Why is 8/pol/ so anti-Christian?

Threads are anchored left and right, what do you hope to achieve with it? Your atheistic nordicism has been defeated, it will never rise again. The only thing you can get is to become Stormfront 2.0, i.e. a failure.
Idiot mods.

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This is why!

The only anti-christs on Zig Forums are the same hooknose shekelgrubbers who have been killing christians and subverting white morality in service of their demonic sire for the past 4,000 years or so, and of course, their pozzed golems.

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because nicholas shreck and his tech minded subordinates were tasked long ago to subvert the rightwing and blend it with satanism

christmutts are one of the biggest responsible for the state of the west with their past and current actions, including the african population boom and their importation to Europe
there's no place for you in the right wing, fuck off

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Once we're done with the Kikes, you cuckstians will be next on the chopping block.

You again? Fuck off

Because your religion is kiked now fuck off
This is why we will gut every single one of your traitorous (((christcucks))) - bigger destroys of European history, race and spirituality than the jews themselves. Fuck you.



Back to >>>Zig Forums where you belong, Abrahamite. We proud Zig Forumslocks prefer race worship and its inherent defense of the White Race.

Its fitting that a Christard would have a problem with Nordicism and try to mix it with other things to demonize it


Go back to cuckchan, faggot.

Hitler was so christian that he let a pagan become leader of the Hitler Youth!
Hitler was so christian that he let an anti-christian become his propaganda ministry!
So Christian he chose a pagan as the leader of the SS!

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Things nobody ever said. Nordicist claims that the ancient civilizations were nordic have been soundly disproven. Furthermore, worshipping things like race is pagan level stupidity. Instead of having Zig Forums as a place for discussing good and useful ideas, you shit it up by censoring everything that doesn't conform to your loser ideology. Think about it mods, or maybe it's (((mods))).

even your jewish god yahweh is a pagan god, subhuman christkike

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Maybe the clue is in the name pol, your magic sky daddy has it's own board, somewhere, proly.
Go find it post haste.

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also, if anything, it's southerners that should be even more anti-christian, given that unlike in the north, where christfaggotry was for the most spread already heavily Europeanized by other Europeans and with heavy levels of syncretism, in the south it was a literal subversive takeover often by ethnic jews which led to the active destruction of native Italic and Hellenic religions except for the few christianized customs that survived and the elements incorporated late

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Because modern christianity is
- pro Israel/Jews
- pro Islam
- pro LGBT
- pro Globalism
- pro Marxism

Or in other words modern christianity is anti-christian. So it's not that Zig Forums is anti-christian, but against the forces within the christian church that is degenerating the entire faith from within. I have nothing against the pure old christian faith, but to support the current church feels like supoorting a political green party or something like that.

Because Christianity is a Jewish invention to internalize the slave morality that leads to Communism and Social Justice.
It teaches you to glorify mediocrity and villify excellence. It teaches you that being powerless means you are virtuous, and that opposition to your belief means you are correct.
Have you heard the slogan "I need Feminism because people keep asking me why I need Feminism"? That is Christian martyr mentality for the industrial age.

reminder that christjews support fertile women to renounce family life in service to their kike religion

There are plenty of traditional churches who hate modern Christianity even more than you.

It doesn't.
Is it not true?
If the average European man had the same bravery as Christ all our problems would be gone by tomorrow.

wow you really opened my eyes, im converting to islam rn since muhammad was so brave to go against his superior enemies in mecca, allahu akbar

Yet not close to as brave as Christ who died, willfully and in the most brutal way, for our sins.

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spoken like a true christian, glorifying the passive and antiheroic death of a weak man, a passive sacrifice not even to glorify sacrifice as it was for our gentile forefathers, but to end all sacrifices
nothing more distant from the aryan concept of sacrifice than yeshua's 'deed', no wonder even Hitler himself seemed to have more respect for the religion of the Mohammadians

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at least this sandnigger knew what a battle looked like, all abrahamic death cults should be purged from europe

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Zig Forums is a Jew board, Op.
The whole website reeks of degenerate. Zig Forums only allows the pagan genocidal Nazis memes, because they know it poisons the well against National socialism.
Christians are hated, just like the Jews hate them.
Genocide is advocated, because the jews want the goys to play the fucking part.
I mean, damn… the masturbation toys being advertised by pictures of Asian whores weren't a clue?



Fedoras can barely keep their own waistlines in check, I doubt you larping faggots will do anything

Because you assholes making the slides are insufferable faggots.

Way to put words into people's mouths AGAIN. Nobody is speaking of WORSHIPPING race.
Start reading:


fuck off >>>(((/shitstain/)))

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Does the phrase "blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven" ring a bell?

Pretty much this.

Gone are the days when anyone coming here would immediately realise that we were the 'good guys'. That is was we who stood for truth, justice and order. You faggots became the sad caricature that the jews had always made you out to be; violent, hateful, spiteful and unsympathetic. Where once we were about love for our people which led to hatred against certain groups that did us harm; now this place is mostly about hate for everyone, including many of our.

I imagine its nearly entirely shills, but by this point the few genuine Zig Forumsacks of old seem to be so vastly outnumbered that's its nearly pointless post here. Either that or our kind have actually degenerated into historically illiterate skin-worshipers.