all.


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NY user again. Friends, take the following article and consider who has your interests in mind (implying any democratically elected official does). Remember, a disarmed society is already enslaved. Don't let your hometowns fall to the same fate as mine.

"Anyone wanting to buy a gun in the future may have their internet browsing history and social media checked if two Democrat lawmakers get their way."
"Two New York lawmakers are working to draft a bill that will require authorities review three years of social media history and one year of internet search history of any person seeking to purchase a firearm."
"Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former Democratic state Senator, and state Sen. Kevin Palmer claim their proposal will identify hate speech on social media profiles, the likes of which is often revealed only after someone is arrested in a mass shooting."


I hope they down a bottle of pills with that drink.

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b-but haven't you heard Trump also did things for israel?

Post ballots

Stop believing in the progressive lie that things have to get better from this point forward. The truth is that things need to get worse from this point forward. Americans, you were told by Rockwell, you were told by Pierce, you were told by Mason - THINGS MUST GET WORSE!
The system cannot be helped along, attempting to do so is traitorous to your own blood. Let the system rot itself away while you prepare yourself. TIP IT OVER, stop trying to save the withering, rotted fragments, build a new with minds set on revolution and futurism.

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trump too close with (((them))) for me to endorse.

It's almost like you're posting from Israel or something.

These Nihilist faggots are the worst kind of shitposters I have seen in a long time.
One party clearly has an obvious anti white agenda and promotes censorship so it's obvious that voting does matter this time.

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Fuck off blue-pilled shill.

You think the shills they hired for today are pajeets or niggers?

JIDF must have an entire division deployed on us right now.

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While I agree that things must get worse, I believe that such is inevitable so long as the current bastard-democratic system exists. No matter who is voted for, it will not get better. A massive upheaval will happen soon. I can sense the people I know personally are tired of this "freedom", and while that may be no real gauge of the entirety of America. Freedom can only come from within the individual, it is not given by decree or constitution – such documents are paper, and the policy is different.

I am ultimately sympathetic to divine monarchies and hold fascist worldview, it is a dream that such a system can be borne of this place.

sorry friends, i did not complete that thought. I should say, that while it may be no real gauge of the entirety, there are new recurring themes of nationalism and hope that can be observed throughout the western world.

Orange man good.

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I've completely stopped caring. Trump hasn't done anything meaningful and if you think he's waiting for a majority to cement his presidency for the next 2 years, I don't believe it. Nationalist uprising fucking when? We need guillotines and shit.

Niggers probably do more of the spamming, pajeets do more talking. Perhaps it's all jews.

the projection is real.

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Yanks are too shit for Dans.

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What do you mean?

Orangenmann führt den Krieg der Zionisten.

imagine the anxiety of depending on mexicans and niggers to be somewhere they don't have to be. They will never admit whites elected obama and that the ship is rapidly sailing away

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you arent white.
anyone saying not to vote is NOT WHITE. if they were white, they would be too pissed of to just sit there and let the niggers win.

Niggers win either way when you can either vote for niggers or kikes.

Is VB beer any good?

Clearly you weren't here in 2016, when all of Zig Forums united to vote. Always vote against the left. Always.