Imagine not being a Christ Follower

So many pagan and Nazi larpers on this site. All they do is sit around in some basement hoping one day a girl will just magically appear to be their TradWife™. Turn to Christ, you incels.

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I see d&c shills are working overtime today.

Get your kike cult out of here

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If anyone wants to become a christian, actually read the bible. Don't listen to this dipshit and his jewish tier arguments.


t.practicing christian with pagan and buddhist friends

>(((false flag)))

That's not the way to start a constructive debate now is it rabbi ? The rest of the thread will probably look like now… More divisive and harmful than enlighting for anybody.

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I dont need to imagine not being a delusional puppet falling for jewish organized religion


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delusion is bliss

All these pagan larpers are disbelievers. We should smite their idols and burn them alive. Even Mohammed got his good anti-pagan stance from us Christian back in the good old days when pagan subhuman filth were genocide for empire's purity.

Destroy these disbelieving polytheist incel scum.

(((Jesus Christ)))

jesus was black, ronald reagan was the devil and the government is lying about 9/11
thank you for your time, and goodnight

Killing jews and killing those that worship them when they try to kill you is nothing new. Shit thread.

Imagine worshipping native European Gods instead of my SuperJew

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You don't understand, it's all written in the book. Do you have the book? Thought so.

Sage for division also jews are not human. Maybe Jesus tried be one but look where it got him.

Dont insult our pagan family you D&C kike. Assuming you are a fellow Christian please go enter the Fathers house or get your head out of your ass.

Just cus some kikes LARP as pagans on this board and say dumb shit about Christianity doesnt mean all pagans agree with the strawman

What a waste of digits. We are to spread Gods word by speech and written word not by sword.

Its a shame on us that our forerunners on the Catholic chuech deztroyed so many pagan cultural relics. It should have been relegated as cultural and societal legacies and/or museum pieces.