2018 Mid Term Elections Thread

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Politico Election Results 2018
Here are the races we're watching as live results come in. Each hour includes how we predicted each race would turn out before any votes are counted, based on POLITICO race ratings.



If you don't know what the fuck is going on, please see this left-leaning newspaper link here:



Zionist (Fox) News Network link



Video Feeds

Fox News
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(If anyone can find a good CNN feed, then post it and I will add it to the next thread)


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Let's go Donald

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kike op


cursed thread, kike mods stickied the thread that was created after the original thread #2

cursed thread, kike mods stickied the thread that was created after the original thread #2

cursed thread, kike mods stickied the thread that was created after the original thread #2

at least it has reference material

Did you vote yet?
There is more on the ballot than just who controls the house and senate. There are state constitutional amendments and laws that are being proposed. You need to vote!

Sieg heil!

this is a cursed thread, the more people that comment in it, the harder republicans will lose

a week ago
early voting.

I just want to say good luck. We're all counting on you.
t. Europoor

Please archive links.

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remember to vote to beat the kikes at there own game

when its at 751


That is some desperation.


t. a tor coward

I voted for my favorite ZOG bots like a good goy. I'm even wearing my favorite politician Jersey (debbie Wasserman Shultz #69) with her zog sponsors patched on the arms. I cant wait for the results and to watch the political course of history change for the better. I'm sure in 2 yrs trump will have everything fixed and the swamp will be patched up good as new! MAGA

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this was the original #2 thread

the corrupt mods cursed the election and you by sticking the thread that was created after the original #2

Oi vey, the goyim. They know to much Moishe. We must shill harder.

In AZ we are stuck with two broads for Senate. If Sinema wins I’m going outside to kick a pregnant spic and make her miscarriage.

this will be forever a cursed thread, you are the witness archive.fo/HEMzZ


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Leaf reporting in, you americans have not seen true despair.

Good luck.

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Have to bite the bullet and make sure we give the GOP the reigns of power. They will do their job which means we win or they will sandbag which means normalfags will learn the truth and we still win. Play the long game.

Jew York here, I feel your pain. Only choices on our senate ballot are are a broad who white-knighted Mattress girl and an open Zionist.

And our Gubernatorial isn't any better. On there, the choice is between Cuomo and a guy who doesn't have a position on firearms, while his Lieutenant Governor pick is a gun grabber, with some third party candidates thrown in for good measure.

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Is every American like you people? Racist bigots with no empathy for the rest of the world. You people are deranged bullies gently caressed in the head, every single frustration in your life is projected in your hatred towards minorities and the left. Brainwashed monkeys who believe in alterative news source, not because you actually mainstream ones lost credibility but because you want to feel special and be part of the “other”. It’s laughable, America is a sick society but deep down, very deep down you guys know you can’t win, you can’t take the inmigrants back, you can’t get rid of the blacks, of feminism. Trump being elected in 2016 is a mirage for conservatives, you people are just angering the left and democrats even more and more. Prepare to be liquified in 2021 scum.

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Why stop at one? Where's your patriotism, man?

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Accelerationism requires an IQ above 110. Kindly stick to your civic nationalism while the big boys save the white race sweetie.

Trump will win


Best idea proposed today

Only emotionally retarded, robot-like people and jews care about IQ.

Today you need to vote against the state's constitutional amendment to allow Election Day voter registration at the polls.

If you don't want to vote for the GOP nigger then that's fine, but vote against that state constitutional amendment.

Trips say Trump is worthless.

what a nigger


you will lose, post more..

That's some weak bait. Here's your (((You))).

Based enlightened zionist jew user


Orange man promised to exterminate antisemites

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And now the republikike outs himself! SAD! Guess what buddy, accelerationism is taking over Zig Forums and there's nothing you can do about it.

Just retards who can't hide their power level and put us all in jeopardy.

That's some election meddling right there.

Who cares? It doesn't change the truth.

The truth that republikikes and neocohens don't care about white people and never will? I agree completely.

Changing your IP so quick chaim?

yurop here - what happens if the dems win the midterms? What's the worst case scenario?

the fuck is that? some kind of spurg ideology?

^^^^^^^^This guy is just upset that his Election Day Tor-Thread was slid.

We turn into Yurop.

Funding blocked via house. Not likely Dems win senate so trump gets another scotus appointment when Ginsburg kicks off.


No those are both my posts you dumb republikike nigger-loving faggot. Go vote and give the freemasons and kikes your loosh.

collapse comes quicker, whites finally wake up when they realize borders are essentially destroyed

Please don't vote, my family is still in Mexico and the Democrats are our only hope at a better life. How can a person be illegal? Because we crossed your imaginary line in the sand? Sure my parents can't speak a word of English and they have been here for 7 years but they are proud of me and they work their hardest for America and their six kids. What about our humanity?! Please vote D straight down the ticket. My life depends on it. I don't think this will work but I had to come here and try to reach some of you before it's too late…

Nice try but the post is too fluent

Let me know when your family perishes, so I can come and piss on their graves.

democrats win house


Please vote, my family is still in Mexico and the Republicans are our only hope at a better life after they pass amnesty 2.0. How can a person be illegal? Ted Cruz is an immigrant. Because we crossed your imaginary line in the sand? Sure my parents can't speak a word of English and they have been here for 7 years but they are proud of me and they work their hardest for America and their six kids. Repuvlicans believe in civic nationalism right? What about our humanity?! Please vote R straight down the ticket. My life depends on it. I don't think this will work but I had to come here and try to reach some of you before it's too late…

Damn Sinema is bisexual. Muh dick. 80% of voters did early balloting so that should be good for Red. I really don't want a hot bisexual blonde roastie as my Senator anons. Not even sarcastic.

Man, you're not being paid well.

You civic nationalists are cringy af tbh.

If you family comes to AZ I will beat the fuck out them and you. Stay the fuck out.


No one does, but the red pill show must go on.

Absolutely revolting.

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get the fuck out.

I think it's the mindset of a leaf

I have many questions on the aftermath of the election results:
At least if they do that, it can be more fun doing DOTR than being stuck in a country that's being treated like a slave chained up with it's kike masters telling what it should and should not do. It would give a chance to make actual changes and break the kike chains.

>(((emote asterisks)))


gonna spend another 7 hours shilling this thread, (130)?

Who and what should I vote for in Alabama? I have basically 0 information to go on here. If anyone can tell me anything I might need to know, that'd be swell.

Gonna keep changing your IP (107)?


stop arguing about your post count you're both faggots

Time will tell.

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Do your own research, make your own determination - I'm not telling you what to do, nor will anyone else - the only thing people will tell you to do is to fucking kill yourself faggot.

By the way…
Thread #1

Link - 8ch.net/pol/res/12371497.html
Archive - archive.fo/jk4MA
Archive - archive.is/jk4MA

Why don't you go kill yourself? I've been looking already, but it's hard to break through the sheer lack of information on everything I find. That's why I asked.




More energy more energy more energy


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just voted, swams of 200lb spic women came out
must be the morning crew

Start here

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follow their bus and film them

Lets get it boys

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America needs a comprehensive despiccing.

didn't see a bus, think they're just the ones that dropped off their litter at the goblin school nearby

Young fat spic looking girl shows up.
voter ladies can't find her on the PC
"Have you voted in this precinct before?"
"This is my first time voting."
She was in the wrong precinct, just showed up.
That is their blue wave.

Their arguments suck, but they post here regardless, almost like they get paid to do it or something.

Eurofag here, when will the results be known? In how many hours?

you are not obvious at all