The Republicans will lose The House (and that's a good thing)

No one can deny the 2016 election was won due to online influence. Unfortunately, boomer republican politicians failed to understand that. Democrats understood and unleashed the censorship wave upon the right wing online users. That was the blue wave.

With the help of the censorship done by facebook, twitter, youtube, google, reddit and all the other left wing corporations the democrats managed to silence the right wing influencers which had the ability to send a message that would reach and mobilize the younger voters that could make a difference in the local elections for the house.

This is a good thing because (hopefully) it will be wake-up call and the republican politicians will push for anti-censorship legislation if they want to win the 2020 election.

Fuck off, mossad.



that makes no sense, NPC

have you read the post or just the title?

If something has '…and that's a good thing' in the title, it probably isn't but the authors want you to think that way…

no shit, it was a joke based on cuckmedia titles

We heard that in 2016 tbh fam.

Ah, textual irony. It rarely comes across as intended…

Neither, I just watched the video. Why? Should I?

boomer mentality


One small problem with that plan.

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You will not be killing anyone, instead you will go back to your regular job after your election jig is up and upvote/like civnat posts about how israel is based.

Okay. Cool blog post. Personally I'm just gonna wait 24 hours before reaching any conclusions.

We'll see, but there's no way the democrats will lose with all the local forces they mobilized for the house race.

Ignore shill posts, sage shill posts, OP should do an Hero.
Even if Democrats win Republicans will accept the results. and don't go on crying like a child.

spoken like a true magacuck ignorant

After today's midterms votecucks have 2 years to convince me donald trump isn't a conman.
Need to deliver within 2 years:
A wall
Muslim Ban
Hillary/Huma/Awan brothers in prison
Drain the swamp I.E. clean up the FBI, CIA, state department, DOJ, DIA, NSA, ETC ETC ETC
And that's just for starters.

spoken like a true boomer who thinks there's any honor, dignity and chivalrous behavior from the thrid world hordes and jews voting themselves white people's money

Listen to this. Mossad fear:

Mossad fears the white man.


This time's different. Every time's different. This time, there's anger. And the liberals have literally nothing but obligation.

Are you familiar with how powerful the feeling of obligation is in turning out young people, to do anything? Like clean up their room?

What do you think we should do? What's a practical solution? Screw some optics?

well yes what happened in 2016 was a miracle, it will not happen again because the democrats took measures against it while the republicans did nothing thinking it will happen again

The young people of the democrats are motivated by insanity, cultural marxism. It's not about their vote as much as their contribution in shilling for democrat candidates.

A practical solution to ZOG? We do what you want, we vote and ask the jews to please not genocide us any more :^)



"Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state"

You were beaten by ANTIFA in the streets and silenced online by LEFTIST CORPORATIONS. The state punished the only ones that fought against that. The republicans did nothing to arrest ANTIFA or force the corporations to respect your free speech. You want that to change? Maybe it will if the republicans lose. They won in 2016 because they had your support, they will lose in 2018 because they did not support you.

Jews and siege kikes infest Zig Forums every day now. It's all so tiresome. But we carry on.

Hello tor fag.

I'm going to tell you a little something. You see guy like you had a job to do. You failed in 2016 and you failed again to neuter the Trump Presidency. And now we are at the mid-term where R are going to keep the house.

Your handler are not nice people. In fact they are into some pretty fuck up shit! Do you think they are happy to have wasted so many Billions of shekel on looser like you? Do you think they will just forgive your collective massive failure? Do you understand how high are the stake? Do you understand that because of your massive incompetence they can kiss theirs 100 years NWO plan good bye? I'm sure they will forgive you, Tor fag and let you be a little faggot in peace?

My best guess is that they will unleash ms-13 on your ass.


I'm willing to bet it wasn't. It had more to do with Obamas shitty presidency and Democrats just crapping all over American voters. Voter turnout rate in 2016 was actually down from 2008

they all want us banned so they can attempt to stabilize the system.


read the post


A good anti corporations l might be voted by some democrats too.

Ok, Justin.

Reds will win.
Vote anyway for blue salt.

You should become an hero live on a stream you fucking newfag

Republicans are already pushing for anti-censorship. Where have you been? If you were a Republican registered voter then you would be getting shit in your mail telling you about it all the time. Haven't you noticed the congressional hearings with twitter, facebook and all the others?

Cruz was the only one that pretended to care. They had two fucking years to do something about it.


Yikes, looks like the house is blue for sure…

The republicans have not passed anything pro gun on the national scale. Can't pass SHARE or HPA.

Just imagine off the shelf suppressor sales.

Well, shucks! He can't do that with the House and Pelosi jamming him up all the time, dagnabbit!

They're "pushing" for it? Why don't they just occupy the people censoring them with the same cavalier willingness they occupy Syrian oil fields?

Pennsylvania Amish, actually.

I'll bet they lose the house too. GOD WILLS IT

It's irrelevant. Look at the GOP who campaigned to repeal Obama care, and look at how many voted to keep it.

The 2016 election was not won due to online influence.

My name is Neo.

Trump didn't go hard, he did deals with the dep state, he jewed out

because Don grabbed his junk for 2 years and let them

Trump did nothing with control of the House and Senate. Now he has the perfect excuse to do nothing the next two years. Then we get Ocasio-Cortez or Sanders-type white genocider president in 2020. This is all very simple. Trump is an op to draw out any remaining opponents of white genocide and crush them.

straight outta reddit The_Donald

Option A: He "jewed" out.
Option B: The guy who was mentored by Roy Cohn, went bankrupt running a casino and had to be bailed out by Rothschild Co., followed Pat Buchanan around from party to party all through the 90s harassing him for being a "nazi", pimped his ugly plastic daughter out to whatever jew would have her, was playing you from the word go?

It's cute that you think your vote counts, but Trump "won" because he's who the jews ultimately wanted.

Trump has a higher approval rating in Israel than here in the US, if Israelis are shilling here re: the election, they're more likely to be supporting him.

i give the guy the benefit of the doubt in that he can always choose to do something except rely on mossad/cia shills and ops

Well, you can't fix stupid.

in so much as making online posts, might as well., it's not like you can meme some new president in mid term

What's wrong? You don't like the fact that the GOP voted to keep it after they were running on a platform to keep it for years?

running on a platform to repeal it for years?*

what drugs are you on, magakike?

bot? you mean the senate?

bot? you mean "was won"?

There is no sugar-coating it. There will gridlock for at least two years.

The GOP will go for Amnesty for something bullshit like more DOD funding.

seriously tho, assuming Trump is for real, he got too cocky, way too cocky

these rallies where he just fellates himself for hours while shills constantly make out like a victory over the deep state is around the corner any day now with zero evidence of it doesn't help with smart people, he fucked up, too much fucking around. Don't tell me that he can get something big for the people, there's so much fucking shit he could do to prove he's really an outsider that he just hasn't done

This x 1000.
I've said it on here many times, that once Trump won the left's campaign was to counter us by disrupting our online presence. They cut us off at the knees on services like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and so on. They have undermined services like Bitchute, Gab, Discord, and so on.
Then, to add salt to it, they managed to infiltrate our imageboards and stoke division against fellow travelers, allies, and mobilized anons to dox each other to the benefit of groups like antifa. That's what all this e-celeb cancer and anti-TRS shilling was about. They wanted us to nuke ourselves in the fashion that communists do through infighting.
Maybe now people here will disregard NPC comments like:

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Did the demokikes secretly trick Kike Eunuch into marrying a B'nai B'rith BioQueen in 2009, and then into bringing him onto his fake WN podcast repeatedly because they knew he'd when day support the ZOG Emperor?

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He isn't. Everything makes much more sense when you finally accept this.

The left knows that 1488ers are the NPCs in our camp, blindly following their own inner hatred of Jews to the exclusion of everything else, and ruin of other goals. Thus it should come as no surprise that they throw around the term loosely around these parts hoping to get us to attack each other.
Same with homosexuals. You abandoned Milo to a leftist smear campaign when he himself is a known pedo-hunter who was brilliantly foiling the left by provoking it into ridiculous behavior. TRS and Milo were not allies in the conventional sense. They were "fellow travelers" or people who had a role in spreading our ideas.
There's lots more but the point is, your fixation on Jews makes you easy to manipulate, and the left has been using it against us. They have effectively countered the magic of the "alt-right" which gave us Trump in 2016 by using your fears against you, causing infighting while they successfully dismantled our communications networks.

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Nope, sorry OP. This is very bad for Trump and the future of white America. There's nobody left to wake up and the steady demographic shift undermines America more and more each year.

The white race is ultimately doomed because of how WW2 transpired, and the subsequent engineering of our culture to make us weak and ineffectual.
You call yourself redpilled but follow a leader who LOST the important war, and remain tied to an ideology which again FAILED, and ultimately you rely on extreme strategies which not only FAILED the war, but FAILED every subsequent attempt to gain traction in the west.
Now that the house lost Republican control, the left will take this as a sign to become even more oppressive and to go ahead with their control of the internet in overdrive.
In other words, you are FAILING to adapt to the world before and that is why the white race is ultimately doomed.
I, for one, welcome it because it is the white race which immolates itself when every other race has some sort of fighting spirit. Why should an anemic, weak race which refuses to stand for itself, and literally BEGS to eradicate its culture from within, be spared the consequences of nature? No other race has done this and survived. Why should white people?
Sorry to blackpill so hard, but my intention is that these hard truths should maybe inspire something better.

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so what do you suggest?

>Everything is going to shit, and it's beautiful.

Global economic collapse, probably a full on WWIII to try and prevent a second U.S. civil war. Maybe the military steps in and reformats the U.S. or maybe its all just one long skull fucking by the Illuminatti kiddy fiddlers society and our only real hope is divine intervention in the form of a giant meteor.

As has been pointed out amply in the past, calling people kikes on this board is a leftist shilling tactic to cause infighting.

Broadly speaking:
Don't follow losers. Don't emulate failure. We joke about how communism is a failure that keeps being tried again, but that's exactly the same as following people and ideologies which have failed too.
Build new ideas inspired by those which have succeeded, or emulate ideas and leaders who have WON. For example, the left KEEPS WINNING the long game despite EVERY ATTEMPT to stop them. So that begs the question, why are they so effective at winning? Analyze their methods, their playbook, and integrate it into your values.
Be adaptable. This board is full of losers who double down on their loss. It's full of static minds. That's why you failed to adapt when the left set its sights on erasing your presence online.
Be prepared for the long game. Infiltrate political bodies, media, and education. Become a sleeper, and then slowly build a network, and subvert from within.
Expose yourself to young people, learn their language and culture, and figure out ways to reach them.
I could list more, but the point is: stop following people who failed and follow people who won, and be adaptable.

Exactly. All we got was a fuckin tax cut which was about as easy to pass as another inflated budget. Trump better get serious and start acting like a Democrat, not just talk.

He's a fucking kike, just like you. Jews aren't my fellow travelers, the only trip they need to make is to the oven.


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Can someone WebM this so I can save it? Thanks!

Wrong, nigger. Antifa didn't beat anyone. Antifa are limp-wristed homosexuals, trannies, and malnourished underweight kikes. Local police departments in democrat run cities beat right-wingers. That's not the "street." Also where the fuck does this dumbass quote even come from? Kikes never beat anyone in the street.

You're an idiot if you think Republicans give a shit about winning elections.

I don't know. Did it work? I've never done this before.

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i don't know that this is totally true, but i really like this narrative

They barely won Florida and Texas. It won't happen again. And soon whites will be a minority.

Hmm History seems to disagree with that. A few things did us in imo. With too much success and conquest, many probably took the white world completely for granted. How could one live in such a world as pic related and predict that it would all be gone later? How could one anticipate that inferior beings like sneaky jews could ever pull of the upset. Also too much fighting spirit is what often does us in. As in we fight and weaken each other too much. Do you know how many stupid wars the European powers fought against each other over the centuries? We have both a 30 years was and a 100 years war to speak to this "fighting spirit" that you don't believe in. Maybe naivety hurt us too. Oh and finally, the worst hurt of them all, that of traitors. And boy are there a lot of them! Every communist can be considered one. There are probably a myriad of other complicated reasons for this, but I wouldn't say that whites don't have fight in them. Because literally everything proves otherwise.

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we are not going to redpill our way out of this
the only way to get more people to talk like us is complete control of the cultural environment
the only way forward now is to kill kikes directly

The left hasn't won shit. The nation is a literal powder keg right now. If anything I'm more excited now. I thought Trump would lead to a slow meandering death of this nation, but if anything this has all caused people to become more divided.
Oh I love it all. I don't even care if the civil war isn't even as racist as it should be. Either way it'll cripple America.

In other words: shut off the internet, go out into the world, take responsibility wherever you can, work hard, and gain some power in your society which can be used for good.

I agree that this is ultimately what's important. Anyone expecting someone else to do the work for them will be disapointed.

Not to say there's zero value in making or spreading memes online, but for those who can do more they absolutely should.

Hello NPC.

You're right, I was thinking in present terms though. After WW2, look at how our race has become weak and focused on the wrong things.

The left has consistently won over the 20th century leading to now. Women's suffrage, the welfare state, immigration and open-borders, demographic replacement, equal rights and banning discussion of inconvenient truths. Need I go on?
The left keeps winning, and the right keeps doubling down on losing strategies and tactics. The left's current goal is to open our borders and demographically replace us. What's your strategy?

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This. Leftists won forever, and there is naught we can or should do about it.
Once again, blackpill = bestpill.

The kikes have won forever. So fucking tiring. You all feel tired too, right? Damn, so sleepy yet so weepy at the same time..' Gonna have to check out of this life soon…



Antifa can walk the streets with impunity. Your tough guy punching an antifa doesn't mean shit, every person opposing them risks their livelihood and the will to fight is drained. The best you can do is try and be a social butterfly, speak to people IRL and make as many as possible realize how fucked up the amount of control the left has. You realize how susceptible people are to this when they've spent too much time online, you poison them against the propaganda so they see it for what it is, rather than get hyped up.

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IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN



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