Why you should vote republican today, and vote in the first place

remember, Zig Forums, today is the last day that you can vote for the 2018 midterms
there will be very many threads today convincing you to not vote
"they're all controlled by zog" they'll say
"they're all RINOs" they'll say
"they're kikes" they'll say
"they'll just manipulate the votes" they'll say
"that guy wants retarded policies" some might say

but consider this:
there is a bigger picture here than whether or not the candidates are controlled by zog and whatnot; they are republican, which means that they are more likely to support trump in their votes, and to not obstruct him, even if only out of obligation
the more republicans there are in the house and the senate, the easier it'll be for trump to get stuff done; don't you remember how much the democrats have obstructed trump throughout the years?
and about the manipulation of votes; didn't you see georgia's democrats get caught tampering with the votes earlier? why did trump win the general election if they tampered with the votes, if they were so vehemently opposed to him?
the democrats can and do tamper with the votes, but they'll only go so far with it because they don't want to get caught doing it; if the republicans win the vote by a large enough margin, then the official results will also show them winning
do you want (((ginsberg))) to be replaced by a democrat? if not, then you'd better vote republican, and do it TODAY

also, if the republicans do win hard enough, then perhaps the left will initiate a second civil war in retaliation, you'd probably like that
and if you still don't want to vote, then do it for the salt, even though it is the wrong reason to vote

pic somewhat related

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oh, and although it is quite important whether or not a candidate is controlled by zog, it is still less likely that they'll obstruct trump if they're republican zog than if they're democrat zog

Fuck your probabilities, and fuck your wretched existence.

So we should ignore the ZOG problem and vote for the biggest jew cock sucker in today's world? Ya I'm sure trump is totally doing 4d galactic chess.

^ asspained kikes who missed the first post

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also, in case you forgot and they mention the pollseven though theres an similar image in a sticky

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if the choice is between zog and zog, then vote for the lesser evil

oh, and consider this: if the house and senate are filled with republicans and he STILL can't get stuff done, then he has more of an excuse to do something about RINOs

Yes, it's all 4d chess. Keep telling yourself that. See you in 2024 when your shilling for the next candidate that wont fix shit.

Absolute state of /pol

Why vote for the lesser evil if the greater one will make the genocide apparent?

Because voting for the lesser one will ALSO make the genocide apparent, while also slowing it down.

If the house and senate are filled with republicans and he still "can't" get stuff done, it strongly implies that he doesn't actually want to build a wall, stop brown invasions, save America and so on, and the people will notice.

For my part, I hope the shills are wrong and Trump actually IS playing 4D chess, while constantly kissing Israel's ass because he feels he has to when the MSM's main attack on him is still "he's a nazi!". But even if Trump DOES turn out to be a fraud, voting straight (R) is the right call. Both for the reasons above, for making lefties flip out and riot, and for making it clear that the majority of America does NOT support the evil, anti-white platform that the Democrats are OPENLY supporting.

Voting straight ticket R in about two hours.

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I'm gonna go vote in a few minutes just to spite the "DON'T VOTE GOYIM" faggot that would not shut the fuck up for the past few weeks.

Fuck off faggot

lmaoing @ ur life

Just like 2016, everyone trying to redpill you on the nature of kike states is one person, who is also a JIDF Shariablue Clinton Mossad shill.

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voting straight ticket D in 4 hours. Tired of false promises from republikikes. Would rather take the hit now while whites are a majority than a death by a thousand cuts when whites are a minority.

If you don't vote, you're a fuckin retard plain and simple.

As opposed to voting for the most philosemitic president in history who has caused a spike in white genocide like no other, while bamboozling whites into believing that they're actually effecting immigration? Yeah buddy, you're real fuckin smart.

I voted to legalize pot in Michigan.

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You take the problem of Trotskyite neocons, the lack of a wall, lack of political revolution from the Trump administration, high immigration numbers, and so forth, as if it means nothing. Rather, it is the empirical evidence that the American people have been had yet again by their jewish social engineers. Since I can’t be sure as to your intellectual maturity or degree of intelligence vs your status as a paid poster I have to defer to a basic principle when deciding how to assess your communication. If you’re not paying attention to the empirical evidence then you’re playing by another set of rules, namely a theological, evaluative, or ideological set. For instance, you might argue that despite the carnage voting AngloAmerican or Neoconservative Trotskyite is wiser than voting New Left Progressive or Jewish Diaspora. There are many notions we have that nullify such options (they own the banks so it matters not who makes the laws/does the press conferences, red-ZOG-blue-ZOG, capitalism and communism are dialectical differensames, the right deals not in absolute moral truths but is relativistic as the left, etc). But this only speaks to who you vote for, not whether or not you advocate a vote. Along these latter lines we have broken campaign promises, corporate control of any and all regulatory bodies, the contrast between selected pols and a permanent civil service that formulates policies which remain continuous throughout rZbZ changeovers, fraternal influence, etc. I’m not sure how you or anyone could dismiss the many factors, of which I have named but a few, and run to the voting booth to put your name down as consenting to so much corruption, so many goods and peoples sacrificed under the banner of modern civilization. You some kind of masochist or something? Does it get you hard seeing all this death? I can’t even recognize you as human.

this is based, would do the same if i was in america to make republikike salty

Do it for the suicides :DDDDDDDD

8/pol/ has truly come full cirlce and I'm not sure why I visit this place anymore.

And you people want a race war. Kill yourselves.

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reminder that these are the mutts that praise trump as the next hitler

okay retard

No "literally hitlers" in the running so yes.
Inb4 "accelerationism" - not happening in south Africa is it, despite daily bloody brutal murders and rapes on white men, women, little kids.
No great white uprising, even as they are openly slated for confiscation from above and murder from below. Even though they're abundantly armed.
White people make systems and order, trying to force us to compete on ghetto terms or be the new landless wandering jews "outside the system" is a blatant ploy.
Acclerationism is a judas goat to lead the gentile away from taking the power back.

I don't, and you missed the point. GJ retard.

It's not, but Zig Forums is infected with nothing but memesters and intellectuals who advocate doing nothing.

ok, mr red tit

I voted like a good boy, I'm also getting an education as well as getting my life on track.

okay retard

Yeah, you'll be lots of help in that race war you masturbate over.

Yeah I'm doing this too. I know Zig Forums thinks it's above using weed (and honestly I haven't missed it much in the past month), but it's going to pass because broke niggers in michigan hate getting real jobs.

Explain what context it was taken out of and put into pro-tip: you can't because you dumb redditniggers, gabfaggots and alt kikers just screech about everything you do wrong being "out of context"

go back neocon subhuman

I just voted straight ticket Republican. And on the way home, bought myself a Baconator™ From Wendy's, as a cheat meal and reward for being American. I was going to post a picture but it was so delicious that I ate it before remembering to. But you should remember to stop by after voting today for some hot fresh and delicious burgers.

Reminder that if you vote Democrat or Republican you are a centrist scum and you're part of the problem.
Don't vote. Real change happens on the street with violence. Voting is a waste of time.

The trotskite neocons have been utterly rejected by the republican base. That is why they scurried back to the Democrats prescribing 8 years of Obama mid east actions, and backed Hillary who would have continued their neverending wars. The election of Trump was a rejection of a century of globalist policies. Trump tells the UN their laws and court rulings have no jurisdiction or authority over sovereign nationalist states. He tells their propaganda outlets they are fake news. After 100 years of subservience, we finally have a leader who kicks them in the teeth at every opportunity. The very term 'America First' causes them to kvetch, because it represents the jew wise Americans who did not want to get involved in another world war. In a world of npc's, people must hide their power level. It is effective. If you can see how they use diversity as a code for white genocide, you can understand how we can use 'America First' to mean freeing us from jewish rule.

yeah that's working great in SA, once whites lost the reins of government and legal power the RWDS formed up superfast and not a single white child has been raped and tortured to death by blacks in years!

The System is the unique invention, property, and powerbase of the White Man. All other races prefer thuggery, nepotism, superstition, or corruption. All of our civilisations demonstrate this simple fact. Telling the White Man to totally surrender his Systems is really just a call to SURRENDER, period.

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Do you think that if in 1765 the continental congress had hold a voting for the independence of the 13 colonies, the UK would have gave it to us? Of course not! It only happened because there was a war.
War and violence always brings changing. Elections and democracy is bullshit.

But Trump is also controlled by jews

Nice that you don't mention the (((US))), the (((UN))) and the yids forced South Africa to de-nuclearize and remove apartheid, and democratize.
The state is the means to ensure racial survival, if the state is actively working against your race, you don't legitimize it, unless you're a kike.

Why pay for a wall when we got barbwire.
Its pretty sharp.

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Absolutely no similarity between 1765, some of Europe's finest shrugging off the yoke, and 2018 with listening devices in every home, databases that can be searched and narrowed down in millionths of a second, most whites still asleep (and diabetic/addicted/stuggling to keep a roof over their heads), with large armed angry non-white populations already conducting a low-key racial war of attrition.

>Nice that you don't mention the (((US))), the (((UN))) and the yids forced South Africa to de-nuclearize and remove apartheid, and democratize.

Are you saying they would have called nuclear strikes on their own country or something?
Still more armed than western Europe, feeling the sharp edge of clearly-defined racial violence and totally not forming RWDS.
Where is your accelerationism there?
Almost like it's not a real thing…
Where was it under Soviets when millions of whites were being starved, brutalised, and worse?
It's not how our brains work.
Put 3 white men and a ball in a locked room and they'll start making up games with rules.
No other race does this.

All red here. MAGA


I voted because when the left loses an election they behave in an insane and violent manner, and that tends to wake people up.

Such is the state of discourse on Zig Forums. I vote republican purely for the 2A and the leftist salt

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Go back to half faggot. Niggers with broken keyboards are welcome there.

Why pay for barbed wire when you can sprinkle the ground with these bad boys?

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Only autistic screechers give a shit about Zionism.

I was going to suggest landmines but you sir are evil.

whats stopping you from laying landmines?


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Reminder that you can’t give a single reason for any of us to ever vote for the ZOG.

Global report.

The fact that I'm not in the military.

Accelerationism has become some memetic default to the problem of having zero strategic plans or objectives. You look like you're saying the only options for stupid powerless goyim are to pray to their Zionist overlords for salvation or become an hero. Who other than a blackpiller or a shill actually sees the situation in precisely those binary terms? You're a virus.

Are you retarded? The point is the moment the few (less than 15% of the population) whites said no to the demands of the US and the UN, another Iraq would've happened to SA, and virtually no whites would exist. SA had no other choice but to bend the knee and hope the nigs would be merciful with whites prohint: they weren't. Now only a few Afrikaner communities exist throughout South Africa (Orania, for example) but they don't have the numbers nor the support to genocide the Bantu nogs, and if they miracously did then we both know trump and his goons would call for the end of the oppression of the "poor black folks" and demand the new Afrikaner state to dismantle.
Where is the Soviet Union now, dumbass?

Meant for ->

Which is PRECISELY what will happen if whites continue to cede civic power and form small cut-off groups or worse, flee the cities and become a succession of Waco's waiting to be burned, using spurious justifications.
You're making my argument for me there, once the white man's hold on civic power's gone - it's GONE.

None if it is pro-white. Why would i care?
>do you want (((ginsberg))) to be replaced by a democrat? if not, then you'd better vote republican, and do it TODAY
There is literally no difference
A civil war between pro-israeli christian cuckservatives and commies? How does this benefit the white cause, again?

Why don't you just post on rdonald, shill?

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We don't call it ZOG for anything, dumbass
No kike, I'm telling you that whites on SA never stood a chance on the ciivic route, because America and the UN held them at gunpoint and whites were a super minority in their own lands, AND on top of that, the farmers were disarmed and abandoned by the international community.

Yeah, I used to think the accelerationism angle was going to work but this society is going to collapse on it's own. The debt numbers are too big, the demographics are shifting too rapidly.

I might as well ensure whites can still easily access guns while it falls apart.

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The system is controlled by kikes at every level you retard. We actually have the physical power to remove them, but can't because we keep buying into their systems of control.

How will debt and demographics lead to collapse under fiat currency and global conquest of resources? Quite a leap.

user by getting tons of christcucks and commies killed of course.

3rd worlders vote for more gibs. The gibs are paid for with fake money and debts. As time goes on, more and more 3rd worlders will end up in the US, it's inevitable, unless something major changes. And they will vote for more gibs. And the numbers will get bigger and bigger. What happens when the US can no longer even pay the interest on its debts? I vote Republican but they aren't serious enough about reversing demographic changes to stop this debt / free shit / more debt / cycle. But at least, in general, they don't want to repeal the 2nd amendment. That's my understanding of the situation, if I'm wrong on this let me know, I'm not a genius, or anything.

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Wrong pic sorry

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That and a conflict between the two would show something unprecedented: that they are autonomous entities rather than fraternal facets of one dialectic being run against civilization/humanity.

That is why i find it very unlikely (civil war happening), if not impossible.

When the US can't pay its debts, whether interest or principle, they use every optical tool at their disposal to deflect, distract, conceal, and then continue waging softer forms of warfare against everyone ad infinitum. The idea that the US is going to come clean one day and admit "Welp, we spent our last five dollars" is absurd. It literally changes nothing. Human beings are projected future earnings. They are security on the debt whether they produce payment or said debt or not. Failing all that, they will finally go balls deep into Eurasia. bfd.

Take it back faggot and don't suggest people just give up and hope they'll be allowed to live when everything is out of white hands from your local library, through all the well-armed forces, right up to the White House.
Oh what's that I hear, you're saying any attempt to do that would be opposed by every organ, from CIA to judiciary to media and their pet whores?
That they'd lie and slander and screech and try every route, legal and illegal, to suppress any candidate or movement within the system that challenged them?
Wow if only we had some idea how that might look.
Oh, wait.

Describe the stages you see this taking? Include how to handle comms, provisions, infiltrators, establising and providing for the next generation, and avoiding mass surveillance.
No-one;s 100% behind a political party, people vote least worst (apart from some hysterical women and leftists).
Saying that to stop voting will harden people is dumb, the left yearns for a bloody revolution and yet they also rally their lemmings to vote like crazy because they know how to gain REAL power, not fantasy larp of bringing down the system from a secret base in the fucking woods.

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..and if both sides are Jewish puppets, then we're not voting for the zog at all. A jewish puppet would get in either way. ffs, even if you don't vote for a democrat or a republican, at least show up and vote no to all the proposed school bonds. I went to vote today and saying no to proposed increases in school/college spending felt good.

Would be quite an unexpected thing to see. I personally welcome it, because I've lived for years under the impression that they have us completely surrounded and nothing, at all, can dislodge their stinger from our collective blood.

And just when young people were starting to make the decision not to go to college because they can finally see it is impossible to improve their lives by means of obtaining a mortgage on a watered down course of study.

The choice isn't between the lesser of two evils, it's between "better luck next time goy" and "fuck you goy we're doing it anyway". The end result is the same but voting against it forces the jew to drop the mask.

That's all going to change now for some reason. Just vote harder, goyim.

Political action seems to have the same result as anything where consent between a sovereign and a subordinate is involved. They craft a sweetheart of a deal in order to pull you in, then once they have you you're expected to put up with more and more until there is no space between their will and your decaying meatsack. Technologists do it, men of medicine do it, educators do it, bankers, everyone. How is it not better to withdraw your consent and refuse to play the game? Under a system of consent you have no moral force to wield against their repeated abuses. They only adjudicate financial liabilities once the dust has settled. It ceases even being a crime to fuck you to death. Is anyone capable of admitting they've been taken for a fool?

It already fucking has been and he still hasn't done anything, why the fuck is that going to change now? Since you're probably paid off by the Trump admin maybe you can explain it here.

Moral force?
Find me a non-white country where moral force is worth a damn.
Moral force is the currency of victimhood.

Are you a robot? Non-white needn't enter into it.

Clearly you haven't the first idea what you're talking about when you imply there is something effete about moral force, that it is the stuff of victimhood. Moral force is the Roman Catholic Church making Antisemitism state policy. Moral force is Hitler fighting back the predations of parasites. It is the absolute moral law. It says negotiations are over, that a compromise will not be made, that you deserve death. It is the end of diplomacy, the door closing on the echo of all their beautiful words. Your jewish spirituality apparently prevents you from comprehending a world such as this.

>Now help me bus these (((migrants))) in to vote for you
The fucking state of shills these days.

It goes like,
"Don't vote goyim because jews already control everything but if you vote it magically helps the zog system so don't vote goyim because trump is a kike puppet even though jews hate him but if you don’t vote goyim everything will be okay and superman will come and rescue you because not voting makes magic happen."
jews weaponise white hatred against them and use it to manipulate us for gain.
They've just begun to drop the mask, openly stating they want whites replaced, a thing that only a few years ago WE had to argue was happening to mostly disbeliving ears, awareness is rising, giving up now would be idiotic.

Moral force rallies people to your side, but only if 1. they know about it and 2. you don't have an entire media from singers to curated social media to newsreaders lying that you're a violent terrorist.
Grow the fuck up, will your white revolution occur because CNN reported that some anons didn't vote?
They'd crow about white voter apathy, how Trump was the last struggle of the toxic white male, and they'd be right.
Build a system, a complex civilisation, and then abandon it to parasites, hoping someone somewhere will notice, pat us on the head and make things all fair again?
Fuck you.

This is what Democracy looks like
Vote all you want goy, the only winner is Israeal.

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Trump is still leagues better than having democrats run the place.

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Most average Muslims hate Israel, better go preach that to them, except they're not stupid enough to think giving up the chance of civic power will magically lead to more power.

You threw your argument at "Grow the fuck up". Firstly, I don't want a white revolution. I think pro-white ideology is a pathetic grasping at straws that discounts all known human history about the rise and fall of civilizations/governments in favor of muh Hitler as if everyone who hates ZOG loves the Prusso-Teutonic larp handed down to us by the victors. Ridiculous. Secondly, when you mention CNN this way you're wasting time strawmanning. Maybe you think CNN is some sort of exemplar that shows how the system of social engineering might respond to unexpected behavior on the part of America's niggercattle, but I hardly think you're making an important point when you suggest CNN might inform the left that they no longer have to "fight" for control of the country's political narrative. They could say anything they want, but you're the one deciding they're onto some kernel of truth. I don't agree that Trump represents WASP, White, or anything at all but ZOG, nor that refusing to perform the same actions and expect a different result IS apathy. Appearance v. Reality distinction is real. Our ancestors abandoned America, not us, unless of course you believe that doing everything you can to keep together what is splitting at the seams, regardless of whether that is the right thing to do, is our collective moral duty. But you won't restore fairness under any set of circumstances that I can foresee by continuing to negotiate with the people who did this to you. So, no, Fuck You. Seriously, I see you as the piece of shit. No doubt about it. Fuck. You.

Thanks for outing yourself as that and being essentially anti-white.
The way things are, the group that will survive will be the ones that cling to racial identity and forge racial self-interest policies.
Right now that's basically jews, chinese, and a few indigenous peoples who have no power and are reliant on white charity.

No, it's the mass of people who see what they report and tailor their entire lives and society accordingly that matters.

Fuck fairness, power and the 14 words are all that matter.
There is no great moral force ready to award prizes to the most principled group out there, if that happened we wouldnt be in such a fucked up state.
You go be principled in your bunker, waiting for civilisation to fall down around you, let real men do the heavy lifting.
You black-pilled suicidal anti-white faggot.

Just look at these fucking animals. How can anyone here seriously support democracy? You have obese nigger cattle using their sub 85 IQ brains to decide the most qualified.

Nobody here supports democracy as a system. At most it's being exploited to give the best situation, in which both the chaos increases, the civil war becomes more inevitable, and yet whites don't get entirely screwed over in the leadup to it.

Anti-White, pro German, Anglo, French, Irish, etc. That is absolutely correct. You keep your Frankenstein cult since you can't imagine nations of people prior to the American Revolution.

The masses of people count for shit where it concerns hierarchy and order in nature. Again, you think like a cosmopolitan.

The 14 words are ideology. Ideology is weak in that for every axiomatic system you can name there is an opposite counterpart, seemingly by design. I cannot stress enough how grotesque I find it that people like you continually come at me with the same tired nonsense about revolution/restoration requiring the hearts and minds of people whose minds are bent by television, internet, sugar, and SSRIs.

There is moral force. It's the fucking Church. Like it or not, and I'm sure you do not. It is the Church because theology transcends secular philosophy. Right now you have less than that, even. Right now you have intersubjective consensus. You have democracy as a way of life, expressions of collective desires being instituted and defended by the violence of State. This is not difficult to understand.

And then the tell-off. Go be principled in your bunker. You are a fucking retard. Respond to me again and I'll filter you. You're not half as clever as you imagine yourself to be.

My belief is that conservatives will not initiate a civil war, and it would depend on leftists firing the first shots. For this to happen the more radical elements would have to believe that political channels have become closed to them.

There is no best case. You are fighting for a seat at ZOGs table.

Utterly correct.

Did you read my post? I said the system is shit. Best that can be obtained is making the slide to collapse a bit less painful for whites, and voting red will do that.

Because voting for the lesser one will ALSO make the genocide apparent, while also slowing it down.

And voting for the lesser evil will let you keep your guns so you actually, you know, have a chance of fighting back with something besides sticks.

I'm voting today.

Agreed, user, but beware the reddit spacing. You're opening up an avenue for kikes to call you "THE CUCKOLD", even though you're right.