The Official NOT-Voting thread!

Fuck this so-called "Bipartisanship."
It really isn't.
Nothing is getting better, seems it's all just getting worse.
I am excersizing my right to not vote for any corrupt government officials.

They are supposed to work for us. They don't. They work to keep themselves in power. They get paid so much more for doing next to nothing. They take multiple month long breaks all year. We work our asses off for a couple days off a year, without pay!

I've been a registered Republican since I was 18. I come from NY. So, no. I am not voting at all!

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Jewish shill slide thread.

Ignore it.

Vote GOP.

Vote Trump.

You're vote matters, that's why they are shilling so hard against it.

The Right is the good side.

Don't be a one issue "muh Israel" voter

Vote against, immigration, taxes, socialized healthcare, anti-white agenda.

Fight for your nation. Fight for what is right. Call out shills. Don't let htem win here. Don't like them win anywhere.

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Nice blogpost kike. Nobody cares. Still voting and still stockpiling supplies for when the collapse happens. Choke on a bowl of foreskins.

Voting straight ticket R in michigan district 5. Get fucked.

Bullshit. That caravan is still on it's way here. No one is going to stop them.
The barbed wire fence is stupid and won't work. Hell, they already staryed setting up tents and shit for them. The US is fucked.
Both "sides" are allowing the death of America.

if you dont vote you dont have the right to complain, if you want to protest against the current parties then vote blank or vote for a third party, but its important that you vote because then you can atleast say you tried to change shit

Not a kike. They should all be killed, same with the blacks, fags and mudslimes

wow you are pretty proud of yourself if you call that trying. fixing the system now is way beyond a ballot box

they refused asylum in mexico which means that they aren't eligible for asylum in the US, so technically they are an invading force if i have understood things correctly.

not an american but wouldn't that mean that militias would technically be allowed to drive them off ??

I voted in every election since 1999
As a Republican, you can't vote outside of your party. Same goes for Democrat. Independents are even more fucked, because you can barely vote at all.

What? They're (the machines) an incentive to NOT bring in cheap 3rd worlder labourers; register clerks makes sense if they're students, but not if you're doing it for a full time job. It's literal sub-80IQ work that can be replaced with more efficient machines.
Get a real job you luddite faggot.


Fuck underpaid pajeets
Heading out to vote brb

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Any militias here get beat down by the oppressive federal government.

And the caravan lost all asylum rights the second they stepped into the third country. Under UN law, asylum seekers need to stay in the next country they enter to be granted asylum. They are now in the what? 8th country?



Never get in line behind monkeys!
That's your first mistake.

Vote R. The salt needs to flow.

That actually makes sense.

I think you have come to the wrong website, rabbi

Vote R, when Trump has everything going for him the normalfags will be out of excuses for why nothing is happening, and become even more disillusioned with the current system

Haha holy shit.

Just to be clear, I'm not telling anyone not to vote. I was just stating why I wasnt.

It's obvious you're a voteshill trolling.

So desperate that they just fall to their knees begging, showing their weakness to all. Disgusting.

Behold, the eternal (((neocon))). Have you considered moving to Tel Aviv?

I love how these hilarious cretins really think it's not blatant they are doing this right before the midterms

It'd be great if no one votes. That way the government sees that we see through thier lies and deceit.
Imagine a world were huge governments don't exist. Only small ones.
It'd be a peaceful planet.
Well, once all the blacks and Jews are gone.


I agree. We should all cower in our hovels and only come out when we have to get more food. The smaller we make ourselves, the better.

Even if no one voted, they would still carry on with their ethnic replacement and creeping communist take over.

Nice b8

Nah. You save the Fed some other way.

Idiot motherfucker, you’re delusional if you think the guy not voting for neocons is the kike. Look in a mirror sometime.

Thank you!

Why are threads that call out the false left/right paradigm always censored on this board?

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No idea.
If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's because people in power, be it government, media, social media, all want wars and chaos and don't want people to look too closely. That way, everyone is fighting each other and not those in power. The ones who keep people blinded and oppressed.

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