20,000 armed migrants attack Croatia’s border to move into the EU, official warns

20,000 armed migrants attack Croatia’s border to move into the EU, official warns

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Total war is the solution.

When the enemy take up weapons, you are allowed to shoot them

Oh shit, that's close to home, fuck.
NVM, false alarm. Carry on, sand noggers.

gee, (((why))) don't they just call them invaders at that point?

Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary… time to show your stuff. Croatia needs us. Are we going to send police/troops to help, or is it ‘not our problem’?

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so let them

precisely and there aren't any military rules to be followed as well, since they're not an army

What will it be then? Problem is that we have no guns. *they're illegal here*
Not that I would care to do anything.

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Fu king ni grrr s

Glory to Poland

Migration is functionally war from a military history perspective because war is about causing a change in ruling power. The only thing that separates a migrant from an enemy soldier is his tactics. The soldier physically attacks to conquer, the migrant manipulates a weak social environment to conquer. Given their use of violence to obtain entry to a land where they will inevitably, eventually, cause some degree of change ruling power, they are enemy soldiers/combatants and should be classified as such. We should be shooting them with .50 cal LMGs as we speak. But no, the politicians are going to let them rape your daughters and stab you.

God give me 1000 Sobieskis. Let the blood rush through the fucking streets.

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Until we start actually shooting these people this will literally never stop.

Oy vey! You would attack the thousands of military age men attacking your nations? That's very unhumanitarian, you evil Nazi! Reported to the EU for hate speech and terroristic thoughts.

:A) 8=

Do you have bows, arrows, axes, wrenches, tire irons, knives, chainsaws, rocks…?

At least you guys got second place, right?

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That's a great song. Very manly.

1,000 of these vs 20,000 armorless targets, should take about half a day to eliminate the invasion. Carry spears and hammers in case they charge.

Why do thy still call an invading military force "migrants" jej

Bullets are literally the only solution. Let the bodies pile up high and leave them in place.

How long until a nation in the West annihilates an enemy, rather than 'containing' them or simply repelling them?

All alone ain't so bad. Nobody watching. Get those backhoes ready.

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You probably don't watch divegrass but Thompson played for the Croatian world cup team's return party and the usual suspects were unhappy.

With no fucking military training, no proper weapons, no leadership, no plan, kek, that's called suicide. If I had a gun at least, sure. But a bunch of stone and sticks?
No thanks.

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Glory to Poland!

If you're not opening fire already because "muh feelz" then you're basically not really a country anymore and the West hasn't been functional for 70 years now. It's just now more obvious than it once was. Wake me up when its 200,000.

As usual, they will only cry and pretend theyre poor souls. Inside - it all ends.

How come this never comes up? I never even heard about this before. I knew they were being motived to go to Europe, and that some were given free travel, but I didn't realize their entire way was paid for, including the clothes on their backs.


It really is an invasion. Every white country is being attacked. A 2000 year old eye-for-an-eye against whitey because muh romans destroyed their 2nd temple. Tribal warfare to be the top dog.

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fucking shoot them, less 20k parasites that need to be fed.

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user I…..

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Excellent post. Thank you

Leave Britain and return to Poland already.

Crowbar is better. I liked the hooked end. got one tucked behind my driver's seat.

I actually live there, and these numbers are way out of proportion

Do you want total war?


nigger, no one is obligued to arm you. get whatever you think you need and defend yourself andyour nation

Yes it's just another example of elites choosing (((banking))) over what's right for people. Why do you think wages aren't growing? Raising wages leads to inflation. Inflation hurts banks.

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Then they should have joined the vicegrad pact.

Debt kek. Kikes dont lend to people who have zero chance of paying it off. In most euro countries they become the local drug mules/dealers. Its about destabilizing the entire euro zone so China can buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.

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why don't they just mow them down? has salvini or orban weighed in on this?