Joint Chiefs chair: Troops at border will not 'come in contact with immigrants'


We spent $717 billion dollars on the military in August and can’t even use it to defend our own borders. The bill was called the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act.

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Yeah we'll see faggot.

I say we shoot the invaders with machine guns till they're all dead

Exactly as I predicted. They'll most likely aid illegal spics and shoot any militias that show up to defend the border in their backs.

Heading out to vote brb.

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Yup same with the non existent wall

Reported for supporting Trump.

die in a 🔥

more meat for the grinder,
aka taxes,

voter's data info will be
sold to raise more money,


Make sure to put the pressure on the T_D crowd too, it'll be interesting to study their responses and dialog, perhaps it's possible to wear down their resistances and take away their delusions bit by bit. Perhaps after today, after all the tensions are at all-time-high and they'll be more defensible than ever.

"Enablers" are logistical support in military jargon, which is obviously for the border patrol. The term is often used by unit commanders to skirt regulations on combat units. They aren't "enabling" border crossings, ya dingus.

Enlist four years before posting.

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Then people on the border should go and stop the invasion themselves.

Get filming crews to the border. Try to document as much as possible what's happening at the border crossings. Make sure to follow every law, although that should go without saying, but surely in the Land of the Free you can at least film and document events, right?

didnt he command troops to shoot invaders if they throw rocks?


Smart move actually. I have a feeling they are their to keep the boarder patrol honest, not go after migrants.

Almost like he panders to magatards at rallies and never follows through or it's something that would never happen like this.

Yea, we'll see what happens.
This is an old Democrat trick, actually.
When it was being discussed as to how the Democrats would disarm the American public, when all they had were federal and local law enforcement to do it, it was pointed out that if even a fraction of gun owners fought confiscation, they would quickly run out of law enforcement officers due to even minor attrition. There were just too many gun owners willing to fight and die for their rights, and if they took even one cop with them every time, the number of police would dwindle, and nobody would want to join the police, as your number would surely come up, given enough raids.

It was decided the military would be needed, to even have a chance of success…but it's illegal to use the military against the civilian population, so…how can we Jew our way around that?
The answer was that the military would not be doing the confiscating, they would be merely sent along with federal agents to "protect the federal agents"…in other words, when the gun owner started shooting at the feds, the military's "rules of engagement" would be satisfied, as the gun owner would suddenly be declassified as a "civilian" and reclassified as a "enemy combatant," and the military would already be there to engage him.
It's a simple parsing of words to get around the original intent of the law, which is done all the time.

When the invaders on the border refuse to listen to the border patrol agents, and violently resist detention, they will be reclassified as enemy combatants, and the U.S. military, who are there to protect the border agents, will be able to engage them.
Do not think that armed military contingents will sit there and allow our agents to be beaten or maybe even killed…THAT would be the straw that kicked Trump out of the White House, and the straw that allows for an even more radical leader to take power.

If our military stands by while U.S. border patrol agents are beaten or killed, action to impeach Trump will come from all sides, not just from the commies, and the next president WILL be literally Hitler, and he'll NOT come from either of the two bought-and-paid-for parties.
Hell, you might even see your Balkanization, with large swaths of States banding together and declaring the federal government illegitimate.
All kinds of nasty things could happen, none of it good for Jews or illegals. If Zig Forums truly wants a Hitler to rise to power, THAT would be their chance.

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I do not trust the non-white contingent in the military and border patrol.

Thank you for having some common sense, user.

All the more reason to have eyes and cameras on the borders. Don't let the media take a potential crucial event away from us by memory holing it.

How close is the caravan now anyway?

Stopping migrants at the border isn't the military's job. It's the job of the police as well as border guards / Immigration officers.

Trump has sent troops as a show of strength. Unless the caravan arrives 15.000 strong and assault the border trying to overpower/evade the immigration officers and police, then it would be necessary to use the military, but not for first contact with the caravan, that'd be quite unnecessary.

Of course not!
Guns are distance weapons

The army is there to stop militias to shoot the invaders (which they can legally).


time for 25,000 volunteer soldiers in a Well Regulated Militia to march on the southern border and begin attacking the Enemies kf America.

and by enemies of America, i don't just mean the invading subhuman IQ mongrel beaner sbitholers. i mean the US military who have betrayed their oaths, their communities and their consciouses.

it's now open fire season on the US military. you the militia–you are how the Army of the Northwest Front was raised.

I heard they reached Mexico City, yesterday. Of course that was by the usual lying press here in Europe, so take that with a grain of salt.

Oo, Caravan. Coming for days and days. Such a threat. Not theater. What do they want? Are they gonna raise awareness about poverty and human rights? Man, this is a literal powder keg. Kaboom gonna go off hoo yowch! :|

We need land mines on the boarder

it would completely cause trump to lose all support from his base. all of the vast momentum that has built up, if betrayed by it's leader, will have no choice but to be turned against the government itself as a very predictable reaction. there's going to militias there too and if the military prevents them from defending the border against an obvious trojan horse that instead of being made out of wood is just made out of even more invaders it would be even worse. this would not benefit trump in any way and the elites on all sides would not be able to manage effectively in the chaos that ensues. no reason for this to happen no matter what side you're on.
maybe the shills project their own low iq's and lack of foresight onto the higher-ups and thus expect such a scenario to actually be a possibility

this will completely destroy trump. there is no motivation for such an action. it would only possibly serve to btfo le drumpfkins but at the cost of everything

You know, I actually do.
There are many Hispanics that take their border patrol jobs very seriously, and they don't want illegals hopping the fence any more than we do.

A smart non-white realizes they left their own countries for a white country, simply because whites build better societies. They know damn well that if the country becomes majority non-white, the country will fester into the same kind of shithole they struggled to get out of. It has happened throughout history, and it will happen here.
Why do you think Israel does all it can to keep the non-Ashkenazim population to a minimum? They've even sterilized black Jews without their knowledge, when they couldn't convince them to "move on" to Sweden.

When the population is less than 80% white, the country starts to come apart. This may be good for the opportunists in government, but it is terrible for the citizens, and that includes the minority citizens.
The U.S. is already coming apart, and collapse cannot be far behind, unless the demographics reverse radically.
Border patrol agents and their families will NOT be excluded from this degeneration, and the Jews will certainly not let them into Israel, so where do you go, next time?

With the whites already a world minority, and white countries all experiencing the same demographic attacks, the logical progression of current trends sees the entire world becoming a third-world ghetto.
Israel will be overrun, too, which shows you the shortsightedness which the Jew is famous for. If they get what they want, they'll wish they never had.>>12372708

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why do think that the powers behind the scenes DON'T want total chaos… the balkanization and total collapse of society is their goal. they intent to make chaos the only thing thats a constant in this nation until "oops the UN now has to intervene"

ps… gas yourself you double nigger


The UN has no real power, and everywhere their "troops" are sent, the troops do nothing (except rape women, routinely).
The best "troops" the UN has are American, and they'll already be in disarray, some following orders, others joining Balkanized regional forces (because most American troops are National Guard, and spend most of their time simply as U.S. citizens).

If the feds want their cash-cow to continue, they need to re-unify the states, not allow more constant bickering and degeneration. Protecting our borders from invasion will do that, but sitting by while U.S. citizens in the border patrol are beaten to a pulp, would do EXACTLY the opposite, and also open up more than a few eyes.

I cannot see Trump, or anyone else in the fed government, wanting this to happen.
The central bank, especially, with their phoney paper money suddenly worthless, and a multitude of regional, government-issued currencies to try and gain control over…or even worse…with the return to precious metals as coinage.
Nobody in power wants Balkanization, it tears the current reigns of power from their hands.

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what motivation does trump have to lose all of his power and ruin his entire legacy within a week? he's a guy whos hobby was to put his name on the top of expensive building in big gold letters.
what motivation does the left have to cause the entire white trump base at the height of their fanaticism to suddenly want to go full 1776?

Good. The troops should be protecting the whole border and not hanging out at just the place where they allow legal entry.

Basically this. Mattis is unmarried with no kids, he's not on our side.

I'd be just fine if the troops just guarded the gulags where we keep the invaders instead of releasing them into the general population. If the calculation was sneak into the US, get imprisoned in a tent city until you are deported, people would think twice before coming up here.

Implying the militias that form and actually try to do this won't just be shot and killed by the Zogbot troops

Without a doubt, these ZOGbots are, and will always be the enemy.


I cant wait to watch trump supporters say the militias deserve it

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B-but muh bad optics! You're gonna make us look bad for the midterms!

Yeah, you're a shill.

Does shooting them count as contact?

"If you don't give me my wall & my troops then I'll just let Militias kill them at their own leisure, and the propagandist as well who want to be their human shields using film & camera as their tools."

If I were trump tha's all I would say.

>>The troop deployment along the border could cost between $42 million to $110 million, according to an (((independent study))) released Monday.
bullshit the military is already getting paid having them actually do something does not cost additional money except for fuel.

In the meantime, goblinas get free climate-controlled tents, food, water, and medical care. And some of them are pregnant and have little US citizen babies while they're on our side of the border.

Oh, and homeless white men freeze to death on the streets around the country.

Dubs are wasted on the likes of you.

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They won't interact, their bullets will. kek

Kill yourself.

He's married to the Corps and every corpsman is his child, faggot.

Even worse, he should be shot.

and he's happy to tell his "children" to murder whites trying to defend our borders.

Just like based Hitler.

Bump because no one will ever fight back.

Bump because you’re sucking kike cock and need to go back to reddit.

Trump has not only built tents for the shitskins, but by law, they MUST be admitted, as long as they say, "I'm seeking asylum." Since we're talking thousands of border crossers, which CBP could handle maybe with some overtime hours and a few hundred extra CBP personnel, what could possibly be the purpose of the military deploying? If the military isn't there to engage armed thugs of the caravan, then they have no purpose being there. UNLESS the purpose is to shoot at the armed citizen militias who are actually doing the right thing defending the border.

Fuck off cum-gargler.

You have proof of these orders, yes?

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Military can't do shit UNTIL there is a problem. As soon as the beaners make an act that puts a citizen in danger, THEN they can respond. Best thing to hope for is the beaners actually making a direct action against a citizen so they can be declared an enemy combatant.

me too man. I think we're right

yep. we're for "law and order, not vigilantes" these are the people that cheered waco and killed hubert humphrey!


sounds like we better practice our trigger control

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Then Trump should have kept the zogbots away and let militias handle it.

Isn’t the caravan still in southern Mexico too? Correct me if I’m wrong please.

Bump because you have no argument. Bump because we don't worship your kike paid shill here. Bump because it scares you that we know you're a paid shill.

Why would he? Trump deployed the beaner/nigger zogbot army for the opposite purpose. It is there to stop militias. There is no reason for the military to be there otherwise. See and note the Army issued an internal memo warning commanders about the militias:

I wish I was an American. If I was I'd grab guns of my own and do what the government is unwilling to do. It literally just takes one man to solve this problem. Someone has to gun them all down.

Isn't that what guns are for?


Ryan Dawson is the guy who got the 9/11 FOIAs (freedom of information act documents).

We already know who did 9/11, but they'll never show it on TV.

never trust a man who never married and never reproduced. that is about the most abnormal behavior out there. unless you're fucking Isaac "Sperg King" Newton and instead of marrying you invented fucking Calculus and Celestial Mechanics and laid the foundation for the industrial fucking revolution, then you don't get credit for being a branchless tree enuch.

we all know suppressing a man's sexuality is damn near impossible. it just doesn't happen because it's fucking NATURE. anytime you see a man who has apparently managed to do that, it's a big fucking red flag indicator that someone thing else is wrong. like the pedo priests in the Catholic church.

Mattis is probably the biggest raging kitty tucher in the Pentagon. he probably has entire secret programs off the books on the Black Budget for cloning lil' pizzas on top secret island black sites and he probably has a secret air force "delivering" the lil' MKULTRA brainwashed pizzas to himself around the world and to his other Pizzagate elites as por favor and blackmail entrapment.

i never liked Mad Dog Mattis because i could tell there was something very wrong with him, besides being a (((Neocon))) who wants to drown while gargling kike jizz.

Please nuke us Russia. We deserve it.

Holy fuck I hate magatards.

Sadly, we did not have a kike free first post. We had a delusional Qcumber retard who is disconnected with reality.

Yeah it's not like shitty people reproduce like, all the fucking time.

Go be a faggot somewhere else.


Holy shit, I'm mad now!

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You gullible goy. Half of the military are probably spics themselves, they're going to be there to make sure the border guards aren't too 'rough' with the New Americans.

You first.

Nope. Trump cucked the next day and said he'd arrest people throwing stones.

When you realize the military are there to protect the invaders from border patrol and the militias.

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The gay US army. AKA the cuck brigade. They are so incompetent, that maybe they will accidentally kill the immigrants they are trying to help cross the border. So there is a silver lining after all.


Maybe thats a good thing. Maybe trump knows they are trying for a new falseflag.

Can you people seriously just FUCK OFF somewhere else at this point?

Reminder that at least half of Americans are not registered to vote and never vote. Reminder that failure to vote is not a protest because it's indistinguishable from the vast majority of Americans that are too lazy or simply don't care enough to vote.
Reminder that 8ch has been flooded with paid shills trying to convince you not to vote for weeks.
Accelerationism is for shills and traitors.

If you want people here to enthusiastically vote, run anti-israel candidates who want to organize White Americans in real life to physically expel non-Whites regardless of citizenship status. Otherwise, you'll just have to confine yourselves to websites that get more than ~2-3k unique posters a day.

No, that's the bait he's put out there so he CAN get the military involved. Let the shitskins start shit with our armed guys doing what patriots do. The beaners' macho bullshit won't let them NOT start crap with the "LARPing white boys homes" and that will be all the military needs to get hands on.

Gonna admit right here to posting that in the wrong thread, shame on me

The sentiment remains unchanged. Stop shitting up a niche website castigating posters who won't validate your zionist candidates.

Your absurd 6 million D chess shilling makes no sense. How would deploying troops stop any false flag? The false flag militia would shoot at muh innocent doe-eyed children just yearning for a better life en los Estados Unidos. The military then shoots bad eebil white man militia, making the military looking heroic and reminding everyone Donald Trump hates racists and will kill them. Strong laws are then passed in the wake of the horrific murder of little Yesenia and little Paco who just wanted a better life. The laws will ban militias, confiscate all semi-automatic arms like the AR-15 used in teh crime, and mandate tracking, reporting, and investigation of all racist, anti-semitic posters on Zig Forums.

Your pathetic 6 million-D shilling is pathetic. You are STILL trying to cover for our kike, Israeli-servant president. He is what he is. He WILL order his troops to shoot any militiaman who dares resists the invaders. Trump has already issued a memo internally in the military warning commanders about the bad man eebil militias. You cannot spin this bullshit anymore.

I hope a family 9f 25 spices move in next door to you and rape your daughter after raping your dog

It's not just that he's orange. It's that he's FUCKING CHEETO orange. That is what gets me the most.

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Thanks to the Bush administration, that's already reality across America.

Triggered your faggot ass enough to kvetch about it

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Iran and North Korea don't have enough Jews in their governments. This is problematic and must be addressed with violent regime change.

By "National Defense" they didn't mean defense of our nation.

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the emergency war powers act of 1950 has already declared a permanent state of war, and already defines americans as "enemy combatants" hence the ERPO that went down yesterday.

there will always be a media blackout about ERPO's because they dont want people getting inspired to wage attrition like you are saying. my position is that attrition is the only thing that will make them back off. of course 100's or maybe 1,000's of cops will have to be killed in self defense for unconstitutionally trying to disarm people.