I really didn't want to bring this up but–

I really didn't want to bring this up but–
How do you respond?

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In what way? They sure seem to be a giant fucking cancer on the PC game industry.

Steam but not the Game making division of Valve.
Supposedly they took the practice of letting employee's work on the games they wanted and even had mobile desks for them to do so. What ended up happening was that the people making games were laid off and replaced with other people. Supposedly multiple attempts at making Half Life 3 and other projects all the way until 2015 happened but they gave up due to lack of cooperation and everyone eventually just went to making TF2 hats and VR stuff for fun while getting paid for doing nothing. The argument people have used is that even if anarchism or communism that isn't syndicalism or anarcho communist based as in there is still people forcing society to work and make decisions is a viable society it will get nothing accomplished. Humans will never go to space and 10000 years from now we all die in a supernova because we didn't give enough of a shit to save ourselves thanks to anarchist or communist systems without incentive as a hypothetical comparison.

WOW! who would have thunk? this is an outrage! how could this happen???

yall need to go to a bumfuck nowhere potato and beets farm, herd goats on a mountain, some area with ~1000 people living there and 0 people living there for miles as far as the eye can see
then you have your "ground zero", a clean start, a zero bias view… there is nothing to interfere with your thinking, no welfare, no infinite safety nets, no n-th order complexities getting in the way of the basics

what do you see?
gravity doesnt take a day off because of your feelings, all animals in nature are ruthless mass murderers eating each other alive and screaming in their own blood, hard work is the only thing that can set you free, you can only reap what you sow, and you finally get why humanity practiced slavery all up until the mechanization and industrial revolution, they did it because it got shit done

clearly you gotta keep the workforce lean and mean if you wanna get shit done

Valve is many things but I wouldn't call them lazy. They literally cornered the market for PC games all their competitors suck dog shit so obviously they're doing stuff right.

they havent actually made a game in like a decade
whatever they are now, they are not a game making company, certainly not hl3 making company

I don't know what I'm responding to.

When you have a monopoly on PC game sales you rake in enough profits that you can do whatever retarded, non-productive hippie shit you want. On the surface Valve looks like an indictment of anarchy or horizontalism but really it's more an indictment of Silicon Valley dipshits whose idea of freedom is never being tied down by oppressive things like plans.

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Playing Team Fortress 2 is good praxis. It exposes you to the morally bankrupt conspicuous consumption of capitalism.

They just released a game called Artifact 1-2 months ago and they do a lot of work on existing titles like CSGO and DOTA2. Personally I'm more interested in finally getting to play around with Source 2 than I am any future games they make.

It's fucking computerized collectible card mobileshit using flipped LoL assets that probably had a budget 1/1000th of a real game

It is a real game whatever you say. It was even designed by Richard Garfield. Also it has probably the shittiest business model imaginable. Even shitty mobile gacha crap gives you some free draws, but apparently not Artifact which is already B2P. Fuck, just thinking about it pisses me off.

Oh, wow, great, the man who fucked up traditional games, helped rape the corpse D&D, destroyed anime and nip vidya with glorified pet rock cardgame franchises, and ultimately fueled the creation of the entire P2W RMT microtransaction bullshit killing all of vidya, all from his stupid booster pack business model.

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i skilled csgo but i bet its still basically cs, not sure how much lines of code per month does a videogame maintanence requires but i bet it isnt a lot
like if you have a working game you have a working game

i actually had a job as a software dev and i think i was writting anywhere from 100.000 to a million lines of code per month, dunno if i was overworked there but i bet all of valve doesnt write a million lines of code a month

Ever since Varoufakis left, they got greedier and greedier.

It unironically was before the lol so randum humour which was popular with the hipster crowd 4 years ago (and also a botched attempt at making it into a cartoon which was to be aired on Adult Swim; contract was 12 episode à 22 minutes and all they managed after 6 months deadline was one (1) unfinished episode which only contained 15 minutes, so AS bailed the fuck out of the deal. Valve firing the Source Filmmaker crew didn't help) took it to the other direction.
The lingering and quite serious threat behind the bloody silliness was a very interesting aspect which got shafted, unfortunately.

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Yup, sounds like communism!

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It’s a load of bourgeois/peti-bourgeois/labor aristocrat decadence

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you have to go back

Many indie games couldn't exist without steam.
In my view, it just accelerates capitalism by smoothing trade. Helps increase production quite quickly.
Now make a meta-market for this, origin, GOG, humblebundle, and with easy access for individual games…
So all of these platforms end up in constant competition over lowest prices and rates. Just keep the individual platform tag as a sign that indicates a vetted and decent game. Like, just another tag really.

Sadly, Microsoft is intent on using their store on desktop Windows for the same sort of walled garden shenanigans as Apple does, so there's zero chance of them opening it up as an API for other stores to use. On the Linux side, the idea of integrating sales into package managers (especially with more and more Linux software switching to Flatpack) is probably never going to happen.

Just because the API is secret, doesn't mean it can't be figured out. It's probably just done as some kind of xml document, and that isn't too hard to figure out. Just takes some time and effort.
I mean, youtube-dl does this sorta thing all the time.

gamers are the worlds most repressed minority thats for sure

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Fetishizing work is bourgeoisie.


Half Life 3 was released as a short story. It's fucking over lmao.

That was EP 3 not HL3

Considering all the layoffs that happened there recently, the company is quite obviously not in fact a worker cooperative.

And what a short story it was!

This, but unironically. We need to bring back gamergate from the ashes, minus the shitshow.

What was gamer gate anyway? I knew it had to do with video game journalism and Sargon made about fifty billion videos on it, but that's about it.

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Ethics in gaming journalism.

Anyways, things didn't really start kicking dirt in my face until around the time of metalgate.

A guy wrote a blog post about his abusive ex that mentioned she was sleeping with game journalists, some of whom had given her game favorable press attention. Then there were protests, then game journalists tried to smear the protestors and community at large as slut-shaming misogynists for taking issue with the scandal, and big forums helped out by banning people for not agreeing with said journalists.

It got leaked that the journalists were co-ordinating their smears (and employment blacklists of people they disliked) on a secret mailing list. People boycotted and wrote advertisers of the worst game journalist sites, Gawker went under, and the movement kind of fizzled out after that.

Funny thing is me and that ex were in the same Something Awful subforum.
She was a drama queen even back then and poor guys story sounded like something she would actually do. And while she adorned herself with big names of philosophy and literature, it was clear that she never read any of them and was basically illiterate, read up the nutshell versions of them and interpreted the rest. Good luck explaining that to the righties though, although they function similar in that regard.

More to the point: idiots expecting there to be journalistic ethics in what everybody with any sense already knew was the advertising division of the video game industry.

Basically another one of many scandals involving quid pro quo in the games coverage beat, except this time most of the major video game forums circled the wagons and censored discussion in mass, causing it to explode in a predictable Streisand Effect. Then they did a bunch of coordinated hitpieces shitting on their audience on the same day and it was eventually found out they were coordinating both this and the forum censorship on a mailing list (this was the actual "gamergate").

People got pissed, tried to shine a light on games media unprofessionalism to try and make it better, but the media groupthink was so powerful that there was a direct line of lies throwing shade on the games media scandal to the mainstream media, very successfully tarring the movement for non-game-enthusiasts. Some of the biggest charlatans providing cover for the journalists managed to get themselves on multiple national TV outlets. Honestly one of the best things to come out of it for me was opening people's eyes to the rather farcical level of corruption on Wikipedia that the movement's hilariously-bad-to-this-day article has demonstrated.

Basically this but I'll add that it was originally made up of two groups. One was politically disaffected to left-leaning people. The other was Zig Forums. Zig Forums and a bunch of extremely online right wingers saw an opportunity to hijack the momentum, salt, and autism built up from about a decade of gamers frustrated with how shitty the industry had been. Unlike the left, the nazis saw a chance to ride a cultural wave to larger audiences. It's a manifest lesson in how the online "left" either has no social intelligence to speak of (lacking the foresight to educate the already agitated and somewhat organized people) or don't actually care about spreading their message and just want to feel superior to someone.

heed this user, for he posts the truth

I think you're leaving out the single most important part of GG, where every single admin and mod, on every webforum, imageboard, comments section, social media service, video host, ISP, and archival service, simultaneously closed ranks and DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING over a forgettable story-of-the-week that would've been forgotten in the next news cycle, if only the SJW goon clique hadn't tipped their hand by massively and repeatedly sperging out.

If they had just kept their spaghetti in their pockets, GG would've fizzled out like the Atheism+ or ME3 ending controversies.

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The thing to note about the liberal groups in the 2010's within internet discussion that wasn't for normalfags is that unlike the modern breed of red liberal who has actually learned from their mistakes and tries being more reasonable with their beliefs before ever openly vouching that people must be silenced or showing a lack of understanding of multiple right wing concepts and the unwillingness to try to like Anarchopac, Thought Slime, and the socdem posters on YouTube is that back then like the image above states they had a clear amount of at the very least the will to fight with avidity if not power offered by Reddit and other sites.
Liberals were just beginning to come into their own online and quickly spilled in at a chaotic time where the internet had it's first wave of sterilizations.
Reddit in it's earliest days was like an image free imageboard, inferior but not as bad as it is now, there you could find hard boiled boomer veterans who fought in world war 2, pedo's, the usual people who made up early internet communities still using the site, these people were gradually but surely removed, arguably culminating with /r/Jailbait being taken down. When these liberals leaked in they were encouraged to operate fully, where as people like early right wingers and others weren't, they already went in with the idea.
They had no clue that people who were against them could use their own operations against them, they're a strange breed of person but maybe no one could predict only a few years ago things would go down like this, irregardless said people were destined to go that route thanks to the usual mix of elements.
A strong mix of capitalism, beliefs, and the will to fight what they viewed as being justifiably called in their eyes "evil."
It's kind of a shame actually because we'll never be fully able to understand their backing for this, we'll never be able to know if they used the same talking points as today to justify trying to subvert, slander, censor, and force people to conform for what they thought was a better future, because they were simply conditioned in a sense to think nothing else was right when they came in.
Like the user in the 2013 image said, the social justice crowd operated autonomously without realizing something was terribly wrong before it's too late. They couldn't have possibly had the foresight to do something as fullproof as frame the GooberG–o–y as loonies and ignoring them like the Government does to Conspiracy Theorists.
Or at least that's how I view it.

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